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         Burma Geography:     more books (58)
  1. Notes on the ancient geography of Burma by Charles Duroiselle, 2010-08-05
  2. The Political Ecology of Forestry in Burma 1824-1994 by Raymond L. Bryant, 1997-06
  3. A geography for Burma: standard by C Morrison, 2010-09-07
  4. An Elementary Geography of India, Burma, and Ceylon, Volume 2 by Henry Francis Blanford, 2010-02-16
  5. An elementary Geography of India, Burma, and Ceylon by Henry F. Blanford, 2010-05-13
  6. Burma: Names of Burma, Geography of Burma, History of Burma, Early History of Burma, Myanmar Armed Forces
  7. Geography of Burma: Irrawaddy River, Names of Burma, Theinni, Zogam, Irrawaddy Delta, Kyonpyaw, Red Karen, Wa State, Upper Burma, Myelat
  8. Burma Geography Introduction: Taungoo, Kyaukmyaung, Ngweduang, Burma, Dabayin, Leshi, Kyauktaw, Waithali, Mottama, Kathar, Lahe, Thaton, Falam
  9. Notes on the Ancient Geography of Burma by Duroiselle Charles, 2009-07-17
  10. Burma, (Provincial geographies of India) by Herbert Thirkell White, 1923
  11. An Elementary Geography of India, Burma, and Ceylon (Volume 2) by Henry Francis Blanford, 2010-03-22
  12. Gazetteer of Burma
  13. Rainfall in Burma, (Geography publications at Dartmouth) by Robert E Huke, 1966
  14. A new geography of India, Burma & Ceylon by L. Dudley Stamp, 1948

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