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         Iceland Government:     more books (100)
  1. Iceland Foreign Policy and Government Guide
  2. Parties and Voters in Iceland: A Study of the 1983 and 1987 Althingi Elections by Olafur P. Hardarson, 1995-12
  3. Government of Iceland: Althing, Cabinet of Iceland, List of Cabinets of Iceland, List of Icelandic Rulers
  4. Reinventing Government in Iceland: A Case Study of Public Management Reform The book describes a case study of governmental reform in Iceland during the ... in the world in the last two decades, (None) by Omar H. Kristmundsson, 2003-12-01
  5. The Dynamics of Medieval Iceland: Political Economy & Literature by E. Paul Durrenberger, 1992-11
  6. Party Sovereignty and Citizen Control: Selecting Candidates for Parliamentary Elections in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway (University of Southern Denmark Studies in History and Social Sciences)
  7. Government Ministers of Iceland: Agriculture Ministers of Iceland, Business Affairs Ministers of Iceland, Communications Ministers of Iceland
  8. Government Ministries of Iceland: Ministry of Finance, List of Icelandic Ministries, Ministry of Communications
  9. Iceland Diplomatic Handbook (World Business, Investment and Government Library) by USA International Business Publications, 2005-03-30
  10. Iceland and European Integration: On the Edge (Europe and the Nation State)
  11. Exchange of Notes Between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of Iceland Amending the Convention ... (Cm.: Treaty Series: 1993: 2161: No. 17) by Great Britain, 1993-12-31
  12. Reviews of National Policies for Education: Iceland by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1987-12
  13. Birth of a nation (Iceland Review history series) by Njörður P. Njarðvík, 1978
  14. Convention Between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the Republic of Iceland for the Avoidance ... and (Cm.: Treaty Series: 1992: 1836: No. 19)

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