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  1. Tv Guide Dec 11 1965 Forest Tucker, Melody Patterson, Ken Berry, Larry Storch by Tv Guide, 1965
  2. Annie Laurie. [Four-part song. Melody by Lady John Scott.] Arranged by A. Patterson (Paterson, Sons and Co. Paterson's Part Music, etc. No. 3. [1890? etc.]) by Alexander Patterson,
  3. The " Londonderry " Air. Erin avourneen. [Song.] Old Irish Melody, words by A. Patterson. Music arranged by M. Gould by William Monk Gould, 1921
  4. The Londonderry Air. Erin avourneen. Two-part Song, words by A. Patterson. Old Irish Melody. Arr. by H. Geehl (Edwin Ashdown's Series of Vocal Duets, etc) by Henry Ernest Geehl, 1933
  5. 83 Scottish Songs, old & new, Melodies in Staff & Tonic Sol-fa Notations, with pianoforte accompaniments. Edited by A. Patterson by Alexander Patterson, 1895
  6. Calypso Folk sing. Edited by M. Paterson and S. Heyward. [Melodies and words.] by Massie Patterson, 1963
  7. From Buchenwald to Carnegie Hall by Marian Filar, Charles Patterson, 2002-02-20
  8. Freedom Melody by STEVIE THOMPSON, 2010-09-22
  9. Bonnie Mary of Argyle ... [Part-song for T. T. B. B. Melody by S. Nelson.] Arranged by J. Bell (Patterson) by Sidney Nelson,
  10. Bonnie Barie of Argyle. [Part-song for T. T. B. B.] Words by C. Jefferys. [Melody by S. Nelson.] Arranged by J. Bell (Patterson) by John Bell, 1886
  11. Jessie, the Flow'r o' Dunblane ... Melody by R. A. Smith. Arranged ... by G. Taggart (Patterson) by George Taggart,
  12. Life's melody, and The celestial hymn
  13. Six Creole Songs. West Indian Melodies. A Cycle ... Adapted from the Creole by A. E. Jennings. Musical transcription by J. Urich by John Urich, 1933

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