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         Canseco Jose:     more books (38)
  1. Major League Baseball Players From Cuba: Jose Canseco, Connie Marrero, Rafael Palmeiro, Luis Tiant, José Contreras, Tony Oliva
  2. Fleer 1990 Baseball Cards by Fleer, 1990
  3. Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball   [VINDICATED] [Hardcover] by Jose(Author) Canseco, 2008-03-31
  4. Beckett Baseball Card Monthly : October 1990 : Jose Canseco Cover
  5. Joueur Cubain de Baseball: Alexei Ramírez, Kendry Morales, José Canseco, Liván Hernández, Alberto Castillo, Yuniesky Betancourt (French Edition)
  6. Jose Canseco : Sports Superstars Series by James R. Rothaus, 1991-06
  7. Jose Canseco (Contemporary Hispanic Americans) by Bettina Ling, 1996-06
  8. Beckett Baseball Card Magazine November 1988 #44 Jose Canseco
  9. Beckett Baseball Card Magazine April 1995 #121 Jose Canseco Brush of Power
  10. Beckett Baseball Card Monthly Apr 1995 (Front cover featuring Jose Canseco, Vol. 12, No. 4 Issue #121)
  11. Canseco, Jose (1964): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by C. Kenyon Silvey, 2000
  12. Long Beach Armada Players: Jose Canseco
  13. Award Winners: 4 Glossy Pictures of Today's Stars: Canseco, Viola, Hershiser, Gibson by Major League Baseball, 1989
  14. In defense of steroids: Jose Canseco's surprisingly sensible case for juice.(Book Review): An article from: Reason by Aaron Steinberg, 2005-06-01

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ƒƒŠƒGƒbƒ^ F@CITY OF MERIETTA@ @@i‰p•¶j
ƒ^ƒoƒXƒR F@uŒêŒ¹—R—ˆŽ–“TvƒTƒCƒgŽQÆ@@

22. J Mac's Scan Database
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23. Baseball Player - Ryan Baseball
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24. The Ballplayers - Jose Canseco |
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25. 850 & 620 THE BLOG
Big Day! Published by AdamGold July 13th, 2006 in ACC Hoops. 26 Comments. The unofficial second half of the baseball season begins (my wife is pumped for

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