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  1. Arizona League Padres Players: Shawn Estes

1. Mariners Wheelhouse - A Seattle Mariners Blog
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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Midnight Mariner Ramblings
Some comments from tonight's game:
  • Long and late work hours lead to naps on the sofa during the middle innings.
  • Upon awaking I noticed that Hudson was having trouble going low and away on left-handed hitters. This was apparent during Hansen's at bat. The first pitch, which Hansen lined foul to the left, was about waist high, but the target was low. On the second pitch, Melhuse set up away again, and Hudson hit the target. On Hanson's homerun, Melhuse again set up low and away, and Hudson was on the inner half about waist high.
    Same thing happened on Spiezio's single in the 8th.
  • Sending Hansen to bat for Davis was a good move by Melvin, and I would have said so even had Hansen not produced. I have railed before about how little utility a left-handed pinch hitter adds to the current roster, but Melvin did find the right time to use Hansen.
  • So far Jarvis is not the Carrara Evil Dead sequel I feared. I no longer cringe when he starts warming; I now save my cringes for Myers and Hasegawa.
  • As I've mentioned before, it's still early to be drawing any but the most tentative conclusions about particular players. With that caveat, though, I think one safe conclusion is that Hasegawa will perform in 2004 pretty much as Hasegawa has performed for his entire career except for one five month stretch in 2003. In Hasegawa's case, the small sample size is his 2003 performance through early September. His performance since then just correlates with the rest of his career.
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    6. Mariners Blog: Oh Pleeeeeze, Pat
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    July 09, 2003
    Oh pleeeeeze, Pat
    It's starting the call for Pat Gillick to make a move before the July 31 trade deadline. Posted by Shannon Fears at July 9, 2003 04:31 PM Comments Well, Ken apparently doesn't get it... He had me up until the remark about a quality starting pitcher. The Mariners have Rafael Soriano, a quality starting pitcher, waiting in the wings. You tell me, is there ANY pitcher on the Mariners staff you would give up right now? Yet another uninformed writer looking for a name, rather than results. Posted by: Dave Sund at July 10, 2003 12:47 AM What Mariner's pitcher would I give up? Let's see, somebody whose perceived vale is greater than his actual value. That would have to be....Ryan Franklin. I'd much rather see Soriano get into the rotation. I wonder if we could package Franklin into a trade to get Brian Giles? Check out the AL's Defense Independent Pitching Stats ERA (short method) through last night's games. Who has the best rotation? Nothing's changed from before the year started. It's the Yankees.

    7. The Cubs Chronicle » On Mark Prior’s Pitch Count
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