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1. Jason Isringhausen's Teammates |
Jason Isringhausen s Teammates from, the most comprehensive baseball history encyclopedia on the Internet.
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Jason Isringhausen's Teammates Back to Jason Isringhausen's Player Page Notes : This list is intended as a fun starting point to see whose career paths intersected with Jason Isringhausen's. It's not meant to serve as a comprehensive list, since teammates without a page are omitted. Also, since our data doesn't cover exactly when certain players were called up or traded during a given season, there may be some players here who played on the same team as Jason Isringhausen during a season but never actually played with him. Juan Acevedo 1 team 1997 New York Mets Benny Agbayani 1 team 1999 New York Mets Manny Alexander 1 team 1997 New York Mets Edgardo Alfonzo 4 teams 1995 New York Mets 1996 New York Mets 1997 New York Mets 1999 New York Mets Jermaine Allensworth 1 team 1999 New York Mets Kevin Appier 2 teams 1999 Oakland Athletics 2000 Oakland Athletics Carlos Baerga 2 teams 1996 New York Mets 1997 New York Mets Rich Becker 2 teams 1999 Oakland Athletics 2000 Oakland Athletics Todd Belitz 1 team 2000 Oakland Athletics Rigo Beltran 1 team 1999 New York Mets Armando Benitez 1 team 1999 New York Mets Mike Birkbeck 1 team 1995 New York Mets Tim Bogar 2 teams 1995 New York Mets 1996 New York Mets Brian Bohanon 1 team 1997 New York Mets Bobby Bonilla 2 teams 1995 New York Mets

2. MLB Player Profiles
Height/Weight 63/230 Birthdate 09/07/1972 Birthplace Brighton, IL Bats/Throws R/R, Team St. Louis College Lewis Clark IL (JC) MLB Experience 12
MLB Player Profiles Player Profiles I Jason Isringhausen #44 RP St. Louis Cardinals Height/Weight: 6-3/230
Birthdate: 09/07/1972
Birthplace: Brighton, IL
Bats/Throws: R/R
Team: St. Louis
MLB Experience: 12

3. 2005 Draft
6, 84, Danil (MichaelR), isringhausen_jason/SLN. 6, 85, Sean (Tim), Choi_HeeSeop/LAN, Subrata That s a good pick. 6, 86, Benneter, Williams_Woody/SDN
Rnd Pick# Owner Player Comments Scott Ramirez_Manny/BOS Begin! Sean Schilling_Curt/BOS [Room Consensus] John Thome_Jim/PHI MichaelB Abreu_Bobby/PHI Danil Martinez_Pedro/NYN Eric Kendall_Jason/OAK [Room: OK, we're puzzled.] Syd Edmonds_Jim/SLN Keith Bonds_Barry/SFN Subrata: Who had 8 on the over-under for Bonds? Chris Rodriguez_Ivan/DET Tom Hernandez_Felix/SEA [MichaelR: A 1st round pick on a 19-year old pitcher who hasn't pitched above A-ball?] Benneter Sheffield_Gary/NYA Tim Jones_Chipper/ATL MichaelR Ramirez_Aramis/CHN Phil Burnett_AJ/FLO Steve Beltre_Adrian/SEA Subrata Lopez_Javy/BAL MichaelR: Holy crap! Subrata Loretta_Mark/SDN MichaelB (Steve) Jones_Andruw/ATL Phil Green_Shawn/ARI MichaelR Clemens_Roger/HOU [Keith: Do you want one forty-year old or two twenty-year olds?] Tim Delgado_Carlos/FLO [Chris: I wanted to pick him - he was supposed to last a little more.] Benneter Kent_Jeff/LAN Danil (Tom) Smoltz_John/ATL Chris Casey_Sean/CIN Keith Renteria_Edgar/BOS Keith (Syd) Lee_Derrek/CHN Eric Guillen_Carlos/DET [Eric: He's free, right? Phil: Free with purchase. Room: Buy Kendall, get Guillen for free.] Danil Giles_Brian/SDN MichaelB Mora_Melvin/BAL [Room: About time.]

4. MLB: AL West Mafia [Archive] - Page 3 - Gorillamask Forums
http// http//
Gorillamask Forums Topics Of Discussion GMF Hall Of Fame PDA View Full Version : MLB: AL West Mafia Pages : Reverend 05-18-2005, 07:56 PM thank you thank you, i'll be here all week... i am still convinced that clemens is the pitcher he turned out to be because of dave stewart ripping him open in a few head-to-head ALCS match-ups...i would love to know the sox record against the a's since 1985... Bones 05-19-2005, 02:16 AM AL West finally showing some teeth. West coast is the best coast beeeyotch.
Anyway, word on the streets of the Bay Area has it that Billy Beane took his size 12's and shoved them sideways straight up Macha's ass after the game on Tuesday night. Things are a-brewin in Oaktown. Despite what Gammons says, Macha's job is far from safe if he keeps fucking shit up the way he has been.
M's beat the Yanks, and the Angels came from behind to beat the Indians. Patsfan 05-19-2005, 03:29 AM Delicious. And we came from behind, making it ever so much sweeter.
When do we get to play Kansas City again? Reverend 05-20-2005, 01:47 PM

5. VORP For Pitchers Through - 29-SEP-02
6.2 3.56 4.01 4.24 114 6.8 18.0 Sele_Aaron ANA A 26 26 89 0-0-0 160.0 10.7 2.8 4.6 4.89 5.18 4.84 100 0.2 18.0 isringhausen_jason SLN N 60 0 3-2 32-0-5
VORP for pitchers Updated 29-SEP-02 Keith Woolner is an author of Baseball Prospectus. You can contact him by clicking here

6. Baseball Prospectus | Articles | PECOTA Does Fantasy
13% Wood_Kerry CHN 200 3.20 1.19 14 0 217 $23 35% 64% 15% 3% Benitez_Armando NYN 60 3.18 1.17 4 37 72 $22 22% 35% 30% 15% isringhausen_jason SLN 60 2.61

7. J Mac's Scan Database
isringhausen_jason.jpg issel_dan.jpg izquierdo_hansel.jpg jackson_damian.jpg jackson_edwin.jpg jackson_reggie.jpg jacobsen_bucky.jpg jacque.jpg
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*ARCHIVED SCANS* I no longer run . However, I did archive all the scans I had on the old site in case anyone needed them for reference, or just to browse. Please note I will never add or delete anything from this page once it us complete. My blog scans and scans for my sets will not be located here. To Search... Press CTRL + F and type the last name of the person you're looking for. 107sexson.jpg



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