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  1. Harmon Killebrew, baseball's superstar by Wayne J Anderson, 1971
  2. Harmon Killebrew Baseball's Superstar by Dr Wayne J Anderson, 1971-01-01
  3. Harmon Killebrew Baseball's Superstarq by Dr Wayne J Anderson, 1971-01-01
  4. The Harmon Killebrew story (Baseball greats) by Gary Fox, 1993
  5. Major League Baseball Players From Idaho: Harmon Killebrew, Jason Schmidt, Larry Jackson, Matt Lindstrom, Bob Martyn, Chris Latham, Vern Law
  6. THE SCOUTING REPORT 1987 Baseball Scouting Report by Brooks Robinson; Harmon Killebrew; Editor-Marybeth Sullivan, 1987
  7. THE SCOUTING REPORT: 1986 An in-depth analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of every active major league baseball player. by Dave, Harmon Killebrew, Brooks Robinson and Duke Snider. edited by Marybeth Sullivan Campbell, 1986
  8. The Scouting Report: 1986. An In-depth Analysis.Every Active MajorLeague Baseball Player by Dave with Harmon Killebrew, Brooks Robinson and Duke Snider Campbell, 1986
  9. Minnesota Twins: The Complete Illustrated History by Dennis Brackin, Patrick Reusse, 2010-03-12
  10. Comedy Central? No, but the Twins should have the last laugh: Justin Morneau, 23, could be the first Twin to hit 40 homers since Harmon Killebrew hit 41 ... An article from: The Sporting News by Ken Rosenthal, 2005-03-11
  11. Harmon Killebrew: An entry from Gale's <i>Notable Sports Figures</i> by Paul Burton, 2004
  12. Twenty-five seasons: The first quarter century of the Minnesota Twins by Dave Mona, 1986
  13. Echoes of Tiger Stadium by Joe Falls, 2000

1. Harmon Killebrew Bibliography |
The Baseball Index contains the following references for further reading material on Harmon Killebrew (1B3B-OF-DH 1954-1975 Senators, Royals)
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THE BASEBALL INDEX Bibliography for Harmon Killebrew Database information © 2000 SABR The Baseball Index contains the following references for further reading material on Harmon Killebrew (1B-3B-OF-DH 1954-1975 Senators , Royals): Information on how to locate the materials cited here can be found at the bottom of this page ALERT : NOT ALL RESULTS DISPLAYED The Baseball Index contains references for Harmon Killebrew , of which we are only able to list the first 100 citations. Therefore, matching results could not be displayed. For a complete list of citations or a more detailed search, please contact The Baseball Index Research Service ABOUT THE BASEBALL INDEX The Baseball Index is a vast index to books, articles, and other sources on baseball compiled by volunteers from the Society for American Baseball Research . The complete index is available for purchase, and The Baseball Index Research Service can perform complicated searches for a nominal fee. Click

2. Harmon Killebrew - MSN Encarta
Killebrew, Harmon, born in 1936, American professional baseball player, whose career total of 573 home runs ranks him second only to Babe Ruth on the
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Harmon Killebrew
Encyclopedia Article Find Print E-mail Blog It Multimedia 2 items Harmon Killebrew , born in 1936, American professional baseball player, whose career total of 573 home runs ranks him second only to Babe Ruth on the all-time list of the American League (AL). For 8 seasons he hit more than 40 home runs a season, leading the AL in home runs 6 times. Born Harmon Clayton Killebrew, Jr., in Payette, Idaho, Killebrew played baseball, basketball, and football in high school. After graduating, he played semiprofessional baseball for the Idaho-Oregon Border League and achieved an outstanding batting average of .847. He joined the major leagues when he signed with the Washington Senators in 1955. Four years later he joined their regular lineup, but the quality of his play dropped that season. At the end of 1960, the Senators became the Minnesota Twins. Killebrew played for the Twins for the next 14 seasons, and regained his former excellence with many home runs and improved fielding. In 1969 he was named the league's most valuable player. He helped take the Twins to a World Series in 1965 and to two AL Championship Series in 1969 and 1970. In 1975 he played his last year in baseball as a Kansas City Royal. In 1984 Killebrew was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

3. National Baseball Hall Of Fame - Harmon Killebrew's Plaque
Harmon Killebrew s Hall of Fame Plaque. HARMON CLAYTON KILLEBREW WASHINGTON AL 19541960 MINNESOTA AL 1961-1974 KANSAS CITY AL 1975
Harmon Killebrew's Hall of Fame Plaque
WASHINGTON A.L. 1954-1960
MINNESOTA A.L. 1961-1974
FREQUENCY. DROVE IN OVER 100 RUNS 9 TIMES. A.L. MVP IN 1969. Hall of Fame Plaque Home Page Harmon Killebrew's Hall of Fame Bio Search Our Website for Information on Harmon Killebrew Search Our Online Library Catalog "ABNER" for Harmon Killebrew The data on all plaques was taken from reliable sources at the time the plaques were made. Hall of Fame plaques are property of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the images may not be reproduced without approval of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. © National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc.

4. Harmon Killebrew - Indopedia, The Indological Knowledgebase
Baseball Hall of Fame (http//www.baseballhalloffame. org/hofers_and_honorees/hofer_bios/killebrew_harmon.htm); Baseball Reference
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Baseball Hall of Fame 1959 American League All-Stars 1961 American League All-Stars ... Wikipedia Article
Harmon Killebrew
ज्ञानकोश: - The Indological Knowledgebase Harmon Clayton Killebrew (born June 29 ) was a Major League Baseball player famous for his ability to hit home runs Born in Payette, Idaho , Killebrew was drafted by the Washington Senators and moved rapidly to the major leagues, making his debut in 1954 at the age of 18. He played only small parts for five seasons before finally sticking in 1959, hitting 42 homers. The Senators moved to Minneapolis to become the Minnesota Twins in 1961. Killebrew was a stocky (5'11, 210 pounds) hitter with a short, violent swing that generated tremendous power. (It is believed his silhouette inspired the current Major League Baseball logo.) Nicknamed "Killer" for his home run hitting ability, Killebrew became the American League 's most feared power hitter of the 1960s, belting 40 homers in a season seven times. In 1965 he helped the Twins reach the World Series where they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers . Killebrew had his finest season in 1969, hitting 49 home runs, driving in 140 RBI, and winning the Most Valuable Player Award. Killebrew led the league in home runs six times, in RBI three times, and was named to eleven All Star teams.

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7. The MasterMOZ Web Directory: Killebrew, Harmon
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9. Amazing Grays - Ball-Wonk
BW. October 28, 2004 813 AM. Brick said. Killebrew http//www.baseballhalloffame. org/hofers_and_honorees/wallpaper/killebrew_harmon.jpg Cronin
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Amazing Grays
By R. Scott Rogers on October 21, 2004 6:18 PM Permalink Comments (10) Name Our Team Candidate Profile: Washington Grays For too long now, the Washington Grays have been the oatmeal of the team-name debate. "Honor the Grays," Wilford Brimley tells us, "it's the right thing to do. It's good for you. It'll sell lots of merchandise. We can build a museum at the ballpark." Blah blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong: Those arguments are all valid and true. A bowl of hot oatmeal really is good for you - and so would be naming our team the Grays. But that's not what a team name should be about. If I want to know that I've done right by the world, I'll make myself a bowl of oatmeal. I'll fold the laundry or return my library books on time or take the Metro and walk a few blocks instead of driving the whole way. Naming our team shouldn't be a chore. It should be about excitement. The team's name shouldn't add fiber to our diets, much as we could use the fiber, it should transport us to a state of frenzied euphoria as we join 40,000 of our closest friends in mad screaming while our team, our beloved [NAME OF TEAM]s rip the still-beating competitive heart out of the Braves and devour it, bite by line-drive bite, until the Atlanta nine begs us, "Just take the pennant, for the love of God take it now and let us go back to Georgia, just let us go back to Georgia to pick up the pieces of our shattered egos." A team name should be about winning. About greatness. About world-beating, chest-thumping, big-stick-carrying, pity-the-poor-Yankees-if-they-get-in-our-way, tsunami-inducing supremacy.

10. Sports: Baseball: People: Players: K: Killebrew, Harmon : On A Mission
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11. Lost Forest After Dark: January 2007 Archives
killebrew_harmon.jpg 3. At the first ever Twins game I went to, Harmon Killebrew hit a homerun that landed about 3 rows behind me in the left field
Lost Forest After Dark
Barely coherent ramblings on whatever amuses me
January 29, 2007
Gump Worsley 1929-2007
Gump. Had the name long before Forest.
Short. Squat.
Goalie without a mask. Gump. Four Stanley Cups.
Smoked between periods.
Goalie without a mask. Gump. Childhood Hero.
Minnesota North Star.
Goalie without a mask. Gump.
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January 28, 2007
Pan's Labyrinth
What do you get when you mix a 12-year old girl with a spirited fantasy life, a bed-ridden pregnant mother, the Spanish resistance, and a sadistic Army Captain with daddy issues? You get a magical movie that is beautifully shot, thought provoking, and shifts so seamlessly between fantasy and the brutality of war, that you forget to notice which is which. Pan’s Labyrinth is a fairy tale about a lonely bookwormish 12-year old girl Ofelia who creates a fantasy life just as harrowing as her real life… a life which consists of living in a Spanish military outpost with her nasty-mean stepfather who is charged with murdering Spanish resistance fighters living in the woods. Between a throwing up giant toad, a Faun that would scare the pants off of Mr. Tumnus, shape shifting tinker bells, and the “pale man” who screws his eyeballs into his palms in order to see, Ofelia must complete a set of tasks in order to become a princess and preside over the underworld. However in the end, it’s Ofelia’s choices in the real world that decide her fate. A truly glorious movie that deals with the real world issue of the morality of obeying a direct order while simultaneously asking otherly-world questions regarding the afterlife. A must see!

12. Biocrawler
killebrew_harmon.jpg killebrew_harmon.jpg 14KB May 16 2005 013041 PM killebrew_harmon.jpg. KintamaniPuppyIra_K5.jpg KintamaniPuppyIra_K5.jpg 15KB Sep 19

13. Harmon Killebrew - Further Information http// killebrew_harmon.stm (December 4, 2002). Harmon Killebrew Foundation Making the
Other Free Encyclopedias Famous Sports Stars Famous Sports Stars Ho-Ki Harmon Killebrew Biography - From Idaho To Stardom, Pennant In 1965, Mvp Season, Chronology, Personal Struggles, Charity Endeavors
Harmon Killebrew - Further Information
The Desert Sun. (October 22, 2002). Athens Daily News. (October 22, 1998) (December 4, 2002) (December 4, 2002). Harmon Killebrew Lifetime Statistics. (December 4, 2002). Arizona Republic. (November 29, 2002). San Angelo Standard-Times. (May 13, 2000). Minneapolis Star Tribune. (December 4, 2002). Los Angeles Times. (August 29, 2002). (January 21, 2000). (December 4, 2002).
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14. Harmon Killebrew - Biography Research Guide
killebrew_harmon.jpg. Harmon Killebrew. Harmon Clayton Killebrew is a former Major League Baseball player famous for his ability to hit home runs;
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Harmon Killebrew
Harmon Clayton Killebrew is a former Major League Baseball player famous for his ability to hit home runs; (born June 29 1936 in Payette, Idaho).
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  • Harmon Killebrew, Harmon Clayton Killebrew

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CNN/SI - Harmon Killebrew

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CNN/SI - Ryan Klesko

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19. Killebrew, Harmon is a valuable resource for lovers of golf and Killebrew, Harmon.
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Killebrew, Harmon
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20. Harmon Killebrew Pictures, News And More - Famous Baseball Players
Harmon Killebrew picture killebrew_harmon_3.jpg Harmon Killebrew picture killebrew_harmon.jpg Harmon Killebrew picture HarmonKillebrew.jpg
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HarmonKillebrew news
SLAM! Sports Never mind the bad weather — Opening Day is all about hope
Pioneer Press, MN - Mar 31, 2008
"Hope," said Minnesota's hall of famer Harmon Killebrew . "That's a good word." "Just playing baseball again," Twins catcher Joe Mauer said.
KARE Dome prevents a season opener snow-out
KARE, MN - Mar 31, 2008
Ron Gardenhire, Harmon Killebrew , Rod Carew, and others, spoke to the crowd at the IDS Crystal Court. The Twins started their Opening Day pre-game
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN - Mar 16, 2008
Former Twins greats Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva were behind the batting cage during a recent session when Gomez drove a pitch well over the left field
Harmon Killebrew - premium items on eBay
1960 Topps Harmon Killebrew PSA 8 #210 Twins HARMON KILLEBREW SIGNED MLB BASEBALL PSA/DNA GRADED 10 Harmon Killebrew auto old style 50's Adirondack bat 573
Harmon Killebrew picture links
Harmon Killebrew picture: Killebrew_Harmon.jpg

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