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  1. Twintig preken van Aurelius Augustinus (Ambo-klassiek) (Dutch Edition) by Augustine, 1986
  2. Saint Augustine, Aurelius Augustinus, Episcopus Hipponiensis, A.D. 387-430: A Sketch Of His Life And Writings by Charles Hastings Collette, 2007-07-25
  3. Sanctus Aurelius Augustinus, De doctrina Christiana (Instrumenta lexicologica Latina) (Latin Edition)
  4. Sanctus Aurelius Augustinus, Confessiones: Instrumenta lexicologica Latina (Latin Edition)
  5. Des Aurelius Augustinus Metaphysik: Im Rahmen Seiner Lehre Vom Übel Dargestellt (German Edition) by Konrad Scipio, 2010-03-15
  6. Aurelius Augustinus: E. Mensch auf d. Suche nach Sinn (Herderbucherei ; Bd. 674) (German Edition) by Ernst Sandvoss, 1978
  7. Aurelius Augustinus: Grosse u. Tragik d. umstrittenen Kirchenvaters (Gutersloher Taschenbucher Siebenstern ; 460 : GTB-Biographie) (German Edition) by Gerhard Wehr, 1979
  8. De Biecht Voor God Van Een Groot Man: Of De Bekentenissen Van Aurelius Augustinus (Dutch Edition) by Augustine, 2010-03-16
  9. Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis Sacrae Scripturae Interpres (Latin Edition) by Henrik Nicolai Clausen, 2010-04-20
  10. Confessions of Saint Augustine: Library Edition by St. Aurelius Augustinus, 2000-01
  11. Confessiones /Bekenntnisse by Aurelius Augustinus, 2008
  12. Vom Gottesstaat (De civitate dei) by Aurelius Augustinus, 2007-02-28
  13. De moribus ecclesiae catholicae et de moribus Manichaeorum. Antimanichäische Schriften. by Aurelius Augustinus, 2003-12-31
  14. Erkenntnisse - Confessiones by Aurelius Augustinus, 2008

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3. Aurelius Augustinus - SCAE Apologetics Wiki
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4. Aurelius Augustinus |
Aurelius Augustinus. wiki page, updated Saturday December 15, 2007. Aurelius Augustinus, Augustine of Hippo, or Saint Augustine (November 13,
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Aurelius Augustinus
wiki page, updated Saturday December 15, 2007 Aurelius Augustinus, Augustine of Hippo, or Saint Augustine (November 13, 354 - August 28, 430) was a philosopher and theologian, and was bishop of the North African city of Hippo Regius for the last third of his life. Augustine is one of the most important figures in the development of Western Christianity, and is considered to be one of the church fathers. He framed the concepts of original sin and just war. In Roman Catholicism and the Anglican Communion, he is a saint and pre-eminent Doctor of the Church, and the patron of the Augustinian religious order. Many Protestants, especially Calvinists, consider him to be one of the theological fathers of Reformation teaching on salvation and grace. In the Eastern Orthodox Church he is a saint, and his feast day is celebrated annually on June 15, though a minority are of the opinion that he is a heretic, primarily because of his statements concerning what became known as the filioque clause. Among the Orthodox he is called Blessed Augustine, or St. Augustine the Blessed. "Blessed" here does not mean that he is less than a saint, but is a title bestowed upon him as a sign of respect. The Orthodox do not remember Augustine so much for his theological speculations as for his writings on spirituality. In addition he believed in Papal supremacy.

5. Augustine
Aurelius Augustinus, 354430. Church father, theologian, writer. Extract from De doctrina Christiana (“On the Christian Doctrine”), written from 397-428.
Augustine Aurelius Augustinus, 354-430. Church father, theologian, writer. Extract from De doctrina Christiana Knowledge of foreign languages is necessary because translations of the same text tend to differ from each other, as I said before. The number of people who were able to translate the scriptures from Hebrew into Greek can easily be counted, but those who translated them from Greek into Latin are without number. When anybody stumbled on a Greek manuscript in the first days of the faith, he would begin to translate it even if he thought his command of both languages was limited. Practical Translation 2 (2nd semester MA course)
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AURELIUS AUGUSTINUS. ST. AUGUSTINE 354 AD. view complete page. Biography. St. Augustine was one of the four great fathers of the Latin Church,
AURELIUS AUGUSTINUS ST. AUGUSTINE 354 A.D. view complete page Biography St. Augustine was one of the four great fathers of the Latin Church, and admittedly the greatest of the four, more profound than Ambrose, his spiritual father, more original and systematic than Jerome, his contemporary and correspondent, and intellectually far more distinguished than Gregory the Great, the last of the series. The theological position and influence of Augustine may be said to be unrivalled. No single name has ever exercised such power over the Christian church, and no one mind ever made such an impression upon Christian thought. In the midst of all his youthful pleasures Augustine was an earnest student. His father, observing the early development of his talents, formed the ambition of training him to the brilliant and lucrative career of a rhetorician, and he seems to have spared no expense to equip him for this career. The youth studied not only at his native town, but at Madaura and Carthage, and especially devoted himself to the Latin poetsmany traces of his love for which are to be found in his writings. His acquaintance with Greek literature was much more limited, and, indeed, it has been doubted whether he could use, in the original, either the Hebrew or Greek Scriptures 1. Apparently, he was in the habit of using translations of Plato (

7. Aurelius Augustinus - ZZZ Wiki
Enne Aqvino Thomast ning Martin Lutherit oli Püha Augustinus suurim kirikutegelane. Retrieved from http//
Aurelius Augustinus
From ZZZ Wiki
PœHA AUGUSTINUS (Aurelius Augustinus) 358 – 430 A.D. Augustinus kuulub nelja L¤¤nekiriku suurima kirikuisa hulka, ja on nendest neljast vaieldamatult kµige tuntum. Ta on rohkem tuntud, kui Ambrosius , kes oli tema vaimulikuks isaks ja juhiks. Ta on originaalsem ja s¼stemaatilisem kui Hieronymus , tema kaasaegne ja kirjasµber. Intellektuaalselt ¼letab ta Gregoorius Suure . Augustinuse teoloogiline positsioon ja mµju ei leia endale vµrdv¤¤rset. Ei ole ilmselt ¼htegi nime kristlikus kirikus, mida oleks kasutatud nii tihti ja nii mµjukalt ja v¤ga raske on leida inimest, kes oleks kristluse mµttek¤igule j¤tnud sellise j¤lje nagu seda tegi Augustinus. Augustinuse elu Augustinus s¼ndis Tagaste (Tajelt) linnas (praegu tuntud Souk Ahras'i nime all Alžeerias) 13. novembril 354. aastal. Sealne maa oli Rooma vµimu all juba Kartaago linna vallutamisest saati umbes 500 aastat enne Augustinuse s¼ndi. Tagaste oli v¤ike linn, millel puudus oma ¼likool. Augustinuse vanemateks olid Patricius ja Monika, kes kuulusid keskklassi (kodanlased). See t¤hendas seda, et nad ei olnud piisavalt rikkad selleks, et maksta t¤ielikult Augustinuse hariduse eest, kuid omasid piisavalt raha selleks, et saata Augustinus kusagile kooli. Augustinuse ema Monika oli kristlane, tema isa Patricius uskus aga Rooma jumalustesse. Ta vµttis vastu kristluse alles oma surivoodil. Patricius oli just see, kes p¼¼dis avastada Augustinuse talente ja tema unistuseks oli, et tema pojast saaks ¼hel p¤eval kuulus retoorik ja oraator.

8. Aurelius Augustinus
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Humanitarian Law Reader Paramilitaries Reports from the Field Thiruvarur, India Photos Related Authors Aurelius Augustinus Hans Buchner Wilfried Olbrich Wolfgang Flurl ... Authors Aurelius Augustinus general/ StAugustine.pdf
... the age of perhaps 17, Aurelius Augustinus moved from Madaura to Carthage, which ... some four years in the big city of Carthage, Aurelius Augustinus went back to ... AUGUSTINE (Aurelius Augustinus)—philosopher and theologian, Father and Doctor of the Church (called doctor gratiae...
AUGUSTINE (Aurelius Augustinus)—philosopher and theologian, Father and Doctor of ... Church (called doctor gratiae), bishop, leading representative of ... Augustine of Hippo
Augustine of Hippo. Also Known As. Aurelius Augustinus; Doctor of Grace. Memorial. 28 August. Profile ... as Aurelius Augustinus. Died. 28 August. 430. at ...

9. Aurelius Augustinus | Chinese (S) | Dictionary & Translation By Babylon
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Aurelius Augustinus
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Augustine of Hippo
Aurelius Augustinus, Augustine of Hippo, or Saint Augustine ( November 13 August 28 ) was a philosopher and theologian, and was bishop of the North African city of Hippo Regius for the last third of his life. Augustine is one of the most important figures in the development of Western Christianity , and is considered to be one of the church fathers . He framed the concepts of original sin and just war
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10. Aurelius Augustinus - Wikipedia, Déi Fräi Enzyklopedie
Vun http// . Kategorien WikipediaSkizzen (Chrëschtentum) Bëscheef Theologen Gebuer 354 Gestuerwen 430
Aurelius Augustinus
Vu Wikipedia, der fr¤ier Enzyklopedie.
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D«sen Artikel zum Chr«schtentum ass er©ischt just eng Skizz . Wann der m©i iwwer d«st Thema w«sst, sidd der h¤erzlech invit©iert aus d«se puer S¤tz e richtegen Artikel ze schreiwen. Wann dir H«llef braucht beim Schreiwen, da luusst bis an d' FAQ eran. Den Aurelius Augustinus gebuer zu Thagaste , a gestuerwe zu Hippo am haitegen Algerien , war en Theolog a B«schof aus der sp©ider Antikit©it
„nneren Liewen
„nneren Bek©ierung
Seng Bek©ierung zum Chr«schtentum beschreift den Augustinus a sengem deelweis autobiographesche Wierk Confessiones . Den definitive Schr«tt ass an engem Gaart zu Mailand geschitt wou hien eng St«mm geh©iert huet d©i him soot "tolle, lege"
„nneren Wierk
S¤in Wierk huet d©i chr«schtlech Theologie bis haut entscheedent mark©iert.
  • Confessiones (Bekenntnisser) De civitate Dei (Iwwer de Gottesstaat) De trinitate (Iwwer d' Dr¤ifaltegkeet De beata vita (Iwwer d'gl©cklecht Liewen)
Den Augustinus g«tt an der kathoulescher Kierch als Hellegen an docteur de l'©glise ver©iert, s¤i Gedenkdag ass den

11. Aurelius Augustinus - Wikiquote
Wikipediyayê nivîsarek li ser Aurelius Augustinus heye. Ji http//ku.wikiquote. org/wiki/aurelius_augustinus hatiye standin. 1 Kategorîyan Kes
Aurelius Augustinus
Ji Wikiquote
Here cem: nav®gasyon lªbigere Aurelius Augustinus
biguher®ne Kes
Aurelius Augustinus (yan tenª Augustinus ) (354 — 430) firmesunek(Filosof)Ola fileyan b».
biguher®ne Gotin
  • Ma bawer® §i ye ger ne bawer®kirina bi hindª be ya ku nayª d®tin. Bi nefsnizm® li bilindgehan bimeşin.

ª niv®sarek li ser Aurelius Augustinus heye. Ji " " hatiye standin. 1 Kategor®yan Kes D®tin Am»rªn şexs® Nav®gasyon Lªbigere Qutiya am»ran Zimanªn din

12. Untitled Document
aurelius_augustinus Bede Benjamin_Franklin Blaise_Pascal Boccaccio Boris_Pasternak Brothers_grimm Byron Charles_Dickens Charles_H.

13. Aurelius Augustinus Ordspråk, Citat, Talesätt Och Ordstäv!
aurelius_augustinus ordspråk, citat, talesätt och ordstäv! Denna sida hittar du på http//älla/aurelius_augustinus länka gärna hit!älla/Aurelius_Augustinus

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Aurelius Augustinus
Aurelius Augustinus föddes 354 och dog 430 - romersk biskop och kyrkofader. Mer: Google MSN eller Yahoo Fler foton... Avsikten med alla krig är fred. Hensikten med enhver krig er fred. Krig Det är bättre att gå stapplande på den rätta vägen än att med fasta steg gå vilse. Vilse Där glädjen är stor, där har den också kostat bekymmer.

14. Arts, Literature, Authors, A -
Atwood,_Margaret; Auden,_W._H. Auel,_Jean; Augustine_of_Hippo; Augustus_Caesar; aurelius_augustinus; Austen,_Jane; Auster,_Paul; Aylett,_Steve




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15. : Society, History, By Time Period, Ancient, Rome, People
Apuleius; Augustine_of_Hippo; Aurelius,_Marcus; aurelius_augustinus; Authors; Boudicca; Caesar,_Julius; Caesar_Augustus; Cicero; Dramatists; Horace
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16. Aurelius Augustinus
Translate this page Aurelius Augustinus - Zeit. „Was also ist Zeit? Wenn mich niemand fragt, weiß ich es, soll ich es einem Fragenden erklären, weiß ich es nicht.“
Aurelius Augustinus - Zeit
„Was also ist Zeit? Wenn mich niemand fragt, weiß ich es, soll ich es einem Fragenden erklären, weiß ich es nicht.“ Dies ist wohl einer der bekanntesten Aussprüche des Bischofs, Philosophen, Rethors, Ordensvaters und Kirchenlehrers. Wer aber war der Mann, der eine bahnbrechende Zeittheorie aufstellte und was beinhaltet diese Theorie? Im August 386 dann lauschte er den Erzählungen des Ponticianus, der ihm von zwei Männern berichtete, die nach Trier reisten und dort einen Einsiedler fanden, der eine Lebensbeschreibung des Antonius in seinem Besitz hatte. Antonius war ein reicher Ägypter, der sein ganzes Erbe an die Armen verschenkte um in strenger Askese zu leben und später in einer fast nicht zu erreichenden Berghöhle starb. Diese eiserne Disziplin beeindruckte die beiden Männer so sehr, dass sie allen Besitz verkauften, ihre Verlobungen lösten und ebenfalls Einsiedler wurden. Nachdem Augustinus das gehört hatte, zog er sich in seinen Garten zurück und focht einen inneren Kampf aus, ob er sich nun für den christlichen Glauben entscheiden solle oder nicht. Aus dem Nachbarhaus soll Augustinus eine Stimme gehört haben, die "Nimm und lies" rief, und so nahm er denn die Schrift des Antonius, die er sich aus einem nahen Kloster geliehen hatte und las die Worte "Nicht in Fressen und Saufen, nicht in den Kammern der Unzucht, nicht in Hader und Neid, sondern ziehet an den Herrn Jesus Christus und lasst euch bei der Sorge für den Leib nicht durch Lüste beherrschen“ (Röm. 13, 13. 14).

17. Wiki Agustín De Hipona
Translate this page Agustín de Hipona. San Agustín, de Sandro Botticelli, c. 1480. Nombre Aurelius Augustinus Apodo {{{apodo}}} Nacimiento 13 de noviembre de 354
Wiki: Agust­n de Hipona Tabla de contenidos:
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2. 1. 1. Autobiogr¡ficos
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18. Aurelius Augustinus (354 -- 430) | Biokristi
Aurelius Augustinus (354 430). » Kategori. donatisme; gereja; retorika; sakramen; uskup; Bapa Gereja. Ia merupakan seorang bapa gereja yang
@import "/modules/aggregator/aggregator.css"; @import "/modules/node/node.css"; @import "/modules/system/defaults.css"; @import "/modules/system/system.css"; @import "/modules/user/user.css"; @import "/sites/all/modules/logintoboggan/logintoboggan.css"; @import "/modules/comment/comment.css"; @import "/sites/all/themes/bluemarinex/style.css"; Ia merupakan seorang bapa gereja yang pandangan-pandangan teologianya sangat berpengaruh dalam Gereja Barat. Dilahirkan di Tagaste, Afrika Utara, tidak jauh dari Hippo Regius pada 13 Nopember 354. Ayahnya bernama Patricius, seorang kafir dan ibunya bernama Monica, seorang ibu yang saleh dan yang penuh kasih. Augustinus lama menjadi anggota katekumen, namun tidak bersedia untuk segera menerima sakramen baptisan. Ia memulai pendidikannya di kota kelahirannya, Tagaste, kemudian belajar retorika dan filsafat di Kartago, ibukota provinsi Afrika Utara. Setelah belajar di Kartago, Augustinus kembali ke kota kelahirannya dan di sana ia menjadi guru retorika. Pada tahun 372 ia pindah ke Kartago dan menjadi guru retorika di sana. Augustinus mengalami pergumulan yang hebat, yaitu keinginannya untuk mencari kebenaran yang sejati yang memberikan kepadanya suatu kedamaian hidup. Seluruh perjuangannya dalam mencari kebenaran tersebut diuraikannya dalam bukunya yang berjudul

19. Augustinus - Wikicitáty, Otevřená Sbírka Citátů
Z Wikicitát . (P esm rováno z Aurelius Augustinus). P ejít na navigace, hledání. Nejstarší Augustin v portrét ( ím, bazilika sv. Jana v Lateránu, 6. stol
Z Wikicit¡tů
(Přesměrov¡no z Aurelius Augustinus Přej­t na: navigace hled¡n­ NejstarÅ¡­ Augustinův portr©t (Ř­m, bazilika sv. Jana v Later¡nu, 6. stol.) Aurelius Augustinus (t©Å¾ sv. Augustin nebo Augustin z Hippony , 354 Thagaste [dnes Souk-Ahras v Alž­rsku] – 430 Hippo Regius [v dneÅ¡n­m Tunisku]) byl biskup, svat½ katolick© c­rkve, jehož sv¡tek připad¡ na 28. srpna. Augustinus je jeden z nejv½znamnějÅ¡­ch raně křesÅ¥ansk½ch filosofů a teologů , představitel latinsk© patristiky.
editovat Potvrzen© v½roky
  • Fecisti nos ad Te et inquietum est cor nostrum donec requiescat in Te.
Stvořil jsi n¡s pro sebe, a neklidn© je naÅ¡e srdce, dokud nespočine v Tobě. Vyzn¡n­, 1,1
  • Quid prodest bene vivere cui non datur semper vivere?
Co prospěje dobře ž­t tomu, komu nen­ d¡no žit věčně? Koment¡Å™ na Jana, 45,2
  • Dilige et quod vis fac.
Miluj a dělej, co chceš. In epistulam Ioannis ad Parthos, tractatus VII,8
editovat Připisovan© v½roky
  • Bis orat qui corde canit
Dvakr¡t se modl­, kdo ze srdce zp­v¡ (viz t©Å¾

20. Klassikkokirjasto |
http// Aurelius, Marcus (121–180). The Meditations (englanti/engelska/English)
@import "/misc/drupal.css"; @import "/sites/"; @import "/sites/"; @import "/sites/"; @import "/sites/default/themes/filo_box_grey/style.css"; Klassikkokirjasto
Friedrich Nietzsche Tragedian synty
N¤yt¤ tekij¤t aikaj¤rjestyksess¤ A B C D ... T U V W X Y Z A Ab©lard, Pierre / Abelardus, Petrus / Abelard, Peter (1079–1142) Opera (latina/latin/latinae) Tractatus de intellectibus (latina/latin/latinae) Historia Calamitatum (The Story of My Misfortunes) (englanti/engelska/English)

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