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         Baxter Stephen:     more books (100)
  1. Flood by Stephen Baxter, 2009-05-05
  2. Evolution by Stephen Baxter, 2004-02-03
  3. Ark by Stephen Baxter, 2010-05-04
  4. Manifold: Space by Stephen Baxter, 2002-01-02
  5. Weaver (Time's Tapestry) by Stephen Baxter, 2010-03-30
  6. Navigator: Time's Tapestry, Book Three by Stephen Baxter, 2009-11-24
  7. Titan by Stephen Baxter, 1998-11-01
  8. Phase Space by Stephen Baxter, 2003-07-21
  9. Voyage by Stephen Baxter, 1997-11-01
  10. Weaver: Time's Tapestry, Book Four by Stephen Baxter, 2008-07-01
  11. Timelike Infinity by Stephen Baxter, 1997-08-18
  12. Conqueror: Time's Tapestry Book Two by Stephen Baxter, 2007-08-07
  13. Coalescent: A Novel (Destiny's Children, Bk. 1) by Stephen Baxter, 2004-11-23
  14. Conqueror: Time's Tapestry Book Two by Stephen Baxter, 2009-07-28

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3. Stephen Baxter, Science Fiction Writer
Stephen M. Baxter. November 13, 1957 . Novels. Baxter, Stephen, Raft, 1991. Timelike Infinity, 1992. Flux, 1993. Anti-Ice, 1993. Ring, 1994.
Stephen M. Baxter
November 13, 1957 -
Baxter, Stephen,
Timelike Infinity,
The Time Ships, John W. Campbell Award
The Fate Machine, Saddle Point, Red Moon, Manifold: Time, Manifold: Space, Manifold: Origin, Evolution,
Clarke, Arthur C., and Stephen Baxter, Light of Other Days, Nova,
Original Short Fiction
Baxter, Stephen, Analog Interzone Mars Probes Moon Shots ... Shakespearean Whodunnits
Collections of Short Fiction
Baxter, Stephen, Vacuum Diagrams, Traces, Phase Space,
Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information
Stephen Baxter: Back to the Wells, in Locus, #423, April, 1996. (interview) Stephen Baxter: Future Dilemmas, in Locus, #450, July, 1998. (interview) Stephen Baxter: Alone in the Future, in Locus, #495, April, 2002. (interview)

4. Chicon 2000 Onsite: Stephen Baxter - Chat Guest
NOTE This is a log of a LIVE CHAT originating from the Green Room at Chicon, the 58th Annual World Science Fiction Convention.
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This is a log of a LIVE CHAT originating from the Green Room at Chicon, the 58th Annual World Science Fiction Convention. We thank our guests for being game enough to brave a live chat under less than optimal circumstances. Our guests were typing on unfamiliar laptops with very small keyboards. (Click Here to see the chat area.) Because of these several impediments, as well as other technical difficulties, you will find typos and occasional replication of text. In our humble opinion, typos show that the logs are of *live* chats, not canned interviews, and minimal editing of these logs has taken place.
Stephen Baxter has a degree in mathematics, has research in engineering, worked in teaching and computing. He is the full time author of 12 SF novels and 4 Young Adult novels. He has won the Philip K. Dick Award, the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the Seiun Award and the Sidewise Award. Stephen Baxter's Home Page
[Cybling] folks...join me in welcoming Stephen Baxter

5. Stephen Baxter Biography
Search Biographies. Browse Biographies. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Biography Base Home Link To Us Search Biographies: Browse Biographies A B C D ... Z Stephen Baxter Biography Stephen Baxter (born in Liverpool, November 13, 1957) is a British hard science fiction author. He has degrees in mathematics and engineering.
His writings fall into three main categories, each with a very different style and tone.
His "Xeelee Sequence" stories are set in the far future, where human beings are rising to become the second most powerful race in the universe, next to the god-like Xeelee. Character development in these stories take second place to the depiction of advanced theories and ideas, such as the true nature of the Great Attractor, naked singularities and the great battle between Baryonic and Photonic lifeforms. Examples of novels written in this style: Ring, Timelike Infinity.
His present-day Earth stories are much more human, with characters portrayed with greater depth and care. They typically indulge in "if only" whimsy or outright alternate history, dreaming about what humanity could achieve in the exploration of space. NASA features prominently, and a great deal of research has obviously been done into its internal structuring and methods. However, these novels have a much darker tone than any of his other stories and do not often portray much hope for humanity as a moral species. Examples of novels written in this style include Voyage, winner of the Sidewise Award for Alternate History; Titan; and Moonseed.
His "Evolution" stories are a later development and show an increasing interest in the evolution of humanity. These seem to have their origins in stories of his other writing styles, such as Mammoth and Manifold: Origin. Examples of novels written in this style: Evolution.

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overall rating review Compare prices Vacuum Diagrams - Stephen Baxter
Author: Stephen Baxter / Printed Book / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
overall rating review Compare prices Time - Stephen Baxter
Author: Stephen Baxter / Printed Book / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
overall rating review Compare prices Space - Stephen Baxter
Author: Stephen Baxter / Printed Book / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
overall rating reviews Compare prices Moonseed - Stephen Baxter
Author: Stephen Baxter / Printed Book / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy - The earth is being destroyed by something, and it starts in Edinburgh.
overall rating review Compare prices Titan - Stephen Baxter
Author: Stephen Baxter / Printed Book / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy - In the not too distant future, NASA sends a mission to Titan. overall rating review Compare prices Origin - Stephen Baxter Author: Stephen Baxter / Printed Book / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy - In this title, astronaut hero Malenfant has the chance to reach out to where both universes cross, their origin, and at last make sense of life on Earth and elsewhere. more_shopping('PGEgY2xhc3M9ImdyZWVuYXJyb3ciIGhyZWY9Imh0dHA6Ly9yZXZpZXcuZG9veW9vLmNvLnVrL3ByaW50ZWQtYm9va3Mvb3JpZ2luLXN0ZXBoZW4tYmF4dGVyL3Jldmlldy8iPkJlIHRoZSBmaXJzdCB0byB3cml0ZSBhIHJldmlldyE8L2E+PGJyPg==');

7. Romane - Carti Doar La
Disponibile (2). Toate editurile. Toate editurile; NEMIRA. Baxter, Stephen. Toti autorii; Abalos, Rafael; Abani, Chris; Abbott, Jeff; Abe, Kobo; Abrams,,100
Carti in categoria Romane
Afiseaza Toate produsele Toate editurile Baxter, Stephen Afiseaza pana la (din produse) Pagini cu rezultate: Nume Pret Data
Pierdut in timp
Baxter, Stephen
Traducere din engleza de Catalin Tenita „Am racnit puternic. Izbutisem - ma întorceam prin timp - eram liber! Apoi am constientizat o racoare în jurul grumazului, ceva moale, ca si cum acolo s-ar fi asezat o insecta, un freamat. Mi-am ridicat mâna spre beregata.... si am atins parul unui morloc!" ISBN: 973-569-396-8 Nr pagini: 272 Format: Buzunar, 130 x 200 mm Aparitie: decembrie 1999 Editura
6,54 RON
Corabiile timpului
Baxter, Stephen
Traducere din engleza de Catalin Tenita Lucrarea reprezinta cea mai uimitoare realizare în domeniul imaginativ. Teoriile legate de mecanica si cosmologie sunt cu totul noi, dar amintesc Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov. ISBN: 973-569-428-X Nr pagini: 304 Format: Buzunar, 130 x 200 mm Aparitie: februarie 2001Important! Comanda Dvs. care va include carti din oferta "4 lei pentru carti de milioane" trebuie sa fie de minim 12 lei (minim 3 carti din oferta speciala - daca sunt cumpa... Editura
3,33 RON

8. Baxter Stephen-El Abismo Del Espaciotiempo PDF E-Mail Martes, 23
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9. Emperor: Time's Tapestry #1 By Baxter, Stephen
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Emperor: Time's Tapestry #1
Mobipocket Reader (349.00 Kb)
Price: Author: Baxter, Stephen Publisher: eBookbase ( All Products by eBookbase Publish Date: ISBN: Category: General Fiction Language: English Type: Downloadable Formats:
Inscribed in Latin, The Prophecy has resided in the hands of a single family for generations, revealing secrets about the world that is to come, and guiding them to wealth and power...
It begins when a Celtic noble betrays his people at the behest of his mother's belief in The Prophecy and sides with the conquering Roman legions. For the next 400 years, Britannia thrives-as does the family that contributed to Rome's reign over the island with the construction of Emperor Hadrian's Wall and the protection of Emperor Constantine from a coup d'?tat

10. Rent Silverhair (Baxter, Stephen. Mammoth Trilogy
Silverhair (Baxter, Stephen. Mammoth Trilogy, Bk. 1.) by Stephen Baxter(Add to favorites). Format Mass Market Paperback Published July 2000

11. Baxter Stephen Links: Baxter Stephen Resources In The Literature Art & Artist Da
Baxter Stephen links B Authors Science Fiction Genres, Literature directory. Baxter Stephen resources.
Baxter Stephen art and artist links: B, Authors, Science Fiction, Genres, Literature links.
Baxter Stephen Resources from Literature Directory
Art and Artist Resources Literature - Genres - Science Fiction - Authors - B - Baxter Stephen links Navigation: / Resources Literature Genres Science Fiction ... Baxter Stephen
Baxter Stephen Links
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13. Check - Polski Katalog Stron Zagranicznych : Arts : Literature : Genres : Scienc
http// Del Rey Online The website that Del Rey, Baxter s publisher in the US, has created for him.

14. Books N - Details -
A database of Stephen s writings providing......Title Books n http// Pagerank N/A.
Web Directory
ID: Title: Books n - Pagerank: N/A Description: Category: Arts: Literature: Genres: Science_Fiction: Authors: B: Bayley,_Barrington_J. Link Owner: Date Added: Number Hits:

15. - Everything About Heart Disease Prevention And Health
url Del Rey Online. The website that Del Rey, Baxter s publisher in the US, has created for him.

16. Hard SF: Author Sites - Hard SF Authors A - L 2k - Cached - Similar pages Wippies WiTagscience, fiction, Baxter, Stephen, authors, scifi, books, literature 380. http//
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17. Stephen Baxter 1990 Flux / Flux. 1991 Raft / Das Floß
Stephen Baxter
Hardcore Science-Fiction Links to BAXTER-Sites Bibliography 1990: Flux / Flux 1992: Timelike Infinity / Das Geflecht der Unendlichkeit 1993: Anti-Ice / Anti-Eis 1994: Ring / Ring 1995: The Time Ships / Zeitschiffe 1996: Voyage / Mission Ares 1997: Titan / Titan 1998: Moonseed / - 1999: Traces / - 1999: Silverhair / - 2000: The Light of the Other Days / - (with Arthur C. Clarke) 2000: Manifold Time / Das Multiversum: Zeit 2001: Longtusk / - 2001: Manifold Space / - 2001: Futures / - 2002: Icebones / - 2002: Manifold Origin / - 2003: Evolution / -

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19. Index Of /_MAIL_/ebook
06Sep-2007 2157 - Barker_Clive/ 26-Jan-2007 2030 - baxter_stephen/ 17-Jan-2008 1139 - Bear_Greg/ 27-May-2007 0116 - Behounek_Frantisek/ 14-Dec-2007;O=A

20. Kirjavinkit: Baxter, Stephen - Arkisto
Mikko 09.08.2007 5.22 Pysyvä linkki Kommentit (0) Hae BookMoochista Hae Bookplus.fistä Hae Amazonista Hae tietoja Googlella. Hopeaturkki
Kirjavinkit Lukemisen arvoisia kirjoja.
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter Mammutit
Mikko Pysyv¤ linkki ... Hae tietoja Googlella Stephen Baxterin Mammutit-trilogia ( Hopeaturkki Pitk¤hammas ja J¤¤luu ) her¤tt¤¤ esihistorialliset mammutit henkiin. Ensimm¤isess¤ osassa mammutit el¤v¤t meid¤n aikanamme Siperian syrj¤seuduilla, mutta kohtaavat lopulta ihmiset - arvattavin seurauksin. Toisessa osassa palataan tuhansia vuosia taaksep¤in esihistoriaan, vaan ihmiset ovat kiusana silloinkin. Kolmannessa osassa ollaan tuhat vuotta nykyajasta eteenp¤in Marsissa. Kaikkien kolmen kirjan aihe on sama: maailma ymp¤rill¤ muuttuu ja mammuttien on sopeuduttava ja muututtava sen mukana. Mammuttien perim¤tieto, Saagat, auttavat, mutta uudenlaisten kriisien koittaessa perinteisiin saagoihin ei saa nojata liikaa, koska ne eiv¤t kerro uusista vaaroista. Jokaisessa kirjassa vastuu j¤¤ lopulta yhdelle mammutille, jonka on johdettava kansansa parempaan tulevaisuuteen. Sarjan osat ovat sin¤ns¤ t¤ysin irrallisia, eik¤ niit¤ ole erityisesti tarpeen lukea j¤rjestyksess¤. Baxter on kirjoittanut parempiakin kirjoja, mutta mik¤li mammuttien el¤m¤ kiinnostaa, parempaakaan kaunokirjallisuutta ei taida olla tarjolla. Kirjojen taustalla on paljon tutkimusty¶t¤ ja niist¤ saa ainakin vakuuttavalta tuntuvan kuvan mammuttien elintavoista. El¤imet p¤¤osaan asettavien tarinoiden yst¤ville n¤m¤ ovat jokseenkin varma valinta, joskin kirjoissa on kuvattu v¤kivaltaa ja julmuuksia sen verran paljon, ett¤ en suosittele niit¤ lapsille tai muuten vain herkille lukijoille.

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