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         Bradbury Ray:     more books (102)
  1. I Sing the Body Electric! And Other Stories by Ray Bradbury, 1998-05-01
  2. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, 2010-06-29
  3. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, 1954
  4. Green Shadows, White Whale: A Novel of Ray Bradbury's Adventures Making Moby Dick with John Huston in Ireland by Ray Bradbury, 1998-09-01
  5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, 1976
  6. The Small Assassin by Ray Bradbury, 1976-02-19
  7. A Memory of Murder by Ray Bradbury, 1984-02
  8. The Best of Ray Bradbury: The Graphic Novel by Ray Bradbury, 2008-01-25
  9. The Halloween Tree (Dramatization) by Ray Bradbury, 2008-10-01
  10. The Bradbury Chronicles: Stories in Honor of Ray Bradbury
  11. The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, 1969
  12. Death Has Lost Its Charm for Me (autographed) by Ray Bradbury, 1987-06-24
  13. Lorelei of the Red Mist by Ray Bradbury, Leigh Brackett, 2010-02-25
  14. Long After Midnight (Earthlight) by Ray Bradbury, 2000-04-12

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Tagy 1940 2003 little things sylver 2006 aby si do rána aktuality alien alles gute alles gutechcete m aneta langerová dotyk 2007 aneta
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"CAREER ENGLISH ÎÁ mp3-modern english ebooks download" Subscribe.Ru ÒÅËÏÍÅÎÄÕÅÔ: èïìïóôñëé ðåôåòâõòçá - ü-÷åòóéñ æïôïöõòîáìá "óéîññ ðôéãá" íÏÄÎÙÅ ÏÂÏÉ ÄÌÑ ÒÁÂÏÞÅÇÏ ÓÔÏÌÁ ÏÔ + AutoSoft. ðÒÏÆÅÓÓÉÏÎÁÌØÎÙÅ ÐÒÏÇÒÁÍÍÙ ÄÌÑ Á×ÔÏÂÉÚÎÅÓÁ öÕÒÎÁÌ "ëÏÎËÕÒÅÎÉÑ É ÒÙÎÏË"

66. 8-é Îòêðûòûé Êóáîê Ðîññèè. Âîïðîñû.
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Çà÷åò: ïè Êîììåíòàðèé: Ñî âðåìåí Àðõèìåäà êàê ïðèáëèçèòåëüíîå çíà÷åíèå ÷èñëà "ïè" èñïîëüçóåòñÿ îòíîøåíèå 22/7. Èñòî÷íèê: Ñ. Ñëåéòåð. åðàëüäèêà. Èëëþñòðèðîâàííàÿ ýíöèêëîïåäèÿ. "Ýêñìî", 2005. Ñ. 166. Àâòîð: Ìèõàèë Èâàíîâ (Ñàðàòîâ) Âîïðîñ 9: åðîèíÿ ïîâåñòè òàê ãîâîðèëà î ïðåäñòàâèòåëüñòâå ýòîé ôèðìû: "Òàì âñå òàê ÷èííî, áëàãîðîäíî, è ÿ ñðàçó óñïîêàèâàþñü. Ðàçâå ÷òî-íèáóäü ïëîõîå ìîæåò ñ òîáîé ïðèêëþ÷èòüñÿ òàì, ãäå ñòîëüêî äîáðûõ, õîðîøî îäåòûõ ëþäåé, è òàê ìèëî ïàõíåò ñåðåáðîì è êðîêîäèëîâûìè áóìàæíèêàìè?". Çàãîëîâîê ñòàòüè â "Êîììåðñàíòå", ïîñâÿùåííîé îòêðûòèþ áóòèêà ýòîé ôèðìû, ïðåäñòàâëÿë ñîáîé íàçâàíèå ïðîöèòèðîâàííîé ïîâåñòè – êñòàòè, ïîçäíåå ýêðàíèçèðîâàííîé - â êîòîðîì áûëî çàìåíåíî ïåðâîå ñëîâî: âåäü ïðåçåíòàöèÿ ïðîèñõîäèëà âå÷åðîì. Íàçîâèòå ýòó ôèðìó. Îòâåò: "Òèôôàíè". Çà÷åò: Òî÷íûé îòâåò, êàâû÷êè íå îáÿçàòåëüíû Êîììåíòàðèé: Ïðèâåäåííàÿ öèòàòà âçÿòà èç ïîâåñòè "Çàâòðàê ó Òèôôàíè". åðîèíÿ ïîâåñòè, Õîëëè, êîãäà åå îõâàòûâàëî áåñïîêîéñòâî, îòïðàâëÿëàñü â ìàãàçèí Òèôôàíè. Ñòàòüÿ î ïðåçåíòàöèè íàçûâàëàñü "Óæèí ó Òèôôàíè". Èñòî÷íèêè: 1) 2) Ò. Êàïîòå. "Çàâòðàê ó Òèôôàíè" â Áèáëèîòåêå ÁÝÊÌ-2006. Ñ. 36. Àâòîð: Ìèõàèë Èâàíîâ (Ñàðàòîâ) Âîïðîñ 10: Âîïðîñ 1 (13): Þíûé Àëåêñàíäð åíèñ ñ÷èòàë, ÷òî ñòàëü âàðÿò â íàñòîëüêî áîëüøèõ äîìàõ, ÷òî ñ íèìè ïðèøëîñü ñäåëàòü ÝÒÎ. Íàçîâèòå ïñåâäîíèì àðòèñòà, ïîÿâèâøèéñÿ, ïî ëåãåíäå, â ðåçóëüòàòå îáðàòíîãî äåéñòâèÿ. Îòâåò: Êèî Çà÷¸ò: òî÷íûé îòâåò Êîììåíòàðèé: Ñäåëàòü ÝÒÎ äîáàâèòü áóêâó "í" (ñòàëü âàðÿò â äîìíàõ). Ïñåâäîíèì "Êèî", ïî ðàññêàçàì, íàïðèìåð, Îëåãà Ñòðèæåíîâà, âîçíèê èç ñëîâà "Êèíî" áëàãîäàðÿ òîìó, ÷òî â ðåêëàìíîé íàäïèñè "ÊÈÍÎ" íå ãîðåëà áóêâà "Í". Ïî ñëîâàì ñûíà Ýìèëÿ Êèî Èãîðÿ, êñòàòè ãîâîðÿ, ýòî íå òàê "Êèî" ïîÿâèëñÿ èç åâðåéñêîé ìîëèòâû; íî ëåãåíäà, íåñîìíåííî, ñóùåñòâóåò. Èñòî÷íèêè: 1. À. åíèñ. Òðèêîòàæ. ÑÏá, èçä-âî Èâàíà Ëèìáàõà, 2002. Ñ. 29. 2. 3. Àâòîð: Ñåðãåé Íèêîëåíêî, Ðîìàí Ñåìèçàðîâ Âîïðîñ 2 (14): Âíèìàíèå, âòîðîé âîïðîñ âòîðîãî òóðà! Íåêîòîðûå àâòîðû íàçûâàþò ýòèì ñëîâîñî÷åòàíèåì îòíîøåíèå, ïðèìåðíî ðàâíîå 28/72, íåêîòîðûå ðàâíîå ïè, íåêîòîðûå ðàâíîå êîðíþ èç äâóõ. Òî÷íî òàê æå íàçûâàåòñÿ ñåðèÿ ñíèìêîâ Íàäåæäû Êóçíåöîâîé, ñäåëàííûõ â îñîáîé ìàíåðå: îíè êàê áû ïîêðûòû ñâåòëûìè øòðèõàìè-öàðàïèíàìè. Íàçîâèòå ýòî ñëîâîñî÷åòàíèå. Îòâåò: Ñåðåáðÿíîå ñå÷åíèå Çà÷¸ò: òî÷íûé îòâåò. Êîììåíòàðèé: Îòíîøåíèÿ òàê íàçûâàþò ïî àíàëîãèè ñ çîëîòûì ñå÷åíèåì. Âòîðîé âîïðîñ âòîðîãî òóðà - íàì¸ê íà ñåðåáðî. Èñòî÷íèêè: 1. (28/72) 2. (êîðåíü èç äâóõ) 3. (ïè) 4. (ñåðèÿ ñíèìêîâ) Àâòîð: Ðîìàí Ñåìèçàðîâ Âîïðîñ 3 (15): Íå ñëèøêîì îáðàçîâàííûé ãåíåðàë Ìàðòûíîâ ãîâîðèë, ÷òî åìó íà ýòîé êàðòèíå áîëüøå âñåãî íðàâèòñÿ "ñòàðèê, êîòîðîãî íåñóò äåòè". Êàê, ïî ìíåíèþ Ìàðòûíîâà, çâàëè ýòîãî ñòàðèêà? Îòâåò: Ïîìïåé. Çà÷¸ò: Ïîìïåÿ. Êîììåíòàðèé: Îí, âèäèìî, âîñïðèíÿë "Ïîñëåäíèé äåíü Ïîìïåè" êàê "Ïîñëåäíèé äåíü Ïîìïåÿ". Èñòî÷íèêè: 1. Þ. Ì. Ëîòìàí. Çàìûñåë ñòèõîòâîðåíèÿ î ïîñëåäíåì äíå Ïîìïåè. Öèò. ïî: 2. Àâòîð: Ñåðãåé Íèêîëåíêî Âîïðîñ 4 (16): Âîïðîñ 1 (25): Âåëèìèð Õëåáíèêîâ íàçâàë îòöîì ÝÒÎÎ Çìåÿ Òóãàðèíîâè÷à. Íàçîâèòå ôàìèëèþ ëþáîãî èç ôðàíöóçîâ, êîòîðûõ íàçâàë îòöîì ÝÒÎÎ Ðýé Áðåäáåðè. Îòâåò: Ìîíãîëüôüå Çà÷åò: Montgolfier Êîììåíòàðèé: ÝÒÎ - âîçäóõîïëàâàíèå, îòöîì êîòîðîãî Áðåäáåðè íàçâàë ôðàíöóçñêèõ èçîáðåòàòåëåé âîçäóøíîãî øàðà, áðàòüåâ Ìîíãîëüôüå Èñòî÷íèê: 1. Â. Õëåáíèêîâ "Î ïàìÿòíèêàõ"; 2. Àâòîð: Àëåêñàíäð Ïîíîìàðåâ (Ïåðìü, Ðîññèÿ). Âîïðîñ 2 (26):  èíòåðâüþ æóðíàëó "Îãîíåê" íà âîïðîñ "Åñòü ëè â ðóññêîé èñòîðèè ïåðñîíàæ, î êîì ìîæíî áûëî áû íàïèñàòü... îïòèìèñòè÷íóþ êíèãó?" Ýäâàðä Ðàäçèíñêèé îòâåòèë â òîì äóõå, ÷òî ñëîæíî íàïèñàòü òàêóþ êíèãó î ïðàâèòåëå, âåäü ïðàâèòü Ðîññèåé ñëèøêîì òðóäíî. Íàçîâèòå èñòîðè÷åñêîãî äåÿòåëÿ, êîòîðîãî ïðè ýòîì óïîìÿíóë Ðàäçèíñêèé. Îòâåò: Ìîíîìàõ Çà÷åò: Âëàäèìèð Ìîíîìàõ, Âëàäèìèð Âñåâîëîäîâè÷ Ìîíîìàõ Êîììåíòàðèé: "Òðóäíî íàïèñàòü îïòèìèñòè÷åñêóþ êíèãó î ïðàâèòåëå. Ñëèøêîì òÿæåëà øàïêà Ìîíîìàõà" Èñòî÷íèê: Àâòîð: Ìèõàèë Ìàëêèí (Êàëóãà - Ìîñêâà, Ðîññèÿ) Âîïðîñ 3 (27):  âîïðîñå åñòü çàìåíû. Ðàññêàçûâàþò, ÷òî ïèòåðñêèå ïüÿíèöû, îáëþáîâàâøèå äëÿ ñâîèõ âñòðå÷ ñêâåðèê âîçëå ïàìÿòíèêà Äîñòîåâñêîìó, ïðîçâàëè Ôåäîðà Ìèõàéëîâè÷à ÒÀÊÈÌ. Ïåòåðáóðæåö Êîíñòàíòèí Àðáåíèí â îäíîé èç ïåñåí çàÿâëÿåò î ñâîåì æåëàíèè óíè÷òîæèòü êàæäûé ÒÀÊÎÉ ÈÊÑ. Íàçîâèòå äâà ñëîâà, êîòîðûå ìû çàìåíèëè ñëîâàìè ÒÀÊÎÉ ÈÊÑ. Îòâåò: Òðåòèé Ðèì. Êîììåíòàðèé: Äîñòîåâñêîãî ïðîçâàëè òàê ñòðàäàë. Êîíåö öèòàòû.  ðàññêàçå "Çàãàäêà Í.Ô.È" Èðàêëèé Àíäðîííèêîâ ïîâåäàë î ñâîèõ ìûòàðñòâàõ â ïîèñêàõ òàèíñòâåííîé ÍÔÈ, êîòîðîé Ëåðìîíòîâ ïîñâÿòèë íåñêîëüêî ñòèõîòâîðåíèé. È, íàêîíåö, ïîñëå äëèòåëüíûõ ìåòàíèé ïî àðõèâàì, áèáëèîòåêàì è àäðåñíûì ñòîëàì, ïîñëå ìàññû ðàçî÷àðîâàíèé - ó íåãî â ðóêàõ îêàçàëñÿ ïîðòðåò òàèíñòâåííîé Í.Ô.È.  öèòàòå, êîòîðóþ âàì ðàçäàëè, ìû ïðîïóñòèëè îäíî ñëîâî. Êàêîå? Îòâåò: ÿ Çà÷¸ò: òî÷íûé îòâåò. Èñòî÷íèê: È. Àíäðîííèêîâ, "Çàãàäêà Í.Ô.È." ( . Àâòîð: Èëüÿ Ðàòíåð (Èåðóñàëèì). Âîïðîñ 10 (46):  èþëå 1927-ãî ãîäà íà Êàâêàç ïðèåõàëè Êèñà è Îñÿ. "Êèñà", êîíå÷íî, íå èìÿ, à êëè÷êà, êîòîðîé íàçûâàë Êèñó èçâåñòíûé ïîýò. Íàçîâèòå íàñòîÿùåå èìÿ Êèñû. Îòâåò: Ëèëÿ. Çà÷åò: Ëèëÿ Áðèê Êîììåíòàðèé: â âîïðîñå óïîìÿíóòû Ëèëÿ è Îñèï Áðèê. Ïî ìíåíèþ êîììåíòàòîðîâ ðîìàíà "Äâåíàäöàòü ñòóëüåâ", ýòà ôðàçà ñîäåðæàëà íàì¸ê íà ïîñåùåíèå Áðèêàìè Êàâêàçà. Èñòî÷íèê: Àâòîð: Èëüÿ Ðàòíåð (Èåðóñàëèì). Âîïðîñ 11 (47): Ñ ÍÈÌ çíàêîìû îêêóëüòèñòû: íàïðèìåð, ïî ìíåíèþ íåêîãî äîêòîðà Ñòîóíà, ê ÍÅÌÓ îòíîñÿòñÿ ÷àêðû ñ 44-îé ïî 50-óþ. Ñ ÍÈÌ çíàêîìû è ôèçèêè-òåîðåòèêè: íàïðèìåð, àâòîð âîïðîñà âñòðå÷àë ÅÎ â ñòàòüå î ãðàâèòàöèîííîì êîëëàïñå âàêóóìà. À åñëè áóêâàëüíî òðàêòîâàòü ðåêëàìó, îïóáëèêîâàííóþ â îäíîì èç ëîíäîíñêîì èçäàíèé, ÈÌ â êàêîé-òî ñòåïåíè "îâëàäåëè" è ïðîèçâîäèòåëè àâòîìîáèëåé SAAB. Ýòà ðåêëàìà ãëàñèò, ÷òî â îäíîé èç ìîäåëåé ìàøèí ýòîé ìàðêè îáúåì áàãàæíèêà ñîñòàâëÿåò 1 273... Ñêàæèòå àáñîëþòíî òî÷íî, 1 273 ÷åãî? Îòâåò: êóáè÷åñêèõ ëèòðà. Çà÷åò: ïî óïîìèíàíèþ ñëîâà "ëèòð" â ëþáîì ïàäåæå èëè ñîêðàùåíèÿ "ë" è ëþáîãî îáîçíà÷åíèÿ êóáà (êóá., êóáî-, öèôðà 3). Êîììåíòàðèé: ÎÍÎ - äåâÿòîå èçìåðåíèå. Èñòî÷íèêè: 1. . 2. Ðàçâîðîò æóðíàëà "London Review of Books", 19.10.2006. 3. . Àâòîð: Äìèòðèé Æàðêîâ (Íîâîñèáèðñê). Âîïðîñ 12 (48):  1861-îì ãîäó óìåð çíàìåíèòûé ìîñêâè÷, çà ïðàâî ïîõîðîíèòü êîòîðîãî ñïîðèëè ñðàçó äâà ìîíàñòûðÿ. àçåòà "Âåäîìîñòè" îòêëèêíóëàñü íà åãî ñìåðòü ñòèõàìè, â êîòîðûõ ãîâîðèëîñü: "...Óãàñ ïðîðîê, äîñòîéíûé ëó÷øåé äîëè..." Ïåðâàÿ ñòðî÷êà ýòîãî ñòèõîòâîðåíèÿ çàêàí÷èâàëàñü ñëîâîì "äîì". Êàêîå ñëîâî ñòîÿëî ïåðåä íèì? Îòâåò: æ¸ëòûé. Êîììåíòàðèé: óìåð èçâåñòíåéøèé þðîäèâûé È.ß. Êîðåéøà. Èñòî÷íèêè: 1. Ïèëüíÿê Á. Êðàñíîå äåðåâî.//Ïèëüíÿê Á. Ïîâåñòü íåïîãàøåííîé ëóíû. -ÑÏá.: Àçáóêà-êëàññèêà, 2006. - Ñ. 237. 2. "Ñëîâàðü Áðîêãàóçà è Åôðîíà", ëþáîå èçäàíèå (ñò. "Êîðåéøà"). Àâòîð: Äìèòðèé Æàðêîâ (Íîâîñèáèðñê).

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69. ( 2006
Translate this page . ; 2. http//www.fictionbook. ru/en/author/bradbury_ray/ikar_mongolfe_rayit/. ( , ).
<Âåäóùåìó - ïåðåä íà÷àëîì âîïðîñà êîìàíäàì ðàçäàåòñÿ íà êàðòî÷êàõ öèòàòà (ôàéë q4-9.rtf), êîòîðàÿ äóáëèðóåòñÿ ÷òåíèåì â íîðìàëüíîì òåìïå. Åñëè âîçìîæíîñòè ðàçäàòü êàðòî÷êè íåò, íóæíî îáÿçàòåëüíî ñêàçàòü, ÷òî äîëæíà áûëà áûòü ðîçäàíà öèòàòà, ïîñëå ÷åãî ïðî÷åñòü åå ïîä çàïèñü, ò.å. î÷åíü ìåäëåííî. Í.Ô.È. ïðî÷åñòü êàê ÝÍ ÝÔ È> Âíèìàíèå, öèòàòà: Âçÿë ÿ ýòó ðàìêó â ðóêè, ïîâåðíóë åå è óâèäåë íàêîíåö ëèöî òîé, êîòîðóþ Ëåðìîíòîâ òàê ëþáèë è èç-çà êîòîðîé

70. Ray Bradbury Pictures, News And More - Famous Authors
Ray Bradbury picture bradbury_ray.jpg Ray Bradbury picture KULBradbury_1.jpg Ray Bradbury picture ray_bradbury.jpg Ray Bradbury picture BRADBURY RAY.jpg
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World famous persons. Celebrities, athletes, artists, photographers.
RayBradbury news
Bradbury, Donners to get Ojai honors
Ventura County Star, CA - Apr 04,2008
Legendary science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury and high-powered Hollywood couple Richard and Lauren Shuler Donner will receive lifetime achievement awards Bradbury novel a tough sell in E. Idaho community read program
KPAX-TV, MT - Mar 31, 2008
AP - March 31, 2008 9:54 AM ET IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) - classic book "Fahrenheit 451" is getting the cold shoulder in an eastern Idaho Students provide many reasons to appreciate public schools
The Herald-Times (subscription), IN - Apr 04,2008
I don’t even remember suggesting Ray Bradbury ’s book. But for whatever reason, he remembered, and enjoyed reading it enough to remember that one year later
Ray Bradbury books
Fahrenheit 451
by: Ray Bradbury
I am a few years out of college and most people are shocked to find out that I have never read "Fahrenheit 451." Given how much of an avid reader I am, it is rather shocking that I had never read this. I was never assigned this in High School, though in retrospect I would have rather read this than the books I read in High School, such as John Steinbeck novels, my arch nemesis. I was also shocked to see that as I'm writing this 79 people gave this book a rating of one star. Clearly these people do not know what is out there; this book is not that bad.

71. Title
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72. Java Hry Zadarmo - Knihy Do Mobilu
Ray Bradbury (3 knihy)., (412.78kB). 07.03.2007 1035. Woody Allen (3 knihy)., (301.68kB). 07.03.2007 1031
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Harry Potter (1-6 d­l), (2.7MB)
Dan Brown - Å ifra mistra Leonarda
QReader-cz + Å ifra mistra, (535.78kB)
Stephen King - Temn¡ věž, (3.61MB)
Burgess Anthony - Mechanick½ Pomeranč, (175.13kB)

73. Òåðåâåí³ - Ôîðóì > Ðåé Áðåäáåð³
http// .
Anna Lestatovna Raven@ "îëóáó ï³ðàì³äêó"
"Ìàðñ³àíñüê³ õðîí³êè"
"Òîé, ùî çàñíóâ â Àðìàãåääîí³"
Nechupara Òðå áóäå ïåðå÷èòàòè! "îëóáà ï³ðàì³äêà" ä³éñíî êëüîâà!
Îáîæíþþ " ë³òî íà îäèí äåíü" (íå ïàì"ÿòàþ òî÷íî íàçâ, àëå ùîñü òàêå). Òàì äå íà ÿê³éñü ïëàíåò³ äå âåñü ÷àñ éøîâ äîù æèëè ëþäè. ² íîâå ïîêîë³ííÿ, ï³äðîñòàþ÷å ó ì³ñöåâ³é øêîë³, í³êîëè íå áà÷èëî ñîíöÿ. ² áóëà ñåðåä íèõ îäíà ä³â÷èíêà, ÿêà íåùîäàâíî ïðèëåò³ëà ç Çåìë³. Âåñü ÷àñ âîíà òóæèëà ïî ñîíöþ ³ ä³òè ç íå¿ íàñì³õàëèñü.
Íà ò³é ïëàíåò³ îäèí ðàç ó äåê³ëüêà ðîê³â íà íåäîâãèé ÷àñ ç"ÿâëÿëîñü ñîíå÷êî. ² òà ä³â÷èíêà òàê éîãî ÷åêàëà... Àëå çë³ ä³òè çàêðèëè ¿¿ ó ÿê³éñü êîìîð³, íå çíàþ÷è ÷îãî ¿¿ ëèøèëà. Òîæ âîíà íå ïîáà÷èëà ñîíå÷êà, à ðåøòà, ïîáà÷èâøè, çðîçóì³ëè ÿêèìè ðàí³øå áóëè äóðíèìè. ² òàê âîíè ïî÷àëè âñ³ òóæèòè. Raven@ "×óäåñíûé êîñòþì öâåòà ñëèâî÷íîãî ìîðîæåíîãî"
Òðå áóäå ïåðå÷èòàòè! "îëóáà ï³ðàì³äêà" ä³éñíî êëüîâà!
Îáîæíþþ " ë³òî íà îäèí äåíü" (íå ïàì"ÿòàþ òî÷íî íàçâ, àëå ùîñü òàêå). Òàì äå íà ÿê³éñü ïëàíåò³ äå âåñü ÷àñ éøîâ äîù æèëè ëþäè. ² íîâå ïîêîë³ííÿ, ï³äðîñòàþ÷å ó ì³ñöåâ³é øêîë³, í³êîëè íå áà÷èëî ñîíöÿ. ² áóëà ñåðåä íèõ îäíà ä³â÷èíêà, ÿêà íåùîäàâíî ïðèëåò³ëà ç Çåìë³. Âåñü ÷àñ âîíà òóæèëà ïî ñîíöþ ³ ä³òè ç íå¿ íàñì³õàëèñü.
Íà ò³é ïëàíåò³ îäèí ðàç ó äåê³ëüêà ðîê³â íà íåäîâãèé ÷àñ ç"ÿâëÿëîñü ñîíå÷êî. ² òà ä³â÷èíêà òàê éîãî ÷åêàëà... Àëå çë³ ä³òè çàêðèëè ¿¿ ó ÿê³éñü êîìîð³, íå çíàþ÷è ÷îãî ¿¿ ëèøèëà. Òîæ âîíà íå ïîáà÷èëà ñîíå÷êà, à ðåøòà, ïîáà÷èâøè, çðîçóì³ëè ÿêèìè ðàí³øå áóëè äóðíèìè. ² òàê âîíè ïî÷àëè âñ³ òóæèòè.

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75. Ray Bradbury Books Download LIB Books - Books 214 books in library. Ray Bradbury. Author’s books count 0. Home; New books; Recenses. Science Fiction Fantasy; Detectives

76. Poker Supplies: Poker Books: The October Country (...The Dwarf, The Cistern, The
Bradbury, Ray Poker Books - Poker Supplies the best place to shop for poker chips, books, DVDs, software and more. Search All Products Poker Books Poker DVD Poker VHS Poker Games Poker Chips Poker Apparel Advanced Search View Cart Checkout Location: Home Poker Books Categories Poker Books Poker DVD Poker VHS Poker Games ... Poker Apparel Subcategories General Hardcover Large Print Paperback Bestsellers Fahrenheit 451 The Martian Chronicles (The Grand Master Editions) Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales Fahrenheit 451: A Novel ... Fahrenheit 451 New Releases The Golden Apples of the Sun Fahrenheit 451 (Wheeler Large Print Book Series) Cronicas marcianas/ Martian Chronicles The Best of Ray Bradbury: The Graphic Novel ... Let's All Kill Constance Enter your search terms Submit search form Web
The October Country (...The Dwarf, The Cistern, There Was an Old Woman, The Wind, Uncle Einar, The Scythe, Jack-In-The-Box, The Small Assassin, Touched with Fire, The Lake, The Jar, Skeleton, The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse, The Next in Line, ++)
Author: Ray Bradbury Creator: Joe Mugnaini Publisher: Ballantine Books Category: Book Buy Used: Used from $3.00

77. - Bradbury Ray
Translate this page Suche » finden » Erweiterte Suche. Home Bücher English Books Hörbücher eBooks Hörbuch Download DVD/Video Musik Preishits
Suche finden Erweiterte Suche Home Bücher ... Geschenkgutschein I Unsere Bestseller I Bestseller von morgen Hilfe/Service Alle Treffer in ... Bücher English Books Hörbücher eBooks ... DVD/Video Treffer von Weitere Treffer anzeigen Interpretationshilfe Deutsch. Fahrenheit 451 von Ray Bradbury Taschenbuch (November 2007) Sofort lieferbar 5,95 EUR* Fahrenheit 451 von Ray Bradbury, Martin Kohn Taschenbuch (Januar 2006) Sofort lieferbar 5,90 EUR* Fahrenheit 451 von Ray Bradbury Taschenbuch (Januar 1991) Sofort lieferbar 6,00 EUR* Fahrenheit 451. Lektüreschlüssel für Schüler von Ray Bradbury, Heinz Arnold Taschenbuch (April 2007) Sofort lieferbar 2,60 EUR* Fahrenheit 451 von Ray Bradbury Taschenbuch (März 2000) Sofort lieferbar 7,00 EUR* Fahrenheit 451 von Ray Bradbury Taschenbuch (Juli 2005) Sofort lieferbar 9,50 EUR* Fahrenheit 451 von Ray Bradbury Taschenbuch (Januar 2006) Sofort lieferbar 6,18 EUR* Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales von Ray Bradbury Gebundene Ausgabe (August 2003) Lieferbar innerhalb von ein bis zwei Wochen 19,47 EUR*

78. Kirjavinkit: Bradbury, Ray - Arkisto
Ray Bradbury Paha saapuu portin taa (Painajainen). Mikko 09.11.2002 8.28 Pysyvä linkki Kommentit (0) Hae BookMoochista Hae Bookplus.fistä Hae
Kirjavinkit Lukemisen arvoisia kirjoja.
Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury Paha saapuu portin taa (Painajainen)
Mikko Pysyv¤ linkki ... Johanna Sinisalo kertoo t¤st¤ kirjasta kaiken paremmin kuin min¤. Suosittelen lukemaan. En tied¤, miten itse olisin 14-vuotiaana kirjaan suhtautunut, mutta nyt Bradburyn kerronnan liioitteleva kuvallisuus kuulostaa paikoin turhan koomiselta, eik¤ minulla ole mink¤¤nlaista suhdetta siihen maailmaan, johon Bradbury yritt¤¤ kenties luoda nostalgista kaipausta. Silti tarinaan on onnistuttu luomaan tunnelmaa. Kiert¤v¤ sirkus saapuu pikkukaupunkiin ja sekoittaa 13-vuotiaiden Will Hallowayn ja Jim Nightshaden vilkkaat mielet. Lopputuloksena on y¶llisi¤ kauhuja ja lopulta kamppailua hyv¤n ja pahan v¤lill¤. Vaikka teksti onkin paikoittain metaforiltaan v¤h¤n turhan paksua, Paha saapuu portin taa (tai Painajainen, kuten aikaisemman suomennoksen nimi kuuluu) on loppujen lopuksi varsin viihdytt¤v¤¤ luettavaa. Avainsanat: nuoruus pelko sirkukset ... Arkistot
Tietoja n¤ist¤ arkistoista
Kirjailijan Bradbury, Ray

79. Eric's Boeken Site - Overzicht Werken Van Raymond Douglas Bradbury In Mijn Bezit
Translate this page Eric s Boeken Site Voor al wie graag leest, en meer bepaald Thrillers.
Een website over boeken... English Overzicht Werken Van Raymond Douglas Bradbury (Biografie) In Mijn Bezit Klik op het boek om de details te lezen.

80. Fókusz Online
Összesen 1 termék. Cím, Szerz , Ár, Újdonság, Kiadó. Növekv , Csökken . Kijelölteket a kosárba Összes kijelölése Kijelölések törlése
@import url(; Összesen 2 termék Cím Szerzõ Ár Újdonság Kiadó
Növekvõ Csökkenõ Kijelölteket a kosárba
Összes kijelölése
Kijelölések törlése Megjelenés: 2008. április 03.
Részletek A termék oldala A szerzõrõl: Ray Bradbury 1920-ban született az Illinois állambeli Waukegan kisvárosban, mely sok történetének színtere. Tizenéves korától folyamatosan ír, több száz története jelent meg a korabeli pulp magazinokban. A több mint 30 kötete közül a legismertebb a Fahrenheit 451, a Marsbéli krónikák, A tetovált ember és a Gonosz lélek közeleg, de számos írását adaptálták színpadra és filmre is. Sok díjat mondhat magáénak, mint például a 2000-ben a Nemzeti Könyvalaptól kapott legrangosabb amerikai szépirodalmi díjat, vagy a 2004-ben az amerikai elnöktõl átvett kitüntetést. Bradbury jelenleg Los Angelesben él és rendíthetetlenül dolgozik. Kiadó: AGAVE KÖNYVEK
Terjedelem: 304 oldal
Kiadás éve: 2008. április 3.
Csak a lényeget A könyv oldala
Fókusz Online ár:
2072 Ft Bolti ár: Ft
Kedvezmény: 518 Ft [20%]
Megjelenés: 2007

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