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         Cornelius Nepos:     more books (100)
  1. Cornelius Nepos, with Notes Historical and Explanatory (Latin Edition) by Charles Anthon, 2009-11-12
  2. Cornelius Nepos Post Carolum Halmium (German Edition) by Cornelius Nepos, Heinrich Haacke, 2010-02-11
  3. A New English Version of the Lives of Cornelius Nepos by Corneli Nepos, 2009-12-26
  4. Cornelius Nepos, with Answered Questions and Imitative Exercises, Part 1 by Cornelius Nepos, 2010-02-23
  5. Cornelius Nepos: With Answered Questions, and Imitative Exercises (Latin Edition) by Thomas Kerchever Arnold, Cornelius Nepos, et all 2010-02-23
  6. Cornelius Nepos Ex Optimarum Editionum Recensione (1826) (Latin Edition) by P. F. De Calonne, 2010-09-10
  7. Cornelius Nepos (German Edition) by Cornelius Nepos, Karl Nipperdey, 2010-03-24
  8. Cornelius Nepos, De Vita Excellentium Imperatorum by LL.D. John Carey, 1820
  9. Lives of Marccus Valerius Messala Corvinus, and Titus Pomponius Atticus: The latter from the latin of cornelius nepos. With notes and illustrations. To ... of the families of the five first caesars. by Edward Berwick, 2009-04-27
  10. Cornelius Nepos (Latin Edition) by Cornelius Nepos, 2010-02-25
  11. Die Quellen Des Cornelius Nepos Zur Griechischen Geschichte (Miltiades-Alcibiades Inclus.) (German Edition) by Göthe, 2010-04-02
  12. Cornelius Nepos: Three Lives -- Alcibiades, Dion, Atticus by Cornelius Nepos, 1987-06-01
  13. The Lives of Miltiades, Cimon, Pausanias, Aristides by Cornelius Nepos, 2010-02-12
  14. Second year Latin for sight reading; selections from Caesar and Nepos by Arthur Lee Janes, Julius Caesar, et all 2010-08-01

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62. The Georgics In Plain Text, Or As A Zip File, From Project Gutenberg.
Previous 10, Hannibal, http// Hannibal, Top/Arts/Classical_Studies/Roman/cornelius_nepos Translated by J.
The Georgics
Go to site - The Georgics Site description: In plain text, or as a zip file, from Project Gutenberg.
Topic: Top/Arts/Classical_Studies/Roman/Virgil
LINK Previous 10 Hannibal Hannibal Top/Arts/Classical_Studies/Roman/Cornelius_Nepos Translated by J. Thomas, Iowa State University, 1995. Previous Vergil and the Classical Tradition Vergil and the Classical Tradition Top/Arts/Classical_Studies/Roman/Virgil Information on Vergil and his lasting influence on literature, with links to other Vergil essays and resources. Random 1 Killer Me Killer Me Top/Arts/Movies/Filmmaking/Independent/Titles/K Reviews, trailer, behind the scenes, press, film festivals, and stills. Random 2 The Neutral Planet The Neutral Planet Top/Arts/Animation/Cartoons/Titles/F/Futurama Has transcripts of the first few episodes. Random 3 Futurama Scan Art Central Futurama Scan Art Central Top/Arts/Animation/Cartoons/Titles/F/Futurama A site full of cleaned up framegrabs and other pictures.

63. Cornelius Nepos Roman Classical Studies
Cornelius Nepos Roman Classical Studies Cornelius Nepos.
Cornelius Nepos Roman Classical Studies
Cornelius Nepos
Top Arts Classical Studies Roman Cornelius Nepos

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Classical_Studies Top Arts Classical_Studies Roman cornelius_nepos Hannibal - Translated by J. Thomas, Iowa State University, 1995. Studies

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66. Cornelius Nepos
Hannibal Translated by J. Thomas, Iowa State University, 1995. http// Last updated on 2004-05-21 050034

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70. Cornelius Nepos —— 维客(wiki)
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Cornelius Nepos
Jump to: navigation search Cornelius Nepos (c. 100- 24 BC ) was a Roman biographer. Supposedly he was born at Hostilia, a village in Cisalpine Gaul not far from Verona . His Gallic origin is attested by Ausonius , and Pliny the Elder calls him Padi accola ('a dweller on the River Po Natural History III.22). He was a friend of Catullus , who dedicates his poems to him (I.3), Cicero and Titus Pomponius Atticus Eusebius places him in the fourth year of the reign of Augustus , which is supposed to be when he began to attract critical acclaim by his writing. Pliny the Elder notes he died in the reign of Augustus ( Natural History IX.39, X.23). His simple style of writing has made him, in the UK at least, a standard choice for passages of unseen translation in Latin exams, from prep school , even up to degree level. (See external links)
Chronica , to which Catullus seems to allude in his dedication to Nepos. Ausonius also mentions it in his sixteenth Epistle to Probus, as does Aulus Gellius in the Noctes Atticae (XVII.21). It is thought to have been written in three books.

71. Il Trovatore Directory Mondo Arts Classical_Studies Roman Cornelius_Nepos
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72. Cornelius Nepos - MSN Encarta
Nepos, Cornelius (100?25? bc), Roman historian and biographer whose major works were Chronica, a universal history, now lost, and
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Cornelius Nepos
Encyclopedia Article Find Print E-mail Cornelius Nepos bc ), Roman historian and biographer whose major works were Chronica , a universal history, now lost, and De viris illustribus (Concerning Famous Men), still in existence. The 16 books of De viris illustribus present parallel biographies of distinguished foreigners and Romans: kings, generals, orators, poets, historians, philosophers, and scholars were treated in each successive pair of books. The De viris illustribus book on foreign generals includes 19 short biographies of Greek generals, including Miltiades, Themistocles, and Alcibiades; one Persian general, Datames; and two Carthaginian generals, Hamilcar and Hannibal. Also in existence are the books about the lives of the Roman historians Cato and Atticus. Nepos’s writings were sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Writing biographies interested him more than simply writing about historical events. More from Encarta Top-10 lists Fun facts about topics from A-Z Browse the lists.

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Cornelius Nepos
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Cornelius Nepos Pavia 100 v.Chr. 25 v.Chr. ) was een Latijns schrijver uit de 1e eeuw v.Chr.
Gedurende het grootste deel van zijn leven verbleef hij te Rome, waar hij bevriend werd met Catullus en Atticus . Ook was hij bekend met Marcus Tullius Cicero , zonder dat het blijkbaar tot een hechte vriendschapsband tussen beiden is gekomen. Nepos vermeed het openbare leven en ging volledig op in zijn literaire arbeid.
Als historicus was hij de auteur van de Chronica , een chronologisch opgevatte wereldgeschiedenis waarover Catullus zich lovend heeft uitgelaten. De Chronica ging echter verloren.
Zijn meest bekende werk is De viris illustribus , een omvangrijke verzameling biografie«n van beroemde mannen (vorsten en politici, legeraanvoerders, dichters, ...) uit de Romeinse en niet-Romeinse (vooral Griekse) geschiedenis. Van het werk is enkel het deel over niet-Romeinse bevelhebbers bewaard gebleven, alsook de biografie van zijn vriend Atticus en van

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75. Everything About Gian Biagio
to someone named Atticus when the work was supposedly dedicated to Theodosius), References Conte, Biagio/en
Customize your homepage Use Exalead in your browser Web Images Wikipedia Video Advanced search Wikipedia Results of about for Gian Biagio View: Aeneid For the group of nine Ancient Egyptian deities, see Ennead. The hero Aeneas was already known to Greco-Roman legend and myth, having been a character in the Iliad; en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Aeneid Preview
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Cornelius Nepos Despite the obvious questions (such as why is the preface addressed to someone named Atticus when the work was supposedly dedicated to Theodosius)

76. Cornelius Nepos
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78. In One Search - Start Your Search Here
cornelius_nepos, Horace. Josephus, Juvenal. Livius_Andronicus, Livy. Lucan, Ovid. Pliny_the_Elder, Pliny_the_Younger

79. » Lexikon » Cornelius_Nepos
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Ergebnisse für deine Suchabfrage nach: 1 - 1 von ungefähr Cornelius Nepos (* um 100 v. Chr. ; - nach 27 v. Chr. ) war ein römischer Historiker und Biograph. Nepos, der aus Oberitalien ( Gallia cisalpina ) stammte und dem Ritterstand angehört haben dürfte, war befreundet mit dem neoterischen Dichter Catull , der ihm seine Gedichtsammlung widmete, Marcus Tullius Cicero und dessen Vertrauten Titus Pomponius Atticus Von seinen zahlreichen Werken (u. a. Geschichtsdarstellungen und eine Erdbeschreibung) sind uns nur einige Biographien aus De viris illustribus erhalten, nämlich die über die nichtrömischen Feldherren sowie die zum Buch der lateinischen Historiker gehörigen über Cato den Älteren und Atticus. In den Nepos-Handschriften ebenfalls überliefert sind ferner zwei Fragmente eines Briefes der Cornelia , der Mutter der Gracchen , in denen sie ihren Sohn Gaius Gracchus heftig angreift. Die Echtheit des Briefes ist allerdings umstritten. Wegen ihres schlichten Stils waren und sind die Werke des Nepos eine verbreitete Schullektüre.

80. Directory: Arts/Classical_Studies/Roman/
cornelius_nepos. Horace. Josephus. Juvenal. Livius_Andronicus. Livy. Lucan. Ovid. Pliny_the_Elder. Pliny_the_Younger. Plutarch. Polybius. Quintilian
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