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         Euclid:     more books (100)
  1. Here's Looking at Euclid: A Surprising Excursion Through the Astonishing World of Math by Alex Bellos, 2010-06-15
  2. Euclid's Elements by T.L. Heath Translation, 2002-08-20
  3. Euclid's Window : The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace by Leonard Mlodinow, 2002-04-09
  4. The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara by John Dee, 2010-07-12
  5. The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 1: Books 1-2 by Thomas L. Heath, Euclid, 1956-06-01
  6. The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 2: Books 3-9 by Thomas L. Heath, Euclid, 1956-06-01
  7. The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 3: Books 10-13 by Thomas L. Heath, Euclid, 1956-06-01
  8. THE ELEMENTS (UPDATED w/LINKED TOC) by Euclid, 2009-12-29
  9. The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements by Euclid, 2010-01-01
  10. A History of Greek Mathematics: Volume 1. From Thales to Euclid by Thomas Little Heath, 2000-12-27
  11. Euclid in the Rainforest: Discovering Universal Truth in Logic and Math by Joseph Mazur, 2006-07-25
  12. Euclid - The Creation of Mathematics by Benno Artmann, 1999-06-10
  13. A Long Way From Euclid by Constance Reid, 2010-01-10
  14. The Babylonian Theorem: The Mathematical Journey to Pythagoras and Euclid by Peter S. Rudman, 2010-01-26

1. Euclid - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
euclid (Greek — Eukleid s), fl. 300 BC, also known as euclid of Alexandria, The Father of Geometry was a Greek mathematician of the Hellenistic
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Using inline citations (April 2008) Euclid
Born fl. 300 BC
Residence Alexandria Egypt Nationality Greek Fields Mathematics Euclid's Elements
Euclid Greek Εὐκλείδης — Eukleidēs fl. 300 BC , also known as Euclid of Alexandria and the "Father of Geometry ", was a Greek mathematician of the Hellenistic period who was active in Alexandria , almost certainly during the reign of Ptolemy I 323 BC 283 BC ). His Elements is the most successful textbook in the history of mathematics . In it, the principles of what is now called Euclidean geometry are deduced from a small set of axioms . Euclid also wrote works on perspective conic sections spherical geometry , and possibly quadric surfaces . Euclid's method of proving mathematical theorems by logical deduction from accepted principles remains the backbone of all mathematics , imbuing that field with its characteristic rigor
edit Biographical knowledge
Little is known about Euclid other than his writings. What little biographical information we do have comes largely from commentaries by

2. Euclid Summary
euclid was a Greek mathematician best known for his treatise on geometry The Elements . This influenced the development of Western mathematics for more
Euclid of Alexandria
about 325 BC - about 265 BC
Click the picture above
to see six larger pictures Euclid was a Greek mathematician best known for his treatise on geometry: The Elements . This influenced the development of Western mathematics for more than 2000 years. Full MacTutor biography [Version for printing] List of References (97 books/articles) Some Quotations A Poster of Euclid Mathematicians born in the same country Additional Material in MacTutor
  • Euclid's definitions and axioms
  • Euclid on elementary astronomy
  • Bertrand Russell on Euclid Honours awarded to Euclid
    (Click below for those honoured in this way) Lunar features Crater Euclides Other Web sites
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Astroseti (A Spanish translation of this biography)
  • J Poole (Books I to IV of the Elements
  • R J Wilson (also available as a Video version
  • David Joyce The Elements
  • Vatican exhibition
  • Math Forum
  • Simon Fraser University
  • G Don Allen (An introduction to The Elements
  • Kevin Brown (A discussion of which propositions depend on which axioms)
  • Tufts University (An on-line version of The Elements
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    4. Euclid's Elements, Introduction
    This dynamically illustrated edition of euclid s Elements includes 13 books on plane geometry, geometric and abstract algebra, number theory,
    Euclid's Elements form one of the most beautiful and influential works of science in the history of humankind. Its beauty lies in its logical development of geometry and other branches of mathematics. It has influenced all branches of science but none so much as mathematics and the exact sciences. The Elements have been studied 24 centuries in many languages starting, of course, in the original Greek, then in Arabic, Latin, and many modern languages. I'm creating this version of Euclid's Elements for a couple of reasons. The main one is to rekindle an interest in the Elements, and the web is a great way to do that. Another reason is to show how Java applets can be used to illustrate geometry. That also helps to bring the Elements alive. The text of all 13 Books is complete, and all of the figures are illustrated using the Geometry Applet, even those in the last three books on solid geometry that are three-dimensional. I still have a lot to write in the guide sections and that will keep me busy for quite a while. This edition of Euclid's Elements uses a Java applet called the Geometry Applet to illustrate the diagrams. If you enable Java on your browser, then you'll be able to dynamically change the diagrams. In order to see how, please read

    5. Project Euclid - Mathematics And Statistics Resources Online
    Full text access to the journal Annals of Mathematics; a limited number of other journals available through paid subscriptions to Project euclid.
    Log in RSS Title Author(s) Abstract Subject Keyword All Fields FullText more options
    New Journal Articles
    The pigeonhole bootstrap Art B. Owen The Annals of Applied Statistics Substructural fuzzy logics George Metcalfe, Franco Montagna Journal of Symbolic Logic Helical geodesic immersions of semi-Riemannian manifolds Kouhei Miura Kodai Mathematical Journal
    Monographs and Conference Proceedings
    Multivariate Statistics Morris L. Eaton Non-parametric Statistical Inference J. Wolfowitz Edward W. Barankin Featured Book Asymptotics: Particles, Processes and Inverse Problems A Festschrift for Piet Groeneboom, this volume contains papers presented at a workshop in his honor (Leiden, July 2006), and other contributions. It represents the state of the art in the areas in statistics and probability where Piet has been (and still is) most active. Home Contact Help Site Map ... Log in RSS Cornell University Library

    6. Euclid (ca. 325-ca. 270 BC) -- From Eric Weisstein's World Of Scientific Biograp
    euclid also proved what is generally known as euclid s second theorem Eric The beautiful proof euclid gave of this theorem is still a gem and is
    Branch of Science Mathematicians Nationality Greek
    Euclid (ca. 325-ca. 270 BC)

    Greek geometer who wrote the Elements the world's most definitive text on geometry. The book synthesized earlier knowledge about geometry, and was used for centuries in western Europe as a geometry textbook. The text began with definitions, postulates (" Euclid's postulates "), and common opinions, then proceeded to obtain results by rigorous geometric proof. Euclid also proved what is generally known as Euclid's second theorem the number of primes is infinite The beautiful proof Euclid gave of this theorem is still a gem and is generally acknowledged to be one of the "classic" proofs of all times in terms of its conciseness and clarity. In the Elements Euclid used the method of exhaustion and reductio ad absurdum. He also discussed the so-called Euclidean algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers, and is credited with the well-known proof of the Pythagorean theorem Neither the year nor place of his birth have been established, nor the circumstances of his death, although he is known to have lived and worked in Alexandria for much of his life. In addition, no bust which can be verified to be his likeness is known (Tietze 1965, p. 8). Elements
    Additional biographies:
    MacTutor (St. Andrews)

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    It is an honor and privilege to serve in my second term as Mayor of the City of Euclid. I sincerely appreciate the support that the residents gave to me on Election Day this past November. My Administration and I vow to continue to work hard to keep Euclid a strong and desirable community to live and work. As your Mayor, I have continually and consistently worked to improve the future of Euclid. My five point plan has been and continues to be, job retention and creation, strong schools, a balanced city budget with sound financial practices, maintaining well trained and equipped safety forces and investment in our neighborhoods, parks and lakefront. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the New Year. The calls and letters of support that I have received have created a spirit of optimism and confidence that Euclid is going to serve as a prime example to northeast Ohio, of what can be accomplished when people work together. Mayor Bill Cervenik home about euclid city hall city departments ...
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    euclid EUropean Cooperation for LIghtning Detection.
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    euclid is a Research Training Network funded by the European Commission s 5th Framework Improving Human Potential programme.
    EUCLID Integrable models and applications: from strings to condensed matter Euclid is a Research Training Network funded by the European Commission's 5th Framework Improving Human Potential programme. A copy of the network proposal is available . This provides details concerning the members of the collaboration together with a description of the proposed research and the training of young researchers. The network contract ( HPRN-CT-2002-00325 ) between the European Commission and network participants started on 1st October 2002 with a duration of 48 months. The detailed work plan is also available
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    15. Great Books Index - Euclid
    euclid Great Books Index. GREAT BOOKS INDEX. euclid (about 365about 300 BC). An Index to Online Great Books in English Translation
    Euclid (about 365about 300 BC)
    An Index to Online Great Books in English Translation AUTHORS/HOME TITLES ABOUT GB INDEX BOOK LINKS Editions of Euclid's Elements Elements Articles The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements
    • HTML edition (Perseus, Tufts)
      Translated and with Commentary by T.L. Heath.
      Heath's commentary is excellent background information.
    • HTML pages
      Interesting use of Java in diagrams.
    [Back to Top of Page] Links to Information About Euclid [Back to Top of Page] GREAT BOOKS INDEX MENU
    Great Books Index Home Page and Author List

    List of All Works by Author and Title [90KB]

    About the Great Books Index
    Links to Other Great Books and Literature Sites ... Literary Cryptograms Support for the Great Books Index web pages is provided by Ken Roberts Computer Consultants Inc URL: Last revised January 11, 1999 by Ken Roberts e-mail

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    17. Euclid's Kilns And Elements
    Canada. Supplies wide range of hobby and industrial kilns, elements, vents, parts, and accessories. Product information, detailed operations manual,
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    18. Euclid (Greek Mathematician) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    Britannica online encyclopedia article on euclid the most prominent mathematician of GrecoRoman antiquity, best known for his treatise on geometry,
    document.writeln(''); document.writeln('Initializing application...'); Username Password Remember me Forgot your password? Search Site:
    Euclid Greek mathematician Greek Eukleides
    born c. BC , Alexandria, Egypt the most prominent mathematician of Greco-Roman antiquity, best known for his treatise on geometry, the Elements
    MLA Style: Euclid APA Style: Euclid . (2008). In Euclid Link to this article and share the full text with the readers of your Web site or blog-post.
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    Table of Contents

    19. Byrne's Edition Of Euclid
    Oliver Byrne s edition of euclid with colours used instead of labels. A beautiful piece of artwork.
    Oliver Byrne's edition of Euclid
    An unusual and attractive edition of Euclid was published in 1847 in England, edited by an otherwise unknown mathematician named Oliver Byrne. It covers the first 6 books of Euclid, which range through most of elementary plane geometry and the theory of proportions. What distinguishes Byrne's edition is that he attempts to present Euclid's proofs in terms of pictures, using as little text - and in particular as few labels - as possible. What makes the book especially striking is his use of colour. With the financial support of several undergraduate organizations at UBC, - the Alma Mater Society of UBC, the Science Undergraduate Society at UBC, and the Undergraduate Mathematics Club - and the cooperation of the Special Collection Division of the UBC Library, we have had the entire edition photographed by Greg Morton at UBC Biomedical Communications We hope to mount eventually on this site digital images of all of the photographs. We imagine that it will serve as an interesting resource for geometry projects all over the world. We have mounted all of Byrne's book, but in the organization of the site is by no means final. We are still experimenting with the images to improve their quality, and sooner or later the structure found for Book VI, which is much better than the rest, will be transported to the other books. If you have any suggestions we'll be pleased to hear from you.

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