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  1. Hypatia; Special Issue - Women and Violence. Vol. 11, No. 4, Fall 1996 by Bat-Ami Bar On, 1996-01-01
  2. HYPATIA Or New Foes with an Old Face by KINGLSEY Charles, 1927
  3. Hypatia: Or, Woman and knowledge (Today and tomorrow series) by Dora Winifred Black Russell Russell, 1925
  4. Charles Bradlaugh: A Record Of His Life And Work By His Daughter Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner V1 by Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner, John M. Robertson, 2007-07-25
  5. Hypatia: Or, New Foes with an Old Face / by Charles Kinglsey, Jun. ... Reprinted from "Fraser's Magazine.", Volume 1 by Charles Kingsley, 2010-04-09
  6. Hypatia V1-2 (1899) by Charles Kingsley, 2010-09-10
  7. Hypatia by Arnulf Zitelmann, 1990-01-01
  8. Hypatia: Or, New Foes With an Old Face. V. 2 by Charles Kingsley, 2009-04-27
  9. On the Methods of Famous Teachers Lao Tzu Gautama Zeno Socrates Jesus, Hypatia, Muhammad, Hildegard, Clare, Nightingale, Galileo and Gandhi by Anthony Barton, 1991-06
  10. Hypatia (Spanish Edition) by Pedro Galvez, 2010-01-30
  11. Hypatia by Elbert Hubbard, Fra Elbert Hubbard, 2010-05-22
  12. Hypatia, Or, New Foes with an Old Face, Volumes 1-2 by Charles Kingsley, 2010-03-16
  13. Hypatia, Oder, Neue Feinde Mit Altem Gesicht, Volume 1 (German Edition) by Charles Kingsley, Christian Karl Josias Bunsen, 2010-02-04
  14. Hypatia: Roman Aus Dem Altertum (German Edition) by Fritz Mauthner, 2010-01-10

61. Hypatia (thou Shalt Not Murder Mathematicians!)
hypatia is the first known woman mathematician, scientist and philosopher. She was born in Egypt in 370 AD. Unlike most other gifted girls of her time,
Hypatia is the first known woman mathematician, scientist and philosopher. She was born in Egypt in 370 AD. Unlike most other gifted girls of her time, she was given an education - by her liberal-minded father Theon, a respected mathematician and astronomer at the Alexandria Library (we'd call it a university). And she was able to get a job there teaching mathematics and philosophy. She was a very good lecturer and students came from all over to attend her talks. The fact that she was very pretty certainly didn't keep people away either! Her specialities were esoteric aspects of geometry and algebra, but she was also interested in the practical side of the world, inventing an astrolabe, hygrometer and water distiller amongst others. As a philosopher, her advice was much sought after by the administrators of Alexandria. And the common people - she would often give impromptu lectures in streets to any passer-by who asked her. But her influence and gender made enemies, notably Cyril, the main Christian leader at Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey). She was not a Christian, and her friends urged her to leave the increasingly fanatical people of Alexandria. She refused, saying that "even if my life is in danger, what good is a life that one does not live as one chooses?" Tragedy happened in March 415 AD. She was driving her chariot home when she was attacked by a mob that dragged her out and brutally scraped her flesh from her bones with sharp shells. They then cut up her body and burnt it. It is generally (there are exceptions) agreed amongst historians that the mob was of Christian fanatics.

62. Biography Of Hypatia
hypatia was born in A.D. 370. She died either in the year of 415 or 430, depending on what book you read. Her father, Theon, was a mathematician and
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Biographies of Mathematicians-Hypatia
Hypatia was born in A.D. 370. She died either in the year of 415 or 430, depending on what book you read. Her father, Theon, was a mathematician and astronomer. He had told everyone that he could create the perfect human. Not discouraged by Hypatia being born a girl, he continued on with his plan of creating the perfect human. Hetaught her in the subjects of art, literature, science, mathematics, and philosophy. Back when Hypatia was alive, astronomy and astrology were the same thing; also, mathematicswas used mostly for figuring out where a soul that was born under a certain planet would be at a certain time in the future. She was also taught to swim, row, ride horseback, and climb mountains. By the time she was 21, she mastered rhetoric, which is the art of using speech effectively and persuasively. While she was growing up Hypatia spent a lot of time in a place called the Museum in the University of Alexandria. Theon told Hypatia

63. Life Of Atheist Hypatia Of Alexandria To Be Made Into A Movie | Unscrewing The I
Actress Rachel Weisz will be playing hypatia of Alexandria, Oscar Isaac will be playing Orestes who falls in love with her, and Ashraf Barhom will be
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Brent Rasmussen
Observations and inanities by a second-shift assistant supervisor in the Puppy-Grinding division of the (our motto: "Sure it's cruel, but think of the jobs!" ), your host, Brent Rasmussen
Jim Downey
UTI Associate blogger Jim Downey is a former newspaper columnist and also writes at the Daily Kos under the handle Shadan7.
Rick Ulrey
UTI Associate blogger Rick Ulrey comes to UTI by way of the Marine Corps: "I'm 29 and I earn my living fixing computers. I served 6 years in the Marine Corps and consider myself a liberal libertarian with conservative leanings. I am a firm believer that the world would be a better place if people took responsibility for themselves and their actions. As you can see from the picture I love food. That's me eating a banana fritter in Australia with a nice cup of coffee. I love to cook and my other hobbies include hiking, camping, reading and on and offline gaming."
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64. Hypatia Society
The hypatia Society is a group aiming to encourage multiple talents and geniuses within individuals. A modern day Renaissance movement, if you will,
Hypatia Society Submission Guidelines About Us Programs and Services Committees ... Bylaws Hypatia unknown artist "Geniuses are the luckiest of mortals
because what they must do is the same as what they most want to do."
~ W.H.Auden
Welcome to our website! The Hypatia Society is a group aiming to encourage multiple talents and geniuses within individuals. A modern day Renaissance movement, if you will, albiet one that hopes to encourage genius in persons of both genders and all races, nationalities and ethnicities. We have some specific and general goals; to create after school programs for gifted children in underserved areas, to create a resource library to assist our members in reaching their full potential, a mentoring program both within this society and with underserved gifted youth, personal development and leadership assistance, research development and more. We hope to lead away from the current philosophy of specilization in only one field, to the detriment of other talents and aptitudes, and also the idea that expertise and mastery can only be achieved through formal education (many of the greatest figures in history were self-taught!). We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site and find all of the information you are seeking here. If you have anysuggestions for content, services or programs please feel free to email the founder at

65. Great Theosophists--Hypatia: The Last Of The Neoplatonists (12 Of 29)
His real crime was much more serious the crime of murder, deliberately perpetrated against one of the noblest characters in history hypatia, the last of
THEOSOPHY, Vol. 25, No. 5, March, 1937 (Pages 197-207; Size: 31K) (Number 12 of a 29-part series)
THE fourth century was the turning point in the history of the Western world, the period in which Christianity took the form of a strong political organization. Throttling the old religions, sciences and philosophies, "the Church" arose as a temporal power upon their remains. Constantine, the first Christian Emperor, was the son of the Roman Emperor Constantius and of Helena, the daughter of an inn-keeper. He was a pagan by birth, a devotee of the sun-god Apollo, whose altars Constantine covered with votive offerings, and whose image appeared on the coins of the emperor as his "companion and guardian." Constantine's conversion to Christianity, as the result of a psychic vision, is described by Eusebius, who was his close friend and companion as well as his famous biographer. On the night before his final battle with Maxentius, who had denounced him as a usurper to the throne, Constantine appealed to his own god for help. According to Eusebius, While he was praying with fervent entreaty, a most marvelous sign appeared in the heavens, the account of which, related by any other person, would be difficult of belief. But since the victorious Emperor himself declared it to the writer of this history, and confirmed his statement with an oath, who could hesitate to credit it? He said that when the sun was beginning to decline, he saw with his own eyes the trophy of a Cross of blazing light, with this inscription:

66. Non-Surgical Breast Lift Professional Medical Seminar By Hypatia
Dr. Virginia T. Stevens, MD of hypatia Aesthetics cordially invites you to attend NonSurgical Breast Lift™ Critical Updates in Body/Face Thermage
Introduction Program Agenda Online Registration Form Online Payment ... Have questions, need help? Dr. Virginia Stevens, MD
14024 Northeast 181st Street
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Sitemap Dr. Virginia T. Stevens, MD of Hypatia Aesthetics
cordially invites you to attend
Non-Surgical Breast Lift
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W Hotel - Seattle, Washington
On March 31 and April 1, 2007, an elite group of top medical professionals gathered in Seattle to learn Dr. Stevens' revolutionary new Breast Lift technique This exclusive training provided an unparalleled opportunity to meet with Dr. Stevens, and learn critical updates on the very latest advances in Body/Face Thermage and combination therapies in aesthetics. instruction in combination and novel therapies. The training also included an invaluable presentation on marketing strategies and essential aesthetic cost accounting! If you missed this event: Don't miss the next one. Please use the

67. Bertonneau - Like Hypatia Before The Mob
She might have suggested to him some feminine firebrand of Paris revolutions, or even the sacrificial figure of hypatia (43132).
Anthropoetics I, no. 1 (June 1995)
Like Hypatia before the Mob:
Desire, Resentment, and Sacrifice in James' The Bostonians
(An Anthropoetics)
Thomas F. Bertonneau
Department of English
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant MI 48859
Deceit, Desire and the Novel There is no doubt that resentment often finds refuge in moralistic prudery and hypocritical denunciations of those whose real accomplishments one envies. The artist's own resentment, so visible in the Bohemia of Nietzsche's time or in the attitudes of an "antibourgeois" like Flaubert, is transcended in his art, whereas the moralizer creates nothing. But this should only make us all the more respectful of a moral tradition that insists on the right of all to reciprocal relations. *** Resentment may be defined as the scandal of the peripheral self at the centrality of the other which transforms the equality of the original scene of representation into an absolute polarity of significance. (Eric L. Gans, The End of Culture
At the climax of The Bostonians The Bostonians is paradigmatic. We find in

68. Hypatia-phd's Math Page!
Personal page devoted to mathematics and mathematics education. Includes links to NCTM, MAA, lateral logic puzzles, and other good resources.
Hypatia-PhD's Math Page Mathematics Association of America Do Math! (from NCTM) National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Info about Hypatia RCML Problem Solving Activities Math 305 Classes Kayak-Themed Unit Plans Favorite Math Links Coming Soon! Back Home E-Mail Me Guestbook
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69. AWM Book Review: Hypatia Of Alexandria
Taken together with Maria Dzielska s new biographical treatment, hypatia of Alexandria, published this fall by Harvard University Press, it is possible to
Return to AWM Bibliography AWM Newsletter
AWM Book Review
Hypatia of Alexandria
Maria Dzielska, translated by F. Lyra. Harvard University Press, Cambridge 1995. viii+157pp. ISBN 0-674-43775-6 (cloth). $29.95. From: AWM Newsletter, May/June 1996. Reviewed by: Marge Murray, Book Review Editor, Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0123; email: In March of 1994, the American Mathematical Monthly published an excellent article by Michael Deakin ([1]) dealing with the life and legend, but most importantly with the mathematics, of Hypatia of Alexandria, the first woman mathematician for whom we have documentary evidence. Taken together with Maria Dzielska's new biographical treatment, Hypatia of Alexandria , published this fall by Harvard University Press, it is possible to construct a fairly complete picture of Hypatia: her life and times; her work as a teacher, mathematician, philosopher, and religious and political figure; and the circumstances of her violent death. While Hypatia's murder was the misogynist act of a Christian mob, Dzielska's book makes it clear that it is misleading to portray Hypatia's death as the violent defeat of the female and non-Christian by the male and Christian. Christian men were at least as numerous among the supporters and admirers of Hypatia as among her opponents. It is probably more instructive to draw parallels to life in modern Belfast, Beirut, or even Sarajevo (as Deakin is inclined to do in [1], page 236), than to portray her death as the result of a sharply delineated ideological or religious conflict.

70. WilsonWeb Journal Directory
Journal hypatia. ISSN 08875367. Publisher Name Indiana University Press. Frequency 4 times a year. Search Within this Publication

71. Hypatia Theatre Company
After an epic storm floods Mitzy s wedding (and most of the United States), the waterlogged bride finds herself stranded on a mountaintop with Tito,
company onstage now past productions events ... get involved After an epic storm floods Mitzy's wedding (and most of the United States), the waterlogged bride finds herself stranded on a mountaintop with Tito, a streetwise, Zen-wise parking valet. Several states away, Jan spirals into a state of existential madness as a result of girlfriend Barb's infidelity : the televised images of storm-struck refugees on a celebrity telethon aren't helping. The waters are rising fast in this global warming world. Can these two pairs find their way back to love in time to save themselves and the planet? a world premiere by peter papadopoulos
directed by erica weiss
runs: November 17th - December 22nd
Sun Stage Left Theatre
3408 N Sheffield
Full Name: Email address: Phone (optional): Date of Reservation: Number of seats:

72. Hypatia - A Victim Of Bigotry
hypatia of Alexandria, a woman of learning, murdered because of bigotry.
Home About Us Articles Membership ... Site Map ATHEIST FOUNDATION OF AUSTRALIA INC HYPATIA
Hypatia of Alexandria was the daughter of Theon, himself a mathematician and philosopher of note. Hypatia was a remarkable woman with great intelligence, physical stamina and beauty. Her father gave her a first rate education, not limiting it to just mathematical subjects, but also religion. Theon believed in learning about all religions allowing each person to make their own choices and not have one view thrust upon them. To be forced to hold to another's view is in essence being robbed of your own life.
Hypatia herself says, "Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fancies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child-mind accepts and believes them, and only through great pain and perhaps tragedy can he be in after-years relieved of them. In fact, men will fight for a superstition quite as quickly as for a living truth - often more so, since a superstition is so intangible you can not get at it to refute it, but truth is a point of view, and so is changeable."
In about 400 AD Hypatia became head of the Plotinus school of Alexandria, where she taught mathematics and philosophy. She wrote three books on science and mathematics and numerous other papers. All of her writings have been lost and it is only through the letters of Synesius of Cyrene, one of her pupils that we know anything of her thoughts.

73. 1k -

74. Hypatia--Conservation DistList
PRLC, the Pittsburgh Regional Library Center, is pleased to announce a new online preservation resource, hypatia. hypatia is a collection of full-text
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75. Hypatia
Most of the works of hypatia were ravaged as well, but her story lives on. How it must have pained her, 21 years old, watching the destruction of the Great
Hypatia Cartoon
370-415 C.E. Based on an account recorded in Women in Mathematics by Oser, Lynn M. and published by Cambridge in 1974.
The massive destruction of the contents of the Library of Alexandria by Christians during the reign of Christian Emperor Theodosius in 391 C.E. is only a small part of the suppression and elimination of scientific and historical truth. During these years the writings and works of many remarkable women were destroyed, allowed to be lost, or deliberately eradicated; only hints remain, a verse here, a few sentences there. Most of the works of Hypatia were ravaged as well, but her story lives on. How it must have pained her, 21 years old, watching the destruction of the Great Library, a half million tomes representing the finest minds in the ancient world. Handwritten, these documents were irreplaceable; the knowledge lost, the history destroyed and eliminated, was a devastating setback. It was also precursor to the dark ages, a time when only the church fathers retained knowledge. What audacity the church had, claiming the role of preserver of ancient knowledge when the only knowledge they preserved was that which they chose not to destroy.
And each loss to the world was a personal tragedy ...

76. Hypatia Of Alexandria - Philosopher Hypatia
hypatia of Alexandria. Maria Dzielska s research on hypatia of Alexandria dispels romantic illusions about the philosopher.
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  • Review - Hypatia of Alexandria, by Maria Dzielska
    Maria Dzielska's research on Hypatia of Alexandria dispels romantic illusions about the philosopher. Related Resources Hypatia of Alexandria
    Aspasia of Miletus

    Aspasia was another female philosopher
    Hypatia of Alexandria

    by Maria Dzielska
    Translated by F. Lyra
    Harvard University Press
    1995; 157 pages. "Well, she [Hypatia] was speaking in the square to many people,
    speaking about the present God and they were listening to her in silence,
    in a stupor, both followers and adversaries.

    77. Madison Community Co-operative
    hypatia Cooperative House. hypatia Cooperative House hypatia is on average a fifteen person (~11 male to female) cooperative which is home to students,

    78. BBC - H2g2 - Hypatia Of Alexandria
    hypatia was a Greek scientist, philosopher, and mathematician who taught at the Mouseion in Alexandria. She was born in 370 AD, and was the daughter of
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    79. Typblography, The Phinney-us Blogg: Hypatia Sans Pro, My New Typeface
    hypatia Sans Pro, the new typeface I ve been working on since 2002, is now available (though not yet at retail). It s a geometric sans serif with humanist
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    April 16, 2007
    Hypatia Sans Pro, my new typeface
    Well, it's finally here. Hypatia Sans Pro, the new typeface I've been working on since 2002, is now available (though not yet at retail). It's a geometric sans serif with humanist tendencies, and capitals based on classical roman proportions. When you register Creative Suite 3 or any of the individual CS3 products, you can get a "registration incentive" at no extra cost, and Hypatia Sans is one of the options. I wrote up a bunch of info and made a lot of graphics for the main Hypatia Sans page , including linked high-res PDFs. Robert Slimbach was kind enough to put together a nice text samples PDF , which I got too late to put on the main Web page - so for now you can only get it here. Do follow the links above for general info on the design - I'm not going to repeat it all here. But I will add some more background and details that might be of interest. Mind you, "done" is a bit of a relative term in this case. You may notice the lack of italics in the registration incentive. The six upright weights of Hypatia Sans are shipping now, but it became apparent last fall that there was no way I could keep up some other critical duties and finish the italics in time to go with Creative Suite 3. So we trimmed back our original plans. The italics will still be added to the family some time later this year, at which point it will be made available as a regular retail typeface.

    80. Hypatia's Bookshelf
    Several of these works were scanned for this website, others are available elsewhere on the internet. Readers who share hypatia s taste in literature may
    Hypatia's Bookshelf
    Selections from pagan literature:
    Aristophanes The Clouds Aristotle On the Heavens Bion Lament for Adonis Callimachus To Apollo Celsus The True Doctrine Marcus Tullius Cicero Against Verres The Nature of the Gods On Friendship Tusculan Disputations Cleanthes Hymn to Zeus Epictetus Manual Discourses Epicurus Letter to Herodotus Euripides The Bacchae Heraclitus Fragments Hesiod Justice and the City Theogony Julian the Apostate Against the Galilaeans Livy History of Rome Lucian Death of Peregrinus Icaromenippus, an Aerial Expedition Prometheus on Caucasus Marcus Aurelius Meditations Parmenides On Nature Philostratus The Life of Apollonius of Tyana Plato Apology Critias Crito Euthyphro ... Timaeus Plotinus The Three Initial Hypostases On Their Origin and Order The Knowing Hypostases On the One ... The Enneads Plutarch On the Cessation of Oracles On the E at Delphi The Eating of Flesh On Isis and Osiris ... On Superstition Porphyry Abstinence from Animal Food Against the Christians Sallust On the Gods and the World Seneca On Benefits Pumpkinification of Claudius Solon Prayer to the Muses Xenophanes Fragments Xenophon Defense of Socrates Memorabilia of Socrates
    "Plutarch to his wife, greeting:

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