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         Moliere:     more books (100)
  1. The Miser and Other Plays: A New Selection (Penguin Classics) by Jean-Baptiste Moliere, 2000-09-01
  2. Oeuvres Completes 4 (French Edition) by Moliere, 1994-01-01
  3. The Countess of Escarbagnas by Molière, 2010-07-24
  4. Tartuffe and Other Plays by Jean-Baptiste Moliere, 2007-01-02
  5. Don Juan: and Other Plays (Oxford World's Classics) by Molière, 2008-08-01
  6. Molière: A Theatrical Life by Virginia Scott, 2002-06-03
  7. The Life of Monsieur De Moliere by Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov, 1986-05
  8. Le Tartuffe (Petits Classiques) (French Edition) by Moliere, 2006-12
  9. Moliere Five Plays: "The School for Wives", "Tartuffe", "The Misanthrope", "The Miser", "The Hypochondriac" (World Classics) by Moliere, 1982-03-11
  10. Scapin and Don Juan: The Actor's Moliere - Volume 3 (Actor's Moliere, Vol 3) by Moliere , 2000-05-01
  11. The Imaginary Invalid by Moliere, 2010-01-29
  12. Dom Juan: Ou Le Festin De Pierre (Petits Classiques Larousse) (French Edition) by Moliere, 2006-12
  13. L'Avare(French Edition) by Molière, 2009-11-16
  14. Moliere: L'Avare (CRITICAL GUIDES TO FRENCH TEXTS) by G.J. Mallinson, 1993-12-31

21. Chronology
Index chronologique de l œuvre de Molière. Chronological index of Molière s plays.
Introduction Biographie(y) List of plays Vos revues- Your reviews Les Amants magnifiques Amphitryon Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Dom Garcie de Navarre Dom Juan Les Femmes savantes Les Fourberies de Scapin George Dandin Le Malade imaginaire Le Misanthrope M. de Pourceaugnac Pastorale comique Sganarelle, le Cocu imaginaire Tartuffe Concordance La Troupe Personnages Boileau Charpentier Colbert Conti Corneille Fouquet Henriette Louis XIV Lully Mignard Monsieur Nicole Quinault Racine Subligny Re(s)sources S hop V ous! ... oncordance
English play list Liste des personnages Concordance Vos Revues - Your Reviews Sganarelle ... Le Malade imaginaire
Chronological List of Plays.

22. Moliere
The Affected Young Ladies (Les Précieuses Ridicules) (also known as The HighBrow Ladies) (1659), Molière s first success; about two provincial girls
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... Links Biographical Information
  • French actor and playwright; considered the greatest writer of comedy and one of the representative figures of the Enlightenment
    Born in 1622, son of Paris upholsterer in the service of the king
    Company adopted by the king as "Troupe du roi," 1665 (eventually "La Comédie Française," 1680)
    Enjoyed much success and popularity but also suffered attacks and persecution for his satires of the pretentions and hypocrisy of middle and upper class French society
    Collapsed on the stage, and later died, while performing his play, The Imaginary Invalid , in 1673
Main Works
  • (also known as The High-Brow Ladies
    Tartuffe (Le Tartuffe ou l'imposteur; Tartuffe or the Impostor
    (1664), originally a 3-act play, banned and later reissued in 5-acts in 1667 (also banned) and 1669 (current version); about a religious hypocrite and scoundrel who deceives the gullible Orgon, tries to seduce his wife, and takes possession of his house and property.
    The Misanthrope (Le Misanthrope)
    The Imaginary Invalid (Le Malade imaginaire

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24. Molière
Exclamations heard at a dress rehearsal of Tartuffe. Novel Sites. THE SUN AND THE WIND Another play featuring Molière as one of the main characters.
a site maintainted by Nicole Cimino
The World of Lully and Molière

a very short biography..

La page Molière
Jean-Baptiste Molière

Pictures from Tartuffe

this site contains a photograph of Molières grave

Molière Play: A Hoot and a Half

Molière the Merrier
Exclamations heard at a dress rehearsal of Tartuffe Novel Sites THE SUN AND THE WIND - Another play featuring Molière as one of the main characters. SAD LAUGHTER - A play in Two Acts. Featuring Molière as one of the characters. Sad Laughter 2 Sad Laughter 3 ... Molière Live Recitation chat Related Information Woes of Wit Rise of the Bourgeoisie Theatre A survey of recorded French opera (1670-1770) this page is still under construction

25. Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere - Biography And Works
Jean Baptiste Poquelin moliere. Biography of Jean Baptiste Poquelin moliere and a searchable collection of works.
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    Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere
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    Molière [mohl-yair'] (1622-1673) , French actor and comic dramatist wrote a number of enduringly successful plays including Amphitryon (1668) and Tartuffe "What! Would you make no distinction between hypocrisy and devotion? Would you give them the same names, and respect the mask as you do the face? Would you equate artifice and sincerity? Confound appearance with truth? Regard the phantom as the very person? Value counterfeit as cash?" from Tartuffe , Cléante, act 1, sc. 5 Some say Molière's most brilliant and controversial play is Tartuffe which was met with much outrage and censure by the church. "As the purpose of comedy is to correct the vices of men, I see no reason why anyone should be exempt." from the preface of the 1669 version. Satirising hypocritical figures, lampooning academic pretentiousness and even specifically integrating his detractors into his scripts won Molière wide acclaim for his neoclassical French comedies. To this day Molière's works continue to hold sway in the theatre world and many of his works have inspired adaptations to film including the French 1984 version "Le Tartuffe" starring Gérard Depardieu.

moliere, moliere online, poquelin. GIF 2k moliere LOGO.

27. IGN: Moliere Trailer, Wallpaper, Pictures, Soundtrack And More.
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28. Life And Loves Of A Playwright| Film | This Is London
moliere. Role play Celimene (Ludivine Sagnier) is courted by moliere (Romain Duris) Shakespeare in Love was a boring mess moliere, on the other hand,

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    31. Newcritics - » Moliere In Love
    In moliere, it’s the playwright himself who wanders into someone else’s life. The movie removes moliere from his troupe of players and from Paris,
    the best in web criticism search:
    Below the Fold:
    P!nk Lost Once Promised Land ...
    Moliere in Love

    is the French answer to Shakespeare in Love. Both movies present their playwright heroes as young romantics and show them picking up stray bits of dialog and observing characters and stumbling into situations that the audience knows will later turn up in their plays. In Shakespeare in Love , we see the origins of Twelfth Night, As You Like It, and even Hamlet, and watch Shakespeare write and rewrite Romeo and Juliet based on what is happening in his love life. In Moliere, Moliere lives out scenes from Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, and The Bourgeois Gentleman verbatim. And both movies take off from the same premise, that a single great love took hold of each playwright and transformed and ennobled their art, causing each to create a new form of comedy. In Shakespeare in Love, that great love wanders into Shakespeare’s theater and literally collaborates with him in the writing of Romeo and Juliet. In Moliere

    32. Moliere Quotes - The Quotations Page
    moliere; Rest assured that there is nothing which wounds the heart of a noble man more moliere; The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.
    Quotation Search by keyword or author:
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    The Literature Page
    Quotations by Author
    Moliere (1622 - 1673)
    [more author details]

    Showing quotations 1 to 6 of 6 total
    Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths.
    Rest assured that there is nothing which wounds the heart of a noble man more deeply than the thought his honour is assailed.
    The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.
    Moliere - More quotations on: [ Trees
    There's no praise to beat the sort you can put in your pocket.
    To find yourself jilted is a blow to your pride. Do your best to forget it and if you don't succeed, at least pretend to.
    Moliere - More quotations on: [ Pride
    One dies only once, and then for such a long time!
    Molière Le Dépit Amoureux (1656)
    5 Quotations in other collections
    Search for Moliere
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    33. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere
    French comic poet; b. at Paris, 15 Jan., 1622; d. there 17 Feb., 1673.
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... M
    (Properly, JEAN-BAPTISTE POQUELIN, the name by which he became known to fame having been assumed when he went on the stage, to avoid embarrassing his family French comic poet; b. at Paris Jan., 1622; d. there Feb., 1673. He was the son a Paris furniture dealer who was also a valet-de-chambre to the king, and succeeded his father in the latter of these two capacities. After making his studies with the Jesuits at the Clermont , he seems to have studied law in some . It is not known , however, if he ever took his licentiate. The stage very soon attracted him and absorbed him. At twenty-one he entered the theatrical company, organized under the name of "L'Illustre Madeleine troupe engaged a band of four musicians at the cost of one livre per day, and a dancer, who was to receive thirty-five sols per day and five sols extra for every day when there was a performance. The business started with a deficit, and arrested for debt . He was imprisoned in the recognizances. In the course of the subsequent wanderings through different parts of France Jalousie de Volant". Afterwards, about 1653 or 1655, he

    34. Molière: Monologues
    An index of monologues from the plays of Molière. Molière at Court An account of Molière s first performance for Louis XIV.

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    36. Moliere (2007) Movie Database Page At Real Movie News For Daily Movie News Updat
    moliere (2007) future movie and already released movie database page at real movie news for daily movie news updates, review, trailers, posters and more.
    @import ""; @import ""; @import ""; 5th April, 2008 Login Register Search This Site Movie Person Review Movie Database Home Movie Database Latest Movie News: 3rd April 2008: Thomas Haden Church also has Big Eyes! Thomas Haden Church has signed on to star alongside Kate... 2nd April 2008: Ben Stiller is King Doug! Ben Stiller has signed on to produce and will probably... 1st April 2008: Jaime Pressly says I Love You, Man! Jaime Pressly has signed on to co-star in I Love... 31st March 2008: Jason cast in Friday the 13th! Well news reaches us today that Jason Vorhees has been... 28th March 2008: Will Arnett to jet to Rome! Will Arnett has signed on to co-star in When In... Email Alerts: Want to be the first to know when this movie is updated? Login or Register to sign up for email alerts. Moliere (2007) Movie Information: Moliere (2007) Directed by: Laurent Tirard Moliere (2007) Written by: Gregoire Vigneron Laurent Tirard Moliere (2007) Cast: Not available at this time Moliere (2007) Produced by: Not available at this time Moliere (2007) Production Co.:

    37. Digital And Multimedia Commentary Online
    Multimedia and Digital Commentary Online. Site maintained by. Michael Bush Brigham Young University. Provo , UT 84602. Featuring thought on digital and
    Multimedia and Digital Commentary Online Site maintained by Michael Bush Brigham Young University Provo UT Featuring thought on digital and multimedia technologies, book recommendations, and interesting and useful links. Last update:
    6 February 2007
    Important Note!
    I am updating this site after a very long absence and rediscovering the transient nature of the Web. Basically some of the links do not work. Please be patient!
    Places to Go
    A friend of mine in the multimedia industry once told me he was setting a trend by being the first to announce that he was NOT reading Wired . We don't always like their style, but they do know what is going on. The Los Angeles Times provides excellent coverage of what is happening with the impact of digital technology on life in general and on the media in particular. Check out the site for a lot of up-to-date information on Internet technologies. Simba and Cowles have put together SimbaNet , a Web site that looks very interesting for "media professionals."
    On the Web
    Language Learning via the Web shows how the World Wide Web is experiencing exponential growth through its primary use as a means of accessing information. Unfortunately many educators were a bit late in considering its potential for education.

    38. Review: Molière - Cinematical
    Laurent Tirard s Molière belongs to the subgenre of fictionalized biopics, which is considerably better than belonging to the traditional biopic genre,
    @import url(; WoW players: we have all your patch 2.4 news!
    Review: Moli¨re Posted Jul 27th 2007 8:01PM by Nick Schager
    Filed under: Comedy Foreign Language Romance New Releases ...
    Laurent Tirard's
    Shakespeare in Love The Beat That My Heart Skipped 's Romain Duris Tartuffe and The Bourgeois Gentleman , both of which are born from his unlikely stay at the opulent estate of arrogant fat cat Monsieur Jourdain ( Fabrice Luchini ), where he finds himself in the middle of various romantic entanglements. Ruses, double-crosses, and covert kisses ensue, all while Tirard casts his legendary protagonist as a kindred spirit of Preston Sturges' Sullivan, convinced that comedy - his natural calling - is merely the ugly, inferior stepchild to tragedy.
    Ludivine Sagnier
    ). This must all be done in secret, however, since Jourdain is married to the sharp-eyed Elmire ( Laura Morante
    Edouard Baer
    ), a broadly conceived villain profiting off Jourdain's infatuation with Celimene and, later, intent on cementing his bourgeois status by having his son marry Jourdain's elder daughter, who's engaged in her own stealthy trysts with a boy of non-noble birth. Throughout , familiarity is a pressing issue, since its narrative inventiveness isn't quite enough to quell the impression that its myriad complications have been done before, and with slightly more flair.

    39. Moliere Forum Frigate
    Welcome to the moliere Forum Frigate. Post yer opinion, a link to some of yer work, or yer thoughts regarding the best books and criticisms concerning
    Moliere Forum Frigate
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    The Jolly Roger One Page Version
    The new Moliere Forum is at
    Moliere Forum Frigate
    Welcome to the Moliere Forum Frigate. Post yer opinion, a link to some of yer work, or yer thoughts regarding the best books and criticisms concerning Moliere. We'd also like to invite ye to sail on by the Moliere Live Chat , and feel free to use the message board below to schedule a chat session. And the brave of heart shall certainly wish to sign their souls aboard The Jolly Roger Oak planks of reason, riveted with rhyme,
    designed to voyage across all of time.
    The School for Wives The Critique of the School for Wives Tartuffe

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    40. Cercle Molière 2006/2007 - 81e Saison - Pour Rire Et Pour Découvrir
    Translate this page Gala du Homard » du Cercle Molière. Le 6 octobre 2007 2006 Le Cercle Molière. Tous droits réservés / Protection de la confidentialité / English.
    Protection de la confidentialit©
    Protection de la confidentialit©

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