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  1. Letters from a Stoic (Penguin Classics) by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, 1969-07-30
  2. Apocolocyntosis by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, 2010-07-06
  3. Dialogues and Essays (Oxford World's Classics) by Seneca, Tobias Reinhardt Reinhardt, 2009-08-31
  4. Six Tragedies (Oxford World's Classics) by Seneca, 2010-02-28
  5. On the Shortness of Life (Penguin Great Ideas) by Seneca, 2005-09-06
  6. Stoic Philosophy of Seneca: Essays and Letters by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, 1968-09-17
  7. Seneca Falls Inheritance by Miriam Grace Monfredo, 1994-10-01
  8. Dialogues and Letters (Penguin Classics) by Seneca, 1997-11-01
  9. SENECA WARRIOR (White Indian) by Donald C. Porter, 1989-02-01
  10. Seneca (White Indian Series, Book IX (No 9)) by Donald Clayton Porter, 1984-04-01
  11. Selected Letters (Oxford World's Classics) by Seneca, Elaine Fantham, 2010-05-15
  12. The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca by Anthony Wallace, 1972-04-12
  13. Tragedies II: Oedipus, Agamemnon, Thyestes, Hercules on Oeta, Octavia (Loeb Classical Library) by Seneca, 2004-06-30
  14. Seneca Falls and the Origins of the Women's Rights Movement (Pivotal Moments in American History) by Sally McMillen, 2009-09-08

1. Seneca The Younger - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Lucius Annaeus seneca (often known simply as seneca, or seneca the Younger) (c. 4 BC – 65 AD) was a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist,
Seneca the Younger
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Jump to: navigation search Ancient bust of Seneca, part of a double herm ( Antikensammlung Berlin Lucius Annaeus Seneca (often known simply as Seneca , or Seneca the Younger ) (c. 4 BC AD 65 ) was a Roman Stoic philosopher statesman ... dramatist , and in one work humorist , of the Silver Age of Latin literature . He was tutor and later advisor to emperor Nero
  • Biography Reputation Works
    edit Biography
    As Griffin says in her standard modern biography of Seneca "The evidence for Seneca's life before his exile in 41 is so slight, and the potential interest of these years, for social history as well as for biography, is so great that few writers on Seneca have resisted the temptation to eke out knowledge with imagination". Therefore what one reads as supposed fact has to be read with extreme caution. According to Griffin it can be inferred from ancient sources that he was born on any of the three following dates 8, 4, and 1 BC. She thinks he was born between 4 and 1 BC and was resident in Rome by 5 AD. Seneca says that he was carried to Rome in the arms of his mother's stepsister . As Griffin says allowing for rhetorical exaggeration "it is fair to conclude that Seneca was in Rome as a very small boy. His family was from Corduba Hispania (the Iberian Peninsula ), and we might infer that he may have been born there although there is no documentary evidence for this.

2. The Seneca Nation Of Indians
The seneca Nation of Indians (SNI) is one of the six tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy who occupy aboriginal lands in New York State set aside by the
Welcome to the home page of The Seneca Nation Of Indians
The Seneca Nation of Indians (SNI) is one of the six tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy who occupy aboriginal lands in New York State set aside by the Treaty of Canandaigua of 1794 . The Seneca Nation of Indians has a total population of over 7200 enrolled members and holds title to three territories in New York, one of which includes the City of Salamanca. Recent Updates: Job Postings updated 03/24/2008 Updated Forms and Information from the Higher Education Program (HEP) as of 5/17/2007
Current News
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3. Seneca Corporation Customer Support Center Including Microsoft Onsite Computer M
Customer Service Support And Online Technical Support Service For Government And Business Including Software Network Technology End User Productivity
Seneca is a leading provider of outsourced customer care, technical support, helpdesk and business process management (BPM) solutions for government and corporate clients. We offer a variety of programs that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and budget, and include a combination of professional services, customized software and round-the-clock call center support. Whether you need onsite or offsite support and services, Seneca's systems are effective, adaptable tools for automating core business functions that will improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.
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4. Seneca Quotes - The Quotations Page
seneca; Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body. seneca; I do not distinguish by the eye, but by the mind, which is the proper judge.
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Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)
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All art is an imitation of nature.
Seneca - More quotations on: [ Art
An unpopular rule is never long maintained.
As was his language so was his life.
Be not too hasty either with praise or blame; speak always as though you were giving evidence before the judgement-seat of the Gods.
Be silent as to services you have rendered, but speak of favours you have received.
Seneca - More quotations on: [ Service
Consult your friend on all things, especially on those which respect yourself. His counsel may then be useful where your own self-love might impair your judgment.
Dangerous is wrath concealed. Hatred proclaimed doth lose its chance of wreaking vengeance.
Delay not; swift the flight of fortune's greatest favours.
Desultory reading is delightful, but to be beneficial, our reading must be carefully directed.
Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.

5. Lucius Annaeus Seneca (c. 4 BC - 65 AD)
Biography of Roman playwright Lucius Annaeus seneca, plus links to all of his works currently in print.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca Born in Spain in 4 BC, Lucius Annaeus Seneca was educated in Rome and became famous not only as a playwright, but as an orator and philosopher as well. He served as tutor to the young Nero, and when the boy became Emperor in 54 AD, he retained Seneca as his advisor. For several years, Seneca exerted a calming influence on the young emperor. After he retired in AD 62, however, he lost favor with his former pupil, and in AD 65, he was accused of conspiring against Nero and was forced to commit suicide. Of the plays Seneca left behind, at least 8 have survived including The Trojan Women, Oedipus, Medea, The Mad Hercules, The Phoenician Women, Phaedra, Agamemnon and Thyestes . Two more plays, Octavia and Hercules on Oeta have sometimes been attributed to Seneca although many scholars doubt their authenticity. Hercules on Oeta is generally considered to be an unremarkable imitation of Senecan tragedy, and Octavia appears to have been written after Nero's death, thus discounting Seneca as the author.

6. Official Site Of The City Of Seneca, SC - Home
Homepage for the city; includes information about the city, businesses, job openings.
Mailing Address: City of Seneca
221 East North First Street
PO Box 4773
Seneca SC 29679 Phone: E-Mail
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City Administration Clerk/Treasurer City Budget City Taxes ... You Could Win $100.00 Gift Card
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You could win a $100.00 gift card by participating in Seneca Study Circles.
The city is engaged in planning for the future and invites you to a public dialogue process called, Study Circles. Study Circles are scheduled to begin April 8th throughout the city. Each site will host four consecutuve sessions. Plan to attend each of the four session - each session builds on the one before it. See below for the dates and location that best serves you. Read more... USGA 2008 Championship Qualifying Round
USGA 2008 Championship Qualifying Round at Cross Creek Plantation - Monday, May 19th
Rain date: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Norton Thompson Park Gallery Check out our Norton Thompson Park photo gallery and watch as it progresses. Read more...

7. Seneca Foods Corporation
seneca Foods is a world leader in agribusiness. With over 20 facilities located in prime fruit and vegetable producing regions across the United States,

8. Seneca County, NY - In The Heart Of The Finger Lakes
The official website of seneca County, NY government. Serving seneca Falls, Waterloo, Romulus, Lodi, Interlaken, Ovid Tyre.

Rabies Clinic April 2nd 2008 The Seneca County Health Department will be holding a Rabies Vaccination Clinic on Saturday, April 26, 2008 from 10:00am-11:00am at the Lodi Fire Department 8557 Route 414 Lodi. Dogs need to be on le... [Read Full Article] April 2008 Menu for Office for the Aging Nutrition Sites March 27th 2008 Attached is the menu for the month at the Office for the Aging Nutrition sites. Please contact the site you wish to attend at least 24 hours in advance... [Read Full Article] April 2008 Senior Citizen Activities March 27th 2008 Seneca County's Office for the Aging has announced its Senior Center activities for the month. The activities are held at the Senior Center in Waterloo and the Ovid and Trumansburg Nutrition Sites. ... [Read Full Article] Seneca County OFA's Food Co-op List March 24th 2008 Seneca County OFA, in conjunction with, FOODSENSE, Syracuse, NY is posting April’s Projected Food List. This program offers quality food at reasonable prices. Participants pay $15.50 in cash or food s... [Read Full Article] SENECA COUNTY TO CELEBRATE "LAW DAY" MAY 1 March 19th 2008 The Seneca County Criminal Justice Advisory Board has announced the theme for this year's annual "Law Day," to be held Thursday, May 1.

9. Lucius Annaeus Seneca (3 B.C.-65 A.D.)
A biography of the Roman playwright Lucius Annaeus seneca; includes a list of related links.
Home Ancient Theatre Medieval Theatre 16th Century ... Email Us LUCIUS ANNAEUS SENECA (3 B.C.-65 A.D.) T HE eight tragedies and one praetexta Among Greek writers, Euripides attracted Seneca most. His Agamemnon is an imitation of Aeschylus , his Oedipus after Sophocles ; all the other plays are after Euripides. In most cases he retained the Greek names and plot, making slight changes in the arrangement of scenes, or shifting the action in order to bring a different character into prominence. Here and there a new personage is introduced; yet the Latin plays are generally shorter than the Greek originals. The chorus was retained, though there was no dancing place in a Roman theater. The lyrics given to the chorus by Seneca do not advance the plot or intensify the action; they merely serve for rhetorical display and seem therefore doubly redundant and artificial. The Medea , the Mad Hercules , and The Trojan Women are among the best of his plays. In the first two, the action is practically identical with the Greek prototypes.

10. Seneca College - Toronto, Canada.- Home
A community college with campuses located throughout Toronto, offering students fulltime and part-time studies in many different disciplines.

11. Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel
seneca Niagara Casino Hotel, Niagara Falls casino, Niagara Falls NY.
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13. Lucius Annaeus Seneca - Philosopher - Biography
Lucius Annaeus seneca, Resources of this famous Philosopher at the egs.
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Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Lucius Annaeus Seneca, [The Younger] (c.3 BCE-AD 65)
We learn not in the school, but in life.
He gained prestige in Rome in the courts while he was also known as a writer of tragedies and essays. However, he fell out of favor with the emperor Caligula in 39 AD, and the emperor Claudius finally exiled Seneca to Corsica in 41 AD, charging him with committing adultery with Claudius' niece, the princess Julia Livilla. In Corsica he pursued his studies of philosophy and natural sciences, writing the three treatises titled Consolationes . In 49 AD he was invited back to Rome on the recommendation of the Emperor's wife, Agrippina. In 50 AD he married an influential and well-connected woman named Pompeia Paulina, and became praetor. His new friends included the prefect of the guard, Sextus Afranius Burrus, and Seneca was appointed tutor to the future emperor Nero. Upon Nero's succession, this lead to his unofficial appointment as chief minister. Seneca has been credited with influencing a period of sound government during the first part of Nero's reign. However, Seneca's enemies gradually turned Nero against him, suggesting that his popularity and wealth made him a threat. In 62 AD he retired from public life to devote himself to writing and philosophy. It was during this time that he wrote the

14. Seneca
seneca national tour. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/senecaSOUND.

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seneca national tour WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SENECASOUND

15. The Onodowahgah: Seneca
Overview of the seneca tribe s history.
Onodowahgah (The People of the Great Hill) Seneca Artwork by John Kahionhes Fadden OVERVIEW: Written by Kanatiiosh The Seneca call themselves Onondowahgah, which means the People of the Great Hill. The name refers to the Seneca's belief that they emerged into this world from under South Hill, which is located near Canandaigua Lake in what is now New York State. The Onondowahgah are one of the original Five Nations to accept the Peacemaker's message and joined together with the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, and Cayuga to form the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, which is also know as the Iroquois Confederacy. Haudenosaunee translates to mean (People of the Longhouse), which refers to the type of homes built by the Haudenosaunee. In the picture (above), the artist (Kahionhes) depicts the Onondowahgah by showing a man wearing a gustoweh (feathered hat) containing a single eagle feather placed next to a big hill to represent that the Seneca are known as the People of the Great Hill. When reading the Aiionwatha (Hiawatha) Belt, looking northward, the first square on the left-hand side represents the Seneca Nation. The square on the far right-hand side represents the Mohawk Nation. However, if you read the Aiionwatha belt looking southward, then the opposite would be true. The Seneca are known as the Elder Brothers, which has significance when the Grand Council of Chiefs, composed of all fifty chiefs of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, meet to discuss matters of importance to the entire Confederacy. The Seneca are also known as the Keepers of the Western Door. In the picture (above), the man is wearing a gustoweh, which is a feathered hat. One can identify the Nation that the wearer is from by the number of eagle feathers and the position that these feathers are worn on the gustoweh.

16. Seneca Lake Winery Association - Home
seneca Lake Winery Association thirty wineries surrounding seneca lake. Tours, tastings and wine sales.
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Sorry, but Javascript is not enabled in your browser! var delay=5000;var transition=40;var preLoader='jw-sir-loading'; You are here: Home Welcome to the Seneca Lake Wine Trail ~ A Tasteful Experience! About the Seneca Lake Wine Trail Request information or contact us if you have questions. The next Trail-wide event is the Click on the logo for McCadam Cheese, our event co-sponsor, to learn more about this persistently popular, fun event that combines world class wines, with innovative dishes created with New York cheese from McCadam at over 33 different wineries! 12 Days of Christmas
Latest News - The latest iteration of our "12 Wine Days of Christmas" song, performed by several owners and tasting room managers from a variety of member wineries, has been posted on YouTube. It is a hoot! Senecal Lake Wine Trail on MySpace
The Seneca Lake Wine Trail has officially opened up a MySpace page, joining the digital revolution more fully than ever before! Visit our page at:

17. Seneca (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
seneca is a major philosophical figure of the Roman Imperial Period. As a Stoic philosopher writing in Latin, seneca makes a lasting contribution to
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  • 1. Life and Works 2. Seneca's Stoicism
    1. Life and Works
    Seneca's philosophical writings have often been interpreted with an eye to his biography: how could his discussions of the healing powers of philosophy not reflect his own life? However, as personal as Seneca's style often is, his writings are not autobiographical (Edwards 1997). Seneca creates a literary persona for himself. He discusses the questions that occupy him in a way that invites his readers to think about issues in their own life, rather than in Seneca's life. The writings that we shall primarily be concerned with are: the Moral Letters to Lucilius Ad Lucilium epistulae morales ), the Moral Essays dialogi Codex Ambrosianus Essays are two further works that came down to us in other manuscripts), and the Natural Questions Naturales quaestiones A brief note is in order here on the relative chronology of Seneca's works, which is hard to establish given that we know so little about Seneca's life. The

18. Seneca Language And The Seneca Indian Tribe (Onandowaga)
seneca language information and the culture, history and genealogy of the seneca Indians. Includes a kids section with questions and answers about the
Index of Indian languages Index of Indian cultures What's new on our site today!
Seneca Indian Language
Seneca is an Iroquoian language of the Northeast Woodlands, spoken by about 100 people in New York State. Most Seneca speakers are elders, but some young Senecas are working to keep their ancestral language alive.
Seneca Language
Seneca language samples and resources.
Seneca Culture and History
Related links about the Seneca tribe past and present.
Seneca Indians Fact Sheet
Our answers to common questions about the lifestyle of the Seneca Indian tribe.
Seneca Language Resources
Our Online Seneca Materials
Seneca Vocabulary
List of vocabulary words in the Seneca language, with comparison to words in other Iroquoian languages.
Seneca Pronunciation Guide

How to pronounce Seneca words.
Seneca Indian Facts for Kids

Fact sheet on Seneca lifestyle in the past and today for kids and other students.
Seneca Animal Words

Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Seneca language.
Seneca Colors

Worksheet showing color words in the Seneca language.
Seneca Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions
Seneca Language
English-Seneca glossary with soundfiles.

Village of seneca community history and information.
Welcome to Seneca, Illinois Business Directory Churches Health Care Education ... 2006 Freedom Run

20. Seneca Insurance Company, Inc.
seneca is a commercial property and casualty insurance company licensed in 50 states. Standard Lines are available from locations in New York City
Seneca is a commercial property and casualty insurance company licensed in 50 states. Standard Lines are available from locations in New York City , Richmond ,Louisville , and Denver . Through independent brokers and agents we provide property and liability coverages for risks classified as main street and specialty lines including:

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