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         Shaw George Bernard:     more books (100)
  1. Caesar and Cleopatra by George Bernard Shaw, 2010-03-06
  2. Plays by George Bernard Shaw by George Bernard Shaw, 2004-08-03
  3. Plays Pleasant (Penguin Classics) by George Bernard Shaw, 2003-08-26
  4. The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism & Capitalism by George Bernard Shaw, 2010-12-16
  5. St. Joan by George Bernard Shaw, 1964-12
  6. Bernard Shaw (Applause Books) by Eric Bentley, George Bernard Shaw, 2002-05-01
  7. Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, 2004-03-30
  8. George Bernard Shaw: Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw, 2010-07-12
  9. Getting Married (mobi) by George Bernard Shaw, 2008-08-05
  10. Pygmalion (Enriched Classics Series) by George Bernard Shaw, 2005-07-26
  11. Seven Plays by George Bernard Shaw, 2000-01
  12. The Philanderer (mobi) by George Bernard Shaw, 2008-08-05
  13. George Bernard Shaw's Plays (Norton Critical Editions) by George Bernard Shaw, 2002-04
  14. Plays Extravagant (Shaw Library) by George Bernard Shaw, 1992-05-05

1. George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish Writer.
(18561950) Irish writer. George Bernard Shaw was a playwright, essayist, political activist, lecturer, novelist, philosopher, revolutionary evolutionist,
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Classic Literature
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    A-to-Z Writers A-to-Z Writers S - Writers - Last Names Shaw, George Bernard
    Shaw, George Bernard
    (1856-1950) Irish writer. George Bernard Shaw was a playwright, essayist, political activist, lecturer, novelist, philosopher, revolutionary evolutionist, and most prolific letter writer in literary history. Biography and Bibliography Find a brief bio and catalog of works for the Irish dramatist, literary critic, socialist spokesman, and prominent C20th-century figure. Nobel Prize Internet Archive Find links to fan pages, festival information, biographies, and bibliographies for the winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize in Literature. zSB(2,5);
  • 2. George Bernard Shaw At LSE Archives
    Skip You are here Welcome to LSE Library Collections Archives Guide to holdings George Bernard Shaw at LSE Archives
    Home Help Search A-Z site index ... LSE for You You are here - Welcome to LSE Library Collections Archives ... Guide to holdings
    Bernard Shaw papers at LSE Archives
    Business papers (SHAW) Diaries (R(SR)293) Photographs (SHAW PHOTOGRAPHS) Other papers ... Further information George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950, author and playwright, was one of the founders of the School. LSE Archives holds three main collections relating to him (reference codes to the documents are in brackets).
    Business papers (SHAW)
    This collection consists of:
    • engagement diaries, 1877-1950 correspondence with printers, publishers, translators and literary agents financial records, including bank statements, income tax returns and details of the royalties received from the theatrical companies, publishers and film companies photocopies of letters from Shaw's wife, Charlotte Shaw to various correspondents, 1899-1936 (SHAW/31).
    Diaries (R(SR)293)
    • 13 personal diaries of George Bernard Shaw, written in Pitman shorthand with some longhand annotation, 1885-1897. They detail the minutiae of his daily life from the relative obscurity of his twenties to the notoriety of his early forties. 5 volumes of loose translation of the diaries made after the second world war by Blanche Patch, George Bernard Shaw's secretary

    3. George Bernard Shaw: Monologues
    MONOLOGUES BY GEORGE BERNARD SHAW. Caesar and Cleopatra dramatic monologue for a man. The Doctor s Dilemma - dramatic monologue for a woman.

    4. George Bernard Shaw Quotes
    A collection of quotes attributed to Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw.
    Browse quotes by subject Browse quotes by author
    GEORGE BERNARD SHAW QUOTES There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Man and Superman All great truths begin as blasphemies. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Annajanska The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Maxims for Revolutionists Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny. They have only shifted it to another shoulder. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Man and Superman When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Caesar and Cleopatra We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Candida Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Maxims for Revolutionists The true artist will let his wife starve, his children go barefoot, his mother drudge for a living at seventy, sooner than work at anything but his art.

    5. George Bernard Shaw Biography
    George Bernard Shaw biography and related resources.
    Biography Base Home Link To Us Search Biographies: Browse Biographies A B C D ... Z George Bernard Shaw Biography George Bernard Shaw (July 26, 1856-November 2, 1950) was an Irish playwright and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 1925.
    Born in Dublin, Shaw moved to London during the 1870s to embark on his literary career. He wrote five novels, all of which were rejected, before finding his first success as a music critic on the Star newspaper. In the meantime he had become involved in politics, and served as a local councillor in the St Pancras district of London for several years from 1897. He was a noted socialist who took a leading role in the Fabian Society.
    Shaw's correspondence with Mrs. Patrick Campbell was adapted for the stage by Jerome Kilty as DEAR LIAR: A Comedy of Letters. His letters to another prominent actress, Ellen Terry, have also been published and dramatised.
    By the time of his death, Shaw was not only a household name in the British Isles, but a world figure.
    His ironic wit endowed the language with the adjective Shavian, to refer to such clever observations as "England and America are two countries divided by a common language." [1]
    Concerned about the inconsistency of English spelling, he willed a portion of his wealth to fund the creation of a new phonetic alphabet for the English language, known as the Shavian alphabet.

    6. Famous Quote
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    The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism
    by those who have not got it.
    George Bernard Shaw
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    7. Shaw, George Bernard - Ninemsn Encarta
    Shaw, George Bernard (18561950), Irish-born writer and Nobel laureate, considered the most significant British dramatist since Shakespeare. In
    var s_account="msnportalencartaau"; ninemsn Home Hotmail My ninemsn Sign in ... More Additional Reference Thesaurus Bilingual Dictionaries Sidebar Primary Resources Homework Resources Foreign Language Help Times Archive Literature Guides ... Project Starters Support Encarta Products Encarta Answers Encarta Worldwide Help Editors' Choice Great books about your topic, Shaw, George Bernard , selected by Encarta editors Related Items more... Encarta Search Search Encarta about Shaw, George Bernard
    Shaw, George Bernard
    Encyclopedia Article Find in this article View printer-friendly page E-mail Multimedia 2 items Article Outline Introduction Early Career High Comedy The Post-War Years ... The Last Plays I
    Printer-friendly version of section Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1950), Irish-born writer and Nobel laureate, considered the most significant British dramatist since Shakespeare . In addition to being a prolific playwright (he wrote more than 50 stage plays), he was also the most trenchant pamphleteer since the Irish-born Jonathan Swift , and the most readable music critic and best theatre critic of his generation. He was also an indefatigable writer of letters.

    8. George Bernard Shaw
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    Home Virtual Library English :: George Bernard Shaw.
    George Bernard Shaw
    Short Biography
    Up Last modified: $Date: 2007/07/29 19:40:34 $
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    9. Shaw, George Bernard : Celebrity Quotes : Quotes - Mega Net
    Login. mega net. Search Mega Net. Home Library Reference Dictionaries Quotes Celebrity Quotes Shaw, George Bernard
    Login Search Mega Net: Home Library Reference Dictionaries ... Celebrity Quotes : Shaw, George Bernard Shaw, George Bernard - International Vegetarian Union Collection of quotes from Shaw regarding his vegetarianism includes excerpts from letters and "The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles." Shaw, George Bernard - Random Quotes Page Generator displays a different Shaw saying with every visit. Click the button to see another of the 123 quotations.
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    10. You Never Can Tell By Shaw, George Bernard
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    Price: Author: Shaw, George Bernard Publisher: eBookbase ( All Products by eBookbase Publish Date: ISBN: Category: Classics Language: English Type: Downloadable Formats:
    McCOMAS. Howled at! My dear good lady: there is nothing in any of those views now-a-days to prevent her from marrying a bishop. You reproached me just now for having become respectable. You were wrong: I hold to our old opinions as strongly as ever. I don't go to church; and I don't pretend I do. I call myself what I am: a Philosophic Radical, standing for liberty and the rights of the individual, as I learnt to do from my master Herbert Spencer.
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    11. Shaw, George Bernard - Printer-friendly - MSN Encarta
    Click here to print this page Print. Shaw, George Bernard, Article View. On the File menu, click Print to print the information.
    var s_account="msnportalencartauk"; Print Shaw, George Bernard Article View On the File menu, click Print to print the information. Shaw, George Bernard III. High Comedy “Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh,” wrote Shaw in The Doctor’s Dilemma (1906). It is this double focus—on both the hilarious absurdity and the crushing seriousness of life—that blurs the distinctions between high drama and comedy in Shaw’s works. His mature comedies are, in fact, very serious plays. Major Barbara (1905) and The Doctor’s Dilemma (1906) are both vehicles for an examination of society’s complicity in its own evils. In Major Barbara , Shaw questions the easy habits of morality that vilify the principles and practices of a munitions manufacturer while applauding the members and benefactors of the Salvation Army. By the end of the play Barbara has realized that the Salvation Army’s solutions are inadequate and the power of Undershaft, the industrialist, must be confronted and redirected—as she puts it, “[t]here is no wicked side: life is all one”. Ideas of power and social intervention fascinated Shaw, and the action of Major Barbara pivots around the Platonic recommendation that “society cannot be saved until either the Professors of Greek take to making gunpowder, or else the makers of gunpowder become Professors of Greek”. The former in fact happens in the play, when the Classical scholar, Adolphus Cusins, agrees to join Undershaft’s business.

    12. Shaw George Bernard - Search Results - MSN Encarta
    MSN HomeHotmailMy MSNSign in. encartamore. Envelope Hotmail Two people figures Messenger Figure of person in front of computer monitor My MSN
    var s_account="msnportalencartauk"; MSN Home Hotmail My MSN Sign in ... more Hotmail Messenger My MSN MSN Directory Auctions Cars Entertainment Environment ... More Additional Reference Thesaurus Bilingual Dictionaries Sidebar Primary Resources Homework Resources Foreign Language Help Times Archive Literature Guides ... Project Starters Support Encarta Products Encarta Answers Encarta Worldwide Help ... Join Now Searched for ' Shaw George Bernard' Encarta Answers George Bernard Shaw: On July 26, 1856, George Bernard Shaw, Irish-born writer and Nobel laureate, considered the most significant British dramatist since Shakespeare, was born in Dublin (d. 1950). More about George Bernard Shaw Source About Encarta Answers ... on November 3, 1950. See all search results in Encarta Articles (196) Encarta Multimedia George Bernard Shaw Bernard Montgomery Bernard Berenson ... Bernard Malamud See all search results in Encarta Multimedia (85) Maps George George Town See all search results in Maps (6) Windows Live® Search Results George Bernard Shaw Author, playwright and socialist. Became an active member of the Social Democratic Federation, the Fabian Society and the Socialist League. Wrote plays dealing with issues such as ... BBC - BBC Four - Audio Interviews - George Bernard Shaw Listen to extracts from a BBC interview with George Bernard Shaw ... Talks for Sixth Formers 1 January 1937 BBC George Bernard Shaw talks about ... Read about George Bernard Shaw ... JOHN GIELGUD Actor Talking about playing the classics, including Hamlet: JUDI DENCH See all search results in Windows Live® Search Results

    13. BookFizz: SAYINGS OF GEORGE BERNARD SHAW By George Bernard Shaw
    Home Literature_ _literary_studies Nonfiction Literary_essays S Shaw,_George_Bernard SAYINGS OF GEORGE BERNARD SHAW
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    George Bernard Shaw This series collects together the best-known aphorisms, epigrams and reflections of a wide variety of figures from antiquity to our own age: humorists and novelists, poets and philosophers, politicians and playwrights. Review It Rate It Buy this book now
    Detailed Information for: SAYINGS OF GEORGE BERNARD SHAW Binding: Paperback UK RRP: Canadian: CND$6.99 Pages: Published: ISBN: Publisher: Published In: UK Academic Level: GENERAL Dimensions: 197mm x 114mm BIC 1.0 Category: CTKF BIC 2.0 Category: DNF
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    16. George Bernard Shaw, And Enjoying George Bernard Shaw Events
    GEORGE BERNARD SHAW ARCHIVES Current Future George Bernard Shaw Events External George Bernard Shaw Links. George Bernard Shaw

    17. Shaw George Bernard: Art And Artist Resources For S Links In The Literature Data
    Shaw George Bernard art / artists links S Authors, Literature directory. Shaw George Bernard resources.
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