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         Architecture Landscaping:     more books (107)
  1. Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies by Owen E. Dell, 2009-02-09
  2. Architects at Corsham Court: A Study in Revival Style Architecture and Landscaping by F.J. Ladd, 1978-09-28
  3. Interactive Textures for Architecture and Landscaping: Digital Elements and Technologies by Mikael Wiberg, 2010-09-30
  4. Start & Run A Landscaping Business (Start and Run a...) by Joel LaRusic, 2005-04
  5. Open Spaces in Vienna: A Guide to Contemporary Landscaping by Georg Lammel, Sascha Jakab, 1998-09-14
  6. Spon's Estimating Costs Guide to Small Groundworks, Landscaping and Gardening (Spon's Estimating Costs Guides) by Bryan Spain, 2007-12-03
  7. Creating Simplicity - Sri Lankan Tropical Architecture - Design & Landscaping by Anura Ratnavibhushana, 2009
  8. Landscaping: Principles and Practices by Jack E. Ingels, 1991-04
  9. Ortho's All About Landscaping (Ortho's All About Gardening) by Jo Kellum, 1999-01-15
  10. Landscape Architecture. a Quarterly Magazine Estate, Garden and Park Planning--Town and Country Planning Land Subdivision Volume XXIII No. 1. October 1932 by Henry Vincent. Hubbard, 1932

1. Animation Careers Outside Of Entertainment: Architecture And Landscaping FREE So
Animation Careers Outside of Entertainment Architecture and Landscaping Animation Careers Outside of Entertainment Architecture and Landscaping freeware
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Animation Careers Outside of Entertainment: Architecture and Landscaping
From Adrien-Luc Sanders, If your interests lie less in the realm of character animation and more in the realm of environments, landscapes, technical modeling, and architecture, then you could seek out a career in architecture, landscaping, or even interior design. Landscaping was, at one point, an entirely hands-on job, but the planning and preliminary stages are quickly migrating more into the digital realm. Landscape plans for acres of land can be modeled down to minute detail in 3D programs, even emulating the real altitudes and slopes of the existing tracts of land; these can then be used to generate blueprints and timelines for development and construction. Landscaping can also cross over into architectural animation when working on outdoor designs like amusement parks, kiosks, and sports arenas, among others. Of course, architectural animation on its own is a very useful skill to learn; designers who can create 3D models of buildings from blueprints are nearly indispensable when it comes to planning construction. Details such as measurements, materials, and placements of beams, supports, windows, and other design elements can all be worked out in a three-dimensional environment, and can help to predict any potential pitfalls as well as estimate the materails required for the project. When that animation is combined with programmed simulations of physics and natural forces, architectural animators can even help to demonstrate how a prospective building's materials might hold up or cave when under stress from various forces, as well as predict how much tension and weight supports can handle. These sort of predictions and test simulations can end up saving lives.

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