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         Basketball History:     more books (100)
  1. Black Hoops: The History of African Americans in Basketball by Fredrick McKissack, 1999-02
  2. Sports Illustrated: The Basketball Book by Editors of Sports Illustrated, 2007-10-23
  3. FreeDarko Presents: The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History by Bethlehem Shoals, Dr. Lawyer IndianChief, et all 2010-10-26
  4. Bull Run: The Story of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls The Greatest Team in Basketball History by Roland Lazenby, 2002-09-25
  5. Great Moments in Basketball History (Matt Christopher) by Matt Christopher, 2009-10-01
  6. All the moves: A history of college basketball (Harper colophon books) by Neil David Isaacs, 1984
  7. Pictorial History of College Basketball by Bill Gutman, 1989-08
  8. Basketball: A History of Hoops (The Watts History of Sports) by Mark Stewart, 1999-03
  9. Basketball: Its Origin and Development by James Naismith, 1996-01-01
  10. Fighting Illini Basketball : A Hardwood History by The News-Gazette, 2001-01-15
  11. The Only Dance in Iowa: A History of Six-Player Girls' Basketball by David (Max) McElwain, 2004-11-01
  12. Hoopmania: The Book of Basketball History and Trivia (Sports Illustrated for Kids Books) by Brad Herzog, 2002-07
  13. The Story of Basketball (Sports History) by Anastasia Suen, 2002-08
  14. Shattering the Glass: The Remarkable History of Women's Basketball by Pamela Grundy, Susan Shackelford, 2007-03-05

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The Great Basketball Debate Up 3 To Foul or Defend? Welcome to a five-part series looking at the greatest debates in the basketball world today.
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3. NBA Sportsbook Betting - History Of Basketball
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4. Top Sports News And Updates
Official Website of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006.
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6. History
customer service. 888382-4537. toll free. My Account Shopping Cart Track Your Order Contact Us. Search. All Products, Arcade Games, Baseball
  • Sporting Goods
    • Basketball Baseball Soccer ... Contact Us Search: in All Products Sporting Goods Game Rooms Toys and Games Outdoor Living You are here : Home Dazadi-Pedia History Dazadi's Basketball History Dazadi-Pedia Want to know a little bit more before you make your decision? Check out one of our detailed buying guides, game rules, and history pages. Buying Guides: History: Games Rules: Why Shop ... Testimonials Dazadi's Basketball History Guide In 1891 the minister Dr. James Naismith faced the problem of finding a sport for students at the School for Christian Workers that could be played indoors during the bitter New England winter. Taking inspiration from a game he played as a child called "Duck-on-a-Rock," he nailed peach baskets (originally he asked the janitor for boxes but none could be found) to two YMCA gymnasium walls and wrote up thirteen simple rules. The very first basketball game, which featured two teams of nine players using a soccer ball, occurred on January 20, 1892 and ended in an amazingly low score of 1-0. Basketball showed people that an indoor sport could require the vigor and athleticism (as opposed to, say, cribbage) that were usually reserved for outdoor sports, and as a result the game was immediately popular. In its first couple decades, basketball's rules varied from game to game as it slowly evolved. In Naismith's original rules, the player could not dribble or move while in possession in the ball, so the only way to for a team to advance towards the goal was through passing, as in Ultimate Frisbee. Players were finally allowed to move with the ball while dribbling in 1910, but they were not allowed to attempt a shot after moving. It wasn't until 1916 that the rules allowed players to move, dribble, and shoot in a way that that is familiar to modern players.

7. Gulf High School Basketball History
GULF HIGH SCHOOL. Boys Basketball History. This page is under construction. Contributions are welcome via email to Jeff Miller. This page was last revised
Boys Basketball History
This page is under construction. Contributions are welcome via email to Jeff Miller . This page was last revised on Aug. 29, 2007.
On Oct. 5, 1922, the "Gulf High School Notes" column in the New Port Richey Press reported, "We have no equipment at present but we hope that some plan will be devised in the near future for securing basketball outfits, as we wish to organize two teams, one for girls and one for boys. However, apparently no basketball was played in the 1922-23 school year.
On Sept. 21, 1923, the New Port Richey Press reported: "The girls of the high school have been busy the past week holding frequent candy sales, the proceeds of which will be used for the purchase of a basket ball and goals. A start will be made in basket ball this year on a sand court, but the school hopes to have either a hardsurfaced court or an outdoor plank floor to play on before the end of the season." On Nov. 9, 1923, Gulf High Life reported: "The basketballs have arrived but the standards have not been put up yet, but we hope to have them up before long. We are also anxious to have the court hard-surfaced. ... The boys' and girls' athletic association are planning a program, which is to be given next month, for the purpose of raising sufficient funds to hard-surface the basketball court. On Jan. 11, 1924, the boys basketball team played St. Petersburg High School on the town court at 8 p.m. Gulf lost 14-12. This is Gulf's earliest known basketball game played against another school.

8. Basketball History — The World Almanac For Kids
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9. History Of Basketball
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Basketball History
Dr. James Naismith is known world-wide as the inventor of basketball. He was born in 1861 in Ramsay township, near Almonte, Ontario, Canada. The concept of basketball was born from his school days in the area where he played a simple child's game known as duck-on-a-rock outside his one-room schoolhouse. The game involved attempting to knock a "duck" off the top of a large rock by tossing another rock at it. Naismith went on to attend McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After serving as McGill's Athletic Director, he moved on to the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA in 1891 where the sport of basketball was born. In Springfield, Naismith was faced with the problem of finding a sport that was suitable for play inside during the Massachusetts winter for the students at the School for Christian Workers. Naismith wanted to create a game of skill for the students instead of one that relied solely on strength. He needed a game that could be played indoors in a relatively small space. The first game was played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets used as goals.

Flagler College Northeast Florida s finest private fouryear liberal arts college,
Men's Basketball Main Schedule/Scores Roster Coaching Staff
Time for Summer Youth Basketball camps After defeating Albertson (Idaho, 22-10) 82-70 March 10 in the 14th Annual NAIA Division II National Championship tournament in Point Lookout, Mo., the Saints lost March 11 to Concordia (Nebr., 30-5), 63-70. Tournament Schedule Keep up with the games at the NAIA website, updated every 30 seconds: Flagler v. Albertson game Flagler v. Concordia game
Read Gargoyle Sports Editor Lou Dubois' reports from Branson
Hear the Saints Basketball games at Nationals live on WFCF
Flagler College Radio, 88.5 FM,
and streaming on the Internet. During periods of high use such as this, you might experience difficulty connecting to WFCF online. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please continue to try logging on. We welcome your feedback. Please let us know about your experience with WFCF online by sending an email to Brian Thompson at

11. Basketball History Software
Basketball Browser is a basketball themed web browser that delivers easy access to NBA and NCAA basketball news. Read hoops coverage provided by ESPN,
home link to us contact us SOFTWARE CATEGORIES ... RSS FEEDS Basketball History Free Basketball Browser 1.0
Basketball Browser is a basketball themed web browser that delivers easy access to NBA and NCAA basketball news. Read hoops coverage provided by ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, CNN/SI, NBC Sports, and Yahoo Sports with ease by utilizing tabs and quick links. NBA team websites, NCAA Division-1A conference websites, and fan forums are also embedded within this basketball web browser. Basketball Browser automatically finds related basketball...
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13.  PHS 06-07 Basketball
Paintsville Boys Basketball 2007-2008. Coach Bill M. Runyon (Total Wins 501)(W-173 L-89 in last nine seasons) Region 15 District 57 History/Basketball_History/phsbasketball-07-08.htm
var MenuLinkedBy="AllWebMenus [4]",awmMenuName="menu",awmBN="638";awmAltUrl=""; Paintsville - Boys Basketball 2007-2008 Coach: Bill M. Runyon (Total Wins 501)(W-173 L-89 in last nine seasons)
Region: 15 (Total Wins 531) (W-203 L-92 in last ten seasons) District : 57 updated 3/21/2008
SCORE Dec 3, '07 Perry County Central Paintsville (W) Dec 4, '07 Betsy Layne Paintsville (W) Dec 7, '07 Lawrence County Lawrence County (W) Dec 13, '07 Magoffin County Paintsville (W) Dec 15, '07 South Charleston, WV Pikeville (L) Kentucky Farm Bureau Classic
Dec 20, '07 Scott, WV Paintsville (W) Paintsville Tiger Hoops Classic
Dec 21, '07 Tates Creek Paintsville (W) Paintsville Tiger Hoops Classic
Dec 22, '07 Tolsia,WV Paintsville (W) Paintsville Tiger Hoops Classic
Dec 27, '07

14. Home - Christian Brothers College High School
Philosophy of Education. Christian Brothers. Christian Service. Executive Council. Lasallian Educator. St. De LaSalle. CBC Media Center. Contact CBC

15. Basketball History — The World Almanac For Kids
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16. NBA Team History - History Of NBA Basketball Teams, NBA History
Find extensive NBA Team History information at Hollywood Sportsbook. In this section of our website, you will find complete NBA Basketball Team History
Bet on NBA Basketball
1947-48: The Game's First Star The Lakers franchise predates the NBA. The Minneapolis Lakers' first season was 1947-48, when the team entered the National Basketball League. A strange series of events early that year landed the Lakers the biggest prize in the game at that time-center George Mikan. Mikan was a 6-10 giant of a man who had dominated college basketball in his four years at DePaul. He joined the Chicago American Gears at the end of the 1945-46 season, then led the Gears to the NBL Championship the following year. Prior to the 1947-48 campaign Maurice White, president of the American Gear Company and owner of the Chicago team, pulled the club out of the NBL. White's plan was to create a 24-team circuit called the Professional Basketball League of America, in which he would own all of the teams and all of the arenas. But the new league lasted barely a month, and the players on White's teams were distributed among the 11 NBL franchises. The first-year Minneapolis Lakers landed Mikan strictly by chance. The Lakers were a good team even without Mikan. The club featured a fine forward named Jim Pollard and one of the better playmakers in the league in Herm Schaefer. Coaching the squad was John Kundla, who had been hired away from the University of Minnesota. But once the bespectacled Mikan joined the Lakers there was no stopping them.

17. Tartu Student Games 1998 - Basketball, The Sequence Of Competition
Men, group A Men, group B Men, group C Men, group D, Men places 1.8., I group Men places 1.-8., II group Men places 9.-13., I group Men places 9.
Tartu Student Games 1998
Basketball, the sequence of competition
Men, group A
Men, group B

Men, group C

Men, group D
Women finals
Men basketball, group A
Team points balance place University of Latvia Klaipeda University University of Tartu University of Karlsruhe Order : 1-4: 2-3: 4-3: 1-2: 2-4: 3-1 1. game (University of Latvia - University of Karlsruhe 46:35(27:8)) comments:
Points per player:
University of Latvia
  • Muzers E. Muiznieks O. Zakis A. Puce I. Vilums U. Priedits J. Lapsa Z. Usttis U.
  • University of Karlsruhe
  • Grosschmidt Peschke Aichert Kolb Grünewald Koch Rumpel Welz Sonnefeld
  • 2. game (Klaipeda University - University of Tartu 58:70(27:42)) comments:
    Points per player:
    Klaipeda University
  • Kurauskas Vicys Bugys Novikas Zuknevicius Platukis Betingis Bickauskas
  • University of Tartu
  • Kriisa Kallas Kandimaa Tein Visnapuu Ottender Lõhmus
  • 3. game (University of Karlsruhe - University of Tartu 31:51 (14:16)) comments:
    Points per player:
    University of Tartu
  • Kandimaa Visnapuu Tein Ottender Vau Jõeveer Vahimets Kriisa Jürgenson
  • University of Karlsruhe
  • Kolb Grosschmidt Aichert Grünewald
  • 4. game (University of Latvia - Klaipeda University 62:57 (28:23))

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