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         Basketry:     more books (100)
  1. Alaska Basketry (1917) by V. V. Cavana, 2010-09-10
  2. Basketry Of The Coast And Islands Of The Pacific, Etc.: Exhibited April, 1896, At The Portland Library (1896) by James Jackson, Velina P. Molson, et all 2010-09-10
  3. Inexpensive Basketry (1912) by William S. Marten, 2010-09-10
  4. Baleen Basketry of the North Alaskan Eskimo by Molly Lee, 1998-06
  5. Native American Basketry of Southern California by Christopher L. Moser, 1993-06
  6. The Complete Book of Baskets and Basketry by Dorothy Wright, 1992-05
  7. Basketry Today: With Materials From Nature by Dona Z. Meilach, 1979-10-07
  8. American Indian Basketry of Northern California: Catalog for the Exhibition of "American Indian Basketry of Northern California" from the Permanent Co by Christopher L. Moser, 1989-01
  9. Basketry of the Papago and Pima Indians (Rio Grande Classic) by Mary L. Kissell, 1972-06
  10. Alaska Indian Basketry (Shorey Indian Series) by L.W. MacDowell, 1989-07
  11. The Basketry Book by Mary Miles Blanchard, 2010-01-01
  12. Priscilla juniors' basketry book;
  13. Basketry: The Shaker Tradition: History, Techniques, Projects by John McGuire, 2004-09-01
  14. Native American Basketry of Southern California by Christopher L. Moser, 1993-06

61. Prim Pines - Your Source For Pine Needle Basketry Supplies!
Prim Pines is a great source for all of your pine needle basketry supplies. Coiling, using longleaf pine needles, black walnut, agate and artwood slices,

Gallery Schedule Supplies ... Order Form The Prim Pines Company is a premier source for all of your pine needle basketry supplies. This nature craft is not weaving, but coiling, using long-leaf pine needles, black walnut slices, agate slices, basketry threads and sinew to make baskets and other crafts. We make most of our products, from gathering and bundling of pine needles to slicing walnuts. We also make the gauges, cappers, wooden bases, lid knobs, artwood, and agate centers, bone cards of threads and sinews. To take a class with Judy, check her schedule. Order Coiling supplies from us, just find what you want on the Supplies page ; then go to the Order Form, print it out, fill it out and send it to us, or you can email us with the information requested on the Order Form FYI : our email address has changed to Home Gallery Schedule ... Order Form

62. Exploring Basket Weaving, Basketry & Basket Making - Instructions, Techniques, T
Learn the history and fundamentals of basketry and basketweaving.
Home Writing Kids at HeART Creativity Coaching ...
More Project Features
Exploring Basketry: Basket Weaving and Making Techniques
Basketry is the craft or process of making baskets or objects woven like baskets from plants and synthetic materials. Learn about the extensive cultural history of basketry and how to make your own baskets from the following resources. Plus, find free patterns, more weaving techniques, basket care tips, and materials information from the following recommended Websources.
Basket Class

Offers many free patterns including: a cracker basket, jelly caddy, swing basket, divided basket, peanut basket, heart basket, and button box. Just Patterns
The idea magazine for basket makers. Includes terms and tips for soaking, twining, upsett, row weaving, fold and tuck, handle, and rim.
Learn about basketry, weaving and cordage, and making cordage from plant and animal materials.
The Art of Basket Weaving
By Mohamed Fowroj Basket weaving is weaving of unspun vegetable fibers. Baskets can be made of different materials like wood, leaf, vine or any other fiber that can be fashioned into any desirable shape. Basket weaving is an extremely satisfying and relaxing activity that allows you a free flow of all your creative juices. The end product in form of a basket gives you a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. According to archeologists the oldest known baskets are probably 10,000 to 12,000 years old and found in Egypt. Basket weaving has changed its forms, materials, techniques, over these years. Conventionally, basket makers used to gather and then prepare their own raw materials. But you may also purchase your materials. Reed is the most commonly used material for basket weaving. With changing times, flat reed has been replaced by other materials like oak, hickory splits, cedar, willows, cattail and ash.

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64. Seminole Tribe Of Florida: Culture: Basketry
basketry. Sweetgrass baskets have been made by Seminole Indians for more than 60 years. The wild sweetgrass used in these beautiful, sturdy creations is
MORE CULTURE Basketry Beadwork Chickee Clans ... Back to the Culture Page
"Sweetgrass" baskets have been made by Seminole Indians for more than 60 years. The wild sweetgrass used in these beautiful, sturdy creations is hand-picked from high, dry areas of the Everglades basin, washed, laid in the sun to dry and sewn together with colored threads. Palmetto fiber is the usual basket base material. The baskets may take many different shapes. Sweetgrass baskets are available at the Marketplace , click on baskets. The next section discusses the Chickee
History Culture ... Employment
6300 Stirling Road
Hollywood, Florida 33024
Phone: (800) 683-7800
URL: document.writeln(document.location);
All questions/comments:
Web site maintained by Seminole Tribe of Florida

65. Basketry Supplies From Earth Guild
basketry supplies and tools Basket Patterns, basketry books, Basket Kits, Oak Hoops Rims, D Side Handles, Swing U Handles, Frames, Feet Bases,
33 Haywood Street
Asheville NC 28801
fax: 828-255-8593
BASKETRY: Introduction
We have a wide range of instructions, materials and tools for basketry. Choose one of the links below for details. Earth Guild Basketry Patterns
These include a complete materials list and step-by-step instructions. All baskets are BJ Crawford’s original designs; photography and printing are done at Earth Guild.

Everything from simple patterns with black-and-white diagrams to stunning color gallery portfolios. Traditional and contemporary baskets, general and specific instructions.
Basket Kits from Commonwealth Mfg.

All the materials and complete easy-to-understand instructions.
Hardwood Hoops

Round and oval hoops.
Hardwood "D"s & Side Handles
Key, Market, Herb, Jelly, Wine, Colonial, Step, Sharp-Top, and Williamsburg "D"s. Ash and oak side handles. Swing & "U" Handles Swing handles with separate "legs", and hamper swings (legs connect at the bottom. Light-weight bent-wood "U" handles, and heavier carved ones, square and round. Kitchen caddy, ribbed hearth and oriole frames. Two sizes of basket feet. Traditional Nantucket bases with a channel around the rim, and plywood bases with a ring of holes around the edge (great for kids).

66. NOVICA - Thailand - Basketry : Bamboo & Rattan
Thailand, basketry Bamboo Rattan. Shop for world treasures from NOVICA, in association with National Geographic. Discover extraordinary artisans and

67. Mendocino County - Museum - Pomo Basketry
Pomo basketry exhibit at MeCoMu. When they finish a basket, California Indian basketry Weaving a CultureExploring California Indian Baskets
The County of Mendocino
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  • Museum
    Pomo Basketry
    Mendocino County Museum
    400 East Commercial Street, Willits, California 95490 707-459-2736
    "When they finish a basket, they usually turn it upside down, then you put your awl on top and then you put your basket roots right on top of it … Let it sit there, maybe couple days or so - four days, at least four days. Then, after that, anybody can look at it." Virginia Buck, Mendocino County Museum Oral History Collection The Pomo speakers of Northern California have excelled in the art of basketmaking. The wide range of techniques, the fineness of weave, and the beauty of design and decoration typical of Pomo baskets indicate an arduous and time-consuming process. Basketmaking begins with the gathering of the appropriate plant materials, and the proper preparation of those materials. Each basket is constructed with advance knowledge of its intended function, shape and design. The detailed information on how to make a Pomo basket is most often learned by example from mother to daughter. The basketweaving technique of twining involves the wrapping of a woof thread perpendicularly around the warp foundation. Five twined weaves are practiced by the Pomo: plain twining; diagonal twining; lattice twining; three strand twining; and three strand braiding.

    68. » Kumeyaay Basketry
    Today, Celia and Gloria teach the rewarding art of Kumeyaay basketry to anyone who wishes to learn men and women, Indians and nonIndians alike.

    69. Basketry: Weaving New Life Into Ancient Forms
    Dec 29, 2005 basketry is arguably humankind’s oldest art form. From time immemorial, women and men of the Americas have bent, twined and coiled root,
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    70. Basketry
    Black ash splint is extremely flexible yet sturdy, making it a most elegant and functional basketry material. In this course you learn the craft of
    On The Harbor in Grand Marais, Minnesota Basketry Courses The following courses are currently scheduled.
    Courses are listed alphabetically by title.
    Birch Bark Boxes
    Fred Livesay
    Session Options:
    Create your own small, personal treasure chest from silky-smooth leathery birch bark. The Scandinavian-style birch bark storage box is unlike other nesting boxes - it requires no nails, just an interlocking tab of wrapped bark and a handcrafted wooden peg. You’ll learn skills including carving, filing, sharpening and patience to craft these decorative and highly functional oval boxes.
    Course Details:
    . . . Length in Days: 2
    . . . Hours: 9am-5pm
    . . . Tuition: $150
    . . . Materials Fee: $20 . . . Intergenerational Age: na . . . Intergenerational Tuition: . . . Level: Beginner to Advanced Birch Bark Tutorial Charlie Mayo/John Zasada Session Options: No patterns to choose from here; we simply offer the personal experience of two seasoned weavers willing to pass along their knowledge. Beginning weavers experiment with a variety of basic basket types and weaving styles including finger baskets (rings), wall baskets and breadbaskets. Experienced basket makers focus their efforts on advanced projects such as shoes or hats. Topics include selection and collection of bark and various traditional weaving techniques of northern Scandinavia and Russia.

    71. Apache Basketry Prints At
    Apache basketry Prints at Choose from over 500000 Posters Art Prints. Value Framing, Fast Delivery, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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    Canvas Transfers and More...100% Guaranteed!
    This high-quality art print is expertly produced to capture the vivid color and exceptional detail of the original.
    Before the Storm, Apache
    Item #: 2299728
    Photographic Print
    16 x 12 in
    Our Price:
    Before the Storm, Apache
    Item #: 2950946 Framed Photographic Print 22 x 18 in Our Price: Apache Warrior Ambushing a Covered Wagon in the Southwest, c.1800

    72. Sweet Annie's Basketry
    Sweet Annie s offers supplies and patterns that pertain to basketry and is best known for its stoneware items. In addition to the stoneware and basketry
    Welcome Sweet Annie's has been in business since 1991. It is located in northeastern Indiana near the junctions of State Roads 5 and 114. Sweet Annie's offers supplies and patterns that pertain to basketry and is best known for its stoneware items. In addition to the stoneware and basketry supplies, gift items are offered such as plates that are seasonal in folk art design. All stoneware and gift items are made here with emphasis on detail to ensure customer satisfaction. Home Newsletter Stoneware Supplies ...
    Contact Us

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    Comments about this site can be directed to webmaster

    73. Woven Spirit Home
    We are a full service Basket Studio. We offer basket weaving classes, and sell all types of weaving materials. Our specialty however, is tropical materials.
    Updated ORDERS Baskets by Susan Cooper Thanks for visiting Woven Spirit Visitor number Page design, photos and graphics by Ed Cooper unless otherwise noted, all rights reserved HOME NEWS NANTUCKET SHAKER ... LINKS

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