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  1. Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork: Dimensional Jewelry with Peyote Stitch (Beadweaving Master Class) by Diane Fitzgerald, 2009-03-03
  2. Mastering Beadwork: A Comprehensive Guide to Off-loom Techniques by Carol Huber Cypher, 2007-08-01
  3. Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How to Do It: With 50 Charts for Bead Weaving and 21 Full-Size Patterns for Applique by Pamela Stanley-Millner, 1985-02-01
  4. North American Indian Beadwork Designs by Clark Wissler, 1999-06-01
  5. The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork by Monte Smith, 1983-09-01
  6. Netted Beadwork: A Beadwork How-To Book by Diane Fitzgerald, 2003-09-01
  7. Native American Beadwork: Traditional Beading Techniques for the Modern-Day Beadworker by Georg J. Barth, 1993-03
  8. The Art of Beadwork: Historic Inspiration, Contemporary Design by Valerie Hector, 2005-02-01
  9. The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork: A Definitive Study of Authentic Tools, Materials, Techniques, and Styles by Joel Monture, 1993-10-07
  10. American Indian Beadwork (Beadwork Books) by W. Ben Hunt, J. F. "Buck" Burshears, 1995-12-01
  11. Beadwork: A World Guide by Caroline Crabtree, Pam Stallebrass, 2009-09-07
  12. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Beadwork: Learning Off-Loom Beading Techniques One Stitch at a Time (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) by Chris Franchetti Michaels, 2009-08-31
  13. Sioux Quill and Beadwork: Designs and Techniques (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Carrie A. Lyford, 2002-09-16
  14. North American Indian Beadwork Patterns by Pamela Stanley-Millner, 1996-01-16

1. Beadwork Magazine June-July 2008 | Interweave Press
beadwork Magazine is your source for bead projects, bead feature articles, and Bead Buzz. We have great beading tips and free projects.
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June/July 2008
On the Cover:
Peyote Sunburst
by Jennifer VanBenschoten, page 32 Information about the
Beaded Book Contest

Web Only Projects
Dragonfly's Garden
by Julia Watt
Navy and Pearls
by Barbara Richard View all web projects Volume 11 Number 4 Beadwork Master Class: Develop Beadwork Fluency Carol Cypher An expert in peyote stitch shows how to create a versatile beaded pillow bead and offers twelve ways to expand your peyote-stitch repertoire Beadwork Larger than Life: The Art of Sherry Markovitz Marlene Blessing Seed bead sculpture as a psychological container Peyote Sunburst Jennifer VanBenschoten A necklace of fresh peyote-stitched flowers with circular-brick-stitched pearl centers Nice Rock!

2. Beadwork - Free Bead Patterns, Beading Resources, Beaded Jewelry Making Ideas
A great bead site with beading, bead patterns, bead links, beading tutorials wholesale beads, beaded jewelry, beadwork articles and glass bead suppliers are
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  • Home Beadwork
    More from
    Browse Beadwork
  • 3. Native American Beadwork And Wampum Belts
    Information about traditional and contemporary Native American beadwork and wampum belts, with links to Indian beading artists from several different
    Native American Art > Beadwork American Indian Languages American Indian Tribes What's new on our site today!
    Native American Beadwork
    As a great generalization, native beadwork can be grouped into beaded leather (usually clothing, moccasins, or containers) and beaded strands (usually used for jewelry, but sometimes also as ornamental covering to wrap around a gourd or other ceremonial or art object) For beaded leather arts, Indian craftspeople sew the beads onto a leather backing (or cloth, today). Each bead may be sewn on individually, or they may be attached in loops or rows of beads (as in the classic Plains Indian "lazy stitch" style .) To make beaded strands, a craftsperson stitches the beads together into strings or a mesh using sinew, thread or wire. Normally this is done by hand, but some tribes used bow looms to make belts or rectangular strips of beadwork. Beading strands and beading onto leather are both very complicated, time-consuming and delicate tasks which require many years of practice to do well.
    If you are looking to buy beaded art that was actually made by Native Americanseither because it's important to you to have the real thing or because you want to support native people with your purchasethen here is our list of American Indian beaders whose artwork is available online. If you have a website of Indian beadwork to add to this list

    4. Ruby's Jewelry Design & Beadwork
    On this site you ll find a link to my see my jewelry and other beadwork, My beadwork Clicking the above will take you my Picturetrail album site where I
    Hello....Welcome to my obsession!
    On this site you'll find a link to my see my jewelry and other beadwork, tutorials I have done and links to my favorite beady places.
    Happy Beading,
    My Beadwork
    Clicking the above will take you my Picturetrail album site where I have pictures of all my work. Links to my favorite places on the web
    Check out these links!
    This page has links to a bunch of Picturetrail albums that artists have created to show their work. There's some amazing stuff to see here!!! Grab a cup of your favorite drink, and get ready for some fabulous surfing! Have fun!
    If you would like to have your site listed here, please email me A quick note about the tutorials.
    Since I posted these tutorials, I've started to see the variations that people have come up with using the tutorials as a starting place. I thought it would be great to have a page showing these works! So if you do one of my tutorials, and would like your picture posted, please email it to me!
    Come and take a look at Guest Page 1
    email Best when viewed with IE

    5. Home Page
    beadwork galleries with amulet bags, pins, necklaces, 3dimensional beadwork and free patterns.
    by the Beach I'm sure that some of you were wondering just exactly what happened to Mom and I. Well, we're here by the beach - in Wilmington, North Carolina to be exact. We still don't have everything unpacked but we are finally starting to get back into the swing of things - and that means that we are getting to do a little bit of beading and crocheting and knitting and ... I'm sure that you understand what I'm talking about. I am finding myself inspired here near the beach. Sometimes, things so dramatic such as a move halfway across the Nation, can supply a kick start to one's muse. Sometimes I wish that there were more hours in the day so that I could accomplish more. I'm glad that Summer is approaching as I have never really been a lover of Winter and the cold. The beading that I have done has been fun and somewhat different from my usual stuff. One thing in particular that I am proud of is this necklace on the right. I call it Golden Citrus and the mix of gold, fuchsia, pink and orange is definitely a different color mix for me, but one that I have found that I just love. For a direct link to this piece, just click on the picture. I tried to catch all the e-mail address changes that needed to be made, but of course, there is always the possibility that I might of missed 1 or 2. If you have a e-mail bounce back, then come back here and click here:

    6. NativeTech: - BEADS AND BEADWORK
    Discusses the role of beads and beadwork in ceremonies and rites of passage.
    NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art BEADS AND BEADWORK Beads and Pendants ~ Meaning in Native American Life
    Bead and Pendant Types of the Northeast
    Bead Weaving Techniques and Analysis
    Woven Wampum Beadwork
    Glass Beads
    Seminole Beads ~ by Michael R. Brown
    Explore other areas of NativeTech... About NativeTech Beadwork Metalwork Porcupine Quills Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands Contemporary Issues Links to Native Art Resources NativeTech's List of Messageboards More through NativeTech's Home Page! Text and Graphics
    Tara Prindle

    unless otherwise cited.

    7. Medieval - Home Research, articles, documentation, tutorials and instruction of beadwork of the middle ages before the 17th century.
    @import ""; var jw_slideSpeed = 10; var jw_timer = 10; Home Wednesday, 28 May 2008 Home Research Images Pre-13th Century 13th Century ... SCA Commisions Pincushions Pincushion Gallery Pincushion Tutorials Member Tutorials Buy My Pincushions ... Upcoming Classes My SCA Designs Midrealm Desktops Event Schedule May
    Baron Wars

    Rose Tourney

    Push for Pennsic

    Spring RUM

    Pennsic September
    Harvest Day

    Red Dragon (possible) October
    SCA Apprentice List Apprentice List is for you! SCA-BEAD List Want to discuss medieval beadworking with other SCA or medieval scholars? Join the SCA-BEAD List Most research sections are not done Welcome to the NEW! FEAR NOT! THE OLD SITE IS STILL UP (FOR THE TIME BEING ANYWAY): The old one will be still available at Feel free to register, members will get access to some special stuff later and will be able to do various fun things as time goes on. Thanks for all the support!

    8. Janet's Beadwork
    Gallery of beadwork, free patterns (loom and offloom), book reviews, and links.

    9. Beadwork - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another or to cloth using a needle and thread. Most beadwork takes the form of jewelry or other
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search Beaded crochet: coral and mercerized cotton Icebear made of seed beads Bead knitting on double-pointed knitting needles Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another or to cloth using a needle and thread. Most beadwork takes the form of jewelry or other personal adornment , but beads are also used in wall hangings and sculpture Beadwork techniques are broadly divided into loom and off-loom weaving, stringing bead embroidery bead crochet , and bead knitting Most cultures have employed beads for personal adornment. Archaeological records show that people made and used beads as long as 5,000 years ago. Beads have also been used for religious purposes, as good luck talismans , and as curative agents.
    edit See also
    edit External links
    Bead glossary (illustrated) Retrieved from " Categories Arts and crafts Beadwork Views Personal tools Navigation Interaction Search Toolbox Languages
    • Dansk This page was last modified on 4 May 2008, at 18:43.

    10. Guide To Beadwork - THE ONLINE VERSION
    Guide To Beadwork
    in ASSOCIATION with

    to shop for BOOKS
    about BEADING at
    (help support GTB)

    Site Search Engine ... Sponsorship at ORIGINAL VERSION REPRINTED!! (plus shipping) Quantity discounts available Write for details. CHAPTER 1 - Basic Beading
  • 11. Beadwork
    Hand beaded barrettes, necklaces, amulet bags, lighter covers, earrings, bracelets and imported Peruvian jewelry.

    12. Healing Beadwork, By Rev. Susan H. Aguirre
    Healing beadwork, by Rev. Susan H. Aguirre galleries of my beadwork items, instructions, links, bookmarks, books.
    Beadwork Gallery
    Items for Sale
    Search this site My "Huge list of
    Beading Links
    " Beadwork Tips Bookstore Contact Me My other websites:
    The Reflectory

    Zen Knit - my blog
    Home ~ Healing Beadwork
    Healing Beadwork by Susan H. Aguirre
    Important note: I am having problems with my email address, please instead send any comments or questions to shaguirre @ comcast . net (I have it broken out here to try to cut down on the bot/junkmail problem.
    Hello! My name is Susan Aguirre and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. I am so glad that you decided to visit my beadwork pages. I have found a lot of satisfaction in doing beadwork, it has brought many happy hours of quiet meditation time, as well as great fun when I have had the chance of getting together with beading friends like the members of the Upper Midwest Bead Society and lately with The Bead Ladies I call my beadwork Healing because I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki is a Japanese form of hands-on-healing that is wonderful. I use the Reiki energy while doing normal activities such as housework, cooking, driving, and of course, beadwork. Whenever I bead I am sending healing to individuals or infusing the beadwork with healing energy. Would you like to bring healing into your beadwork?

    13. Craft Site Directory - Beadwork
    Craft Site Directory s guide to beads and beadwork sites on the internet.

    Free Newsletter
    Add/Update Website Main Page
    Craft Site Directory: Beadwork - Remember to
    This category contains links to websites offering beads and other beadwork supplies(thread icon), links to beadwork information, instructions and tips for making your own beaded jewelry(papers icon), and links to online shops offering handcrafted beaded jewelry(shop icon).
    Beadwork See Also: Jewelry
    Newsletter Sign-Up Desk

    = Information
    = Art and Craft Supplies
    = Finished, Handmade Goods
    • Beadage Beading Tips Learn to make handcrafted jewelry with our free beading instructions, information, and projects. Hemp/macrame, wirework, tigertail, gemstone info, and more.
    • K and M Beadshop UK-based site offers an ever-expanding range of beads and findings, tools and equipment for all your jewelry-making needs.
    • is dedicated to providing beading enthusiasts and crafters with creative projects, beadwork supplies, patterns, and helpful instructions.
    • Unique handcrafted artisan jewelry in gemstones, silver, gold and dichroic art glass. High-end quality artistry at reasonable prices.
    • Bead Studio
    • FlameForceFive UK glass artisan Sarah makes her own glass beads by melting glass slowly and carefully in a blowtorch flame. She sells the beads for you to use in your own jewelry. Sarah also makes and sells her own jewelry using her beads with fine or sterling silver.

    14. Shala's Beadwork,Printables And Other Distractions
    Beading patterns, free printable graph paper and a galleryby Shala, also the BeadsInFashion mailing list home.

    Message me on AIM

    Add me to your AIM buddy list

    On yahoo, I'm shalas_beads. Beading Graphpaper, gallery, bead toys, and silliness are here. My Kids Page!; Under reconstruction. Link Page under reconstruction. Misc. Stuff Polymer clay, et cetra Printables Printable projects Paint Shop Pro Pages Tutorials About Me What's New to keep everyone aware of what changes have been made to this page. I'm not keeping track on this page anymore unless it's something big
    Beadwork @ BellaOnline
    This is where my new bead projects will be posted. My crafty blog crochet patterns and other things I make including some instructions. Stuff that doesn't quite fit here. I won an award!
    Click on the Golden Crane to see a ton of wonderful instructional craft links, beads, candles, cetra!
    Click here to subscribe to BeadsInFashion
    Last updated 02-26-06 Shala's Beadwork Banner designed by Mojo Bead backgrounds designed by me. Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook Would you like to help support this site? Home ... E-mail me

    15. Darkhare Beadwork
    I don t aggressively sell my beadwork but if you see a piece you must have, please email me and I ll send you a price list. vessels dolls, etc. amulets
    *My newest book, Beaded Collars is available!
    Please view the errata sheet for corrections to several errors in my bead knitting and box books.
    My books and patterns aside, this site exists primarily to provide inspiration. I don't aggressively sell my beadwork but if you see a piece you must have, please email me and I'll send you a price list.
    do not reproduce without permission /tr> var site="sm3darkhare"
    Contador visitas
    Directorio buscador

    Free gratis

    Alta en buscadores

    16. Creative Beadwork Home Page
    Creative beadwork. The Beadecked Ornament Book series, patterns for beaded ornaments.
    A candle for peace In 1998 the first Beadecked Ornament Book came into existence.
    $48.00 for the
    Four Book Set during 2008! ($15.00 savings!)
    All year long all *bead sales will be 10% off!
    (Purchase needs to be a minimum of $10.00. Discount taken at time of invoicing.)
    Stone Beads Glass Beads Bali, Silver and Gold Findings ... Stone Cabs and New Pendants and Pearls page.
    *Bead quantities are limited! Check in for items added.
    About the Bead Sale

    Looking for Ornaments Go to Bronners or Rabbit Hollow Creations
    They carry wonderful colors at great prices!
    If you don't see a color you want, email them. They might carry it in their store.
    Merchant Services We provide a secure shopping site
    If using Paypal - send in your order through the shopping cart and put in the comments section"Paypal" we'll send you an email request for funds. Privacy Policy Contact Creative Beadwork P.O. Box 5572

    17. Native American Beadwork To Complement Your Garments
    When Native Americans want to accessories their garments, they do so by means of beadwork. Native American beadworks are a unique design that identifies the
    Native American Native American
    Native Americans

    Native American Ancestry

    Native American Art
    Northwest Native American Ceremonial Masks
    Native American Beadwork
    When Native Americans want to accessories their garments, they do so by means of beadwork. Native American beadworks are a unique design that identifies the Indians. Today, Native Americans are located throughout the United States. Those who choose to stay on Indian reservations live primarily in the western and northern states. For example, Arizona, Montana, and the Dakotas have a large Indian population. Some Indians choose to live outside the reservations. To preserve their culture, these individuals likely engage in hobbies or pastimes that reflect their tribal group. Because Native American beadwork is a major part of Indian life, many Native Americans regularly design their own beads. There is a variety of Native American beadwork. Many stones are used for the beads. These might include copper, silver, wood, animal bones, or glass. The ability to construct beautiful accessories is remarkable. From a young age, Native Americans are trained in the art of bead making. Beads are often used to add style to basic clothing. Native Americans wear clothing that consists of many colors. Native American beadwork can be seen on handbags, pouches, clothing, moccasins, etc. Beads are also common on headdresses and different pieces of jewelry. Unfortunately, beading is not simple. In fact, it can take several months to complete a single beadwork.

    18. Martha Berry: Cherokee Beadwork Artist
    Beaded art inspired by traditional Southeastern Woodlands Native American Indian beadwork, including bandolier bags, moccasins, sashes, small purses and
    Home Page
    Bandolier Bags



    Beaded art inspired by traditional Southeastern Woodlands Native American Indian beadwork. Mrs. Berry creates bandolier bags moccasins belts sashes ... small purses and men's garters , in the styles worn by the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole, prior to 1850. Click here for a brief history of Cherokee beadwork. TO PURCHASE BEADWORK, please contact Mrs. Berry by e-mail To order patterns and how-to instructions for making Southeastern Woodlands beadwork, click here and order online. We offer patterns for traditional bandolier bags, ceremonial sashes, belts, three styles of moccasins and small purses. Also available are high-quality notecards and refrigerator magnets featuring Mrs. Berry's work. To order online, click here Display mounts for bandolier bags are also available. MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Please e-mail Mrs. Berry if you wish to purchase beadwork using your MasterCard or Visa credit card. Thanks. "Those who are at the forefront of teaching our culture are our artists and crafts people. People like Martha Berry, Lena Blackbird, Anna Mitchell, Knokovtee Scott, Bill Glass, Talmadge Davis, Mary Adair, and many others memorialize and teach our culture and traditional arts. But as each of them know and would tell you, their Cherokee projects must be historically accurate and culturally true; otherwise, they have compromised the value of their work."
      ~Excerpt from "Let Us Build One Fire" - 2002 State of the Nation Report
      by Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chadwick "Corntassel" Smith

    19. Arhyonel Beadwork And Antiques. Antique Beaded Purses, Frames And Patterns. Uniq
    Dedicated to making, restoring, preserving and collecting antique (and future antique!) beaded evening bags. Offers a selection of vintage beaded and mesh
    No images may be copied without written permission.
    If there is a problem with this site please contact the webmaster var s_sid = 141393;var st_dominio = 4; var cimg = 0;var cwi =150;var che =30;

    20. AB Art Glass & Beadwork Home Page
    Studio glass artists working in hot glass and beadwork.
    The Full Site Will Be Updated Very Soon!
    (Come see who we are!)
    We are a husband and wife team, partners in work and life.
    The world of humanity has two wings, one is women and the other men. Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly. 'Abdu'l-Baha' Shown in Galleries
    Participants in juried shows with award winning entries. Creating art for over 3 decades with pieces in private collections worldwide. We bring to you here, examples of our original works to view and purchase:
    Gallery I: Art Glass Blown glass vessels we have created by using the free hand or off hand method of glassblowing, including pieces from the "Glass Under Glass Series" Ornaments , Art You Can Play With!- Art Glass Spinning Tops Gallery II: Beadwork Freeform Peyote Necklaces as well as loomed, Gallery III: Beaded Peace #1 in the Series.
    How to create a Beaded Bezel Cabochon!
    AB Adjustable Bead Loom

    Free Patterns Page

    We welcome ANY questions or comments you may have!
    AB Bookshelf: Association with Books. Now you can Search Amazon by Author, Title or Subject!

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