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         Beadwork:     more books (100)
  1. Crow Indian Beadwork: A Descriptive and Historical Study (Contributions from the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, V. 16.) by William Wildschut; John Canfield Ewers, 1985-06-01
  2. The New Beadwork by Kathlyn Moss, Alice Scherer, 1992-10
  3. Beadwork Creates Jewelry: 40 Beaded Designs by Jean Campbell, 2007-04-01
  4. Beadwork Creates Beaded Bags: 30 Designs (Beadwork Creates series)
  5. Julia Pretl's Big Book of Beadwork: 32 Projects for Adventurous Beaders by Julia S Pretl, 2010-10-01
  6. Quill And Beadwork Of The Western Sioux by Carrie A. Lyford, 2010-09-10
  7. Beadwork Inspired by Art: Impressionist Jewelry and Accessories by Judith Durant, Jean Campbell, 2008-09-01
  8. Beadwork Creates Beaded Rings: 30 Designs (Beadwork Creates series)
  9. Tapestry and Beadwork: Canvaswork Projects for the Home by Julia Hickman, 1998-08
  10. Applique Patterns from Native American Beadwork Designs by Joyce Mori, 1994-05
  11. Basic Brick Stitch Earrings by Shala Kerrigan, 2010-01-29
  12. Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans by Scott Sutton, 2008-09-15
  13. Beadwork Basics (Beadwork Books) by Ann Benson, 1995-12-31
  14. The Complete Guide to Beading Techniques: 30 Decorative Projects (Beadwork Books) by Jane Davis, 2001-02-10

41. School Of Beadwork - Beads, Supplies, Retreats And Instruction
School of beadwork Discover your creativity through the exploration of beadwork. Retreats and instruction.

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Seed Beads
Czech Glass Swarovski Crystal ... Melanie Potter Website
Learn Swag Collar
Lunar Lights
at the
Milwaukee, WI
June 1-8, 2008
FEATURED IN BEADWORK MAGAZINE'S APRIL/MAY EDITION! by Carol Wilcox Wells Both sides are beautiful!
Variations is the theme of this glamorous earring design and we decided to spice it up a bit and created the option for two different styles of pendants using Onesies Supply Kits. But don't let us stop your creativity - we encourage you to try your own variation! View kits here! BEADWORK CELEBRATION 2008 Escape to the Old-Florida charm found in the enchanting town of Celebration, Florida. Celebration is the perfect place for a beadwork retreat that provides inspiration, excitement and community. Join us for this dazzling beadwork event that will cater to all your needs and provide you with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous designs and teaching talents of Carol Wilcox Wells in addition to an optional bonus workshop by Melanie Potter. Enroll today!

42. Beadwork Help And Information
beadwork Site Shala Kerrigan BellaOnline s beadwork Editor. g. S U B J E C T S. g, g. F E A T U R E S. Bead Stores Bead Supplies Beading Resources
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Full Schedule
Beadwork Site Shala Kerrigan
BellaOnline's Beadwork Editor
Bead Stores

Bead Supplies

Beading Resources

Crochet and Knitting Links
... Basic Beading : Brick Stitch Earrings Illustrated article for how to do brick stitch earrings. Beaded Open Daisy Chains Basic instructions for a beaded open daisy chain with little leaf accents that works up very fast. Book Review - Bead Romantique by Lisa Kan A review of Lisa Kan´s book, Bead Romantique Macaroni Earrings How to make really cute dangle earrings with macaroni Knotwork Patterns Some peyote and brick knotwork patterns for you to enjoy. Odd Count Peyote Earrings Instructions for an odd count peyote variation using one of the snowflake earring patterns. Previous Features Site Map S H A R E I D E A S Forum Discussions Save to Basic Beading : Brick Stitch Earrings Beaded Open Daisy Chains Book Review - Bead Romantique by Lisa Kan Archives ... Site Map Forum Contact Free Newsletter!

43. Bead Line Studios,Bead Crochet & Beadwork By Judith Bertoglio-Giffin
Bead Crochet Bead Work by Judith BertoglioGiffin, Bead Crochet,crochet,beadcrochet,bead crochet,bead,beads,BEADS,BEAD,beading,stitch,needles,thread,glass
*** in Arizona for the winter
Newest Work Coming soon...
Bead Crochet Designer
a software program that makes bead crochet designing easy. Projected June 15, 2008 release date.
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Beadwork Gallery
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bead crochet books
Artist Information
Judith Bertoglio-Giffin
blog notes from my studio
Patterns for many of my designs can be found at
Links - Tutorials
for further information Contact
This site was last updated April 2008
All images, photographs and text
© 1998-2007, Judith Bertoglio-Giffin, Bead Line Studios.

44. Beadwork Jewelry By Caren
Fine Beadwoven Jewelry. necklaces bracelets earrings brooches about the artist contact.
Fine Beadwoven Jewelry
bracelets earrings brooches ... contact

45. Beaded Splendor
Migration of Beadmaking and beadwork Throughout Africa. beadwork is one of the most compelling art traditions in Africa. Artists must carefully consider the
Migration of Beadmaking and Beadwork Throughout Africa
B eadwork is one of the most compelling art traditions in Africa. Artists must carefully consider the materials, colors, textures, shapes, and sizes of the beads to choose those that compliment or contrast with one another. A single-colored or multi-colored bead of fine workmanship may have as great a visual impact as many beads strung together or embroidered on a cloth.
This archival exhibition explores the creativity African artists demonstrate in their beadwork. It focuses on how African peoples incorporate beaded dress and regalia in their lives and on how peoples from different regions wear or carry beaded objects to define themselves within their societies.
Read about the history of beadmaking and beadwork, trade, and beadworking techniques

Learn about beadmaking and beadwork among particular African peoples

Discover the importance of beads and personal adornment in African societies

Read about African beadwork today

46. Creations Beadwork Jewelry And Accessories By Lael Johnson
Creations beadwork features a variety of handcrafted original jewelry, choose from original earrings, pendants, bracelets, chokers, necklaces,

47. Free Beadloom Weaving Patterns - All Fiber Arts
A nice collection of patterns you can download for beadwork, The Native Essence website has free beadwork patterns for the beginner and more advanced
Beadwork Patterns - All Fiber Arts
Free bead weaving patterns and projects you can make with beads. Because beadloom patterns are based on a grid, they can be easily adapted for use in woven beadwork tapestries, inlay designs or transparencies.
HOME FORUM CHAT ... AMAZON STORE Enter your search terms Submit search form Web Link Library Basketry Beadwork Blogs Bobbin Lace ... Christmas Beadwork
Free beading patterns for the Christmas season. Bead-covered Mummy
Archaeologists have just discovered a mummy wrapped in beadwork and black linen. The coffins had inscriptions that dated to the 26th Dynasty, and had a statue of a god called Petah Sakar who was the god of artisans. Beadwork Books
Look for new books about beadwork at our updated bookshop. Suggest a Site
Suggest a site for this category. Although I cannot guarantee placement, all sites are individually reviewed for inclusion. EBay Watch
Check our EBay watch pages for the latest beadloom specials from the US, UK and Canadian EBay listings. You may want to bookmark this page. Aunt Molly's Bead Street
Aunt Molly's has a selection of loomwork bead strip patterns.

48. Beadwork Artists, Beadwork Meetups, Events, Clubs And Groups In Your Area
Meet other local beadwork artists to discuss techniques, products, and designs!
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    Find Beadwork Artists and Beadwork Meetups
    Country USA Canada Great Britain Australia Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central Africa Chad Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo Congo (Dem. Rep.)

49. RhoDesigns Ethnographic Artifacts Ndebele Beadwork
beadwork is one of the oldest and most basic of the decorative arts practiced by the rural people of Southern Africa. Of the Bantu tribes of Southern Africa

50. Native American Indian Art, Beadwork, Clothing, Regalia And Collectibles
Custom made Native American Indian clothing, regalia art featuring traditional beadwork (1700 s - early 1900 s) for the collector, museums,
The Legacy of the custom traditional plains beadwork authentic handmade crafts of north american indian artists native american beadwork headdresses ... rifle cases

51. Sioux Beadwork
The following information is a very, very brief resume on the Western Sioux beadwork designs and colors. It is assumed that Siouxstyle hobbyists are
Sioux Beadwork
Western Sioux Beadwork - Designs and Colors
by Chuck Bousquet
originally published as CIHA Indian Craft Series No. 1020
The following information is a very, very brief resume on the Western Sioux beadwork designs and colors. It is assumed that Sioux-style hobbyists are already aware that the beadwork is done in lazy stitch directly on the item they are going to de­corate (with a few exceptions such as shirt and legging strips which are beaded on separate pieces of leather and then the piece is sewn onto the par­ticular item in the appropriate place). With this assumption, therefore, let’s get into the designs and colors with just a little background history first. Before glass beads were introduced to the Plains by traders, the Sioux had perfected the art of using porcupine quills to decorate their clothes and belongings. The quills were dyed red, bright yellow, weak blue, bright orange, weak green and purple. Vegetable dyes were used until about 1880 when the whites traded aniline dyes and the colors became brighter and more varied. This quill-work was done on pipebag fringe, kneebands, bustle ties and other large objects using the simple wrapping technique; the sewing and weaving methods were used for moccasins, pipes and feather decorations. By the late 1880’s to 1890’s, the Sioux had a style of beading using certain colors and designs that were different than any other tribe. There are many techniques involved in making beadwork look like the style of the tribe you desire to represent. Not only colors and designs, but the method of beading, are very important. The fol­lowing are guidelines to help you make your fin­ished beadwork look Sioux.

Blackfeet Native American beadwork and Artwork, breastplates, pouches, pipebags, bone chokers, porcupine quill and bead earrings, moccasins, obsidian knives
NEO`KIS`TOMI (Blackfeet for Three Bulls)
(literally, nioo`kska a`i`saayooh komi).
"If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man, he would have made me so in the first place" . . . Chief Sitting Bull. "Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way...... -Blackfoot warrior - "When a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard." -Lakota-
Traditional and Contemporary Beadwork Created
by Enrolled Blackfeet Tribal Members
We are pleased to announce that some of our beaded pieces were featured in an issue of Vogue Italia and our chokers were featured in an article in Simply Beads magazine.

About Us

Our Beadwork for Sale

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Upcoming Art Shows and Presentations
Click here to see the Sioux Camp at Pine Ridge - 1891.

"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset". Crowfoot (1821-90) Native American , Blackfoot, warrior, orator Dedicated to my son, Ed. (1975-1999)

53. A Muse Ink Beadwork Designs
Patterns for beadwork using Delica beads. All beadwork patterns and finished beadwork Copyright 19992006 Christina Manes unless identified otherwise.

54. Ndebele Beadwork
The Ndundza branch of the Ndebele (who primarily do the beadwork) were defeated by Boer (Dutch) settlers in 1885, and for five years were slaves on Boer
The Bead Site = Home Uses of Beads Cultural Decoration Contemporary Beadwork of the Ndebele of South Africa A beadworker at Esther's shop in KwaMhlanga district. by Bucklee Bell Botshabelo woman with beaded headpiece. The Ndebele are a cultural group living in northeast South Africa in an area called the Transvaal or KwaNdebele, northeast of the capitol, Pretoria. They were originally part of the migration of Bantu cultural groups from Central and East Africa into southernmost Africa around 300-400 AD. The Ndundza branch of the Ndebele (who primarily do the beadwork) were defeated by Boer (Dutch) settlers in 1885, and for five years were slaves on Boer farms. Freedom came in 1890, but to this day the Ndundza have been dependent on Boer farmers for work. The Dutch took all the good farmland and the Ndebele were left landless. They suffered much during apartheid and this undoubtedly affected their beadwork. Ivor Powell (1995:108) wrote, "As the Ndebele are concerned, the demonstrable history of beadworking goes back only as far as the second half of the nineteenth century, when Europeans bearing beads of Czechoslovokian origin penetrated the hinterland and came into contact with people living in present day Transvaal." Because there are photographs and examples of sophisticated beadwork from this period. I think its safe to assume the Ndebele didn't just start doing intricate beadwork in the late 1800's, but must have had some beadworking tradition before this time.

55. Beadwork Supplies, Beading Supplies, Bracelet Blanks And Lampwork Beads
Dreamweavers handcrafts lampwork beads, We also offer a large selection of beadwork supplies and beading supplies including, bracelet blanks,
Home Newsletter sign up Ordering Questions Sale Items ... Recommend Website Beadwork Supplies, Lampwork Beads, and more! We ship World Wide! We feature handmade Lampwork Beads. Each bead is a one of a kind piece of wearable art and are made right here in our studio by lampwork artist Cindy Henry. (ME!) All beads are properly annealed to ensure years of lasting beauty. We also take orders for custom floral lampwork beads starting at $25.00. Simply E-mail your request to Cindy We also provide hard to find beading supplies such as bracelet blanks, copper and brass shapes, quality seed beads, Lacy's Stiff Stuff, cabochons and much more! New! Free Shipping (in the USA) on Orders over $100.00 Checkout my new blog at: What our customers are saying
  • Boy you are great. Never had such good service in years. Thanks, Eileen The photos do not do these "amazing" beads justice. What you get is BETTER!! Good price on a hard-to-find item. Packed well. Thanks! gorgeous beads; prompt, friendly service OUTSTANDING QUALITY LAMPWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

56. The Glory Of African Beadwork
African beadwork not only serves as decorative jewelry but as a complex introduction into the colorful web of traditional life.
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September Issue
Editorial Current Issue The Arts Life ... Modern Thought Resources 17-Year Archive American Waves Book Reviews Ceremonies/Festivities ... Writers and Writing
The Glory of African Beadwork
Written by Ettagale Blauer and photographed by Jason Laure;
The desire for personal adornment appears to be universal, dating to at least 25,000 years. African beadwork not only serves as decorative jewelry but as a complex introduction into the colorful web of traditional life.
utward appearance is the surest way to differentiate one person from another, and the desire for objects that can decorate or distinguish the individual appears to be universal. In fact, the practice of personal adornment is at least twenty-five thousand years old. Evidence found in Stone Age graves and domestic sites includes objects that are recognizable as jewelry. Ivory beads, necklaces made from fish vertebrae, and other objects are frequently uncovered in such locations.
Wearing distinctive apparel and adornments conveys specific personal and social information. Indeed, the physical expression of a culture is made as evident through ornament and dress as it is through ritual and ceremony. The form of decorative objects depends, of course, on the materials at hand. Historically, these were either local products or things acquired in trade. So it is with the beadwork of Africa. Beaded jewelry is a rich tradition in African culture but one with fairly recent origins. Curiously, it is a tradition dependent on imported European beads, trinkets brought to Africa as objects of trade.

57. Get Information About African Zulu Beadwork
Africa Direct beadwork Commercial site but shows beautiful examples of traditional and old beadwork by the Cameroon, Kirdi/Fulani, Kuba, Maasai,
Fante of Ghana African Beadwork
A Brief Historical View of Traditional African Beadwork
Article about traditional African Beadwork Africa Direct - Beadwork : Commercial site but shows beautiful examples of traditional and old beadwork by the Cameroon, Kirdi/Fulani, Kuba, Maasai, Ndebele, Xhosa, Yoruba and Zulu. African Beadwork (amongst the Thembu People) : Brief article about how traditional beadwork among the Xhosa has almost completely died out with only a few elderly women still retaining the skills to create it. African Trade Beads : This is a commercial site, but shows examples of both old and new African Trade Beads. Click on thumbnails of each type to view a more extensive variety. An African Valentine: The Bead Code of the Zulus : Shows the positive and negative symbolic meanings of each color and gives information about how the colors are used. Bead Code of the Zulus : This site describes how the giving of beadwork is used toexpress romantic interest as well as the symbolic meanings of the seven colors that are used. Beaded Splendor: Migration of Beadmaking and Beadwork Throughout Africa : This is a site of the Smithsonian Museum. Through its links, extensive information is provided about:

58. Beadwork ~
Indian Summer has the perfect location to purchase local Indian beadwork from various Native Americans, as Salt Lake City has a large population of Navajo,
Established 1996
The original and still the best! Fetishes Pottery Beadwork Baskets ... Kachinas/Folk Art Product Search:
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to the Beadwork
Indian Summer has the perfect location to purchase local Indian beadwork from various Native Americans, as Salt Lake City has a large population of Navajo, Shoshone, Ute, Goshiute and Paiute Indians. The majority of our work is Shoshone. The Shoshone Bannock Reservation is just two hours away over the border in Idaho and many Shoshone people have made Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas their home. In addition to the Shoshone beadwork, we get Navajo beadwork from locals, and also from families located nearby on the Reservation in the Four Corners Area, a mere four hour drive from Salt Lake City. We also feature Pueblo beadwork, which we pick up mainly at Zuni Pueblo and Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico. The Ute work we carry is from locals, or from the Ute tribe near Vernal Utah. We also feature Southern Ute work, which we purchase on our buying trips near Cortez, Colorado. Goshiute work is either local, or purchased from residents of the Skull Valley Reservation located to the west of us towards the Nevada border. Occasionally we get some Nez Perce' , Ojibwa and Choctaw beaded items through acquaintances we have met over the years. Many of our bead work artists have had their work displayed in museums across the west, featured in national art magazines and have had many local write ups in the Salt Lake Tribune for their work. We purchase only the finest handmade pieces available.

59. AnotherCountry BeadWorks
My favorite part of her splash page Where beadwork is an ART . Labels bead crochet, beadwork, Etsy, mens jewelry, photography
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April BJP: Page Accompli!
The page for April is titled Air/The Sylph:
The design of this one came about all of a sudden - I knew I wanted to create a sylph , a spirit of the air, using my own conception of what one would look like if you could actually see one. In my mind's eye I pictured wings of gold, soaring the creature up into a cloud filled sky, borne aloft by the spice winds. I began the piece by chosing my focal pieces for their color and effect. I've always associated yellow with light and air, and while the head is a glass bead and the body a piece of agate, they both seem to be streaked with clouds.
I centered the figure within the alchemical symbol for air . The wings sprouted out in a sort of art deco kind of way, then the big, puffy clouds moved in. The spice winds flowed in out of nowhere, swirling around through a deepening twilight.
The page for May, Beltane, is underway and already I'm loving it. Don't want to jinx myself by saying too much. Posted by morwyn at 3:03 PM 6 comments Labels: bead embroidery Bead Journal Project
Racing to Catch Up
With inspirations, challenges, commissions and the Bead Journal Project. By the end of this month, I wanted to post inspirations up through #20, get SOME beading done on my dragon, finish a bracelet for one friend and a choker for another as well as complete the Bead Journal Project.

60. Traditional Dress And Beadwork In The University Of Alaska Museum
Detail of a c.1935 Athabaskan beadwork wallet showing a beaver caught in a trap. Moccasins with beadwork center and quillwork edge.
by Tara Maginnis, Ph.D.
The Costumer's Manifesto is proudly hosted by
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Costumes 4 Sale
Weird Clothing

Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The University of Alaska Museum ATHABASKAN BEADWORK: Detail of an Athabaskan Beadwork quiver. Detail of a c.1935 Athabaskan beadwork wallet showing a beaver caught in a trap. Winter mittens of moose hide, trimmed with beaver Sled bag, Chief's jacket and moccasins. Beaded epaulette of the above jacket Pocket and cuff detail of the above jacket. Doll showing the pre-contact dress of the Interior Athabaskans. Moccasins with beadwork center and quillwork edge. Moosehide moccasins with beadwork. Dance Boot.
This page is not an official UAF museum page. This page is part of The Costumer's Manifesto , by Tara Maginnis. I strongly encourage all visitors to Fairbanks to visit the UAF Museum, one of the finest sights in the State of Alaska!
Beading in the Native American Tradition
Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs (Dover Needlework Series)
North American Indian Beadwork Patterns
Technique of North American Indian Beadwork
The Costumer's Manifesto is proudly hosted by

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