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         Beadwork:     more books (100)
  1. Beading with Peyote Stitch (Beadwork How-to Book) by Jeannette Cook, 2000-07-01
  2. The Beader's Color Mixing Directory: 200 failsafe color schemes for beautiful beadwork by Sandra Wallace, 2007-02-09
  3. Designer Beadwork: Beaded Crochet Designs by Ann Benson, 2008-04-01
  4. Old World Stitchery for Today: Polish Eyelet Embroidery, Cutwork, Goldwork, Beadwork, Drawn Thread, and Other Techniques by Grazyna J. Kozaczka, 1987-12
  5. Easy-to-Do Beadwork: Jewelry, Flowers and Other Projects by Joseph Leeming, 2005-12-19
  6. Quick & Easy Beaded Jewelry (Beadwork Books) by Elizabeth Gourley, Ellen Talbott, 2002-07-01
  7. Zulu Beaded Chain Techniques (Contemporary Beadwork Series) by Diane Fitzgerald, 1997-08
  8. A Beginner's Handbook to Traditional Native American Beadwork by James Byrne, 2005-05-25
  9. Navajo Beadwork: Architectures of Light by Ellen K. Moore, 2003-10-01
  10. Christmas Decorations: A Beginner's Guide to Beadwork by Heather Kingsley-Heath, 2003-08
  11. Beadwork from American Indian designs by Marjorie Murphy, 1974
  12. Beading with Herringbone Stitch (Beadwork How-To series) by Vicki Star, 2001-11-01
  13. Designer Beadwork: French Beaded Designs by Donna DeAngelis Dickt, 2006-08-28
  14. Beading the Creative Spirit: Finding Your Sacred Center Through the Art of Beadwork by Wendy Ellsworth, 2009-08

61. Ancient Ways Specializing In Traditional Native American Arts - Beadwork
Intricate beadwork by Shoshone and Arapaho artists belts, medallions, necklaces, moccasins, purses.



Buffalo Products

Ivory Products
When the first European trappers and traders ventured west, they came armed with glass beads to trade for food and supplies with the Indians they encountered. Many tribes were already decorating their clothing with porcupine quills, but beads quickly replaced or supplemented the quills because they were easier to work with and allowed for more detailed designs such as mountains, tipis, flowers, animals and insects.
Beadwork designs have been passed down by families for generations The Northern Arapaho and the Eastern Shoshone are particularly well-known for their beadwork. Historically, the two tribes developed unique styles: the Arapaho are associated with stylized, geometric motifs while the Shoshone, more heavily influenced by Christian missionaries, are known for their intricate floral patterns. Today these distinctions are beginning to blend as beaders from both tribes borrow from different traditions to create their own individual style. The quality of beadwork varies according to the size and shape of the beads, the colors employed by the beader, and by the intricacies of the pattern. Many beaders seeking to mimic traditional styles use reproduction beads from France and Czechoslovakia; beads that are made in the same way and using the same colors as those brought over by the Europeans hundreds of years ago. These beads are slightly irregular and have softer colors than modern beads. In addition, the highest quality beadwork features elaborate designs that require tiny, time-consuming stitching to secure the pattern in place.

62. Cowgirl Beadwork | Cowgirl Artist Rafannette Dooley
Western Jewelry Cowgirl Bead beadwork Beads Beading Cowgirls Horse Horses.
Cowgirl Beadwork
Cowgirl Artist Rafannette Dooley
Bead Art Cowgirl Style
TODA COUTURE BEADWORK IF YOU NEED IT, I CAN BEAD IT!! Hello, I am Rafannette Dooley- Cowgirl Beadwork Artist and Designer. I design and make wearable beadart for those who love wearing western. I use only high quality glass beads in my work- Never plastic! I also use real hand collected Texas Porcupine Quills and Real horsehair. All earring wires are Sterling or 14K. Custom orders welcomed. I will be listing new things all the time so be sure to check back in. Contact me with any questions ,comments or to make a purchase at Check out the DISCOUNTS Available on Pattern Page Join the beady conversations at my online beading group ; free to join Please SIGN THE GUEST BOOK! - Last page No Advertising Scroll Down to see great LINKS
LINKS to more great sites
Here are some sites that I really like and thought you might enjoy them too

63. Kat's Beadwork
Gallery of beadwork items designed and created by Kat Konija.
Kat's Beadwork
Click on the Thumbnails Below
Garden Urn Necklace Fringed Egg Box Cream Cage Amulet Bag Clown Trigger Fish Necklace Freeform Peyote Necklace Sculptural Peyote Pouch Gold Triangle Pouch Bronze Octogon Box Chinese Pi Necklace Beaded Tassle Necklace Fringe Bag Pearl Pouch Tanfaulk Pouch Netted Bag
Please visit My World Travels website Webmaster Somewhere, USA
All photos and other material in this section are (c)1999-2002
Last updated: 04/11/02 17:30:00 (GMT)

64. Beadwork By Renée
AMULETBAGS.COM, Look for the ridiculous in everything! iPod Cases Nitrile Gloves Polo Hard Hat Golf Bag Conveyor Belt Umbrella

65. KQ Designs - Native American Beadwork, Powwow Regalia, And Beaded Clothing And A
Specializing in unique customdesigned beaded items, Native American beadwork, Powwow regalia, and Southwest jewelry.
The romance and beauty of beadwork has been endeared by people of every country throughout the ages of time.
KQ Designs specializes in unique custom-designed beaded items, Native American beadwork, Powwow regalia, and Southwest jewelry. All of our artwork is hand crafted by artisans Michael and Pam Knapp, and our work is constructed of the finest Czechoslovakian beads and materials available. We welcome your design ideas and will work with you to create one-of-a-kind items of the highest quality. Click on the thumbnail images or use the links at the top of each page for more pictures and information about our work. ** Though our work is primarily custom made when an order is placed, we do occasionally have items available for immediate sale that we have made as samples of our work, or purchased at auction, or picked up in trade. Click HERE to see the items that we currently have available for immediate sale.
16 Crooked Oak Lane
Weaverville NC 28787
Phone: +1.828.484.9475
Web site by KQ Designs
This web site was last updated on 20 April 2008

66. Cynthia Rutledge Beadwork & Workshops
B E A D W O R K W O R K S H O P S . 2008 Bead Button Classes! June 1st Chantilly Lace June 2nd - Antonia s Adornment June 3rd - Turkish Veil
June 1st - Chantilly Lace
June 2nd - Antonia's Adornment
June 3rd - Turkish Veil
Hope to see you there! New Workshops for 2008!
Chain Reaction - New!
The Slide
- New!
- New! New Kit!
Alyeska's Jewel Bangle Kit Instruction Booklets...
What's New!
Workshops Kits Calendar ... Contact Info Home

67. Ojibwe Custom Beadwork
My beloved maternal grandmother, Eulalia Babe LaFriniere, taught me beadwork when I was very young, and I now do all types of beading using seed beads,
MM_preloadImages('images/grandma.jpg'); Ojibwe Custom Beadwork Home Page Exciting News! Ojibwe Custom Beadwork has been accepted as a Vendor for
~ Feeling Great in 2008
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Ojibwe Custom Beadwork joined Country Charm in September, 2007.  Country Charm is a unique collection of crafts and gifts by Minnesota Artists.  It is a co-op with separate sections of the store rented out by the co-op members.  We started out as artists or crafters traveling to various art and/or craft fairs (some of us still do) so besides the used books, 85% of the items in the store are handcrafted.  We strive to not duplicate the other member's work or items offered, so you will find a wide array of items available in the store.
Besides my work, Ojibwe Custom Beadwork (Wendy) also sells beads, needles, thread, other beading supplies and miscellaneous gift items as well as Gringa Yard Art and Growing Blue Flowers items.  Kelly's Kollectibles (Kelly) sells magnetic jewelry and native arts. 

68. Flickr: Beadwork And Jewelry Making
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Beadwork and Jewelry Making
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(Or, browse all topics Title Author Replies Latest Post Hello I'm New! niccichrisp 4 hours ago anyone here on etsy? jessprkle 16 hours ago Criticism Welcome! ... Rachel Elizabeth Jewels 6 days ago South sea pearls in Philippines 2 weeks ago FREE Advertising!

69. Through The Eyes Of The Mississippi Choctaw
Men and women alike often wear decorative beadwork with traditional clothing. A beadwork set for women often consists of a belt, medallion, collar necklaces
Choctaw Beadwork
Collar necklaces are worn with traditional clothing by both women and men. This style of necklace may be fairly simple, like the one pictured about, or may be larger and more elaborate, incorporating designs such as human figures in Choctaw clothing or colorful sunburst patterns.
The round comb pictured at left resembles one photographed around 1930 in Philadelphia by Smithsonian researcher Frances Densmore. This comb was probably made between 1950 and 1960.
The sash is probably the earliest component of traditional dress still in use today, incorporating symbols that may also be seen on Eastern Woodland , Mississippian and Early Historic period pottery. Home Contact Us Press Room

70. Shoshone Beadwork
beadwork is the bestknown art form of Wind River and Fort Hall Shoshones and Bannocks. It is an enduring tradition, but one that has evolved over time.
Wind River History Home Page Shoshone Art Home Baskets Beadwork ... Interviews A Gallery of Shoshone-Bannock Beadwork Beadwork is the best-known art form of Wind River and Fort Hall Shoshones and Bannocks. It is an enduring tradition, but one that has evolved over time. Materials, styles, colors, patterns, symbolism and other characteristics reflect the environment of the beader at the time she or he created their work. This is as true for modern beadworkers as it was in the 19th century. Today, beadwork can literally adorn almost any object, including watch bands, key fobs, baseball caps, wallets, belts, dresses, vests, sport shoes, etc. More traditional forms, of course, include powwow regaliabeaded buckskin dresses, moccasins, traditional pouches and teepee storage bags, leggings, etc. This page of thumbnails is linked to some of the earliest examples of Shoshone-Bannock beadwork found on clothing and moccasins. Beadwork Index Page 2 provide links to geometric designs on items such as knife sheaths, bags and pouches, pipe bags, and other decorated items. One of the key features of early Shoshone-Bannock beadwork is the overwhelming preference for four basic colors: white, green, blue, and cobalt. Beginning with Beadwork Index Page 3 , the focus shifts to items bearing the transitional floral patterns from 1890-1950. One should notice the decline "box & eye" or "boxed eye" geometic designs that often involve the use of rectilinear motifs on solid backgrounds to the use of floral designs. These earliest floral patterns are abstract, while later examples become more and more realistic.

71. Huichol Beadwork Collection - Huichol Beaded Masks, Gourd Bowls, Spirit Figures,
Our foundation has an incredible huichol beadwork collection which includes beaded masks, gourd bowls, spirit figures, bags, breast plates, bracelets,
ART A major art form, usually made for ritual use, beaded masks, gourd bowls and spirit figures are also created from visions. Beaded gourd bowls are often left as offerings during pilgrimages, and they can be found on the altars of Huichol homes and temples. Beaded masks and spirit figures record the dream visions of the women and men who create them. Designs using figures of Grandfather Fire, the Deer, the Double-Headed Eagles, serpent, lighting, feather wands, corn, nierikas, etc, tell the stories of Huichol mythology. The masks and figures are created by pressing beads into the beeswax covered wood. The Foundation also has an incredible collection of beaded breast plates, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, barrettes, and rings. This beaded work is exquisite and each piece is one of a kind. ABOUT US WORKSHOPS ART CRAFTS HOME

72. Beaded Jewelry - Handcrafted Beadwork - Beaderz
beaded jewelry, handcrafted beadwork, beadwork handmade beaded jewelry and crafts, custom handmade beads and beadwork, handcrafted by jewelry makers
Anklets Bracelets Earrings Eyeglass Holders ... Custom Orders Use this easy form to tell your friends about us!
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Beaded Jewelry
Beaded Lanyards
Handcrafted Beadwork As Unique as You Are…
Make Quite a Statement!
Tired of mass-produced, cheap beaded jewelry that every other woman is wearing? Looking for custom, handcrafted beadwork that’s as unique as you are? You’ll be delighted that you found Beaderz. Custom Beaded Jewelry Designer Collection Beaded jewelry pieces that I (and other talented designers) created are presented in an impressive collection. Feel free to browse! From necklaces to earrings to beaded bags and holiday ornaments, you’ll find rare and one-of-a-kind handcrafted beadwork that helps you express who you are. Prefer custom beaded jewelry? It would be my pleasure to work with you to select the colors and designs that most accurately reflect your style and personality. See something on the site you like, but need different colors? I’ll gladly conform any of my handcrafted beadwork to suit your needs. Because You Deserve It Why would you settle for mass-produced, low-quality beaded jewelry when handcrafted beadwork necklaces, earrings, and more are so affordable? Treat yourself to one of the pieces featured on the site, or

73. Horizon Information Portal
Loveland, Colo. Interweave Press, c1998. Subjects, beadwork Periodicals. Periodicals Bibliography Los Alamos Library.

74. PictureTrail
Welcome to Ruby s Jewelry Design beadwork The beginning of an obsession. 8 pics The piece that sent me into the world of beadwork View Guestbook Clubs Forums ... Member Login
These albums serve as a catalog of my work. Grab a cuppa, and browse. I have tutorials for some of the pieces at and have added links below the pictures of pieces I made using other artist's tutorials. I hope you enjoy your visit. :) What's New! 22 pics - All the latest jewelry 2008 first half 47 pics - Everything from the first half of '08 2007 Second half 72 pics - bead and wire jewelry 2007 First Half 48 pics 2006 Second Half 45 pics 2006 First Half 52 pics - All the work I've done in the first half of 2006. 2005 Second half 63 pics - More jewlery of course! 53 pics - All the new pieces for the new year. 2004 Second half 116 pics - From June on...... 91 pics - New stuff for the new year 95 pics - A new album for a new year! 2003 2nd half 80 pics - Creations in the 2nd half of the year Wirework (2002) 109 pics - My new passion! Necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc. Take a look! All Watches 26 pics Earrings 128 pics More Necklaces 62 pics Necklaces 30 pics - Here is a collection of beadwoven necklaces Bracelets 2002 46 pics - More braclets Bracelets 28 pics - A collection of beaded bracelets The beginning of an obsession 8 pics - The piece that sent me into the world of beadwork Other Beadwork 14 pics - Pins, keychains, wine charms, patches...

75. Grizel's Medieval Beadwork Pages
When I started this over ten years ago, and I was told beadwork wasn t period in the medieval timeperiod. Well, as you will see from the sources I ve
Welcome and Salutations When I started this over ten years ago, and I was told beadwork "wasn't period" in the medieval timeperiod. Well, as you will see from the sources I've proven that it is since and I don't hear that arguement anymore. I wanted to make sure others didn't either. That's why I created this site. If you see anything here that can help you in your studies, your documentation or your teaching, please take it, but please provide links and credits back to this site so then others can examine this field more in depth (and see them in full-color where possible). See something I am missing information on? Something I don't have at all? Email me Are you an Apprentice or a Student to a Laurel? Want to discuss medieval beadworking with other SCA scholars? BIG FIND!

76. Valerie Hector The Art Of Beadwork
1187 WILMETTE AVENUE ~ WILMETTE, ILLINOIS ~ 60091 EMAIL PHONE 847.328.1585 ~ FAX 847.328.7050 site updated 1/21/08
site updated: 3/29/08
"BODHI" Brooch, 2008
Sterling silver. 4 3/4" h. x 3 3/8" w. Photo: Larry Sanders. Valerie Hector 2008.
All rights reserved.

77. Beadnik 's Home Page
Beaded bottles, barrettes, bracelets, earrings, odds and ends, necklaces, ornaments. Includes instructions for various objects including beaded ornament
Push for Music
Check out my auctions at Ebay some of the beads I love bestCharlottes and whitehearts this week!.
Really cool, bead related Clip art courtesy of Aunt Molly's Bead Street. Thanks, Mary!!!
(Non-Frames Home)
(Gallery) (Patterns) (Beadartists) ... (Links)
I Am A Proud Member Of:

Phenomenal Women Of The Web

Offering personal amulets and precious objects.

79. Indian Beadwork, Native American Art, Beaded Items, Indian Art, Beads
The beadwork is red, white, light blue, dark blue, and yellow. This piece is African. A person emailed me the other day and indicated that the Zulu young
    Native American Please direct all inquiries to: We have a great many items listed in the Native American Section so we are tying to make it easier for you if you only want to look at certain groupings of items. We have moved the Navajo Rugs in a seperate section. Go back to the front page and look in the section called Navajo Rugs. We are leaving the Navajo dolls in this section. However, if you are interesting in just looking at the Dolls you may want to quickly scroll down to BE168 and inspect the items down thru BE145. Our typical arrangement starts here and goes through all the items. AMERICAN INDIAN CROOKED KNIVE This is an interesting item from the Great Lakes region. Circa is1840 to 1860. It is made of Maple, Steel and Brass Wire. The stand was made for the item and will come with it. the knives measures 7-1/2 inches from tip to tip. It has an interesting old mark in the wood (image 191b) PRICE: $950 Picture OTHER SIDE Picture FRONT VIEW Picture CLOSE UP Picture OLD TACKED BOX This is a very attractive old box that is covered with a leather type material and lined with old tacks. The tacks are tarnished and have been there a long time. Tacks outline the initial H W on the top of the box. Theres an old metal plate attached to the lid that reads INDIAN/ U.S./STANDING ROCK/ INDIAN AGENCY/ H.WILSON/ AGENT/1889. The plate looks old. There looks to have been another plate on the lid first and had been removed and this plate affixed, but a long time ago. The brass lock in the front is most unusual. It is marked PATENT with no other marking. It was a keyed box but there is no key available. I have attempted to see if there was an H Wilson who was an Indian Agent at Standing Rock in 1889 but have been unable to find any name of an indian agent as of this time. If anyone knows where I can find such a list, let me know. It looks good to me, but have never seen anything like it before so that makes me want to check it out a lot more. PRICE: $900

80. Custom Handcrafted Boots Hand Beaded Boot Bracelets Glass Native American Jewelr
Southpaw beadworks brings a unique and custom style of handcrafted and hand beaded glass jewelry like boots, bracelets, belts, necklaces, guitar straps,
ABSOLUTELY THE FINEST IN HANDCRAFTED CUSTOM BEADWORK. HOME BOOT BRACELETS BOOTS CATALOG ... SHIPPING INFORMATION Father's Day Sale on Selected Boot Bracelets. Surprise Dad with a gift from Southpaw Beadworks! They're Back! Chili Pepper boot Bracelets in stock and just in time for Father's Day and Graduation. (Just scroll down to the bottom of the Boot Bracelet page.) Welcome to Southpaw Beadworks. Custom Handcrafted Boots Custom Handcrafted Bracelets
Custom Handcrafted Boot Bracelets
Custom Handcrafted Belts ... Link Resources

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