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         Bees:     more books (100)
  1. The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore (Dover Books on Anthropology and Folklore) by Hilda M. Ransome, 2004-04-09
  2. Buzz-Buzz, Busy Bees (Mini Edition): An Animal Sounds Book by Dawn Bentley, 2006-01-10
  3. Akeelah and the Bee by James W. Ellison, 2006-10-02
  4. Robbing the Bees: A Biography of Honey--The Sweet Liquid Gold that Seduced the World by Holley Bishop, 2006-01-10
  5. Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and the New Realities of Girl World by Rosalind Wiseman, 2003-06-26
  6. Spelling Bee Brainiac: 600 Spelling Challenges for Word Amateurs and Experts Ages 10 and Up by Randy Howe, 2009-04-27
  7. The Secret Life of Bees [Hardcover] by Sue Monk Kidd (Author), 2003
  8. The Fable of the Bees: And Other Writings by Bernard Mandeville, E. J. Hundert, 1997-09
  9. Penny and the Punctuation Bee by Moira Donohue, 2008-04-01
  10. Langstroth's Hive and the Honey-Bee: The Classic Beekeeper's Manual by L. L. Langstroth, 2004-02-20
  11. A Manual or an Easy Method of Managing Bees by John M. Weeks, 2010-07-24
  12. Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation by Tammy Horn, 2006-04-21
  13. ABC's of the Birds and Bees: For Parents of Toddlers to Teens by Marilyn Morris, 1999-11
  14. A Spring without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply by Michael Schacker, 2009-05-05

61. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Killer Bees
The general appearance of Killer bees (= Africanized bees) is the same as common Honey bees, but there are some distinctive physical......
Killer Bees ORDER: Hymenoptera GENUS: Apis FAMILY: Apidae mellifera scutellata Description: The general appearance of Killer Bees (= Africanized Bees) is the same as common Honey Bees, but there are some distinctive physical differences between the two. To analyze the differences, a laboratory has to measure and compare some 20 different structures. Another way to check is to analyze the specimen's DNA and enzymes. These bees were photographed in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Smithsonian Photo by Carl C. Hansen
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.
(c) 1993 Smithsonian Institution Distribution: In 1956, some colonies of African Honey Bees were imported into Brazil, with the idea of cross-breeding them with local populations of Honey Bees to increase honey production. In 1957, twenty-six African queens, along with swarms of European worker bees, escaped from an experimental apiary about l00 miles south of Sao Paulo. These African bee escapees have since formed hybrid populations with European Honey Bees, both feral and from commercial hives. They have gradually spread northward through South America, Central America, and eastern Mexico, progressing some 100 to 200 miles per year. In 1990, Killer Bees reached southern Texas, appeared in Arizona in 1993, and found their way to California in 1995. They are expected to form colonies in parts of the southern United States. Damage done: Control: Many authorities have been working on the problem of Killer Bees in the United States. Two primary solutions have been considered. The first is termed drone-flooding, which involves maintaining large numbers of common Honey Bees (originally from Europe) in areas where commercially-reared queen bees mate. This process would limit the mating possibilities between Africanized drones and European queens. The second strategy is requeening frequently, where the beekeeper replaces the queen of the colony, thus assuring that the queens are European Honey Bees and that mating has also occurred with European drones.

62. Worker Bees Blog
Worker bees is a firm dedicated to helping small business, arts and other nonprofit organizations leverage the economic, creative online world to generate
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Worker Bees Blog
Worker Bees is a firm dedicated to helping small business, arts and other non-profit organizations leverage the economic, creative online world to generate buzz and spread "word-of-keyboard" about their activities. This blog records our day-to-day thoughts on or activities in our business
Sunday, May 25, 2008
Some cool BlogHer-related contests...especially if you're looking for a free trip to the conference
There are always cool things going on over at BlogHer , so I don't often write about them, but with the BlogHer '08 annual conference less than 60 days away I thought I'd make sure you were aware of some of the related contests and opportunities to get your BlogHer on with a little help from our sponsors.
The first post to check out that outlines four different ways to win passes and/or travel expenses to BlogHer is here . BlogHer event manager Kristy Sammis outlines the details and tells you how to participate in these 3 contests/offers:
1. Win a free conference pass, plus hotel and airfare vouchers by sharing your secrets to getting your kids to eat healthy. Details

63. The Silver Seas 1k - Cached - Similar pages City of the bees

64. Honey Bees Give Clues On Virus Spread
As scientists try to solve the mystery of dying bees, it becomes more and more clear that nature is awesomely complex. Commentary by Carl Zimmer.
@import "/css/toolbox_article_bottom.css"; @import "/css/article.css"; @import "/css/google_ad.css"; @import "/css/wiredcomment.css"; Top Stories Magazine Wired Blogs All Wired
Dissection Commentary by Carl Zimmer Science Discoveries
Honey Bees Give Clues on Virus Spread
Carl Zimmer Everyone likes a medical mystery even more so when the mystery in question is solved. When a few people in Queens developed fevers in 1999, scientists pinpointed an American strain of West Nile virus. When people in East Asia began to get particularly wicked coughs in 2003, scientists discovered an entirely new virus called SARS. As much as we admire the ingenuity that went into solving these medical enigmas, that doesn't mean we should ignore the medical-sleuthing stories that haven't yet reached a satisfying ending. Their very mystery actually says something important about how nature works. Last spring, U.S. beekeepers realized that one-third of their hives had collapsed. Honeybees were simply flying away to die. This strange phenomenon, now called Colony Collapse Disorder, threatens more than the honey industry. Fifteen billion dollars worth of U.S. crops such as almonds and apples simply will not grow if honeybees don't pollinate them.

65. Africanized Honey Bee Lesson Plans
Africanized honey bees have moved into the Southwest and are here to stay. These lesson plans were developed to familarize students with honey bees and
Africanized Honey Bees on the Move
Lesson Plans
The University of Arizona
Africanized Honey Bee Education Project
Africanized honey bees have moved into the Southwest and are here to stay. In addition to the safety issues that need to be addressed because of the defensiveness of these bees, honey bees are also fascinating subjects to study. These lesson plans were developed to familarize students with honey bees and bee safety issues through a variety of interesting activities.
These lesson plans are now available from the
Publication Distribution Center,
4042 North Campbell Avenue,
Tucson, Arizona 85719.
Phone: 520-318-7275
The price is $17.00, plus shipping.
Ask for publication #196025.
To order this publication directly using CALSmart, go to this page
general instructions and information
Choose a grade cluster:

66. I Love Bees
It s constructing hundreds of roads out of the I Love bees server. The roads all lead to payphones. And the phones are ringing.
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I Love Bees
One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in bed he had been changed into a monstrous verminous bug.
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Communications Log
UPDATE: OMG! I posted the wrong time and date. Can you believe it? I'm so excited about the training mission, I spaced. The communications logs will be available at the 27 cache locations below starting at 18:00 Pacific Time on November 4th ! Don't forget the relay code to pick up your log on DVD: "The Operator left something for me." Good luck!
I found a last message from Melissa.
I realize that some of my truest allies won't be able to come to any of the four training events scheduled for November 4th, where I will also be giving out a communications log of my time here in DVD format. I'm sorry I can't do more training events, but I will be able to cache copies of the comm. log at an additional 27 locations on November 4
100 Universal City Plaza Universal City CA
3111 K Street, NW Washington D.C.

Aligned with our valued principle of selfempowerment, The Birds bees Project does not assume responsibility for the choices that you make based on the
Welcome to!
We created this website because we think you're smart. We created
it because you CAN make intelligent decisions about your body and
your health, but you can only do that IF you have all the information
that you need.
This website acknowledges that sex happens, that sex can be a positive
experience, and that decisions about sex and sexual health are big ones.
This website is dedicated to all those who seek information needed to
make informed decisions about sexual and reproductive health, emotional
well-being, and lifetime goals. We have included information on birth control,
sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy options including: abortion, adoption and parenting to reach our goal of providing full information. (your doctor, your parent(s), a respected adult in your life, a teacher or clergy member) to discuss the information presented here. We do not know the

68. Africanized 'killer Bee' Index Of Pages
Africanized Killer bees Index of Pages. What happens when Africanized bees enter a new territory? Where do Africanized bees nest?
(c) Apycom Site Index of Africanized "Killer Bee" Pages GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE AHB:
What are Africanized Honey Bees (AHB), aka killer bees?

When did they first arrive in the US? What areas have they colonized?

What happens when Africanized bees enter a new territory?

Where do Africanized bees nest?
AHB stories reported in the media (last update:5/24/08)
Special Feature Article
AHB in Southern Nevada from Practicing Anthropology US MAPS: Last Revised
Present US Geographic Distribution of AHB

Present Geographic Distribution of AHB in North Texas

Present Geographic Distribution of AHB in Southeast Texas

Present Geographic Distribution of AHB in Southwest Texas
... Present Geographic Distribution of AHB in Louisiana LINKS ON THE WORLD-WIDE WEB: Africanized "Killer Bee" Related Internet Links (c) Apycom

69. Gordon's Social Bees Page
An Introduction to the biology, classification and ecology of the Social bees (Honey bees, Bumble bees, Stingless bees etc.)
Have you seen the The Amazing World of Birds Yet
The Social Bees = Apidae.
Not all the Apidae are social those that are not, are called Solitary Bees and are not the concern of this page. Honey Bees have a long history of association with man. 9 000 years ago gathering wild honey was already such an important part of mankinds' activities that he was painting scenes about it on the walls of his caves, a few thousand years later people in China and Egypt were keeping bees in hives made out of wicker baskets, nowadays thousands of pages of literature are devoted to Honey Bees and their culture every year. Recently a subspecies of Apis mellifera A.mellifera scutellata has become infamous as Africanised Honey Bee . Honey Bees however are not the only social bees, both the Bumble Bees (Bombinae) and the mostly South American Stingless Bees (Meliponinae) are also social.
Honey Bees Bumble Bees Stingless Bees
Bumble Bees
Bumble Bees are the least advanced of the major groups of Eusocial Bees and their foraging is limited by the fact that they have not evolved any means of communicating information reguarding utilisable resources. There are about 300 species of Bumble Bee world wide and they are either of the normal nest building brood raising type, all those in the genus

70. Bumblebee Contents Page
They range much further north than honey bees, and colonies can be found on On the left you garden will be filled with happy bees covered in pollen if
Other Invertebrates Homework Answers Windowbox Gardens Bumblebee pages
Click on the tabs below, or on the menu down the left of the page
Enter your search terms Web Submit search form Overview Antenna Eyes Hair ... About the site Most visited pages in April 2008 The main Frequently Asked Questions page . Found a nest? keep finding bees in your house? Want to know about Latin names? Finding holes in your deck? You'll find out what to do on this and the linked pages. The sting . Yes bumblebees can sting, and there's a photograph of a sting below right. You can find out more on this page, and why a bumblebee doesn't die after she stings you but a honey bee does. The bumblebee body . This is the introductory page to the body section. This page has drawings (see diagram below right) and photographs which show the parts of the bumblebee body with links to pages specialising in those parts of the body, so if you want to know where the pollen basket is, or what the sting looks like, this is the page for you. Lifecycle,

71. Charlotte Ski Bees
Skiing and snowboarding event information, as well as a racing schedule, ski reports, and membership details.
WELCOME May 28, 2008




WELCOME to The Charlotte Ski Bees We are a year round organization focused on promoting snow skiing and snow boarding. We also offer many other outdoor and social activities. Our General Membership meetings are open to everyone and are held on the Second Monday each month (except July). Unless otherwise noted, general meetings start at 7:00 pm. NEXT MEETING: MONDAY, June 9, at 7:00 pm, at Woods on South , 2100 South Blvd., Click here for Google Maps link FEATURED EVENTS:
SKI TRIPS Click for more details Click here for details on all events The Charlotte Ski Bees, Inc. is a member of the Crescent Ski Council , which is comprised of individual ski clubs in the southeastern United States ranging from West Virginia to Georgia. These clubs work together to plan club races, group ski trips, and group activities. Click link above for news from other clubs and info on other trips that our members can attend. The Crescent Ski Council is a charter member of the National Ski Council Federation which is made up of twenty-four ski organizations representing one third of a million skiers belonging to ski clubs.

72. Case Of The Disappearing Bees Creates A Buzz - International Herald Tribune
Apr 22, 2007 Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious colony collapse of bees.
var tools_host = ''; var tools_path_n_filename = '/articles/2007/04/22/news/wireless23.php'; var tools_headline = 'Case of the disappearing bees creates a buzz'; var tools_articleID = '5388309';
  • Business Culture Sports ...
    Case of the disappearing bees creates a buzz
    By Eric Sylvers Published: April 22, 2007 document.writeln(''); E-Mail Article Listen to Article Printer-Friendly 3-Column Format Translate Share Article Text Size Milan: The headlines were catchy, the subject compelling and, in some cases, the newspapers well respected. All rather dire if you try to imagine a world without honey and especially if you happen to have read a quote that has been attributed to Albert Einstein saying that if bees were to disappear, the human race would follow suit four years later because of the important role bees play in pollinating plants. The bee story had an extra appeal for those people who use their cellphones rather tentatively because they think the privilege to speak on the move may be frying their brain cells one by one. So now, if the headlines are to be believed, we learn that our cellphone and those long calls from mom where she refuses every attempt to cut short the conversation not only are going to lead to our demise, they are killing millions of bees. Good story for sure, except that the study in question had nothing to do with mobile phones and was actually investigating the influence of electromagnetic fields, especially those used by cordless phones that work on fixed-line networks, on the learning ability of bees. The small study, according to the researchers who carried it out too small for the results to be considered significant, found that the electromagnetic fields similar to those used by cordless phones may interrupt the innate ability of bees to find the way back to their hive.

73. Bees
These small to medium-sized bees may be any of a wide range of colors metallic red, black, blue, green, or copper. Usually no distinctive spots or bands
Serving all Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland
How to control, eliminate, kill, exterminate, eradicate or manage pest problems.
A close look at pests PEST CONTROL CANADA
Control Solutions
Directory of Pest Professionals Contact us Home Page What is this pest?
Click to enlarge

Visit the
pest photo identification pages.

Classified Employment Ads.

For Canadian pest management businesses and job seekers

Recent pest questions
How to Choo se ... associations. Canada: CPMA B.C.: SPMA-BC Alberta: PMAA Ontario APMPO SPMAO Quebec AQGP International NPMA Ants Bird Control Controlling pests ... Types of pesticides Pest control supplies for consumers for professionals Rodents Spiders ... professionals Please visit our sponsor's web pages: 5 Star Cain Pest Control Toronto AAA-Quest Pest Management Toronto Aero Bird Control Vancouver A-Target Pest Services Surrey/Delta Advanced Pest Control Vancouver Aggressive Pest Control Vancouver All-Pro Pest Control Aviator Bird Solutions Inc.

74. - Swarm Of Honey Bees Close California Highway - Local News | News A
Mar 17, 2008 Swarm of Honey bees Close California Highway, Millions of swarming honey bees are on the loose after a truck carrying crates of the insects,2933,338377,00.html
var d_sitezone = "fnc/us"; var d_nameValue = "ptype=story;pageId=353007;col=;kw=bees+truck"; We Report. You Decide. SEARCH UREPORT Send us your video, ... photos and news On FOX News CHANNEL: View Schedule get_a(728,90,"top");
SEE MORE - Sept. 11 - Crime - Education - Supreme Court Send news tip to SUBMIT FOXNEWS.COM HOME U.S.
Swarm of Honey Bees Close California Highway
Monday, March 17, 2008
  • E-Mail Print Share: The California Highway Patrol says 8-to-12 million bees escaped Sunday from the crates in which they were stored and swarmed over an area of Highway 99 and stung officers, firefighters and tow truck drivers trying to clear the accident. CHP Officer Michael Bradley says a tractor trailer flipped over while entering the highway on its way to Yakima, Wash. The flatbed was carrying bee crates each filled with up to 30,000 bees. Bradley says several beekeepers driving by the accident stopped to assist in the bee wrangling. The bees had been used in the San Joaquin Valley to pollinate crops.

75. 12 Million Bees Shut Down California Highway - Autoblog
With an estimated 440 bee hives smashed on the side of the highway, and millions of stressedout bees buzzing wildly and looking for victims, disaster was
The dish on parenting ... check out the new ParentDish!
12 million bees shut down California highway
Posted Mar 18th 2008 4:01PM by Michael Harley
Filed under: Etc. It was a stinging revelation on State Route 99 in Sacramento, California, yesterday: mixing 12 million honeybees, a top-heavy tractor trailer and a tight freeway on-ramp makes a painfully sticky mess that will quickly bring traffic to a halt. With an estimated 440 bee hives smashed on the side of the highway, and millions of stressed-out bees buzzing wildly and looking for victims, disaster was thankfully averted by a group of beekeepers who happened upon the accident ( there's never a cop when you need one, but apparently beekeepers are readily available). Once their hives were re-assembled on another flatbed, the tiny insects made a bee-line for the shelter and, sweet ending in sight, began to bee-have themselves once again. Thanks to everyone who bugged us about the story! [Source: Baltimore Sun Tags: bees California Interstate Sacramento ... 27 Comments addthis_pub = 'weblogsinc'; addthis_options = 'digg, facebook, delicious, myspace, aolfav, propeller, google, live, stumbleupon, reddit, favorites, technorati, aim, more';

76. Buzzkill: People Are Not Bees
And that s because it s made of unique individuals, not worker bees. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Buzzkill People are not bees
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77. Beekeeping Naturally, Bush Bees, Beekeeping With Foundationless Frames, Top Bar
4.6mm, 4.8mm, 4.9mm, bee equipment, bee gadgets, bee picture, beekeeping, bees, black bees, black feral bees, black queens, blank starter strips, bush bees,
Bush Farms Home
Beekeeping Carts
Box Jig
Favorite Beekeeping Things
Foundationless Beekeeping ...
Wax Dipping Hives
Beekeeping Acronym Glossary
Beekeeping Basics
Beekeeping Fallacies
Beekeeping Math ...
Unnatural Things in Beekeeping
Enemies of Beekeeping
Varroa Treatments
Natural Cell Size
Feral Bees
Queen Rearing
Queen Spotting
Queens For Sale ...
Requeening a hot hive
Beesource Beekeeping Forum
Beesource Beekeeping Home
Dee Lusby on Small Cell Beekeeping
Organic Beekeeping group ...
Organic Beekeeping Meeting
Click on Thumbnails for bigger pictures
Beekeeping Naturally
Bush Bees
Most of us beekeepers spend a lot of effort fighting with the Varroa mites. I'm happy to say my biggest problems in beekeeping now are things like trying to get nucs through the winter here in Southeastern Nebraska and coming up with hives that won't hurt my back from lifting or better ways to feed the bees. This change in beekeeping from fighting the mites is mostly because I've gone to natural sized cells. In case you weren't aware, and I wasn't for a long time, the foundation in common usage by beekeepers results in much larger bees than what you would find in a natural hive. I've measured sections of natural worker brood comb that are 4.6mm in diameter. This 4.6mm comb

78. Disappearing Bees Threaten Ice Cream Sellers - Feb. 17, 2008
Feb 17, 2008 HaagenDazs is warning that a creature as small as a honeybee could become a big problem for the premium ice cream maker s business.
document.adoffset = 0; var cnnSiteWideCurrDate = new Date(2008, 4, 28); /*********************************************** * AnyLink CSS Menu script- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library ( * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use * Visit Dynamic Drive at for full source code ***********************************************/
  • Home Business News Markets Personal Finance ... Edit Alerts var clickExpire = "-1";
    Disappearing bees threaten ice cream sellers
    Premium maker Haagen-Dazs says vanishing bee colonies in the United States could mean fewer flavors and higher prices.
    EMAIL PRINT DIGG RSS Subscribe to Companies feed:// Paste this link into your favorite RSS desktop reader See all RSS FEEDS close By Parija B. Kavilanz , senior writer February 20 2008: 8:25 AM EST
    Bees are responsible for 40% of Haagen-Dazs' flavors currently sold in the market. NEW YORK ( Haagen-Dazs is warning that a creature as small as a honeybee could become a big problem for the premium ice cream maker's business. At issue are the disappearing bee colonies in the United States, a situation that continues to mystify scientists and frighten foodmakers.

79. Of Bees, Beekeepers, And Food
Information about the importance of bees and pollination to our food supply, beekeeping, honey, and beeswax.
Our Food Supply is in danger because our bees are in danger.
This web page is dedicated to the One who made the bees, the flowers,
and the world He has given us to take care of.
More about Him

Did you ever eat (or throw away) a watermelon that tasted more like the rind than the sweet watermelon you were expecting? If so, your watermelon did not get pollinated well enough when it was only a blossom. How does a blossom get pollinated? The answer is bees. Bees gather pollen and nectar that they find in the blossoms. If bees don't go into the blossoms to forage for food, the blossoms won't make seeds. Without seeds, most fruits and vegetables won't develop properly and they won't taste good.
The Buzz About Bees A great Web Quest by Chris Elrod that uses this web page.
Pollination: What's In It For Me?
Bee Products ...
The Pollination Home Page by Dave Green, highly detailed information about pollination especially for farmers and beekeepers
A Shirker, Not a Worker

80. Moon Bees And Herbaluna Naturals Home
Moon bees and Herbaluna Naturals have teamed up to bring you ~Handmade Goodies for Your Natural Fami.
~ Home ~ Reviews ~ Links ~ About Us ~ ... View Your Cart Two Friends, One Vision Moon Bees and Herbaluna have teamed up on ONE website! We are work-at-home moms, dreamers, wives, and friends. We only sell products that we love and use in our own homes. All of our products are created in our homes amid our busy children and lots of late-night computer time! We are committed to educating others on sustainable living, simplicity, and natural living. Look to our information pages for tips and remedies from both Melissa and Leanne. "People deal too much with the negative, with what is wrong. Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?"
~Thich Nhat Hanh~
Looking for something specific that you do not see listed in our online store? Many times we offer special or one-of-a-kind items at craft fairs and farmer's markets. If you are looking for something you don't see here, please do not hesitate to Contact Us We are always open to new suggestions and willing to work on custom items. Would you like to be notified when we stock or have sales? Join our ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY mailing list.

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