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         Behcets Disease:     more books (39)
  1. Behcet's Disease: A Guide to its Clinical Understanding. Textbook and Atlas by Sungnack Lee, Dongsik Bang, et all 2001-02-15
  2. Essential Guide to Behcet's Disease by Joanne Zeis, 2006-10-01
  3. Behçets Syndrome
  4. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Behcet's Disease: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age
  5. Behcet's Disease: A Contemporary Synopsis by Gary R. Plotkin, John J. Calabro, 1988-02
  6. Adamantiades-Behcet's Disease (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology volume 528)
  7. Behcet's Disease by Bertrand Wechsler, 1993-11-01
  8. Immunology of Behcet's Disease
  9. Behcet's Disease (Inflammatory Disease and Therapy)
  10. Adamantiades-Behçet's Disease (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)
  11. Behcet's Disease: International Symposium Proceedings (International congress series)
  12. Behçet Disease Medical Guide by Qontro Medical Guides, 2008-07-09
  13. You Are Not Alone: 15 People with Behcet's by Joanne A Zeis, 1997-04
  14. BEHCET'S DISEASE. by M. & P. Nazzaro (edits). Monacelli, 1966

1. Fast Facts Behçet's Disease
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PDF Version of this Document Publication Date: September 2005

Fast Facts: An Easy-to-Read Series of Publications for the Public
  • Mouth sores Genital sores Other skin sores Swelling of parts of the eye Arthritis (pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints).
Less common symptoms include:
  • Meningitis (inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord) Blood clots Inflammation in the digestive system (the parts of the body that digest food) Blindness.
Symptoms may appear, disappear, and then reappear. The times when a person is having symptoms are called flares.
  • The symptoms do not usually appear all at once There are other illnesses that have similar symptoms Mouth sores at least three times in 12 months Any two of the following:
      Genital sores that go away and come back Eye inflammation with loss of vision Sores on the skin Positive skin prick test (the appearance of small red bumps when the skin is pricked with a needle).

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3. Behcet's Disease -
Behcet s Disease information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, and prognosis.

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Behcet's Disease
Contents: Behcet's Disease
  • Introduction: Behcet's Disease Symptoms Misdiagnosis Videos ... Full Contents list
  • Introduction: Behcet's Disease
    Behcet's Disease: Behcet's disease is a rare, chronic, lifelong disorder that involves inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. (Source: excerpt from NINDS Behcet's Disease Information Page: NINDS more about Behcet's Disease Behcet's Disease: Recurring inflammation of small blood vessels affecting various areas. More detailed information about the symptoms causes , and treatments of Behcet's Disease is available below.
    Symptoms of Behcet's Disease
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    4. Clinical Knowledge Summaries
    or gels applied directly to the inflammation, sore or ulcer. http//

    5. Behcet's Disease - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
    Behcet s Disease Facts plus the Latest News on Behcet s Disease Treatments HealthNewsflash.
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    Behcet's Disease Fact Book
    Table of Contents
    What Is Behcet's Disease?
    The disease was first described in 1937 by Dr. Helusi Behcet, a professor of dermatology in Istanbul. Behcet's disease is now recognized as a chronic condition that causes sores or ulcers in the mouth and on the genitals, and inflammation in parts of the eye. In some people, the disease also results in arthritis (swollen, painful, stiff joints) and inflammation of the digestive tract, brain, and spinal cord.
    Who Gets Behcet's Disease?
    Behcet's disease is common in the Middle East, Asia, and Japan, but rare in the United States. In Middle Eastern and Asian countries, the disease affects more men than women. In the United States, the opposite is true. Behcet's disease tends to develop in people in their twenties or thirties, but people of all ages can develop it. Back to Top Click Here for the Latest News on Behcet's Disease Back to Top
    What Causes Behcet's Disease?

    6. Brain Foundation - Behcet's Disease
    . Behcet s disease is a rare, chronic, lifelong disease that affects mainly young adults, with men having more severe symptoms......Behcet’s Disease.
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    Behcet’s Disease
    Behcet's disease is a rare, chronic, lifelong disease that affects mainly young adults, with men having more severe symptoms than women do. Although the exact cause remains unclear, Behcet's syndrome is thought to arise as a result of an autoimmune response, that is, when the body's defense mechanism malfunctions and begins to attack its own tissues. The syndrome involves inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. Symptoms include recurrent oral ulcers, recurrent genital ulcers, and eye inflammation It may also cause various types of skin lesions, arthritis, bowel inflammation, and meningitis (inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord). The symptoms usually flare up then go into remission. The time between attacks tends to be unpredictable; it can be as short as a few days, or it can be long as years before a person has another episode. Behcet's syndrome affects men five to 10 times more frequently than women. On average, the first symptoms appear between the ages of 10 and 30.
    Although Behcet's syndrome can be a chronic condition, most symptoms diminish over time. Treatment, therefore, focuses on the symptoms. Vasculitis and inflammatory eye disease will require glucocorticoids and perhaps other immunosuppressive drugs. Mouth sores may be treated with glucocorticoids in the form of mouthwash or paste. Colchicine, thalidomide and dapsone may be helpful for the skin or joint disease. Joint inflammation may require anti-inflammatory agents, pain medications, physical therapy and, occasionally, other immunosuppressive medications.

    7. Behcet's Disease
    Learn about the inflammatory condition, Behcet s disease, its causes, symptoms, and treatments.
    Home Behcet's Disease Introduction Causes Symptoms Some people have only mild symptoms, such as sores in the mouth or on the genitals while others have more severe symptoms, such as meningitis. Typically symptoms appear, disappear, and then reappear. Treatment
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    8. Symptoms Of Behcet's Disease
    Find information about the Symptoms of Behcet s disease.
    Symptoms of Behcets Disease Return to Home Page Return to Symptoms Page
    The symptoms of Behcet's disease often include ulcers of the mouth and genital area. Other associated symptoms include headache, numbness, arthritis or eye lesions.
    Behcet's disease is associated with HLA-B51. To view information about symptoms of behcets disease go to our behcet's disease questions and answers page. To view specific information about topics related to behcets disease symptoms go to our Topics page. To view laboratory abnormalities associated with symptoms of behcets disease go to our Labs page. To view medication information associated with the treatment of behcets disease symptoms go to our Pharmacology page. To s earch Flash-Med's questions and answers for your key words go to our Page. To view the and differential diagnosis of behcets disease symptoms go to our Medicine Methods page. Symptoms of behcets disease often do not lead directly to the underlying diagnosis and many symptoms can be misleading. Please review all concerns and information found on this website with your health care provider.

    9. Behçet's Disease
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    Behçet's Disease
    What Is It?
    What Causes It?

    What Are the Effects?

    How Is It Diagnosed?
    Resources and Suggestions
    What Is It?
    • Behçet's Disease (beh-CHETTS) disease is a rare and chronic condition that affects the inner lining of the mouth and genitals and the small blood vessels throughout the body. Behçet's Disease usually affects more women than men in the U.S. and primarily young adults in their 20s and 30s.
    What Causes It?
    • The cause is unknown, but it seems to be an autoimmune problem.
    What Are the Effects?
    • It may cause recurring mouth, genital and skin ulcers, and inflammation of the eyes. It may cause arthritis, abdominal pain, fever, swelling of veins in the leg, and affect the heart or lungs and/or bowels. It is chronic, which means it lasts a long time and won't go away.
    How Is It Diagnosed?

    10. Behcets Disease
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    11. Behcets Disease
    Behcet s Disease. Timothy C. Hain, MD Page last modified December 15, 2007. Behcets disease is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease characterized by

    12. Behcets Disease - Health & Wellbeing - Directory
    1. BEHCET’S SYNDROME SOCIETY Open New Window. Behcets Syndrome Society is the UK patient support group for people with Behcets disease; registered charity
    Web Search Images Videos Directory The World Advanced Search Directory Behcets Disease Sponsored Results Behcet’s Syndrome Ulcers Canker-Rid® Works. Dr. Sallie Tasto Instant Pain Relief, then Heals ! Treat ... Directory Results Listed by Popularity: Sites 1-3 of 3 BEHCET’S SYNDROME SOCIETY Behcets Syndrome Society is the UK patient support group for people with Behcets disease; registered charity number 326679 Behcet's Disease Books and Resources This 320-page reference book on Behcet's Disease has finally been reprinted, in a paperback version with all the text and photos of the original edition. American Behcets Disease Association
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    13. Introduction: Behcet's Disease -
    Introduction to Behcet s Disease as a medical condition including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, prevention, and prognosis.
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    14. Behcets Disease - Patient UK Resources
    behcets disease also known as or related to behcet s syndrome (disorder), behcet s syndrome, behcet s disease, behcet s syndrome society,
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    behcets disease
    behcets disease - also known as or related to behcet's, beh?et's syndrome, behcet's syndrome, behcet's disease, behcet's syndrome society, adamantiades-behcet disease Key = Information Leaflet = Patient Support = Reference Article = Medicine Info = Pharmacy Products = Selected UK Websites = Patient Experience = Book = Guideline = Poem/Story = Diagram = Medical Equipment = Video Links = Audio = News
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    15. Behcet's Disease - Health - RedOrbit
    WHAT A rare, chronic inflammatory disorder with an unknown cause. Pronounced BAYsets, it generally begins in people in their 20s or 30s, though it can
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    Behcet's Disease
    Posted on: Wednesday, 25 April 2007, 18:00 CDT * WHAT: A rare, chronic inflammatory disorder with an unknown cause. Pronounced "BAY-sets," it generally begins in people in their 20s or 30s, though it can happen at any age. It tends to occur more often in men. * SYMPTOMS: Recurrent ulcers in the mouth (resembling canker sores) and on the genitals, and eye inflammation. The disorder also may cause various types of skin lesions, arthritis, bowel inflammation, meningitis and cranial nerve palsies. It may involve all organs and affect the central nervous system, causing memory loss and impaired speech, balance and movement. GA_googleFillSlotWithSize("ca-pub-5440138744487553", "News_Main_300x250", 300, 250); * EFFECTS: May include blindness, stroke, swelling of the spinal cord and intestinal problems. * TREATMENT: Symptomatic and supportive. Medication may be prescribed to reduce inflammation or regulate the immune system. Immunosuppressive therapy may be considered. * PROGNOSIS: It's a lifelong disorder that comes and goes. Permanent remission has not been reported.

    16. Behcets Disease > Behcets Disease In Web World Directory
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    Behcets Disease
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    Health Diseases and Conditions Autoimmune » Behcets Disease
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    17. Behcets Disease - Definition From
    Definition and other additional information on Behcets disease from dictionary.
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    Behcets disease
    Behcets disease behcets syndrome (Science: syndrome ) a multisystem, chronic recurrent disease characterised by ulceration in the mouth and genitalia iritis uveitis arthritis and thrombophlebitis . Often treated with immunosuppressive therapy corticosteroids , chlorambucil).
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    18. Medcyclopaedia - Behcet's Disease
    Home, library, topics, volume v 2, b, behcets disease.
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    Behcet's disease
    (Halushi Behcet, 1889 - 1948, Turkish dermatologist), a rare vasculitis with oral , skin, genital, ocular and vascular lesions. Vascular involvement includes aneurysms of the aorta , medium and large arteries, the pulmonary arteries and vena caval occlusion. Cardiac manifestations occur in about 5% of patients consisting of pericarditis and aortic and mitral regurgitation Plain radiography may demonstrate an abnormal contour or focal aneurysms of the aorta and/or pulmonary arteries.

    19. Can Taking Methotrexate By A Man Cause Birth Defects -
    http// Health Information Center. Health News. Mon. March 17 Health Tip When Flat Feet Cau.
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    Information About Can taking methotrexate by a man cause birth defects
    methotrex a te p ... dvice including side effects Only your doctor C a n determine whether it is s a fe for you to continue t a king methotrex a te methotrex a te C a n sometimes c a use serious lung d a m a ge th a t m a kes it necess a ry to limit the tre a tment.... Risk F a ctors Th ... t ... t a king drugs th a t block the a ctions of folic a cid (such a s the immunosuppress a nt methotrex a te or the a ntibiotic trimethoprim ) C a n a lso c a use birth Risk F a ctors Th ... t ... If ultr a sonogr a phy shows the fetus in a loc a tion other th a n the uterus, the di a gnosis is confirmed. Doctors m a y use a viewing tube c a lled a l a p a roscope, inserted through a sm a ll incision just below t... MedlinePlus Drug Inform a tion: G ... nciclovir If you C a n become pregn a nt, you should use effective birth control while t a king g a nciclovir. If you

    20. Ophthalmology Review:
    Behçet’s disease new finding BJO sep 2003 Behçet’s disease (BD) is characterised by recurrent episodes of orogenital aphthae, systemic vasculitis,
    Ophthalmology Review
    Daily Notes in Ophthalmology
    August 29, 2003
    Behçet’s disease :new finding
    BJO sep 2003
    Behçet’s disease (BD) is characterised by recurrent episodes of orogenital aphthae, systemic vasculitis, and systemic and retinal venous thrombosis. An association between HLA-B51 and BD was first identified over 20 years ago, but recently identified gene associations implicate regions both within and without the MHC in the immunological events underlying the lesions in BD. These include allelic variants within the tumour necrosis factor gene region and within the MHC class I chain related gene region, the factor V Leiden mutation, which is associated with retinal vascular occlusion, and alleles of the intercellular adhesion molecule gene. No single causative gene for BD has emerged; the evidence indicates that the underlying immune events in BD are triggered by a microbial antigen and subsequently driven by genetic influences which control leucocyte behaviour and the coagulation pathways . Knowledge of these risk factors may permit a more accurate prognosis for a given patient, and identify new pathways for more targeted intervention than is currently available.

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