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  1. Mr. President: An Introduction to American History (Biography index reprint series) by Maurice Percy Ashley, 1948-06
  2. Portrait for Posterity: Lincoln and His Biographers (BiographyIndex Reprint Ser) by Benjamin P. Thomas, 1947-06
  3. Literary Criticism and Author's Biographies: An Annotated Index by Alison P. Seidel, 1978-12
  4. Life of Reason: Hobbes Locke Bolingbroke (Biography Index Reprint Series English Augustans) by David G. James, 1976-06
  5. Four who spoke out: Burke, Fox, Sheridan, Pitt, (Biography index reprint series) by Robert Tarbell Oliver, 1969
  6. Jewish Artist of the 19th and 20th Centuries (Biography index reprint series) by Karl Schwarz, 1949-06
  7. Prisoners at the Bar; An Account of the Trials of the William Haywood Case, the Sacco-Vanzetti Case, the Loeb-Leopold Case, the Bruno Hauptmann Case, (Biography index reprint series) by Francis X. Busch, 1970-06
  8. Life of Hilaire Belloc (Biography Index Reprint Series) by Robert Speaight, 1977-06
  9. Dauntless Women: Stories of Pioneer Wives (Biography Index Reprint Series) by Winifred Mathews, 1970-06
  10. Biography and Genealogy Master Index, 1997 by Gale Group, 1996-09
  11. Architects of Aviation (Biography index reprint series) by Maurice Holland, Thomas M. Smith, 1951-06
  12. Writers for Young Adults: Biographies Master Index (Gale Biographical Index Series)
  13. Singers of Today. (Biography index reprint series) by Donald Brook, 1971-06-05
  14. Saints Beyond the White Cliff (Biography index reprint series) by Margaret Gibbs, 1947-06

21. Workshops We Offer
Workshops or facilitation services to help groups creatively plan, build their team, learn facilitation or design public consultation programs.

22. Eucatastrophe101: My Last "Hurrah!"
(http// can get you a CD copy of all, let me know. the guys from our church have begun meeting in my
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"The Birth of Christ is the eucatastrophe of Man's history."J.R.R. Tolkien
Friday, June 24, 2005
My last "Hurrah!"
Heidi and I will be officially moving off the "holy hill" of Gordon-Conwell, not June 30th, as originally planned, but around July 15. This is a huge relief to both of us. Mostly me, because I'm currently on sabbatical. Well, sort of. Actually, I'm attending what's called the Spurgeon Sabbatical. It's about 15 pastors and one token student (that's me) whose soul purpose the next 10 days is to exhaust our lives for Jesus together. So moving next Thursday would have been a nightmare! Check out the schedule:
8:00am-8:45 Breakfast
9:00-9:30 Community Worship
9:45-12:00pm Study of 1 Peter
12:00-2:00 Lunch and Pastoral Reflection
Free time (i.e. take a nap)
5:30-6:30 Supper and Pastoral Reflection
6:30-7:45 Theological Discussion
7:45-8:30 Community Worship
As you can see the days are quite jamm-packed! But this is one the best experiences of my life. I've been so encouraged and challenged by the love and witness of these dear brothers. Each day after lunch and supper one of us shares with the rest something about our ministry and/or lives and then we pray for that particular person. Yesterday I shared. That was so powerful, Spirit-led, hope-renewing.
Studying through 1 Peter is fantastic. Dr. Hafemann leads all of our study and discussions. He is an exegetical machine. It is truly a gift to be able to learn under him this one last time, just in the nik of time. Exaltation of the Exiles our study is called. Lot of talk about suffering and our hope in the promises of God. I'll probably write on some of that over the weekend.

23. Reformissionary: Revelation: Story & Instruction
http// I spoke with his secretary asking why these are not available online in audio format? she said
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As I was listening to a Tim Keller sermon today he said something familiar in an unfamiliar way for me. All other religions are basically instructions sprinkled with stories to illustrate. But the Bible, Christianity, is basically a Story sprinked with instruction. Steve McCoy at 03:06 PM in Permalink Digg This Save to

24. NASA - About NASA
Here s your opportunity to learn more about NASA as an agency. Explore the many facets of NASA, from our administration and leadership, to our mission and

25. :plewbloggin:: Those Who've Gone Before....
Travis said Need a historical hero anyone? Take your pick these guys were real revolutionaries. http//
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skinny, bald, and polish for the glory of God
Saturday, September 24
those who've gone before....
Everyone needs a historical hero....edwards, augustine, calvin, ringo (o.k. maybe not)
My historical hero is none other than C.H. Spurgeon.
Spurgeon was a man (and by that I mean a man's man). His heart and voice cut right to the heart of the matter, and thousands upon thousands came to hear him preach. To this day, i would venture to guess that millions have come to know Christ or to be lit on fire to proclaim Christ because of the influence of this preacher. Thousands of pastors read Spurgeon and are spurred on to proclaim the gospel regardless of critics or circumstances.
Find a hero who spurs you on to love God more, who challenges you to proclaim His excellencies, and who motivates you by grace to do all things for his glory. Find someone from history past who you can read and converse with and as you walk away, God has become ten times larger than He seemed to you before.
Spurgeon does that for me. He lifts my eyes higher to the cross of Christ where I see my Savior and makes me bow lower where I am afraid to look at God who put him there. He points my gaze to the Author of Scripture...the One who spoke and all things came to be. Here is a sample from my favorite Spurgeon book (it's listed to the right):

26. Pat Robertson Warns Dover Of Impending Doom [Archive
http// SERIOUS CHRISTIAN. qsilvr2531. 1114-2005, 0212 PM. You don t believe in God,
Remortgages Business Credit Card Remortgages Buy Cell Phone Only ... PDA View Full Version : Pat Robertson Warns Dover of Impending Doom zachcadillac 11-10-2005, 09:10 PM
Pat Robertson warns Pa. town of disaster
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson warned residents of a rural Pennsylvania town Thursday that disaster may strike there because they "voted God out of your city" by ousting school board members who favored teaching intelligent design.
All eight Dover, Pa., school board members up for re-election were defeated Tuesday after trying to introduce "intelligent design" - the belief that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by a higher power - as an alternative to the theory of evolution.
"I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city," Robertson said on the Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club."
Eight families had sued the district, claiming the policy violates the constitutional separation of church and state. The federal trial concluded days before Tuesday's election, but no ruling has been issued.

27. Terrell Bible Church
http// http//www.desiringgod. org/library/biographies_index.html Return to the top of the page.

28. Links
http// Biographies of notable Christian figures. Available from the ministry of John Piper.
Links to Other Internet Sites
The following are provided as helpful connections to other Internet sites. Providing these links does not mean that Irvine Community Church endorses all that they contain; the links are provided as a convenience only. Camp Wynola in Julian American Missionary Fellowship The NET Bible Words and music to Christian hymns (also try
for easily accessible on-line hymns) Classic Christian literature. Many works from "A" (Saint Augustine) to "W" (George Whitefield) and much more The organization that spreads the Gospel message through
"Renewing Your Mind" with R.C. Sproul. The on-line store offers many teaching series covering Bible study, apologetics, theology, Christian living, philosophy, and church history. A web site that proclaims the truths to Scripture as reiterated in the 16th century Reformation that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, as revealed in the Scripture alone to the glory of God alone. It has an on-line bookstore with some very good Christian works.

29. A Minister Replies (wasRe A Pastor Speaks Out)
SOURCE http// It would appear that the answer to Dave s question is very, very few rather than most and

30. Biogrpahies Of The Sahabah And Awliyah Allah
Biographies. The Companions (ra) of the Prophet (salallahu alayhe wasalam). Abdullah ibn Abbas Abdullah ibn Masud Abdullah ibn Umar Abu Musa al Ashari
Biographies The Companions (ra) of the Prophet (salallahu alayhe wasalam)
  • Abdullah ibn Abbas Abdullah ibn Masud Abdullah ibn Umar Abu Musa al Ashari ... Zayd ibn Thabi t
  • Scholars and the Righteous (Saliheen)
  • Shaykh Abdulfattah Abu Ghuddah Imam Abu Hanifa The greatness of Imam Abu Hanifah Imam Abu Hanifah's Foresight ... n - Mulla Ali Al-Qari
  • 31. External Link To Http://
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    By LOC Class
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    32. BrainDex The Knowledge Source - Free Online Encyclopedia - List Of
    Cryptozoology Biographies (http// html_3.2/english/biographies/biographies_index.html)

    33. Falk, Byron A., Books On 'Biographies -- Index'
    ISBNDB.COM Books search engine taking data from hundreds of libraries.
    Author Summary
    Author Books

    Authors Search

    Recently Added
    ... Falk, Byron A.
    (Byron Falk)
    Books on 'Biographies Index':
    This is the alphabetically ordered list of books of this author on ' Biographies Index ' subject (click to see subject information and books of other authors). Personal name index to "The New York times index"
    Byron A. Falk
    Jr, Valerie R. Falk
    Publisher: Sparks, Nev. : Roxbury Data interface
    ISBN: 0899021409 Edition: (v. 6 of 1975-1993 Suppl. set) Personal name index to "The New York times index"
    Byron A. Falk
    Jr, Valerie R. Falk
    Publisher: Sparks, Nev. : Roxbury Data interface
    ISBN: 0899021395 Edition: (v. 5 of 1975-1993 Suppl. set) Personal name index to "The New York times index" Byron A. Falk Jr, Valerie R. Falk Publisher: Sparks, Nev. : Roxbury Data interface ISBN: 0899021387 Edition: (v. 4 of 1975-1993 Suppl. set) Personal name index to "The New York times index" Byron A. Falk , Jr., Valerie R. Falk Publisher: Sparks, Nev. : Roxbury Data interface ISBN: 0899020933 Edition: (1975-1993 Suppl. set) Personal name index to "The New York times index" Byron A. Falk

    34. Informacje Graham
    http// BGEA Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Supports the evangelistic ministry of Billy Graham.,graham.htm,50

    35. QARI| UK QARI Websites
    Ibn Khaldun The Jihad of Imam Shamyl A Great Scholar of Afghanistan Mulla Ali Al-Qari http//

    36. NOTE Pro NetMechanic CONFIGURATION_NAME NASA Web Site
    NOTE Pro NetMechanic CONFIGURATION_NAME NASA Web Site TOOLBOX_RUN_ID 17899 CONF 1 100 200000 200000 1 1 1 1 1 8 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 DATE Tuesday, Oct 3,

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