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  1. Sibley's Birding Basics by David Allen Sibley, 2002-10-01
  2. Global Birding: Traveling the World in Search of Birds by Les Beletsky, 2010-09-21
  3. Birding Northern California by John Kemper, 1999-03-01
  4. Birding by Ear: Eastern and Central North America (Peterson Field Guides(R)) by Richard K. Walton, Robert W. Lawson, 2002-04-04
  5. Fifty Places to Go Birding Before You Die: Birding Experts Share The World's Greatest Destinations by Chris Santella, 2007-11-01
  6. Birding Florida: Over 200 Prime Birding Sites at 54 Locations (Birding Series) by Brian Rapoza, 2007-08-01
  7. A Peterson Field Guide to Advanced Birding: Birding Challenges and How to Approach Them by Kenn Kaufman, 1999-03-01
  8. Birding On Borrowed Time by Phoebe Snetsinger, 2003-06-01
  9. All Things Reconsidered: My Birding Adventures by Roger Tory Peterson, 2007-11-14
  10. National Geographic Birding Essentials by Jonathan Alderfer, Jon L. Dunn, 2007-10-30
  11. Birding Texas by Roland H. Wauer, 1998-05-01
  12. Finding Birds on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail: Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas Coast (Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi) by Ted L. Eubanks Jr., Robert A. Behrstock, et all 2008-04-02
  13. Best-Ever Backyard Birding Tips: Hundreds of Easy Ways to Attract the Birds You Love to Watch (Rodale Organic Gardening Books) by Deborah L. Martin, Editors of Rodale Garden Books, 2008-07-22
  14. Zen Birding by David M. White, Susan M. Guyette, 2010-11-16

1. Bird Watching In The USA And Around The World | Birding .com
Welcome to, the best online resource for all your bird watching needs.
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2. American Birding Association
North America s largest membership organization for active birders, with news, details on publications and programs, and birding resources.
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The ABA Board of Directors has unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the proposed border wall in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. About ABA
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3. Birding/Wild Birds
Explore the fascinating world of birding and join one of the fastestgrowing recreational activities enjoyed by millions! Get advice for finding,
zGCID=" test0" zGCID+=" test2" zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') zDO=0 You are here: About Birding / Wild Birds Birding / Wild Birds Birding / Wild Birds ... Help From William Webb
Your Guide to Birding / Wild Birds
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Choosing Binoculars
Birding Binoculars
Follow this brief guide to choosing a good pair of birding binos and you will soon hold the key to exciting birding adventures. Read more
More Birding Advice
How to Build a Bird Box
Cutting the Base Section Almost Done - Securing the Top
Distinguish Between Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers
Beginning birders can improve their birding skills by following this essential advice. Read more
Species Profiles
William's Birding / Wild Birds Blog
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Why Birds Attack
Monday May 26, 2008 Have you ever asked yourself why the heck do crows dive-bomb hawks? And why do passerines gang up on owls roosting during the day? These are examples of a common anti-predator behavior called mobbing. Mobbing displays - like the mockingbird shown mobbing a crow in the photo - are very common this time of year. You can read more about mobbing behavior and why birds do it in this new article Photo © William C. Webb

4. Birding On The Web
Welcome to! You love wild birds and birdwatching and we are happy you found us!
A Birder's Dream! If you love wild birds and birdwatching, you just hit the motherlode! New photos, quizzes and bird songs appear almost daily! Rare bird alerts, scientific discoveries, checklists of birds . . . it is all here! Which seeds will attract the most birds? I found a baby bird; what should I do now? Where can I go birding to see a Colima Warbler? Are there any magazines or clubs just for birders? We can show you the answer to these and thousands of other questions. Learn from each other, too. Each of the four main areas of BIRDER has its own Chat group.

5. Birding Basics
Did you know that birding is the number one sport in America? According to US Fish and Wildlife Service, there are currently 51.3 million birders in the
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Need birding supplies? Visit Audubon’s Marketplace for binoculars guides , and more! Audubon at Home Bird Watching Birding Basics Did you know that birding is the number one sport in America? According to US Fish and Wildlife Service, there are currently 51.3 million birders in the United States alone, and this number continues to grow!

6. Binoculars, Birding Binocular Reviews, Spotting Scopes, Tripods, Night Vision, R
Binoculars at Optics4birding. Your source for binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, night vision and range finders.
@import url( Styles.css ); : Binoculars, spotting scopes, range finders, night vision and tripods from the Web's Birding Leader. is a one-stop source for birding binoculars Spotting Scopes tripods , and related products. Our content sections have comprehensive binocular reviews spotting scopes reviews , as well as other products. There are informative sections on, how to choose binoculars how binoculars and spotting scopes work digiscoping caring for your optics , complete night vision sections and much more. As market leaders, we offer a huge selection of binoculars spotting scopes night vision range finders , and much more for the birdwatcher, golfer, boater, hunter and all nature lovers. Whether you use binoculars for birding or for work, we know how to choose the right optics to fit your budget and need. We are the proud supporting companion of

7. Birdingonthe.Net
Recent messages of birding email groups, rare bird alerts, artwork, checklists, news, and links.
Birding for the 21st Century

Little Owl, Thomas Bewick Mailing Lists

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Rare Bird Alerts


North America

Middle and

South America
... Search Google HotBirds GoogleImages WeatherMonster GoogleNews NYTimesBooks Bartleby Amazon-Books Amazon-Records for Droppings: 04/17/08 Woodland Birds of North America a new guide A very fine guide-but-not-a-field-guide is "Woodland Birds of North America", a paperback written by and with terrific photographs by Scott Leslie. More than 100 woodland species are presented with each entry including short but information-packed paragraphs on appearance, habitat, behavior, calls, food, family life and conservation concerns. Further information is here 04/03/08 Kenya Birding Today I received the following email today: From isabelnanton Wed Apr 2 22:11:06 2008 Subject: Birding in Kenya I just returned from my homeland, after 10 weeks during which the country went through post-election upheavals. At no time, while there, was my activities as a keen, but amateur birder disrupted. In fact, there has probably never been a better time to go birding in Kenya: the parks are empty, Kenyans' tourism industry has been decimated by the media reports and yet, the birding remains some of the most rewarding on the planet... I hope keen birders will feel encouraged to book that trip to Kenya and help in the restoration of the tourism economy (each Kenyan employed supports 8-10 people) and keeps those lovely birds visible. isabel nanton journalist

8. The Virtual Birder ® : North American Birding & Birds
Test your birding skills as you explore habitats in these Myststyle explorations. Compete for top score. RBAs and Links sorted by State and Province.
The Virtual Birder
Bird Guide
Birding Break OnLocation ... Media Shelf

A 2 Z 4 Warblers Take one of our virtual tours of one of the most popular migrant traps in the northeast US. Mount Auburn Cemetery, Massachusetts:

Birding Break(sm) Brush up on your warbler song ID! A2Z4Birders(sm) Matching Game
Warbler Guide Warbler of the Day! If you'd like to be notified E-mail: Birding Break(sm)
Brief simulated birding tours for an overview of North American birding hot spots.
Featured Breaks:
Chincoteague NWR, Virginia

Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania

Cape May, New Jersey
OnLocation(sm) Full-length simulated birding tours for select North American birding hot spots. Featured Tours:
Chincoteague NWR, Virginia

with guide! Backgrounder Background articles, information pieces, and interactive activities on a variety of topics. Backgrounder Directory Featured Backgrounders: Chincoteague NWR Fall Hawks Gallery Photo galleries on a variety of topics featuring photos from some of North America's best nature photographers. Gallery Directory Featured Galleries: Waterfowl (Dabblers) Hawks in Flight (Morris) Hawks in Flight (Wheeler) B-Mail(sm) Web archives of regional and topic-focused mailing lists.

9. - Birding Around Your Yard And Around The World is dedicated to presenting the best information about birding around your yard and around the world. Learn about attracting birds,
Register Login Home Find Birds ... About Us Birding Around your Yard and Around the World May 28, 2008 Best Sellers at
Sibley Guide to Birds
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The Shorebird Guide
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Droll Yankees
Thistle Feeder
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Nikon Monarch
10x42 Binocular
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Owls of North America CD Buy Now Shop Here Online Nature Mall 8,500 items for nature lovers! Search the Nature Mall entry any key word Thayer Birding Software CD-ROMs Birds of North America v3.9 for Windows Identify 925 species Buy Now Birds of North America v3.9 for Macintosh Identify 925 species Buy Now Birds of My Region v3.9 Select any Region Buy Now Home Welcome to Birding around your yard and around the world
  • Learn how to get started in birding
  • Discover where to find the birds
  • Shop for 8,500 bird books and nature items
  • Learn how to attract birds to your yard
  • Identify "mystery" birds
  • Talk with other birders and share your photos
  • Find the binocular that is right for you
  • See our favorite birding CD-ROMs in action
  • Register and then download free bird checklists
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    10. Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Welcome!
    Information on birds and birding in southeastern Arizona.
    SABO's Portrait Gallery
    Click a photo
    for more information
    Welcome to SABO! The Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the birds of southeastern Arizona, their habitats and the diversity of species that share those habitats through research, monitoring and public education. SABO was founded in 1996 to address the growing needs for educational activities, ecotourism development and conservation-oriented research on both public and private lands in southeastern Arizona. Working cooperatively with government agencies, other non-profit organizations, businesses, and private landowners, SABO takes an active but non-confrontational role in local and regional conservation. Its programs include: guided bird walks, tours, and educational workshops at local birding "hot spots" a study of hummingbird migration on the San Pedro River in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, Friends of the San Pedro River, and private landowners the Arizona Hummingbird Survey , a statewide citizen science project classroom presentations, school field trips, and community seminars

    11. Birdwatching Dot Com - About Wild Birds And Birding
    Birdwatching is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. Here are birding tips, software and CDs, birding binoculars and scopes, books, videos,
    Sign up for our FREE Email Newsletter
    Your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature
    Birdwatching Dot Com is about wild birds and the sport of birding. It's for everyone who's interested in bird watching and enjoying nature. It's hummingbird season!
    Our hummers have arrived. We've hung up the newest thing to attract hummingbirds. It's the Hummer Helper nesting material. Hang it close to your window, and watch the female hummers take it. It encourages them to nest in your yard! We enjoy sharing the lore of birding in a free e-newsletter about birds and birding. For a sample, click the miniature at right to see the March, 2008, issue. Please feel free to subscribe Or see some back issues We hope you'll find some good ideas here to help you have fun watching birds. Birdwatching is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. Vortex binoculars . We're impressed! Vortex makes good optics, in the same factories as big-name manufacturers. Quality? Comparable. Price? A

    12. 10,000 Birds: Birding, Blogging, Conservation, And Commentary
    Web log of a team of new birders from New York chronicling their efforts to see all the world s species.
    10,000 Birds
    Birding, blogging, conservation, and commentary
    • Birding Birds Blogging Conservation Inspiration Reviews Terminology Trips
    Recent Forest Park Birding
    Deadline for Great Giveaways
    Birds Outside My Window
    Festival of the Trees #23 ...
    60 Second Sell: Neotropical Bird Club
    Organisation: Neotropical Bird Club The Neotropical Bird Club (UK registered charity 1040130) has been established to: foster an interest in the birds of the Neotropics amongst birdwatchers throughout the world
    increase awareness of the importance of support for conservation in the region
    Suikerbosrand NR in winter
    Gallinule and Gator
    Horned Larks and Clines
    Record Shots (and a word of encouragement) ...
    The Zaagkiuldrift gravel road
    On May 16th (after visiting both Marievale and Suikerbosrand on the 15th) I spent the morning driving up and back down the Zaagkiuldrift gravel road...
    Undeterred for Shorebirds
    A couple of days ago I posted a short trip report on a visit I made to one of my favourite spots on earth - Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve in South...
    Cutest Baby Raccoon Ever
    On a recent visit to the waterhole at Forest Park on a day when sunlight alternated with light rain the birding was relatively slow (meaning I only saw...

    13. Birdwatching - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Birdwatching or birding is the observation and study of birds with the naked eye Most birders and birdwatchers pursue this activity for recreational or
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search People birdwatching on Orchid Island in Indian River County, Florida Birdwatching or birding is the observation and study of birds with the naked eye or through a visual enhancement device like binoculars . Birding often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more readily detected and identified by ear than by eye. Most birders and birdwatchers pursue this activity for recreational or social reasons, unlike ornithologists , who are engaged in the formal scientific study of birds.
    edit Birding versus birdwatching
    Both in Britain and in the U.S., 'birders' often differentiate themselves from 'birdwatchers'. At the most basic level the distinction is one of dedication or intensity. Self-described 'birders' are more focused on finding and studying birds than on general observation, and they tend to be more versed in such minutiae as moult , distribution, migration timing and routes, and habitat usage. Dedicated birders tend to invest more in high-quality optical equipment, such as

    14. Southwest Birders - Custom Birding & Nature Tours
    Southwest Birders Custom birding tours in California, Arizona, and Texas. Our web site offers birdfinding guides, illustrated trip reports,
    Finding Birds Trip Reports Tours ... Links
    Favorite Pages
    Latest Updates
    Enter your search terms Web Southwest Birders Submit search form
    Last update: May 19, 2008
    Western Screech-Owl
    Finding Birds in Yuma County, Arizona Want to see a LeConte's Thrasher?
    Hear a Black Rail?
    Watch dozens of wintering Ferruginous Hawks feeding on gophers? Now you can order a copy of Finding Birds in Yuma County, Arizona. This 75-page book provides detailed accounts of the fifteen best sites in southwestern Arizona. Each chapter contains the following information: habitat, target birds, description, birding suggestions, and driving directions. The price is only $15.00. Click here to preview a sample chapter and for ordering instructions.
    Mountain Plover
    and here
    Point Counts in the Dunes
    Yuma County Raptors
    White-tailed Kite
    Chiricahua Mountains in September
    Jim Rorabaugh and I made a four-day trip to the Chiricahua and Huachuca Mts of southeast Arizona late in September. In addition to many great birds, we found lots of snakes, lizards, damselflies, and butterflies. A Mohave rattlesnake with a belly full of white-throated wood rat and a crab spider devouring a leaf-cutter bee were just two of our interesting finds. Read the story and look at the many photos

    15. Birdwatching Contacts And Information Around The World.
    Find birders to go birdwatching with anywhere in the world.
    Birdwatching contacts and information
    Select a continent to find a local birder to go birdwatching with.
    "Click here for more Birdingpal tours around the world"

    Use a local professional Birdingpal guide year round to customize your birdwatching tours.
    Go birdwatching when you want to and enjoy the safety and flexibility of travelling
    with a knowledgeable local, who knows where and how to find the birds you want to see.
    where travelling birders make contact with local birdwatchers all over the world.
    Going on a business trip, to a conference or on vacation? Have a bit of extra time? Don't waste it. Go birdwatching
    Enjoy the safety and knowledge of a local birder and meet friendly people with the same favorite pastime as yourself.
    Become a Birdingpal and introduce a visitor to your favorite birdwatching sites. Through your hospitality the world becomes a better place. Just like Pen Pals say.... A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. MEET A BIRDINGPAL, BE A BIRDINGPAL. "Click here for "What is a Birdingpal?"

    16. Birding Babylon
    Ma quande lingues coalesce, li grammatica del resultant lingue.
    @import url(""); @import url("");
    Birding Babylon
    Friday, February 16, 2007
    Lesser White-fronted Goose at Samarra Dam
    On Feb 4, the Russian group tracking the remaining two Lesser White Fronted Geese that are transmitting signals from their tags showed the bird that has spent much of the winter in Syria moving to the large wetland at Samarra in Iraq. The Samarra Dam Area on the Tigris River is a designated important bird area (IBA). The Samarra Barrage is composed of two dams, a flood control dam (also called the Tharthar dam locally) and a Hydroelectric generation dam. Samarra has great cultural significance and unfortunately was where the golden dome of the Al-Askari Mosque was severely damaged last year, precipitating a wave of violence. Samarra also has the famous Great Mosque with a unique spiral minaret. In a future more peaceful Iraq, Samarra would make a good place for a field station/ecotourism site.
    Seeing that this goose had made its way to a area that has been a focus of violence was very symbolic for me. In the midst of violence something magical, a bird that has travelled over 3000 miles from Siberia and the fact we can see where its been.

    17. Bird Watcher S Digest Magazine - Online Resource Center On Birds
    Our site is an online resource center all about birds and bird watching, all the time! Visit us for hummingbird information, birding news,

    18. Backyard Birding
    By the Baltimore Bird Club, a chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society.
    Welcome to the Backyard Birding Page, a service of the Baltimore Bird Club . If you need to know how and what to feed the birds, or how large to make the entry hole on a bluebird box, or which shrubs and flowers to plant in order to attract birds, you've come to the right place. There are also yardlists and journals from backyard birders, and links to other web sites of interest.

    19. Birding On Ambergris Caye, Birds Of Belize
    birding tours for all areas of Belize, and information about birding on Ambergris Caye and in Belize.
    The Birds of Ambergris Caye and Belize
    Quietly but steadily Ambergris Caye has been developing a private bird sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in the narrow but rich littoral forest region south of San Pedro, at Caribbean Villas. The littoral forest is filled with a vast abundance of fruiting trees and shrubs. Some of the most important are the gumbo lumbo, the bearded fig, the wild sapodilla and the coco plum. These trees support a great array of birds. Sitting in the center of the littoral forest is their towering "people perch". This multi-level observation tower was built especially for birders. It provides birders a superb opportunity to view birds from above the canopy of flowers and trees. This 360 degree view reaches to the Caribbean to the east, Hol Chan Marine Preserve to the south, San Pedro on the north and west to the San Pedro Lagoon and the Chetumal Bay beyond. Birds frequently seen from the "people perch" include the white-eyed vireo, Yucatan vireo, common tody flycatcher, great Kiskadee, black catbird, yellow-bellied elaenia, white-collared seedeater, golden-fronted woodpecker, black-headed salator and the hooded oriole. Less frequent but recent visitors have been a pair of green-breasted mango hummingbirds, numerous eastern kingbirds, both the scarlet and summer tanagers, two regal white-crowned pigeons and a rose- throated becard.

    20. Mainebirding Information About Birding In The State Of Maine
    News, Atlantic Puffin information, Maine birds email list, site guides, checklist, rare bird alerts, and bird feeding tips.

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