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         Bosnia History:     more books (100)
  1. Bosnia: A Short History by Noel Malcolm, 1996-10-01
  2. When History Is a Nightmare : Lives and Memories of Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Stevan M. Weine, 1999-08-01
  3. Ottoman Bosnia: A History in Peril
  4. The History of Bosnia: From the Middle Ages to the Present Day by Marko Attila Hoare, 2007-09-01
  5. Bosnia: A Cultural History by Ivan Lovrenovic, 2001-09-01
  6. The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia: A Military History, 1992-1994 (Eastern European Studies (College Station, Tex.), No. 23) by Charles R. Shrader, 2003-06-12
  7. Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa'ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad by John R. Schindler, 2007-07-15
  8. Islamic architecture in Bosnia and Hercegovina (Studies on the history and culture of Bosnia and Hercegovina) by Amir Pasic, 1994
  9. History of Bosnia and Herzegovina: History of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Early history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prehistory of Southeastern Europe, History ... of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1463?1878)
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Webster's Timeline History, 455 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-05-01
  11. History of the war in Bosnia during the years 1737-8 and 9 by Busnavi Umar, Basmajee Ibrahim, et all 2010-09-08
  12. History of the War in Bosnia During the Years 1737-8 and 9 [By 'umar Bûsnarî] Tr. by C. Fraser by 'Umar, 2010-02-04
  13. A survey of Islamic cultural monuments until the end of the nineteenth century in Bosnia (Studies on the history & culture of Bosnia & Herzegovina) by Adem Handzic, 1996
  14. Fractured Land, Healing Nations: A Contextual Analysis of the Role of Religious Faith Sodalities Towards Peace-building in Bosnia-herzegovina (Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity) by Stephen Goodwin, 2006-05-11

1. Bosnia History
http// The History Place Genocide in the 20th Century. Bosnia 1992-1995.

2. Task Force Eagle- Multinational Division- North (Eagle Base) In Bosnia
Task Force Eagle Tuzla, Bosnia Home of the Multinational Division- North, Operation Joint Forge, and Talon Online. See photos of Eagle Base,
History of BiH
Bosnia's History SFOR XIII Public Affairs Office Tuzla Night Owl SFOR's History Bosnia's History ... Eagle Bay Eagle Base BACK AEW MWR Joint Contracting Ctr. ... Feedback
History of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Last Updated: 04 April, 2003
The rich history of Bosnia and Herzegovina demonstrates the uniqueness of a country where four religions (Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Christian Orthodoxy and Islam) have each given their personal mark to the development of a specific civilization, combining the heritage of the Neolithic, Iliric, Classical, Greco-Roman and Slavic cultural elements. Mutual influences and the unity of those cultural and natural values on a relatively small geographic area, resulted in the specific political, economic, cultural and international character of Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout history.
Xth Century
The State of Bosnia first appeared in the Xth Century. At that time Bosnia extended from the Drina river to the Adriatic sea. The socio-legal position of Bosnia in the Medieval period was challenged by Byzantium, Hungary and the neighboring states of Croatia and Serbia who tried to take Bosnian territory to expand Catholicism and Christian Orthodoxy. During the reign of Kulin Ban (1180-1204), Bosnia was developing as an independent and internationally recognized country. At the same time, her neighbors tried to destroy the specific religion known as the Bosnian-Bogomil Church. Being created between the two Christian religions, this Bosnian-Bogomil Church gave specific emphasis to the spiritual development of Bosnia during three centuries.

3. CNN - A Long History Of Ethnic Warfare - Dec. 14, 1995
CNN Mission Peace. The Balkans a long history of ethnic warfare. Yugoslavians. December 14, 1995 Web posted at 940 pm EST (0240 GMT)
The Balkans: a long history of ethnic warfare
December 14, 1995
Web posted at: 9:40 p.m. EST (0240 GMT) From Correspondent Mark Leff (CNN) For thousands of years, the Balkans have symbolized great empires and varied religions Roman Catholic, Orthodox Christian, and Muslim. But civilization seemed unable to blunt age-old rivalries between Yugoslavia's ethnic communities: namely, Serb, Croat and Muslims. So it is not surprising that past events have led up to the present Bosnian conflict, one that harks back to early this century. In 1914, a Serbian nationalist fired a shot in Sarajevo that brought down an emperor's nephew and started the 20th century's first world war. That war ended the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires, and led to a cross-cultural country linking Roman Catholic Croatia and Slovenia to Serbia, whose people and king were Eastern Orthodox. The name Yugoslavia was adopted in 1929, which until then was known as the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. During World War II, Croats joined the Nazis in exterminating Serbs and others. The Serbs launched their own offensive against the Croats. Thousands died in that conflict. Josip Broz Tito, a communist from Croatia whose partisans fought on the winning side, led the resistance against the Nazis, ultimately driving them out from Yugoslavia.

4. Pat Dollard | Young Americans | Blog Archive » Second Arrest In Vienna Embassy
http// the first WW started at Sarajevo in 1914, where a bosnian Serb killed the Archiduc Franz Ferdinand of
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Prepare to have your opinion of this war changed forever.
Second Arrest In Vienna Embassy Attack
October 2nd, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard. VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Austrian authorities said Tuesday they arrested a second suspect in an attempted bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Vienna. Police said they took a man into custody in the town of Tulln, about 15 miles west of Vienna. Federal police said they were treating the suspect as the possible accomplice of a Bosnian who was arrested Monday after he tried to enter the embassy with a backpack containing explosives and nails. The suspect arrested Monday was described only as a 42-year-old native of Bosnia-Herzegovina who now lives in the province of Lower Austria, which encircles most of the capital. Police said they made the arrest a short distance from the embassy in a neighborhood where security is tight.

5. 1921 Bosnia
http// World Map Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina s declaration of sovereignty in
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... and Herzegovina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Serbs are one of the three constitutive nations of Bosnia -Herzegovina , predominantly ... Territorial distribution of Orthodox Christian Serbs in in Bosnia and Herzegovina according to ... Bosnia -Orthodox- .jpg: Information and Much More from Bosnia -Orthodox- Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Information and Much More from ... Territorial distribution of Orthodox Christian Serbs in in Bosnia and Herzegovina according to ... Between 1945 and 1948 , following World War II , around 70,000 Serbs migrated from the ... Bosnia and Herzegovina :: Bosnia in the Yugoslav kingdom ... Britannica online encyclopedia article on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia in the Yugoslav kingdom: When the constitution of this new state was finally settled in June Bosnia

6. Forum • Pogledaj Temu - Knjjiga O Islamu U Bosni I Hercegovi
http// edit prvi* EPILOG za danas dovoljno editovanja al´ dodati cu jos malo

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