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         Brazilian Indigenous Peoples:     more books (18)
  1. People of Indigenous Peoples Descent: Bolivians of Indigenous Peoples Descent, Brazilians of Indigenous Peoples Descent
  2. Brazilians of Indigenous Peoples Descent: Cândido Rondon, Vanessa Da Mata, Coelho Neto, Gilberto Freyre, Marina Silva, Juliana Paes, Cunhambebe
  3. Brazilian Society: Indigenous Peoples in Brazil, Immigration to Brazil, Portuguese Brazilian, Human Rights in Brazil
  4. Jurema's Children in the Forest of Spirits: Healing and Ritual Among Two Brazilian Indigenous Groups (Indigenous Knowledge and Development Series) by Clarice Novaes da Mota, 1997-06
  5. The Mehinaku: The Dream of Daily Life in a Brazilian Indian Village by Thomas Gregor, 1980-08-15
  6. Life on the Amazon: The Anthropology of a Brazilian Peasant Village(British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Monographs) by Mark Harris, 2001-03-29
  7. Opulence and Devotion: Brazilian Baroque Art by Catherine Whistler, 2007-08-25
  8. Amazon Frontier: The defeat of the Brazilian indian by John Hemming, 2004-08-06
  9. Brazilian Woodcut Prints by Dinneen, 2000-12-15
  10. Manipulating the Sacred: Yoruba Art, Ritual, and Resistance in Brazilian Candomble (African American Life Series) by Mikelle Smith Omari-Tunkara, 2006-01-01
  11. The Wanano Indians of the Brazilian Amazon: A Sense of Space by Janet M. Chernela, 1996
  12. Red Gold: The conquest of the Brazilian indians by John Hemming, 2004-08-06
  13. African people: Indigenous peoples of Africa, Decolonization of Africa, African diaspora, African American, African Australian, Afro-Brazilian, Black people in Europe, Afro-Latin American, Afro-Turks
  14. Povos Ingigenas no Sul de Bahia: Posto Indigena Caramuru - Paraguacu (1910 - 1967) (Colecao Fragmentos da Historia do Indigenismo, 1))

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