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  1. Seduced on the Red Carpet (Kimani Romance) by Ann Christopher, 2010-10-01
  2. The Pattern in the Carpet: A Personal History with Jigsaws by Margaret Drabble, 2010-09-10
  3. Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane by Gregory N. Brown, 2003-03-01
  4. Roll Out the Carpet: 101 Seasons of West Virginia University Basketball by John Antonik, 2010-09-01
  5. The Figure in the Carpet by Henry James, 2010-07-24
  6. Oriental Carpet Design: A Guide to Traditional Motifs, Patterns and Symbols by P. R. J. Ford, 2008-01-28
  7. The Carpet People by Terry Pratchett, 2005
  8. My Trip Down the Pink Carpet by Leslie Jordan, 2009-06-02
  9. The Phoenix and the Carpet by Edith Nesbit, 2002-08-01
  10. Heaven Has Blue Carpet: A Sheep Story by a Suburban Housewife by Sharon Niedzinski, 2008-10-14
  11. Oriental Carpets: A Complete Guide - The Classic Reference by Murray L. Eiland, Murray Eiland III, 1998-11-15
  12. A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road by Christopher Aslan Alexander, 2010-10-19
  13. Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins: The Autobiography by Rupert Everett, 2007-01-18
  14. The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles: A Woman's Fight to Save Two Orphans by Hala Jaber, 2009-05-28

1. Shaw Floors Carpets, Hardwoods, Ceramic, Laminates And Area Rugs
Shaw is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of flooring. Top quality carpet, area rugs, ceramic tile, hardwoods, and laminate flooring in an array of
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Shaw Environmental
Find flooring that's fashionable and environmentally friendly.

2. Carpet - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A carpet is any loomwoven, felted textile or grass floor covering. The term was also used for table and wall coverings, as carpets were not commonly used
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Swatches of Berber carpet A carpet is any loom-woven, felted textile or grass floor covering. The term was also used for table and wall coverings, as carpets were not commonly used on the floor in European interiors until the 18th century. The hand-knotted pile carpet probably originated in Central Asia between the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC. Carpet-making was introduced to Spain in 10th century by the Moors. The Crusades brought Turkish carpets to all of Europe, where they were primarily hung on walls or used on tables. Only with the opening of trade routes in the 17th century were significant numbers of Persian rugs introduced to Western Europe.
Typical machine used to cut and re-roll carpet lengths for installation delivery
  • Carpet types
    edit Carpet types
    Swatches of machine-made carpet The global carpet market for domestic and industrial end use is dominated by several manufacturing processes:
    edit Woven
    The carpet is produced on a loom similar to woven cloth and is a cut pile. Normally many coloured yarns are used and this process is capable of producing intricate patterns from pre-determined designs. These carpets are normally the most expensive.

3. Welcome To Masland Carpets
USA. Woven area rugs and broad loom carpets for residential and commercial interiors, from a variety of natural fibers. Color charts. Use and care guide.

4. Carpets - Carpet Online
the Carpet Site Carpet. Find online carpet installation tips, carpet cleaning information, and discount carpet. Wholesale carpet and cheap carpet
The Carpet Site - Online Guide to Carpet
The Carpet Site was created to provide consumers with clear information about the most common trends in the flooring world today. We do not sell any type of products or services through this web site. We are also not affiliated with other companies that sell carpet. We'll be honest - our passion is carpet ! We are an independent information source, and our mission is to provide tips and access to trusted retailers and manufacturers through the links at the bottom of each page. Information on this site has been collected from flooring and carpeting professionals around the world, as well as our own experiences buying carpet, installing and cleaning our flooring products at home for many years. Sponsor Links [what's this?]
Carpet Products and Services Carpet- Expo One Store. Ten showrooms. Find an EXPO Design Center near you. Beautiful Floral Rugs ... Feel free to contact our carpet editor if you have any questions about our site on carpet, or any suggestions on how we can serve you better. Installation is the hardest part of the carpeting process. Buying online has never been easier, but you will still need to consider the installation process that cannot be automated. You have two choices: do-it-yourself or contract a professional. We have some great information you should know as a consumer before you choose one or the other. For more helpful information, head on over to our area on

5. Hundreds Of Kid's Rugs And Children's Carpets From
Over 100 unique styles of children s rugs. Educational and decorative kid s carpets. Animals, numbers, game boards and more.
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Design Your Own Wall to Wall Carpet Tiles Nursery Rugs ... Affilate Program Toll Free 1-888-308-4884
Thank you for visiting the web site! These children’s rugs, children's carpet and kids rugs are much better quality than the juvenile rugs seen in some stores. Perfect for decorating playrooms, children's bedrooms, schools, waiting rooms, and child care centers. We have a wide selection of kid’s rugs, classroom rugs, and classroom carpets.
If you are looking for children's flooring, children’s area rugs, school carpets, or school rugs you have come to the right place. We also have a wide selection of nursery rugs, movie carpet, road rugs, play rugs, and all kinds of fun rugs.

6. Islamic Carpets, Persian Carpets, Islamic Rugs
Islamic Carpet review, learn about carpet types, history, styles, along with sample images.
Islamic Architecture .org
... ISLAMIC CARPETS In the West, Persian carpets are perhaps the best known Islamic art form, highly valued in the West since they were first introduced by Italian merchants in the 14th century, they were sometimes used to wrap relics in church treasuries. The exact origin of carpet-weaving is unknown, carpet fragments dating back to the 5th century have been found in Central Asia. Westerners nomads produced textiles that were in daily use, such as: clothing, bags and in decorating the home. However, these textiles had a fairly short life-span and very few pieces have survived from the per-modern period. The fact that they were nomadic likely helped spread the practice. Persian manuscripts from the time of the Sassanid ruler Khusrau I illustrate carpet-weaving. As the Islamic world expanded, the art became common not only in Central Asia and Iran, but also in Asia Minor, the Caucasus, northern India, and Islamic Spain.

7. Carpets Of Dalton And American Home Showplace
Shop for Carpet Order samples and carpet shipped directly to any location. carpets OF DALTON. INFORMATION. CUSTOMER SERVICE. SHOP ONLINE
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Dream Home
A beautifully furnished house is actually inside our showroom. Shop for Rugs
Transform any room in your home with a new rug. Shop for Carpet
Order samples and carpet shipped directly to any location.
Six stores side by side – an unforgettable shopping experience.

8. Discount Wholesale Carpets- Dalton, GA Carpet Outlet
Buy Name Brand Carpet at Discount Wholesale Prices.
Our Carpet Brands - Discount Carpets - Wholesale Carpets From Dalton, GA
Dalton, Georgia Carpet Outlets are so well known for great carpet prices that the "Today Show" ran an entire segment on Dalton, GA and broadcast live from here. Georgia Carpet Outlets have been offering consumers great carpet prices for decades. Carpet Savings can be realized as much as 80% from normal retail carpet prices . At American Carpet Wholesalers , an Inc. 5000 company, we offer just about all major carpet mills at a fraction of the regular retail carpet prices you see in your local retail carpet stores. Below is a partial offering of our carpet brands . You can count on American Carpet Wholesalers for great carpet prices and the best in customer service. Call us at 800-548-2706 Already know the carpet you want? Click here for a price quote. Please include quantity needed to get our lowest price! Residential Carpet Save up to 70% Buying Direct From a Dalton, GA Carpet Outlet

9. Lees
USA. Woven carpets and carpet tiles for the contract market. Extensive product catalogs. List of projects. FAQ. Custom design services.

10. Symmetry And Pattern: The Art Of Oriental Carpets
In this online exhibit, the study of symmetry is used to analyze patterns in Oriental carpets. A joint project of The Textile Museum and The Math Forum.

About Symmetry and Pattern
Rug Gallery About Oriental Carpets Educational Resources ... About This Web Site
ORIENTAL CARPETS have long been appreciated for their beauty. That beauty is achieved through the choice of colors and designs, as well as by the manipulation of designs and colors to form pleasing patterns. Patterns in Oriental carpets are never quite what you expect - a surprise here, a flourish there, a change of color, the flip or rotation of a design where you might not predict it. The more you look, the more variations you will find. How can we explain this phenomenon? Is it the result of human choice, or human error? The study of symmetry offers one approach to analyzing patterns in Oriental carpets. Through symmetry analysis we may identify areas of pattern that exhibit expected repetitions, and areas that vary from that expectation. The Textile Museum The Math Forum @ Drexel
Viewers' Comments
Contact Us

11. Artisian Carpets Handmade Tibet Armenia Modern Oriental Ru Artisian carpets handmade in Tibet and Armenia.
Dealer Directory
Home Carpets Outlet ... Contact Us 800.432.9917 Home
Welcome to Tufenkian Carpets. var speed_delay = 6000; var slide_speed = 1000; var FPSSplay = "Play"; var FPSSpause = "Pause"; var FPSSplaytitle = "Play"; var FPSSpausetitle = "Pause";
Browse carpets and rugs:
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Tufenkian Rug News
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Description: Artisian Carpets handmade in Tibet and Armenia.
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Tufenkian Carpets imports fine handmade oriental carpet and rugs from Tibet and Armenia.
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12. About Us • Hodge Carpets
Hodge carpets is South Carolina s most respected carpet and fine flooring dealers.
Hodge Carpets
459 Marion Avenue Spartanburg SC
Hodge Carpets
459 Marion Avenue
Spartanburg, SC USA
See Map
Method Number Tel Fax: Free
Email Address
Website Address
Hours of Operations Day Hours Sun closed Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
About Us
Hodge Carpets is locally owned and operated by proud Spartanburg natives Jamie Hodge and his sister Mia Hodge Thompson. Our tradition of providing the finest products and services has established Hodge Carpets as the premier flooring dealer in the Upstate. Whether you are shopping for your home or developing specifications for a business application, we can provide the carpet or floor you are looking for. It will be priced right - and installed right! Our beautiful showroom - featuring the absolute best display of carpets, rugs, hardwood and flooring - is located in downtown Spartanburg, easily accessible from all points. Here, you will be greeted by a friendly face and our promise of personalized service. We are proud to be an authorized Flooring America showroom, which gives us tremendous buying power to assure the best carpet and flooring values available. And we feature the best brands in the business: Karastan, WilsonArt, Formica, Anderson, Mannington, and many others.

13. Rugs And Carpets,Rugs Carpets,Carpets Manufacturers,Manufacturer Of Rugs
Portal to the Indian carpet and rug industry. Information on carpets, rugs, kilims and dhurries. Company directory and product catalogs, carpet guide and
A complete online portal with indepth information on the types of carpets, rugs and durries, various natural and man made fabrics and weaves being used.
Trade Associations


Carpets Manufacturers

Carpets Trade Leads
To generate business leads, flip through the Carpets and Rugs industries and manufacturers with their trade associations and major production centers.
Tibetan Carpets


Durries ...
Get acquainted with traditional and contemporary designs being used for carpet manufacturing. Afshar Carpets
Antique Carpets

Bakhshaish Carpets
Baluch Carpets ... CARPETS BY FABRICS Know the various man-made and synthetic materials being used. Jute Carpets Silk Carpets Coir Carpets .....more ... CARPETS BY WEAVE Know the various weaving techniques used by leading manufacturers. Hand Knotted Carpets Hand Tufted Carpets Hand Woven carpets .....more ... INDIAN CARPETS Get acquainted with the latest materials, hand made techniques and machines used to manufacture high quality and royal Indian carpets. Hand Knotted Woolen Carpets Handmade Woolen Dhurries Staple/Synthetic Carpets Gabbe Woolen Carpets ... CARPET GUIDE Get complete information on history and origin of carpets, various materials used to manufacture rugs and carpets, glossary etc.

14. Carpet Installation | Lay Carpets
Find local contractors to Install Carpeting. ServiceMagic will connect you with prescreened and customerrated contractors in your area,
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Company Info
... Videos
Submit and Get Matched to Prescreened
Install Carpeting
ZIP/Postal Code (Location of Request):
What kind of project is this?
Select One Replace existing carpet Replace other kind of flooring Remodel/Addition New Construction Other
Have you already purchased the carpet for this project? No Yes
Where will the carpet go? Bedroom(s) Entry or hallway Dining room Family or living room Kitchen Other location
What type of carpet material would you like? Select One Wool All natural fibers Synthetic Don't Know
What style of carpeting do you want?

15. Buy Oriental Rugs At The Same Place That Retail Rug Dealers Do!
Gallery of oriental rugs and carpets. Turkmen carpets, Antique rugs, Chinese carpets, Persian oriental rugs, Afghan carpets and Decorative Items available
We love Oriental Persian Rugs , and enjoy sharing our knowledge about oriental rugs. Our main office and wholesale warehouse carpets store is located in Almaty (Kazakhstan) , but we have representatives in many other cities of Central Asia helping us finding the best carpets at the lowest prices. We offer a large selection of area rugs with the finest collections including Turkmen Caucasian Chinese Persian rugs Kazakh Afghan , Uzbek, Kyrgyz oriental rugs, Antique rugs
Oriental Rugs Buyers Guide
Although there are many sources on the Internet for carpets buyer tips, we address the specific, practical issues that are commonly faced relating to purchasing, owning and caring for an hand made carpets.
Evolution of Carpets section will tell you about history of carpets from Pazyryk (which is considered to be the most antique rug which was preserved till our times) to the most modern carpets and their types.
Rug Making section will tell you about what methods and technologies have being used in carpet manufacturing , what types of knots , what materials dyes and how the carpets vary in quality criteria
And, last but not least, in our

16. Home
USA. Manufacturer of tufted carpets from synthetic fibers for residential and commercial applications.

17. Joy Carpets
USA. Manufacturer of teaching and game carpets and rugs from nylon fiber.



When a festive atmosphere is needed, look no further than Streamers and Stars©. A combination of our ... more

This unique carpet with slightly off-balance squares will work equally well as an accent rug under a ... more
Georgia will be on your mind, too, with this stunning carpet featuring state divisions, major cities, ... more RECENT NEWS CCA Global Summer Convention: Nashville, TN Get More Events

18. Karastan - Make A Statement. Your Own.™
USA. Manufacturer of residential carpets and rugs from natural fibers.
Join Our Product Alert List Now! Dealers Only To view this content you need to install the newest version of the Flash Player Our Journey Eco-Friendly Products ... Contact Us Product Search VOTE NOW "Rug-ged America"
80th Anniversary Photo Contest Vote for your favorite photograph submitted by top photography schools from around the country. Click here for Kelly's interview Elements of Design with Thom Filicia Read Thom Filicia's monthly design column. Product Search Search for your favorite Karastan carpets and rugs Dealers Only

19. Carpets, Handmade Carpets, Indian Rugs & Carpets, Carpet Store, Rugs
carpets, Indian Handmade carpets, handmade Rugs, Indian Carpet, tiles, Rugs carpets, Carpet catalogue and all types of rugs and carpets are provides by
Categories Indian Jewelry Store Tribal Jewelry Beaded Jewelry Metal Jewelry ... Home Furnishings Carpets and Rugs
Carpets and Rugs
Indian handicrafts are always rich in variety owing to great diversity in the cultural set-up of Indian society. The handicraft produced in far flung regions of India are unique and possess great historical traditions and artistry. Discover the oriental beauty of handmade Indian rugs and carpets. Woven by skilled traditional artisans from different parts of the country, these exotic Indian carpets and rugs carry the legacy that started long before the days of the Empire. Unmatched quality and fascinating designs make these carpets and rugs just perfect in both aesthetic and utilitarian terms.
Area Rug

Buy Oriental Rug

Decorative Rugs

Page Red Pattern US$ 474.99 US$ 232 Details... Carpet Rug US$ 363.99 US$ 176.5 Details... Cream Hue US$ 481.99 US$ 235.5 Details... Brown Crown US$ 349.99 US$ 169.5 Details... Hand Woven Rug US$ 131 US$ 65.5 Details... Mystery from sand-Hand Knotted Rug US$ 85 US$ 42.5

20. Unique Carpets | Fine Wool, Sisal, And Nylon Flooring
Our Custom Area Rugs Our Couture Collection. 7360 Jurupa Avenue Riverside, CA 92504. © 2007 Unique carpets, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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Fine wool, sisal, and nylon flooring
Unique Carpets
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