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         Cockatiels:     more books (100)
  1. Cockatiels 2011 Wall Calendar #11085-11 by Pet Prints, 2010-06-22
  2. Cockatiels! Pets-Breeding-Showing by Nancy Amis Reed, 1991-05
  3. Beginning With Cockatiels by Anne Ray Streeter, 1985-06
  4. The Adventures of Two Golden Cockatiels by Barbara Fitzgerald, 2005-07-01
  5. Experiences with my cockatiels, by Anna Luella Moon, 1955
  6. The Joy of Cockatiels by Howard Richmond, 1984-03
  7. Beginner's Guide to Cockatiels by Anmarie Barrie, 1986-11
  8. Living With a Cockatiel (Living With a Pet Series) by Neil Forbes, 2007-03-01
  9. The Cockatiel: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet by Julie; Rach, Julie Ann; Mancini, Julie R. Rach, 2001-01-01
  10. Lovebirds, Cockatiels Budgerigars: Behavior and Evolution by J. Lee Kavanau, 1987-02
  11. Cockatiels As a New Pet by John Coborn, 1990-06
  12. Howell Beginner's Guide to Cockatiels (Howell Beginner's Guides to Pets) by Cyril Rogers, 1986-03
  13. Cockatiels by Paul R. Paradise, 1987-11
  14. Cockatiels: Their care and breeding (A K & R handbook) by Cyril H Rogers, 1978

41. Macaws, Quaker Parrot, And Cockatiels In Nevada & Parrot Supplies
I am a small home based aviary in Nevada. I raise and sell hand fed baby parrots.I raise and sell baby blue and gold macaws,meyers parrots,cockatiels and
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Avian Web
Bird Resources Directory

Here is a Blue and Gold Macaw baby picture . The macaw baby is 3 weeks old. The
second picture is of a Greater Patagonian Conure baby at 5 weeks old
African Grey Community

Web Site designed and Maintained By Teresa's Birds
Free Top Site
Check out.. ..these Bird Breeder sites! Yahoo Site Map I am a SMALL home based aviary. I raise Blue and Gold Macaws, Quakers and their color mutations Pallid (Ice or dark eyed cinnamon blue), Cinnamon Blue and Cinnamon also Cockatiels. Check out my "AVAILABLE BABIES" page. Click on " " and you will find Parrot Cages, Parrot Toys and Toy Parts and Parrot Breeder Supplies all right here in Pahrump Nevada. I am located 60 miles out of Las Vegas Nevada and 8 miles from the California border. Contact Information: Hours 8am to 4pm Pacific Time E-Mail or call 775-751-0192 Please no calls after 4 pm pacific time. Wondering what the time difference is check here Teresa McElhinny 1760 Isaac Pahrump, NV. 89060

42. Cockatiels - Tailfeathers Bird Community
Other Cockatiel Topics. If you have questions regarding other cockatiel issues, please post them here you can also talk about cockatiels here

43. Cockatiels - Yellow Pages -
Find cockatiels, in Yellow Pages. Get phone, address, driving directions and more.

44. Pet Birds For Sale, African Greys, Amazons, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Maca is a directory of pet bird breeders. Browse through our listing of exotic birds for sale and find the pet bird or breeder you want.
Looking for a parrot, macaw, cockatiel, or other species of pet bird? You've come to the right place. You'll find a new pet that's perfect for your family. Many of our breeders hand feed their baby birds so they are extra friendly and easy to handle. Browse our listings by species or by state. If you're a pet bird breeder, we've developed a new way for you to quickly and easily sell your babies and find new breeding pairs. Try us out for a few months and see a difference in your sales.
"Having my aviary listed on has at least doubled the traffic to my website, more so than any other listing I have on the web."
-Lisa Boutte, Sweet Acre Bird Farm
Birds for Sale Breeder Directory Add Your Aviary ... Site Map

45. Calico Cockatiels - Philip Feret - NCS 16P - Championship Cockatiels
Calico cockatiels cockatiels - Philip Feret - NCS 16P - Championship cockatiels.
Calico Cockatiels
Redmond WA
Top All-Time NCS Breeder
Grand Champions
65 Champions
3 Time NCS National Cockatiel Show 1st BiS
1st BiS 2003 NCS Specialty Over 203 Entries
15 BiS Placings at the NCS National Shows
Calico Cockatiels - Show Cockatiels
Philip F. Feret - Breeding Cockatiels
When Only The Very Best Will Do
Calico Buyers Have Finished Champions
5 National BiS Placings Including 1st BiS 2005 Top All-Time NCS Exhibitor Won Over 70 1st BIS Won Over 2700 Points Philip F. Feret NCS 16P
  • NCS Cockatiel Judge SPBE Parrot Judge Past member of NCS BOD Past Judge's Panel Chair The Top Breeder/Exhibitor of Cockatiels
Read all about Philip Five of the six babies in this clutch became Grand Champions! Bird Boarding Available
  • All exotic birds can be boarded at our Aviary in Redmond. Just call for details
or e-mail:
Home Specialty Winners Foundation Cockatiels ... Cockatiel Links ©2008 - Calico Cockatiels - Philip F. Feret - NCS 16P - Redmond Washington - Professional Photography by Jay Goss

46. Parrots As Pet Birds: Macaws, Cockatoos, Cockatiels And Lovebirds
A parrot is a great pet, but require more work than most pets. From the huge cockatoo and macaw to the humble budgie and lovebird, parrots have very special
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Parrots as Pet Birds
Macaws, Cockatoos, Cockatiels and Lovebirds
Michael McGrath Aug 11, 2007
A parrot is a great pet, but require more work than most pets. From the huge cockatoo and macaw to the humble budgie and lovebird, parrots have very special needs.
When people think about owning a parrot they tend to think about the big parrots: the cockatoo and the macaw. Certainly the various cockatoo and macaw species make impressive pet birds, but they come with special challenges and requirements. Parrot cages for macaws take up lots of space, and few people have the space to build a parrot aviary. Even fewer have the time needed to keep a large cockatoo happy, and it's a rare neighbor indeed who doesn't mind the noise a large parrot makes. Fortunately, pet birds come in many sizes. Beautiful and intelligent though the large parrots are, they certainly aren't for everyone. Parrots as a species range from lovebirds and budges up to the hyacinth macaw, a monster of a bird measuring four feet from beak to tail-tip.

47. Index Of /~julies.tiels.of.austin
cockatiels for sale. Cockatiel Breeder located in south Austin, TX. Beautiful cinnamon pied pearls, lutino pearls, normal grey pieds, and many more.
Index of /~julies.tiels.of.austin
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48. Cockatiel Color Palette
Learn more about cockatiel color varieties and use a virtual breeding program.
Home Gift Shop Paintings Mutations ... Links/About the Author Welcome! The Cockatiel Color Palette features pictures and descriptions of each color variety, a short refresher course in genetics (not that you need it...), as well as a "virtual breeding" program enter the parent birds' types, and it will calculate all the offspring types (including combinations and splits) that could result from that pairing.
Please be sure to check out the Color Palette art gallery and card shop
Feel free to email me any comments or suggestions. For samples of my (mostly) non-bird-related work, please visit my portfolio site
Kirsten Anderson

49. Wondertime: Cockatiels: The Perfect Pet? - And More Joys Of Parenting Young Chil
One parent discovers that a cockatiel may just be the perfect pet.


Wondertime Parenting Magazine - Subscribe to Wondertime Magazine, the new toddler magazine devoted to appreciating your child's learning for parents of younger kids. Parenting Your Child
- View information on child development and growth and what to expect at what age from.
Creative Parenting Advice
- Wondertime's unique approach to parenting offers creative ways to help your baby, toddler, and preschooler grow and learn.
Baby Information
- Find everything a new parent needs to know about their baby. Activities for Children at Home - Life with babies, toddlers and preschoolers brings with it changes on the home front.
Family Pets for Children
- Wondertime unveils what children can learn from their first pets and which pets are the best.
- Find new ways to help your child learn and grow through creative decorating at home. - Browse craft ideas for toddlers and younger kids. Plan fun toddler parties with unique games for preschoolers.
Preschool Printables
- Features printable cutting pages that help preschoolers develop motor skills and dexterity.
- Find ideas for easy crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

50. ScienceDirect - General And Comparative Endocrinology : Egg Production Of Cockat
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Athens/Institution Login Not Registered? User Name: Password: Remember me on this computer Forgotten password? Home Browse My Settings ... Help Quick Search Title, abstract, keywords Author Journal/book title Volume Issue Page General and Comparative Endocrinology
Volume 101, Issue 2
, February 1996, Pages 205-210 Font Size: Abstract Abstract - selected Purchase PDF (491 K)
E-mail Article Add to my Quick Links Cited By in Scopus (2) Related Articles in ScienceDirect Laying traits and underlying transcripts, expressed in ...

Laying traits and underlying transcripts, expressed in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, that were associated with egg production variability in chickens

Theriogenology Volume 68, Issue 9 December 2007 Pages 1305-1315
Chih-Feng Chen, Yow-Ling Shiue, Cheng-Ju Yen, Pin-Chi Tang, Hui-Chiu Chang, Yen-Pai Lee
The objective was to characterize the potential laying traits and underlying transcripts expressed in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland that were associated with egg production variability in five genetic stocks of chickens: two commercial lines, Red- ( n n n n n P P P P P P PGDS PCDHA@ BDH and transcripts contributed to number of eggs to 50 weeks of age ( P P additionally played roles in decreasing average pause length. Two transcripts

The cockatiel, Nymphicus hollandicus, or Quarrion, is a perfect avicultural subject. Originally from Australia, many thousands are reared commercially
Main Menu Bruce Springsteen's Asbury Park New York City History NJ Governor McGreevey ... Email this Page COLOR IN COCKATIELS Anthony Olszewski The cockatiel, Nymphicus hollandicus, or Quarrion, is a perfect avicultural subject. Originally from Australia, many thousands are reared commercially worldwide for the pet industry. The American Cockatiel Society has established a standard of excellence for the exhibition minded fancier. The cockatiel now occurs in six well-established mutations. These factors, three sex-linked recessive and three autosomal recessive, all affect the coloration of the plumage. Some traits also change the eye color from black to red. Many other color variants are reported. Some of these new colors are definite mutations in the process of becoming established. Others are simply combinations of pre-existing varieties or are imaginitive names used in sales pitches. The normal cockatiel is slate grey, reminiscent of a blue domestic pigeon. Some white extends from the wing butt down the outer edge of the wing. The cheeks have orange patches. A yellow suffusion covers the entire bird, more so in the males. The yellow suffusion is especially prominent in the head and crest of the cock. Adult hens have horizontal bars going down the tail. The Lutino is the most widespread cockatiel mutation. In the United States Lutino cockatiels are right behind the Budgerigar as far as popularity is concerned. The Lutino is a white bird with variable yellow coloring. The yellow is the same suffusion of the normal, but in the normal bird much is hidden by the grey coloration. The eyes are red and the orange cheek patches are retained. Though not as obvious as with the normals, Lutinos may still be sexed by means of color. Though no melanin is present, the yellow in the tail of the hen still retains a barred pattern.

52. : Zinc Poisoning In Cockatiels And Other Companion Birds is a resource devoted to preventing and providing information about zinc poisoning in cockatiels and other companion birds.
Zinc Poisoning in Cockatiels and Other Companion Birds
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Warning /home/sites/savelocke_new/include/amazon_link_functions_inc.php on line : One Cockatiel's True Story of Zinc Poisoning
Zinc is a hidden danger to our feathered friends, one that most pet owners know little about yet that can cause extreme illness and death in a beloved companion bird. is devoted to educating bird owners about the danger zinc can pose, what we can do to treat and prevent poisoning in our companion birds, and to help set up life-saving blood donor lists in each and every community. tells the story of Locke Cole, a whiteface cockatiel who barely survived a case of severe zinc poisoning. Locke's near-death experience with zinc toxicity opened my eyes to the dangers zinc can pose to our feathered friends, and I hope Locke's story can help prevent others from going through the emotionally and financially difficult experience of a beloved pet's illness. While you're here, be sure to

53. HolisticBird And HolisticBirds
Provides detail on how to change your bird s environment to make it less stable for egg laying and includes the story of Louise who did not respond to the
Chronic Egg-laying in Single Cockatiels by Susan McWilliams
Spring 2003 Introduction I base this article on my own experience with a single, chronically laying female cockatiel. While the ideas shared here are limited to cockatiels, they may also apply to other pet birds and they are certainly based on extensive experience in terms of duration of the problem and its resultant complications. The discussion is holistic in nature, focusing especially on behavioral factors relating to chronic egg-laying, with some attention to allopathic treatments and issues of diet. Natural versus Unnatural Egg laying Ounces of Prevention Responding to Initial Egg-laying Whether your hen lays from a perch, in your hand (yes, that happens), on the floor of her cage, or in some other spot, once she has done so, more aggressive measures are called for to discourage further laying. I focus here on two primary approaches, light reduction and modification of cage and play environments. Photoperiod reduction is seen as means of deterring or stopping laying by making the environment seem less suitable for doing so. In my view, other environmental changes are probably equally if not more important in this respect. As I mentioned above, preventing access to or the creation of nesting environments is one means of preventing laying. Once laying has occurred, this becomes even more important. Here the goal is not just preventing access to a cozy nesting environment but actually creating a sense of uncertainty and even insecurity in the bird. This can be achieved through cage swapping, rearrangement and relocation.

54. How To Breed Cockatiels |
How to Breed cockatiels. cockatiels are very social and fun pets with a long life span that can be an enjoyable addition to any family.
How To Do Just About Everything SEARCH Search(($("#Options").attr("value") > 0) ? $("#Options").attr("value") : "0"); Start contributing today!
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    How to Breed Cockatiels
    By eHow Pets Editor Rate: (1 Ratings) Cockatiels are very social and fun pets with a long life span that can be an enjoyable addition to any family. Breeding cockatiels for sale or to increase the number of family pets can be a rewarding experience if the breeder pays special attention to the needs of her birds. Save/Share: digg_skin = 'compact'; digg_window = 'new'; digg_title = 'Breed Cockatiels'; digg_bodytext = 'Cockatiels are very social and fun pets with a long life span that can be an enjoyable addition to any family. Breeding cockatiels for sale or to increase the number of family pets can be a rewarding experience if the breeder pays special attention to the needs of her birds.'; Flag Article
    Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
    Step Breed cockatiels at 18 months of age or older. Breeding them before this age can cause serious health issues, egg binding and weak or unhealthy babies.

55. Cockatiels Need A New Home
I Have 2 Grey cockatiels With Beautiful Red Cheeks The Need A New Home A Small Adoption Is Needed Call For More Questions 951990-7047
los angeles craigslist long beach / 562 pets
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feedback forum

56. Brisbane Cockatiels Geoff & Jo's Cockatiel Aviary
cockatiels Brisbane Breeders aviary with pictures.
Brisbane Cockatiels
Handraised cockatiel babies available now!! Cockatiels are our passion and our family is a specialised and very dedicated group of cockatiel breeders located on the northside of Brisbane in Queensland Australia committed to providing our Pet Cockatiels and Breeding Cockatiels with the best possible care and attention. Each family member is involved with our cockatiels in some aspect be it handfeeding, showing, or just interacting with the young baby cockatiels to make them more suitable and adapted to become a pet in your family. This website is a culmination of things we have learned through our personal experiences in breeding and keeping these delightful little birds. In the following pages there are many pictures of our cockatiels accompanied by detailed information on their mutations and genetics. I am also continually adding cockatiel articles I have written on other various aspects of cockatiel husbandry from cockatiel breeding and handraising to aviary setups and helpful tips for pet cockatiel owners. My passion is for cockatiel genetics and I have tried to write articles that are informative for the experienced breeder yet understandable for the novice. There are pages about the various

57. Cockatiel (Nymphicus Hollandicus) - The Firefly Forest
cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) are native to Australia, but these small parrots are popular as pets in many other countries.
The Firefly Forest
Discovering and enjoying nature
Written by T. Beth Kinsey on September 6, 2007 Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) wings clipped . I see and/or hear several escaped Cockatiels a year here in Tucson, Arizona. I observed this escaped male, wild-type Cockatiel below in my Tucson yard in March of 2007, and later in June of 2007, I spotted a small flock of Cockatiels not that far away in the area just south of E. Catalina Highway and E. Tanque Verde Road. and other bird predators (like my bird-hunting dogs) that frequent my yard. Cockatiels like this one are easy to recognize and have a pointed, feathered crest on their head, a curved, hooked beak typical of birds in the Parrot Family (Psittacidae), and a long, pointed tail. Wild-type or normal gray Cockatiels like the one above are mostly gray with white-edged wings and an orange ear-patch. Wild-type males have a yellow face and crest, a bright orange ear patch, and solid black under the tail, while the females have a grayish face and crest, a dull orange ear-patch, and yellow with black barring under the tail. Captive-bred Cockatiels do have a number of different color mutations Category: Arizona Birds

58. Penn-Plax® Large Bird Activity Center For Parakeets/Cockatiels
Great deals on PennPlax® Large Bird Activity Center for Parakeets/cockatiels at your local PetSmart won t last long!

59. Stock Video Of Two Cockatiels ANI979978 - Search Stock Footage, Movies, Digital
Two cockatiels stock video by Bigshot Media. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast!
Stock Photography and Stock Footage
The World's Stock Photography - One Web Site ™ [24 hrs. M-F] document.write(playFlash('BSM/BSM001','ani979978'));
Two cockatiels
ANI979978 Bigshot Media Royalty Free
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30k to 500k / SWF and FLA USD $99.95
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Additional Image Specifications (File sizes shown are uncompressed. All downloadable images and photographs are compressed for internet delivery. Click for more info Foto search Stock Photography and Stock Footage
Royalty Free Images
Publitek, Inc. dba Fotosearch
21155 Watertown Road
Waukesha, WI 53186-1898 USA
Fax 262-717-0745 Find the Perfect Photo Fast!™ - Find the Perfect Photo Fast!™ The best online search engine for stock photography, photos, digital illustrations, picture clip art and royalty-free photograph images. Fotosearch helps you find the perfect stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, picture or graphic. We also sell discs containing royalty free stock photos, stock photographs, pictures, and graphics. Buy photographs and get immediate image file downloads, or get fast, cheap delivery on CD-ROM or DVD. Fotosearch also delivers digital artwork, vector illustrations, clipart maps, clip art, stock footage, EPS video animation clips, and stock audio music.

60. Pets, Parrots Species Birds, Cockatiels Birds In Australia, Cockatiels As Pets,
Fancy Flight Aviary Hand-raised cockatiels including whiteface, pastelface, yellow cheek, emerald, fallow, silver, and the more common colors.
Recreation Recreation or fun is the use of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of one's body or mind. While leisure is more likely a form of entertainment or rest, recreation is active for the participant but in a refreshing and diverting manner. As people in the world's wealthier regions lead increasingly sedentary life styles, the need for recreation has increased. The rise of so called active vacations exemplifies this. The two most popular pets in most Western countries have been cats and dogs. In the United States, census data shows that dogs are slightly more popular based on the number of households, Pets : An animal kept for companionship and enjoyment is called Pet. The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or for their song. Pets also generally seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits; keeping pets has been shown to help relieve stress. Pets have the ability to stimulate their caregivers, in particular the elderly, giving people someone to take care of, someone to exercise with, and someone to help them heal from a physically or psychologically troubled past. Having a pet may help people achieve health goals, such as lowered blood pressure, or mental goals, such as decreased stress. There appears to be strong evidence that having a pet can help a person lead a longer, healthier life.

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