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         Cockatiels:     more books (100)
  1. The Complete Cockatiel by Matthew M. Vriends, 1983-03
  2. Cockatiels by Annette Wolter, 1984-12
  3. Cockatiels by Cyril H Rogers, 1992
  4. Cockatiels by W. A. Starika, 1993-01
  5. Cockatiels by Laura Tartak, 1996-06
  6. Love Your Cockatiel by Roy Stringer, 1986-10-13
  7. Cockatiels by Sheila M. Thompson, 1991-02
  8. Cockatiels: Overcoming Problems in Their Care, Feeding and Breeding by Robert G. Black, 2007-10-03
  9. ABC's of Cockatiels by Wilfried Loeding, 1989-04
  10. Cockatiels (Keeping Unusual Pets) by Belinda Ogle, 2005-03-22
  11. Your First Cockatiel (Your First Series) by J. E. Lohr, 1991-07
  12. A Birdkeeper's Guide to Cockatiels by David Alderton, 1996-06
  13. Cockatiels: Getting Started (Save Our Planet) by Jack C. Harris, 1992-05
  14. COCKATIEL -LE -NE by Michele (Dr) Pilotte, 2007-11-06

61. Kaleidoflight-Series I: Hookbills - Parakeets, Rosellas, Cockatiels
Fine Art Limited Edition Prints featuring KaleidoflightSeries I Hookbills. Budgies, budgerigars, parakeets, rosellas, parrots, cockatiels.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
The birds in the Kaleidoflight -SeriesI are favorites of
the hookbill family, each known for its charming beauty
and unique personality. Presented in a kaleidoscopic format, each picture captures
the moment in a showcase of the everchanging beauty of
these birds in their natural environment. The colored pencil painting and layering technique used in
rendering each section of Kaleidoflight captures and
expresses every detail with jewel - like color and accuracy.
Golden Mantled

62., Index Page, Home Page,
According to scientific DNA research, cockatiels are the smallest cockatoos! cockatiels and parrots. An avid enthusiast in the study of color mutations,
T he I nformation S ource for
Linda S. Rubin
This site designed by
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This website was created 2/10/2006 and is dedicated in loving memory to my father DAVID RUBIN Last Updated Main Pages Cockatiel Mutations pages PLUS Featuring educational books and published articles on Cockatiels and Parrots by NOTICE OF COPYRIGH T The Evolution of Cockatoos: ... Tribute Professional Member: The Author's Guild Parrot Articles Author's Selected ... Works from Article Archive EGG LAYING PROBLEMS in Cockatiels (Parts 1-4) C O L O ... S Guest Author! Olaf E. Roennspiess My Cyborg Parrot: Identification of Companion Animals Using ... Technology Avicultural Author What's New!

63. Idaho Pet Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, Parrots, Cockatiels, Ferrets, Rabbits, ID
LOST COCKATIEL 15 July 07 BOISE Locale Cloverdale, Lake Hazel LOST COCKATIEL apx 1 June 07 Locale Just as leaving payette, crossing Bridge into
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64. Animal Planet :: Infopop :: Community
Ash the cockatiel and the newest bird to the family. Quick Reply to Anybody have questions about cockatiels or budgies or finches? Guest Name"parentwindow"; v OAS_RICH("TopLeft"); Favorite Fan Sites Animal Cops Animal Precinct Backyard Habitat Buggin' With Ruud Corwin's Quest Eukanuba Tournament of Champs Horse Power Jane Goodall K9 Karma Miami Animal Police Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom New Breed Vets Planet's Funniest Animals The Crocodile Hunter Whoa! Sunday setLocalVars("leftnav","apl"); setLocalVars("banners","apl"); Message Boards Forums Pet Talk Bird Banter Anybody have questions about cockatiels or budgies or finches? Go New Find Tools Reply Admin New PM! Personal Zone Forums Chat Rooms Profile ... Poll Keyword Search
Search current forum only Advanced Search New Since your Last Visit Active Topics in this Category Add to My Favorites ... Login/Join Welcome, Logout ashtiel Senior Member
Posted document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Sun, 06 Jan 2008 17:23:49 GMT-0800', '01-06-08 08:23 PM')+''); 01-06-08 08:23 PM I have never had a period in my life when I did not have a bird. They were mostly budgies but I have two tiels now and have done so much research on the topic it's ridiculous. I also have experience with finches (our zebra finches we have right now) so feel free to ask about finches, too. I'm glad to help out and share my knowledge of these types of birds and perhaps some stories if you wish. Posts: ashtiel Senior Member
Posted document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Sun, 06 Jan 2008 17:40:32 GMT-0800', '01-06-08 08:40 PM')+'');

65. Bird Cages For Finches, Cockatiels, Amazons And African Greys
Designer bird cage your bird will love our cages. Phone for large or medium cages, small wood bird cages including classic flight cage.
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66. Handfed Baby Cockatiels For Sale In Raleigh, North Carolina
A breeder of exhibition cockatiels who is located in North Carolina. Contains articles about breeding.
Our Aviary What's Happening Available Babies Articles ... About Us
"Monique"- Standing proudly!
NCS 70L-26-07 Yet another beautiful DHB Daughter Parrotlets

Our specialty is greenrump parrotlets. We have been breeding parrotlets for over 5 years and have placed many of our stock on the top bench at the parrot shows around the country.. For more information about parrotlets, please join the International Parrotlet Society or email me Lineolated Parakeets
We breed our lineolated parakeets from high quality stock that has large eyes and cobby bodies!
Green Hen X Cobalt Male Pet Sitting for more information. We are fully insured and love working with all your pets!
Band Codes: NCS 70L, SPBE KLH, IPS KLH ABS 91X
UPDATED: 12/01/07: See What's Happening Page for new pairings!
Members of: The National Cockatiel Society, International Parrotlet Society, American Budgerigar Society, Raleigh Durham Caged Bird Society, and the Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors
We are located just south of Raleigh, NC. Our birds have graced some of the largest bird shows in the country this year becoming champions as youngsters! We are currently gearing up for another big season. We sell some our babies, whether for pet or for show, from a handpicked stock that we have worked over 6 years to obtain. All of our cockatiels are handfed and socialized within our family. If you would like more information about our exhibition cockatiels, please feel free to

67. Cockatiels
Cockatiel parrots regularly live for 12 to 20 years and some have been reported to live for up to 30 years. cockatiels parrots are members of the Cockatoo
Cockatiel Parrots
Learn All You Want About The Cockatiel Parrot
What are they?
Cockatiel parrots regularly live for 12 to 20 years and some have been reported to live for up to 30 years. Cockatiels parrots are members of the Cockatoo family. In the wild cockatiels have grey body feathers, yellow faces feathers, a yellow crest and orange cheek patches, with the males having brighter colors and more yellow around the face than the females. Domestic breeding has produced several color variations, including cinnamon, silver and pearl.
Cockatiel parrots are small parrots, measuring about twelve inches from beak to tail tip and weighing in at three to four ounces when mature. They will reach mature size at about nine months. Young cockatiels will begin to molt at about six months and will molt annually thereafter. The young have lighter coloring than the adults, have pink or light grey beaks, are more slender and the feathering on their heads will be incomplete. The sex of young cockatiels is difficult to determine because their coloring is not as pronounced as that of mature cockatiels.
The cockatiel is originally from Australia. They are found everywhere in Australia except in Tasmania and on the coastal regions. In the wild they are nomads, normally living in flocks of about twelve, following the food, roosting and nesting in desert vegetation, close to water. During breeding season, wild cockatiels will flock with hundreds of cockatiels and other birds. Australia placed a ban on exporting cockatiels in 1894. Therefore, all cockatiels sold as pets in the United States come from captive breeding stock.

68. Cockatiels
cockatiels If you are looking for a small parrot that will not cost a great deal of money, yet is a captivating, charming and loveable companion,
Introduction to Cockatiels
If you are looking for a small parrot that will not cost a great deal of money, yet is a captivating, charming and loveable companion, the Cockatiel is a great choice. Native to Australia, flocks of hundreds of birds fly wild in most of the inner regions. They are no longer exported, so you will be sure you are purchasing a bird bred in the United States or your country of residence. The Cockatiel is a relatively quiet bird, with a soft chirping voice and beautiful mating song in the males. Some can be taught to speak and sing simple tunes, though their voice is not as clear as the larger parrots. Cockatiels love to be handled and stroked. If hand-fed as chicks, they are gentle and affectionate to the degree that they will make a delightful pet and companion. Even aviary-bred adults can be tamed with patience and gentleness. The Cockatiel is available in a wide range of colors.
    Normal Grey-Various shades of grey with orange cheek patches and some white on the wings. The males have yellow and white heads and crests. Females tend to have grey heads with orange cheek patches. Lutino-All white, some with a yellow wash. All have orange cheek patches. Beaks and feet are horn colored and they have dark red eyes. In a mature bird the male will be all white on the underside of his wings and tail. The female will have faint yellow barring.

69. KG Kat Aviary: Lovebirds, Cockatiels,Quakers,handfed Babies, Cusatom Playgrounds
I ve been breeding since late 1992 and I breed cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Green and Blue Quakers. Below are some of their pictures. We have a pet lovebird,
On Line Store
Hi, I'm Kathy Greaser a small breeder and Hagen Tropican food distributor. I like to keep the breeding small so I can give my birds the individual care that I feel they should have. I've been breeding since late 1992 and I breed Cockatiels Lovebirds , and Green and Blue Quakers . Below are some of their pictures. We have a pet lovebird, Jelly, and an umbrella cockatoo, Tori. Our first pet, Hon, a male tiel is how I got into breeding. My daughter, Kelly, thought it would be so cute to watch Hon be a daddy. So I got into it for her, now she's grown and gone and I'm still breeding. The birds are the lights of my life and I enjoy it tremendously. I belong to NACS(North American Cockatiel Society), ALBS (African Lovebird Society), PBAV (Pet Bird Association of Virginia)and my local club PCBS Pennisula Caged Bird Society). I'm a board member, the Lovebird Director, and the previous Cockatiel Director, for this club. I also maintain the breeder list, do the "for sale" ads in the newsletter and maintain their web page along with the web page for BCA (Bird Clubs of America). I'm was also on the Board of BCV (Bird Clubs of Virginia)for 4 years. I run the Peachface and Masked Lovebird Breeding Partnerships under Bird Clubs of America, link provided below. I've been using Hagen since I had to change pellets a few years ago due to many deaths of my breeders and a couple of my babies . This article can be read many places on the net but also

70. Sara Ford's WebLog : Looking For A Good Home For My 2 Cockatiels
Update 1/24/2005 Snowflake and Sunshine went to a great home last night. They were picked up by someone who runs a local bird rescue.
Welcome to MSDN Blogs Sign in Join Help Search ...
Sara Ford's WebLog
My adventures embracing open source on CodePlex and at Microsoft
Recent Posts

71. Bittybirds: The Blog
Cockatiel Duet Chirpchirp-chirp-chirp-chirp! LaserCo s video Evil cockatiels Singing In Sync. Whoa, LaserCo—they are so cute, it’s evil! Oct 16 2007
bittybirds: the blog
the exploits of a flock of tiels and a budgie or two
rebecca Category: video 0 Comments Duck Herding Neatorama Jan
Demon Tiel Alert
kyle Category: Piper Petrie 0 Comments Valerie snapped this picture of me holding Piper (left) and Petrie (right). Notice the red-eye effect on Petrie! Jan
Death by cuteness
rebecca Category: Uncategorized 0 Comments From Plastic Media Cute Overload Dec
Sebastian, the street bun
rebecca Category: Sebastian 0 Comments At the end of the evening, Ty and I walked out to the car, and what did we see? A sweet little bunny rabbit hopping down the middle of the street. Tyler stealthily followed the bunny and managed to get it moving slowly back towards me and our friends. Finally, it was between me and Tyler. It looked at Ty, looked at me, and decided to try to make a dash past me. But I reached down and gently smooshed the bunny between my hands and the curbing. Our friends came running with a blanket and a box, and set him up in their home to find its owners. We were bunny heroes! After a good month with no one claiming the bunny, our friends decided it was time to find him a home. Tyler and I had been thinking about getting a bunny a year before, so we decided to adopt the little street bunny.

72. Cockatiel - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus), also known as the Quarrion and the Weero, is a diminutive cockatoo endemic to Australia and prized as a household pet
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Cockatiel
Female Conservation status
Least Concern
IUCN 3.1 Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Cacatuidae
Subfamily: Calyptorhynchinae
Genus: Nymphicus
Species: N. hollandicus Binomial name Nymphicus hollandicus Kerr Cockatiel range (in red; all-year resident) Synonyms Psittacus hollandicus Leptolophus hollandicus The Cockatiel Parakeet Nymphicus hollandicus ), also known as the Quarrion and the Weero , is a diminutive cockatoo endemic to Australia and prized as a household pet . They are relatively easy to breed and keep in captivity and they are kept throughout the world as pets. The only member of the genus Nymphicus , the Cockatiel has previously been considered a crested parrot or small cockatoo. However, more recent molecular studies have settled the debate, showing their closest relatives to be the black cockatoos of the genus Calyptorhynchus . They are hence now classified as the smallest of the Cacatuidae (cockatoo family). Cockatiels are natively found across the outback regions of inland Australia, and favour the Australian wetlands, scrublands, and bush lands.

73. Birds » Parrots » Cockatiel Main Page
Detailed information and pet care on the Cockatiel, also known as Tiel, Quarrion, plus photos, breeders, registries, clubs, and more.
2,234 Animals Online Today Home Central Birds Page Central Parrots Page Cockatiel (you are here)
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Search the Web Veterinarians ... Service Providers More Stuff: Go to Forums Birds eCards Subscribe Pet Categories: Mammals Birds Punky Photo: Nina Johnsen More Photos Submit a Photo Common Name: Cockatiel Other Common Names: Tiel, Quarrion Scientific Name: Nymphicus hollandicus (Full Taxonomy) Group: Australian Origin or Range: Australia Relative Size: Smaller Than Average (as compared to other parrots) Average Lifespan: 16 year(s) Compatibility: Relatively Non-Aggressive (as compared to other parrots) Category: Animal Description: Breed Standard The Cockatiel is one of the best known and most loved of all the parrot family. They are cheerful, friendly, and easy to train; making them one of the most popular pet birds throughout the world. The Cockatiel is perhaps best loved for its wonderful disposition, intelligence and bright personality. They are much smaller (12.5 inches [32cm] at maturity) than a lot of the other parrots, making them much easier to care for. Another wonderful thing about Cockatiels is they are relatively quiet compared to their larger cousins: Macaws, Amazons and African Grey Parrots. They are also much more resistant to viral diseases than their larger relatives. In addition, some cockatiels have even learned to speak a couple words! While speaking is not the norm for cockatiels many have been known to whistle long, complex songs. One of the most notable physical attributes of the Cockatiel is his beautiful crest. The ideal height of the crest is three inches. Cockatiels are available for purchase readily and can be seen in many different color variations. Some of the most common variations are:

74. Birdhouses, Gifts, Garden Decor, Home And Garden Decor, Decorative Birdhouses, G
Rustic styled houses made of recycled wood, metals, and local driftwood from Northern California.



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Rustic Bargain Birdhouses(under $49)

75. Bird Times Magazine Cockatiel Informational Page
If we were suddenly denied the pleasure of all our birds except one, we would unhesitatingly choose a cockatiel to be that one pet. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Visit Pet Publishing's other pet sites

National Cockatiel Society

NCS Membership Secretary Donna Mason
11655 Emerald Drive
Hayden, ID 83835 Starting With Cockatiels
By Linda S. Rubin
"If we were suddenly denied the pleasure of all our birds except one, we would unhesitatingly choose a cockatiel to be that one pet." This quotation, from the widely read book Parrots and Related Birds by Henry Bates and Robert Busenbark, epitomizes the feelings of cockatiel enthusiasts who have experienced the unique joy of owning a tame cockatiel. In addition to its delightful, loving personality, a cockatiel is relatively easy to tame and makes an excellent family pet and devoted companion bird. They are also easy to breed and come in a myriad of color mutations guaranteed to fit most price budgets. The cockatiel

76. The Cockatiel Foundation, Inc.
Join the nation s leading Educational Nonprofit FOUNDATION whose activities directly benefit the Cockatiel. For Pet Owners, Hobby Professional Breeders
Sign Guestbook View Guestbook
Contact the webmaster at: we bmaster@
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Join the nation's leading Educational Nonprofit F OUNDATION whose activities directly benefit the Cockatiel
The Cockatiel Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation established for the
advancement of the cockatiel, Nymphicus hollandicus , as a companion, aviary and
exhibition species; to provide resources to the community and for educating
members on companion bird care, improved breeding practices, the study of color
mutations, genetics, and show standards that promote the health, fertility and
longevity of the cockatiel. The Foundation supports a national adoption/placement program, youth education, closed banding and record keeping, veterinary and avicultural research, legislative awareness as it pertains to cockatiels, consistency and fairness in exhibition and judging, a national show, annual affiliation with the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc., and to encourage ethical conduct and constructive interactions between its members and other aviculturists. CF is

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