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         Cockatoos:     more books (100)
  1. Cockatoos (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Werner Lantermann, Susanne Lantermann, et all 2010-10-01
  2. Riding the Black Cockatoo by John Danalis, 2010-04-01
  3. Cockatoos Complete Owner's Manual by Werner Lantermann, 2000-05-15
  4. Cockatoos (Australian Natural History) by Matt Cameron, 2008-04
  5. The Guide to Owning a Cockatoo by Gayle Soucek, Gayle Soucek, 2001-07-01
  6. The Cockatoo's Story by Mrs. George Cupples, 2009-12-23
  7. Counting Cockatoos by Stella Blackstone, 2006-03-01
  8. The Cockatoos: Shorter Novels and Stories (Twentieth-Century Classics) by Patrick White, 1993-09-07
  9. Taming and Training Cockatoos by Risa Teitler, 1988-11
  10. Cockatoos: Getting Started by John Coborn, 1995-03
  11. The Cockatoo's Story by George Cupples, 2010-07-24
  12. Handbook of Cockatoos by A. E. Decoteau, 1981-04
  13. Cockatoos by Quentin Blake, 1992-10
  14. The Proper Care of Cockatoos by Helmut Pinter, 1993-09

1. All About Cockatoos -
Information on behavior and diet for the larger species.
Beautiful and Cuddly.
These are the words normally used to describe one of natures most unusual parrots, the Moluccan Cockatoo . It's unusual in that it's one of the few "lap birds", and acts more like a dog than a bird sometimes. As babies, Moluccans so easily touch your heart that it's hard to walk away from them without taking one home. Their liquid eyes look like black pools of inquisitiveness as they carefully study your facial expressions, and you seem to be able to look right into their very souls. Both Moluccans and Umbrella cockatoos possess a sweetness that few parrots can match, for a while . As all good things must come to an end however, so goes the sweetness as these babies mature. This is not to say that there will be a complete change, but the odds are great that the 'Too you'll wind up-with years later is not the sweetness and light you brought home . Do all birds change? No. Will most change to some degree? You'd better believe it! And it's these changes that sometimes drive owners to rescues
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2. Cockatoos
Native to Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, there are over 40 species of cockatoo. These can be divided into two main groups – the white cockatoos
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Pet Bird Species
Please also refer to the following relevant web resources: Training and Behavioral Guidance Cockatoos as Pets Cockatoo Species Cockatoo Cages ... Talking Ability (compared to other species) ... Cockatoo Diseases Sexing Cockatoos Cockatoo Library The Taxonomy Of Cockatoos
(kindly provided by Dr. Rob Marshall Sulphur Crested Cockatoo , the Galah , the Major Mitchell , the Red tail Black Cockatoo , to the lesser known White (Umbrella) Cockatoo. Outside of Australia, the Moluccan and Umbrella Cockatoos also make a lovely pets but are rarely kept as pets in Australia due to their expense. The most obvious external feature of any cockatoo is the erectile crest that raises immediately after alighting and when alarmed or excited. The strong, heavy beak of the cockatoo is used to crack large seeds but can also produce a powerful and destructive bite. Consistent training from a young age will help ensure potential cockatoo owners enjoy a bird free of this destructive habit. Hand reared male

3. Cockatoos
Information regarding cockatoos and the various species.
Cockatoos!! Species: There are 17 species of cockatoos, most of which are in the genus Cacatua. Most are colored mainly in white, but others come in grays and pinks, blacks, and in the Palm's case, deep blue. Origin: Australia and the surrounding islands. Size: Ranging from the Goffin's, at about 12"-13", to the huge Goliath Palm cockatoo, at 27" long. Life Span: 40-60 years and up. There have been some reported cases of cockatoos living to be over 100, but most of these are unsubstantiated. Price: Expect to pay anywhere from $400 for an inexpensive Goffin's from a breeder, to around $1,000 for most cockatoos, to $1,500-$3,000 for a Galah or Leadbeater's, and up... Palms and Blacks would probably cost you around $15,000 or more apiece! Buying:
Cockatoos are probably some of the top birds that are re-sold as adults, when their owners get tired of their demands or find themselves in a situation where they can no longer cope with them. These birds *usually*, but not always, have some sort of behavior problem that is the reason for giving the bird up. Often, this is screaming. If you're considering one of these second-time-around birds, find out everything possible about the bird, and be ready to deal with some unforeseen behavior problems. Diet: Cages/Supplies: The larger the cage, the better, of course! Cockatoos are big birds! Goffin's, Galahs, and Lesser Sulphur Cresteds usually do fine in something about 2' x 2' x 3', but most larger cockatoos should really be in something at least 2' x 3' x 3' or larger. Plenty of toys are practically a necessity; cockatoos are BIG chewers and expect to replace these pretty routinely! A playstand is also a wonderful thing, and allows your bird someplace to be when he's not on the cage and you don't want him right on you (although that's probably where he'd prefer to be!).

4. Cockatoos As Pets - Profile And Personality Of Cockatoos
A look at the personality of cockatoos and what it takes to keep a cockatoo as a pet.
zGCID=" test0" zGCID+=" test4" zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') zDO=0 You are here: About Exotic Pets More Exotic Pets Birds ... Birds by Species Cockatoos as Pets - Profile and Personality of Cockatoos Exotic Pets Exotic Pets Essentials Pet Pictures - Photo Gallery ... Submit to Digg Suggested Reading Choosing a Pet Bird Picking Out Your Bird Before You Buy a Bird Cage Elsewhere on the Web Cockatoo Heaven Most Popular Hamsters as Pets Snakes as Pets Red Eared Sliders Aquatic Turtles as Pets ... Exotic Pets A to Z
Cockatoos as Pets
From Lianne McLeod, DVM
Your Guide to Exotic Pets
FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Species: There are many species of cockatoos, but the most common species seen in captivity (in no particular order) include the Moluccan, Goffin's, umbrella, sulfur crested (greater and lesser), and bare eyed cockatoos. Size: Range in size from about 12 inches to about 27 inches. Those on the smaller size include Goffin's cockatoo and the lesser sulfur crested cockatoo, while the larger cockatoos included the umbrella, Moluccan and greater sulfur crested cockatoos. Expected Life Span: With proper care, cockatoos can be expected to live from about 40 years (smaller species) to 80 years or more (larger species). Unfortunately, many in captivity die younger than this.

5. Cockatoo Heaven - All About Cockatoos - Cockatoos (Birds, Parrots) -
cockatoos, beautiful birds in the family parrots. Information on cockatoos cockatoo species, cockatoo traits, breeding cockatoos care of cockatoos.
Cockatoos, birds, parrots. All about cockatoos: cockatoo species, cockatoo traits, care of cockatoos. Cockatoo Parrots - Great pet birds. General Information Cockatoo Species Information Site Features Cockatoo Links
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Cockatoo Heaven

Last update: January 25, 2000

6. How To Stop Your Cockatoos Screaming And Biting
Cure your Cockatoo of his behavior problems. Free videos show how to stop biting and screaming cockatoos.

7. Cockatoo Care, At Animal World
cockatoos are extremely affectionate, their feathers are very soft, usually with beautiful colors .on top of that, they are very intelligent and
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  • Basic Bird Care Bird Care Sheets Bird Care Books Hybrid Macaw Names ... Cockatoos > Cockatoo Care Cockatoos Index
    About Cockatoos
    Family: Cacatuidae
    Subfamily: Cacatuinae
    Cockatoos are extremely affectionate, their feathers are very soft, usually with beautiful colors....on top of that, they are very intelligent and inquisitive birds!
    Cockatoos love to show off and make comical displays with outspread wings, head bobbing, dancing and loud calls. They are very active and curious about their environment. Happy cockatoos spend most of their waking time performing, or examining and manipulating their toys and other cage objects.
    A single cockatoo will thrive as a your pet if you devote time and attention to it, playing with it and sharing affections on a regular daily basis. However, two pet cockatoos are ideal if you are not able to devote so much time and attention as the bird will demand. Two will help to prevent bad habits from developing by a bored bird, such as screeching and feather plucking.

8. - Cockatoo Care, Information On Cockatoos, Diet
cockatoos are great companion birds. Below is information on cockatoos, cockatoo facts, cockatoo toys, cockatoo care. They are very smart and and can figure
Cockatoos • Umbrellas • Cockatoo • Large Bird Toys • Cockatoo Toys • Tips • Information on Cockatoos COCKATOO INFO

General Info
Ten Things

The Bird Cage
Foods PAGE 3 Plants Hazards PAGE 4 Bathing Ownership Toys PAGE 5 Large Toys Foot Toys BIRD TOYS Small Birdie Toys Small Bird Toys 2 Medium Bird Toys Medium Bird Toys 2 ... Bird Foot Toys 2 BIRD TOY PARTS Toy Parts Index Wood Toy Parts Shredder Parts Plastic Toy Parts ... Metal Parts BIRD SWINGS All Bird Swings Activity Swing Wood Bird Swing Palm Swing ... Small Fun Swing BIRD PERCHES All Perches Mineral Perch Calcium Perch Pedicure Perch ... Shower Perch MINERALS View All Cuttlebone Mineral Block Lava Conditioner ... Calcium Perch BIRD TREATS View All Millet Jumbo Millet Flaxseed ... Bird Cone CUSTOMER SERVICE Ordering Shipping Wholesale About Our Toys ... Contact Us SPECIES SPECIFIC Parrotlets Cockatiels Cockatoos All About Cockatoos - Information and Tips GENERAL INFORMATION Cockatoos are great companion birds. They develop a very strong bond with their owner. Some can be like a spoiled child and demand attention throughout the day! They are very smart and and can figure out tricks easily. Some take apart toys or figure how to open their cage door with ease! These beautiful birds originate from Australia and the surrounding islands. Cockatoos can live 60+ years. There are seventeen species of cockatoos. Goffin's are the smallest, measuring about 12"-14" in length. Goliath Palm Cockatoos are the largest, measuring about 27" in length. Prices of cockatoos can be $400 - $30,000. These birds are not for first time bird owners, they require a lot of attention and are a huge responsibility. The average cost for toys and food for one month is $100 per bird.

9. Cockatoo Printout-
Cockatoo Printout. cockatoos are crested birds from Indonesian and Australian rainforests and fields.
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10. GOFFIN COCKATOOS | Tanimbar Cockatoos
The Goffin Cockatoo is native to the Tenimber Islands of Indonesia and are sometimes known as the Tanimbar Cockatoo. Also native to Indonesian islands are
Goffin Cockatoos
Everything you wanted To Know About The Tanimbar Cockatoos Or Goffin Cockatoos
Goffin Cockatoos
The Goffin Cockatoo is native to the Tenimber Islands of Indonesia and are sometimes known as the Tanimbar Cockatoo. Also native to Indonesian islands are the muluccan cockatoos. Many other species of cockatoos are native to Australia, like the black cockatoo.
The scientific name of the goffin cockatoo is Cacatua goffini. While the sulfur crested cockatoo is one of the largest cockatoos, goffins are one of the smallest of all cacatuinae and will reach a length of twelve to thirteen inches. Unlike other cockatoos, like the umbrella cockatoo, the crest of the goffin cockatoo is fairly small. The crest is a collection of feathers on the head that can be raised or lowered.
< The goffin cockatoo is a mostly white bird with pink or salmon colored feathers between the eyes and the beak. The feathers of the crest that are closest to the birds head are also a pink or salmon color, as are the neck feathers. The pink crest feathers are usually hidden by the white outside feathers of the crest and will usually only be seen when the crest is extended.
Like the palm cockatoo, The Goffin Cockatoo is classed as a Near Threatened species because of illegal hunting and loss of habitat. Due to increasing encroachment on its habitat, this bird is in jeopardy of becoming extinct.

11. Cockatoo Books And Cockatoo DVDs From Avian Publications. Cockatoo Books And Coc
Cockatoo books and cockatoo DVDs from Avian Publications. Cockatoo books and cockatoo DVDs about the keeping, care, and breeding of cockatoos and other
Your E-mail: Search Search Our Site Search WWW Featured Books Those Crazy Caiques by Judith A. Woods Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in Companion Parrots! by Barbara Heidenreich The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition) by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein Home Shop Online This is our selection of Cockatoo books and Cockatoo DVDs about the keeping, care, training, and breeding of Cockatoos. If you don't see the Cockatoo book or video you're looking for, or if you have a question about one of our Cockatoo titles, please contact us . For information on shipping methods and rates, payment options, information privacy, and shopping cart security, please visit our How to Order page. Coming Soon! The Essential Cockatoo Australian Cockatoos: Experiences in the Field and Aviary by Stan Sindel Cockatoos: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Werner Lantermann by Chris Hunt Avian Publications
6380 Monroe Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432

12. Lexicon Of Parrots
Order the new cockatoo cd. Lexicon of Parrots overview cockatoos Probosciger, Calyptorhynchus, Callocephalon, Eolophus, Cacatua, Nymphicus.
Back to main page Send us an email Learn about our staff Visit our bookshop Information about our products Return to main page Learn about our German PAPAGEIEN magazin Learn about WP-Magazin - Europe's largest bird magazine Order the new cockatoo cd Lexicon of Parrots - overview Welcome to
Arndt-Verlag We are a publishing house specialised in magazines and books about parrots and other birds new: visitors: Home Contact us We about us Bookshop ... WP-Magazin Cockatoos Probosciger, Calyptorhynchus, Callocephalon, Eolophus, Cacatua, Nymphicus. To get picture and information about a species click on the name. Please note that all rights are reserved. No part of the lexicon may be transmitted or reproduced in any form. Probosciger aterrimus Palm Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus funereus Black Cockatoo ... Cockatiel
Lexicon of Parrots Search a species The authors Introduction Lories Cockatoos Australasian Parrots Australian Parakeets African Parrots Ring-necked Parakeets Macaws Conures Neotropical Parrots Amazon Parrots Side info The window is closing automatically in 10 seconds To celebrate our new website we offer the CD 2.0 version of the Lexicon for a special price*.

13. Umbrella Cockatoos
Information on the life span, origin, and history of Umbrella cockatoos, and tips on keeping them as pets.
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    Taming and Training Your Parrot (s), Cockatoo (s), Lovebird (s)....
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    Attention If you've been plagued with a small evil parrot and are wondering if he'll ever let you handle him... then listen to this...
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    • Stop biting you and your family Stop screaming at all hours of the day and night Stop misbehaving when you try to pet it!
    " Teach Your Parrot To Talk " training course and video!
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    15. Cockatoos - Mahalo
    cockatoos are any of the 21 bird species belonging to the family Cacatuidae. They are true parrots that require a lot of attention. cockatoos are native to
    Categories Animals Birds Parrots ... Pets
    The Mahalo Top 7
  • Wikipedia: Cockatoo All About Cockatoos Animal-World: Guide to a Happy, Healthy Cockatoos Hornbeam Aviary: Funny Farm Exotics: Cockatoo Diet Needs Australian Museum Online: Cockatoo Facts Sheet YouTube Video: Cockatoo opens locked cage from the inside (Time: 2:53)
  • Cockatoo Background and Characteristics
    Cockatoo Rescue and Adoption
    Cockatoo Care and Special Needs
    Cockatoo Health
    Cockatoo Blogs and Message Boards

    16. Birds2Pet - Cockatoos, Conures, Macaws - Parrots On The Web
    MAP certified breeder of cockatoos, conures, and macaws. Information on parrot care and breeding. Located in Redwood Estates.
    A central California resource for hand raised companion parrots; rare species of parrots; information on species, rearing, and care; and breeding stock.
    Specializing in rare and hand-fed parrot species : Cockatoos; Conures; Macaws.
    Our Aviary is Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certified,
    and Mary Ellen LePage is Founding Member / Manager of "Companion Bird Source -
    an association of breeders and retailers setting higher standards",

    Former Northern California Coordinator and Corresponding Secretary and current 2nd Vice President and Cooperative Breeding Program Chair
    of the American Federation of Aviculture , and ethic Committee Member of the Aviculture Microbiology Foundation, Inc., a Nonprofit, National/International Specialty Foundation Affiliated with American Federation of Aviculture.
    Last Updates: April, 2000

    17. Congo African Greys, Parrot Bird Breeding, Cockatoos, Macaws, Grooming, Behavior
    Offers african greys, cockatoos, and green wing macaws.
    Welcome to The Parrot's Perch Website! I'm Tina Usher, and all of my life I have been captivated by all types of birds. I am a small aviary just outside of Chicago and I have been breeding the large parrots since 1981. I specialize in Congo African Greys, Moluccan, Umbrella and Medium Sulphur Crested (Elenora) Cockatoos and Green Wing Macaws. My home raised, hand-fed babies are well adjusted, gentle and loving. My clients rave about how much larger and more outgoing their parrots are compared to other pet birds they see. I also provide in- your -home grooming and behavioral consultations. Seeing the need, I am now offering care, training and behavior workshops to help bird owners mend and/or improve their relationships with their avian pals. I'm using my education, training, experience and love for our birds to teach people how to understand and live happily with their avian companions.

    18. Rose-breasted Cockatoos
    In Australia, the Rosebreasted Cockatoo is known as the Galah. It is found in the wild in the multi-thousands. For bird watchers and visitors to
    Rose-breasted Cockatoo -
    Breeding the Beautiful Galah By Dale R. Thompson In Australia, the Rose-breasted Cockatoo is known as the "Galah." It is found in the wild in the multi-thousands. For bird watchers and visitors to Australia, the Galah is truly a fantastic sight to see. They are most often observed in groups, both small and large. When seen in the hundreds, whether in trees or flying in the air, it becomes a memorable experience. For the Australian aviculturist, the Galah is not a prized bird. Because of their great numbers in the wild where they are often considered an agricultural pest by some of the grain producing farmers, this cockatoo is worth almost nothing in captivity. If kept at all, it is usually as a pet. The value of th e Galah or Rose-breasted Cockatoo is well illustrated by the personal experience I observed while I was visiting a Sydney pet store. A 12-year-old boy came into the shop with a tame Galah that was kept in a 12-X 14-X 18-inch cage. He wanted to sell to the manager of the pet store but was turned down. After some discussion, the boy traded his tame Galah for one gray Cockatiel and one female Red-rumped Parakeet. Although this was an astonishing transaction to me, the boy seemed delighted with the trade. When discussing the situation with the boy (who at first seemed reluctant to talk), he related that he had removed the Galah (he referred to it a "cocky") from a nest in a nest in the wild, hand raised it and then had become tired of it.

    19. YouTube - Loving Cockatoos Tooo Sweet
    we just adopted a new cockatoo and it was love at first sight with our other new cockatoo..tooo sweet.

    20. Bird Care, Health - Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Lories, Macaws, Parakeets
    Free tips and tutorials for a wide range of avian topics toxins and treatments, behavior problems, breeding, diet, injuries and more.
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