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2. Columbus Day Crafts
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Columbus Day Crafts
Each child needs a clean, empty baby food jar (the small size), some blue Play doh, a toothpick, a small triangular shaped piece of paper and one half of a walnut (shell). Have the children squish the play doh inside the lid of the jar (this is the "water"). Press the nut into the play doh (this is the boat). Press a little more play doh into the shell. Stand the toothpick up in the play doh (you may need to break the toothpick to make it shorter). Have each child write his/her name on the paper (the "sail") and glue or Tape it onto the toothpick. Screw on the jar and stand it lid side down - voila! A sailboat! APPLE SAILBOAT SNACK Sailboat Eggs Allow 1 egg per sailor Ingredients: hard-boiled eggs, 1/2 teaspoon mustard, carrot sticks, chopped pimentos, 1 teaspoon mayonnaise, 1 cup diced green peppers, celery sticks, lettuce leaves, Utensils: knife and cutting board, bowl, fork, toothpicks for mast, scissors, paper for sails, tape

3. Columbus Day Crafts
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Articles related to "Columbus Day Crafts"
Columbus Day Ideas for Kids
Use songs, crafts, and poems to engage children's senses as they learn about Columbus Day.
All these crafts have a fall, harvest or Thanksgiving theme. From cornucopias for the table or harvest abc cards you will find it all here.
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