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         Computer Ethics:     more books (100)
  1. Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  2. The Cambridge Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics (Cambridge Handbook Of...)
  3. Computer Ethics: A Case-based Approach by Robert N. Barger, 2008-06-09
  4. Computer Ethics (4th Edition) by Deborah G. Johnson, 2009-01-03
  5. Computer Ethics: A Global Perspective by Giannis Stamatellos, 2007-01-09
  6. Computers, Ethics, and Society
  7. The Ethics of Computer Games by Miguel Sicart, 2009-05-29
  8. Computers, Ethics and Social Values by Deborah G. Johnson, Helen Nissenbaum, 1995-02-13
  9. Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids: (and Parents & Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue.) by Winn Schwartau, 2001-04-01
  10. The Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics
  11. Computer Ethics, Second Edition: Cautionary Tales and Ethical Dilemmas in Computing by Tom Forester, Perry Morrison, 1993-12-16
  12. Email and Ethics: Style and Ethical Relations in Computer-Mediated Communications (Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy) by Emma Rooksby, 2002-10-18
  13. Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics, 2d edition by Joseph Migga Kizza, 2006-07-26
  14. Practical Computer Ethics by Duncan Langford, 1996-03

1. Computer Ethics - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
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Computer ethics
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Computer ethics is a branch of practical philosophy which deals with how computing professionals should make decisions regarding professional and social conduct. The term "computer ethics" was first coined by Walter Maner in the mid-1970s, but only since the 1990s has it started being integrated into professional development programs in academic settings. The conceptual foundations of computer ethics are investigated by information ethics , a branch of philosophical ethics established by Luciano Floridi . Computer ethics is a very important topic in computer applications. The importance of computer ethics increased through the 1990s. With the growth of the Internet, privacy issues as well as concerns regarding computing technologies such as spyware and web browser cookies have called into question ethical behavior in technology.
edit Identifying issues
Identifying ethical issues as they arise, as well as defining how to deal with them, has traditionally been problematic in computer ethics. Some have argued against the idea of computer ethics as a whole. However, Collins and Miller proposed a method of identifying issues in computer ethics in their Paramedic Ethics model. The model is a data-centered view of judging ethical issues, involving the gathering, analysis, negotiation, and judging of data about the issue.

2. Computer Ethics Article
Computer ethics article Social and personal policies.
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Home About Us Outsourcing Services ... Contact Us YOU ARE HERE : Client Care Resources Computer Ethics
Computer Ethics Article- A clean impact
by Anna Elizabeth Kuruvilla Computer ethics is the analysis of the nature and the social impact of computer technology and the corresponding formulation and justification of policies for the ethical use of technology. Ethics cover both social as well as personal policies for the ethical use of technology. The policy vacuum is a commonly faced problem while dealing with computer ethics. Another difficulty in the path is the conceptual vacuum. This enhances the registration of an analysis, which facilitates a coherent conceptual framework within which one has to formulate a policy for action. This will aid the determination of programs and instances of the same program. But in the barrier of coherent conceptual framework too, policy formulation through computer technology will be tough. The distinction and identification of what has to be done, and understanding about the situation are not to be linked with computer ethics. Ethics is a dynamic and complex field of study, which takes into account, the relationships between facts, conceptualization, policies and values with regard to the ever changing computer technology. It is neither a fixed set of rules nor the application of ethical principles to a value-free technology.

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4. Computer Ethics - English Dictionary
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Computer Ethics - English Dictionary
1. computer ethics
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5. Details For : Edward F. Gehringer: Ethics In Computing
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6. The MasterMOZ Web Directory: Online Articles
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Anna Elizabeth Kuruvilla : Computer Ethics
Is this your site? Social and personal policies written for IT Outsourcing India (ITOI), 2003.
Chris Lang : Ethics for Artificial Intelligences
Is this your site? University of Wisconsin at Madison (UW-Madision), Department of Philosophy. Paper presented in the Wisconsin State-Wide Technology Symposium: Promise or Peril? Reflecting on Comput...
Edward F. Gehringer: Ethics in Computing
Is this your site? North Carolina State University, Department of Computer Science. Comprehensive introduction. 8 parts. Basic principles. Privacy. Speech issues (free speech). Computer abuse. Inte...
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL): Humanoid Robotics, Ethical Considerations
Is this your site? Section in a collection of pages about the history, present, and future of humanoids, androids, and anthropomorphic robots (2004). Should we have intelligent, emotion exhibiting hu...

7. Online Articles Web Directory.
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Anna Elizabeth Kuruvilla : Computer Ethics
Report dead link Social and personal policies written for IT Outsourcing India (ITOI), 2003.

8. CiteULike: Beyond Outlaws, Hackers And Pirates: Ethical Issues In The Work Of In
JF Computers and Society KW - computer_ethics KW - computer_security KW - data_raid KW - exploit KW - hacker KW - outlaw_culture KW - phone_freak KW
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      Beyond Outlaws, Hackers and Pirates: Ethical Issues in the Work of Information There is a strong romance to outlaw cultures and and Computer Science Professionals.
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9. New Scientist
This site is administered by Dr. Edward F. Gehringer (efg http// http//

10. Jasminecorp Directory - Computers Ethics Online_Articles
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11. Solara Web Directory - Online Articles
http//; Chris Lang Ethics for Artificial http//

12. ABC News: Online News, Breaking News, Feature Stories And More
http// 3. Dialectic Values Clarification Putting Virtue into Practice. John Artz presented this paper at the Fourth
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13. Vti_encodingSR Utf8-nl Vti_authorSR RDI-INFOR\\Owner
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14. Computer Ethics
Computer Ethics. Caltech provides computer resources to assist members of the Institute community in the pursuit of education and research.
Computer Ethics
Computer Ethics Caltech provides computer resources to assist members of the Institute community in the pursuit of education and research. These resources are intended to be used to carry out the legitimate business of the Institute. As is the case for the use of other Institute property, faculty, staff, and students who use campus computing resources should be guided by the Institute's Honor System, which prohibits any member of the community from taking unfair advantage of another. Some examples of inappropriate use are:
  • harassment of other users
  • destruction or damage to equipment, software or data belonging to others
  • disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications
  • violations of computer security systems
  • unauthorized use of accounts, access codes or identification numbers
  • use of facilities in ways that intentionally impede the computing activities of others
  • violations of another's privacy
  • academic dishonesty
Inappropriate use of Institsute resources may result in administrative discipline up to and including separation from the Institute. In addition, illegal acts involving Institute computing resources may result in prosecution by state and federal authorities.
We appreciate
your feedback

15. Category:Computer Ethics - Philosophers Database
Retrieved from http// title=Categorycomputer_ethics . Category Ethics

16. Computer Ethics
AiCE Australian Institute of Computer Ethics http// Computer Ethics Institute http//
AiCE Australian Institute of Computer Ethics
Computer Ethics Institute
Web Clearinghouse for Engineering and Computing Ethics
Computer Ethics - Mississippi State University (David Vance)
Computer Ethics (ThinkQuest)

Ethics Resources for Teachers and Trainers
"In Search of a Common Rationale for Computer Ethics" (R. N. Barger, 1994)
Institute for Business and Professional Ethics at DePaul University Journal of Ethics and Information Technology Markkula Center for Applied Ethics "On the Philosophical Foundation of Computer Ethics" (L. Floridi)

17. CUA Columbus School Of Law
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Law School Home CUA Home Web Email Login Cardinal Station ... Contact Us Search this Website:
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Computer Ethics
General Information
Help Desk Student Information Laptop Recommendations ... Exam Registration
While you are a student at the Columbus School of Law and make use of the School or the University's computing equipment, you will be expected to be familiar with and to abide by the following Statement of Ethics:
Statement of Ethics in the Use of Computers
The provision of computing resources at the Columbus School of Law requires strictly legal and ethical utilization by all users. The computing facilities of the Columbus School of Law are limited and should be used wisely and carefully. The following list, while not intended to cover all conceivable situations, outlines some of the responsibilities that accompany computer usage whether it is on Personal Computers or computer networks of which the University or the Columbus School of Law are members. All users are expected to abide by these regulations.
General Responsibilities
  • Each user must use resources for the purpose(s) for which they are intended. The Columbus School of Law and University supported computing includes unsponsored research, instructional and administrative activities, and must not be used for commercial purposes, monetary gain, or sponsored research.
  • 18. Ncsu (twURLed World Description)
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