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         Costuming:     more books (100)
  1. Costuming For Film: The Art And The Craft by Holly Cole, Kristin Burke, 2005-09-30
  2. Costuming the Christmas and Easter Play: With Ideas for Other Biblical Dramas by Alice M. Staeheli, 1988-06
  3. Costuming Made Easy: How to Make Theatrical Costumes from Cast-Off Clothing by Barb Rogers, 1999-03
  4. Doll Costuming by Mildred & Colleen Seeley, 1987-01-01
  5. Doll Costuming How to Costume French & German Bisque Dolls by Mildred Seeley, 1990-01
  6. Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits by Adam Riggs, 2004-09
  7. Costuming from the Hip by Dawn Devine Brown, Barry Brown, 1997-09-01
  8. Cloth Doll Artistry: Design and Costuming Techniques for Flat and Fully Sculpted Figures by Barbara Willis, 2009-06-01
  9. How to Dress Dancers: Costuming Techniques for Dance (A Dance horizons book) by Mary Kent Harrison, 1989-07
  10. Costuming for Opera by Leo Van Witsen, 1994-06-01
  11. Pageants For The Year: Chapter On Costuming
  12. Stage Costuming by Agnes Brooks Young, 1939
  13. Costuming the Biblical Play by Lucy Barton, 1962-06
  14. Elizabethan Costuming for the Years 1550-1580 by Janet Winter, Carolyn Savoy, 1987

1. was started in hopes of giving serious costumers an online community. With cosplay having huge dedicated website communities, and an emphasis
The History of Costuming All About Masquerades The International Costumers' Guild (ICG) Community Forums ... Recent Updates Welcome! was started in hopes of giving serious costumers an online community. With cosplay having huge dedicated website communities, and an emphasis on showing off photos and instant gratification, we felt a need for a community more closely focused on our favourite part of the hobby - the making of costumes. We also wanted to try to connect younger costumers who communicate primarily via the web to the established costuming communities such as the ICG. Our wish is to make this a community about the actual *costuming* aspect of costumes for ALL genres. This is a place to discuss all types of costuming, share pretty costumes, discuss their problems and progress, inspiration, costume photos, useful links, and talk about actual construction and technical/visual aspects of costuming. Are you interested in costuming for the sake of costuming? if yes, then you're probably in the right place. :) Join us on our discussion forums - if you're stumped on how to build something, have a problem with your sewing machine, are trying to find a specific kind of fabric, chances are we'll be able to help you.

2. Elizabethan Costuming Page
This Costume Ring site is owned by Drea Leed. Previous Next Next 10 Random List . Next CostumeRing page.
Text-Only Version document.write('')document.write('') Costume document.write('') View Text-Only version Citing this page as a source About Drea Leed Contact Drea Leed This Costume Ring site is owned by Drea Leed
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3. -- Elizabethan Costuming
Instructions for making elizabethan costume, costume gallery, and interactive costume design tool (ye old diala-dress).
Gallery Diaries Patterns Construction ... Support
Active Projects
Upcoming Projects
  • Persian Coat thing for the man A new happy comfy peasant dress
Back Burner
  • A new Courtesean Dress
(05.12.08) Hair Wreaths
A little old Polish lady stopped by the yard to pick our dandelions, and showed me how to make a real hair wreath out of real, living flowers. In other news, I'm officially one of two new coDirectors for the Bristol Friends of Faire. So this year, I have a really good excuse for not having time to make major site updates.....
(03.26.08) More Hat Pattern stuff
Remember about a year ago I started putting up directions for hat patterns and hat making ? Well,,,,, I just finished writing up the last three that I had photo work done for. Yes, things take me this long sometimes. But now there are directions for a Biggins , a Simple Caul , and a Northern Coif
(02.02.08) Leather Masks
I've been making leather masks. I put up pictures . Woot.
(10.22.07) Pompadour-inspired dress in gallery
I made a big pink dress . Thre's more about that over in the gallery.
(06.05.07) Basic Hatmaking

4. Beginner Costuming
Now that I have some spare time, I m trying to make a site to help people get started in costuming. Whether you are into reenactment, cons, cosplay,
The Basics Corsetry Research About Me ... Email Me Welcome to! Now that I have some spare time, I'm trying to make a site to help people get started in costuming. Whether you are into reenactment, cons, cosplay, movie costumes, or something else, everyone has to start somewhere. Information for the costuming newbie is under the Basics. I've added a lot of info to the corsetry section, but I'm not nearly done, so look for more info there! Also, I've worked really hard on the research section. A links page has been added with a listing of movie costume websites, message boards, and email lists. Also, I've put up a Phantom of the Opera costume directory, so go check it out! View my LiveJournal This Costume Ring site is owned by Aurora Celeste Previous Next Next 10 ...
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5. Clothing, Costuming And Textiles - Ravensgard
Ravensgard s costuming and Textiles page is intended as acomprehensive guide to resources on the subjects of clothing, costuming,textiles and supporting
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Ravensgard Costuming and Textiles Page
eneral Costuming
Analysing a Style ...
  • Costumes of all Nations updated 15/8/07
  • The Costuming Page
  • Counter-cut velvet stripe. Florence late XV century
  • Dark Age Stitches (NFPS unofficial)
  • Developing Your Own Pattern Book ...
  • University of Rhode Island: Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design: Master of Science
  • Shoes, Stockings, and Accessories
  • Culture Specific Costume
  • 6. Belly Dancing Costume Corner
    Lots of information about putting together your own belly dancing costume! This page is part of The Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, which offers over 400

    7. Carey Costuming Home Page
    Medieval and fantasy clothing designed for use at Renaissance Faires, SCA, LARPs, or religious rituals.
    Shopping Cart View Account Purchasing Policies Login ...







    Cloak Clasps
    LARPing Supplies ... Contact Us Carey Costuming presents clothing for the medieval enthusiast, ranging from the historically accurate to the fantastic. All of our items are individually crafted with an emphasis on sturdy construction, so they can be worn regularly in any weather. We believe that the drama and elegance of the medieval age should be enjoyed by everyone! We would love your opinion - please use our feedback page! ©2000 Carey Costuming Contact Us Contact Webmaster Site Map

    8. Extreme Costuming - Home
    Welcome to the home of Extreme costuming! My name is Laura, and I m a member of Gardiner s Company, Trayn d Bandes of London (Elizabethan),
    // These colors are used in design templates var col_primary="#990000"; var col_secondary="#cc0000"; var col_tertiary="#ff9999"; var col_background="#ffffff"; document.write(wzone1);
    Extreme Costuming - Home
    Contact me!
    FAQ ...
    Some Stuff About Me
    NEW! The Attack Laurel Campus Bookshop is now open! Come and browse for all your Attack Laurel and Sewer Apprentice needs! "Good enough"? That's for amateurs!* Here, we deal in EXTREME , my friend!
    *any accusations that I am, in fact, an amateur, are cheerfully admitted. Hand-embroidered Elizabethan Jacket Welcome to the home of Extreme Costuming ! My name is Laura, and I'm a member of Gardiner's Company, Trayn'd Bandes of London (Elizabethan), a volunteer costumed interpreter and occasional researcher for the Jamestown Settlement and Museum (Early Colonial America), and a Laurel and a Pelican in the SCA (which has gotten me absolutely no free cups of coffee, darn the luck). I've been a member of Gardiner's for 12 years, involved with Jamestown for 15 years or so, and a member of the SCA (under the name Isobel Bedingfield, née Gildingwater) for 18 years.
    I've been sewing and making costumes since I was very young, but for the past thirteen years I've really narrowed down my focus to England during the years 1580-1610. It's a great period for detail and decoration, and they teach the Tudor/Elizabethan period of history multiple times in English schools, so I'm more familiar with it than other periods. I come from England, and I grew up in London, so that country and city seem like a logical place to research.

    9. DawnPages -- Historic Costumes
    historical costuming, sewing tips, reenacting, living history, renaissance festival, costume, patterns.
    cos·tume n. A style of dress, including garments, accessories, and hairstyle, especially as characteristic of a particular country, period, or people.
    So. Here you are.
    You're looking for a historic costume you can make for the Renaissance Fair, or your friend's SCA wedding. You don't do a lot of sewing, or maybe you do, but not like this. You're a student with no cash or a mom who just found out your kid needs a costume for history class next Monday. All the costume books in the library are checked out, or were written before you were born. Hopefully this site will meet your needs. With this site I aim to provide simple patterns and instructions you can follow in order to create a first outfit for the RenFaire, or an SCA event, or a decent Robin Hood costume for the school play. I am not trying to be the final authority on historic clothing (though I do prefer a historical basis for my patterns) or get you involved in a lot of expensive costuming details. The object here is to get you into costume quickly and inexpensively, while providing you with good foundation garments for later expansion if you want a fancier wardrobe. You will get an occasional history lesson as I describe a garment, and some of the patterns do take time to complete. However, most of them you can finish over a weekend, or less.
    Where do I come off telling you this stuff anyway?

    10. The Wardrobe Door :: Narnia Costumes
    Welcome to the NarniaWeb costuming site! We re your research home for costumes from the awardwinning film The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe,
    var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); Home The Lion,
    the Witch

    and the Wardrobe
    Contact Us

    Step into the Wardrobe Welcome to the NarniaWeb costuming site! We're your research home for costumes from the award-winning film The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe , and the upcoming sequel, Prince Caspian . To say nothing of the five films after that. Let us know what you think of the site, and enjoy. Delve into the research and even join the discussion at the NarniaWeb Costume Forum, or just browse the images and costumes. You can also see the creations of your fellow Narnia fans in our scrapbook—costumes worn at premieres, conventions, "lion" parties, and costume parties around the world. Just don't shut the door on your way in. It is very foolish to shut oneself up in a Wardrobe; ask anybody you like.

    11. Cosplay/Anime Costuming And Masquerade Links
    Here is a list of Japanese and Western cosplay and anime costuming links. Some of the Japanese links may be in Japanese, but it should be easy to find
    The Cosplay/Anime Costuming and Masquerade Links Page
    Updated 26 May 2008, V4.211 US mirror Australian mirror An Anime Turnpike Weekly Pick (27 April 1998). This award belongs to all the owners and maintainers of the web pages I've linked to- they're who people go to see. Thank you to all of you. Here is a list of Japanese and Western cosplay and anime costuming links. Some of the Japanese links may be in Japanese, but it should be easy to find pictures. Important Note: NEW! Anime Central (May 16-18, 2008) took place in Rosemont, Illinois NEW! JACON (May 16-18, 2008) took place in Orlando, Florida NEW! Anime Marathon (May 9-11, 2008) took place in Burgstädt bei Chemnitz, Germany NEW! Hanami (May 3-4, 2008) took place in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany NEW! Anime 2008 (May 2-4, 2008) took place in Almelo, Netherlands NEW! Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (April 25-27, 2008) took place in Nashville, Tennessee NEW! Otaku Expo (April 25-27, 2008) took place in Thionville, France NEW! Kawaii-Kon (April 18-20, 2008) took place in Honolulu, Hawai`i NEW!

    12. Historical Costuming FAQ
    The second list concentrates on costuming and historical clothing. The third posting contains a list of books that cover sewing, fitting and pattern
    Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... RFC Index
    Historical Costuming FAQ
    There are reader questions on this topic!
    Help others by sharing your knowledge
    From: Newsgroups: alt.sewing rec.crafts.textiles.sewing rec.crafts.textiles.misc ... Summary: Lists of sources for patterns and supplies for historical costuming. Bibliography of relevant books. Info relevant to SCA periods (600 AD to 1600 AD) and Civil War. Some pointers to Historical Reenactment groups. Keywords: FAQ, historical costuming, sewing, textiles, books, patterns, sources Posting-Frequency: 6 weeks Archive-name: crafts/historical-costuming Last-modified: 15 Dec 1997 The following is the second of three lists of Frequently Asked Questions for the alt.sewing and rec.crafts.textiles . If you post there, be sure to mention your city and state so that those who respond can suggest local SCA groups and sources. If you wish to contact the SCA national headquarters you can write to: The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Office of the Registry P.O. Box 360789 Milpitas, CA 95036-0789 And

    13. Kevin's Costuming Work
    The following are the notable costumes I ve created, most recent first 2008, Hudson Horstachio, A costume reproduction of one of the lead characters in
    The following are the notable costumes I've created, most recent first: Year Name Description Hudson Horstachio A costume reproduction of one of the lead characters in the Saturday morning cartoon/video game (void*) Pronounced "VoidStar" an all-black lycra suit with a canid head and LED-sequencing eyes The Fourth Horse-man: Death A toss-together halloween costume MechaWolf A 9'4" (2.5m) tall wolf "mech". Neon Man / Neon Anubis A costume for the dark; neon wire strung in body segments over the surface of a velcro/nylon harness. Dark City "Strangers" A custom leather outfit in the style of the "Strangers" characters in the movie "Dark City". Two anthropomorphic horse masks in slip-cast latex. Includes a step-by-step how-to on producing masks like these. Sir Karl An anthropomorphic deer knight costume. My first exploration into animatronics. Red Demon Home-made prosthetics. Freaked out a deeply religious co-worker. Return to Kevin's Shiny Page...
    Kevin Kelm

    14. Belly Dance Costuming
    This page is designed to give you ideas and sources on how to make your own costumes. Let your creativity run wild when you design your one of a kind
    Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing
    Articles Belly Dance Booklist Belly Dance History ... Belly Dance in Motion : video clips Belly Dance Magazines Belly Dance Styles Costuming Dancer's Directory ... Home
    This page is designed to give you ideas and sources on how to make your own costumes. Let your creativity run wild when you design your one of a kind costumes. New items will be added when I run across them. Have fun and start sewing.


    Bra Construction

    Articles The Art of Tassel Making - by Michelle
    Belly Dance Costumes
    - by Salome from Belly Dancing Costumes - by Diaa Khalil Blousy Dance Pants - by Salome from Cairo's Costume Disasters - by Leyla Lanty. Tacky, bizarre and surprising costumes worn by Cairo's stars of oriental dance. Plenty of photos. Article from the Gilded Serphant. The Care and Feeding of Costumes - by Michelle Choosing a Belly Dance Costume - by Lolaness The Cleopatra Costume on Stage and Film The following eight pages attempt to provide the researcher with an extensive look at how the character of Cleopatra has been visualized both on stage and in film. The paper began as a major project for The History of Theatrical Costumes at University of Illinois in 1967 and obviously continues to hold my attention. Paper is by C. David Claudon.

    15. Costuming From The Hip
    costuming from the Hip is a comprehensive reference for anyone who works with Middle Eastern dance costumes. Dancers will like the costume design ideas,
    by Dawn Devine Brown and Barry Brown Costuming from the Hip is a comprehensive reference for anyone who works with Middle Eastern dance costumes. Dancers will like the costume design ideas, information on accessories, and plentiful hints for achieving the best fit from their costumes, whether they came from an existing collection, were purchased off the rack, or were custom-made by a designer. Costume makers will enjoy the dozens of included garment patterns, construction and fitting techniques, and instructions for flattering different body types. And historical re-enactors will like the extensive bibliography, costuming facts, and patterns for historical costumes with instructions for developing them to fit their own body. With over two hundred original illustrations, this 120-page book will step you though researching Middle Eastern designs for costumes, creating the pattern, constructing the garment, and accessorizing. Along with its bibliography for further study, the book contains a list of vendors that specialize in Middle Eastern dancewear. There is also a section on men's costumes which answers many of the questions raised by costume makers frustrated with the lack of information on this subject. The first edition of Costuming from the Hip sold out nationwide within weeks of its introduction and is no longer available. The new, revised edition is 50% longer and contains dozens of new illustrations and patterns.

    16. - Doll Crafter & Costuming
    Sign up here for NEWS and Special Offers from Doll Crafter costuming A snapshot of what you can find in this month s issue of Doll Crafter costuming
    July 2008
    Email Address
    First Name
    Last Name
    Click here to view the 2008
    DOLLS Awards of Excellence Nominees
    Current Issue
    Doll Connections

    Advertiser Listing, Doll Hospitals, Doll Clubs, etc. Gallery Calendar
    The Gallery Calendar for 2008.
    Some of s best articles and timeless information at the click of your mouse! Specials and Promos Win a FREE subscription, Publisher's Archive Sale, Little Black Book, etc. How many dolls or costumes do you make in a year? 3 or less 4 to 5 5 to 8 8 to 10 More than 10 Link to Advertisers test link A chance to WIN a FREE subscription ... - Give us your feedback in our survey Welcome Guest LOGIN

    17. Period Costuming By Wingeo
    Patterns for period costuming; online catalog, ordering information, accepts credit cards.
    Welcome To Wingeo (Home of Award Winning Patterns*) PATTERNS FOR PERIOD COSTUMING MILLINERY *Winner of the 1997 National Costumers Association's Presidential Award for Authenticity *Winner of the 1998 National Costumers Association's Presidential Award for Authenticity *Winner of the 1998 National Costumers Association's Presidential Award for Spectular *Winner of the 1999 National Costumers Association's 1st Prize for Authenticity AND Warren Hendricks Memorial Award ... To e-mail Wingeo Click here!

    18. Internet Resources:
    A wealth of information on fashion and costume resources exists on the Internet . The Costume Page costuming Resources Online. This welldeveloped site,
    ALA American Library Association Search ALA Contact ALA ... Login Quicklinks Career Opportunities Chapters CHOICE Committees Directory of Leadership e-Learning Forms Information Literacy Marketing @ your library Publications Catalog RBM Recruiting to the Profession Scholarly Communication Sections Staff List Strategic Plan Tipsheets Publications ACRLog JobLIST Back Issues: 2008 ... April Internet Resources GladRags com
    INTERNET RESOURCES Fashion and costume
    April 1999
    Vol. 60, No.4 by Monica Fusich A wealth of information on fashion and costume resources exists on the Internet. Both the contemporary nature of fashion as well as the historical aspect of costume are extremely well served by the visual and hypertext medium of the Internet.
    The fashion industry and fashion devotees have created sites that provide access to runway shows, designers, models, trade information, and current events. Costume historians have designed sites that can be used to research costumes, locate visuals, and document the creation of accurate historical garments. The culture of fashion, costume, and the Internet has successfully converged to offer unique, innovative, and informative Web sites. Individuals first used the Internet as a vehicle for disseminating opinions and images on fashion and costume and created personal homepages on topics such as punk style, makeup, and designers.

    19. Festive Attyre: Historical Costuming
    A page dedicated to historical fashion, featuring costume designs and research by Jennifer Thompson.
    July 24, 2007
    Harry Potter Madness I decided that it would be an absolute crime to miss dressing up for the very last Harry Potter book, so I whipped up a quick Professor Trelawney costume last week to wear to a midnight release party. You can see pictures and read more about it here . This outfit was so much fun to make, and I really enjoyed taking a break from the serious historical stuff for a change. I have a feeling that you'll be seeing more fantasy and movie costumes from me in the future.
    May 30, 2007
    New Victorian fashion plates A friend of mine from the DFW costume guild let me borrow one of her Demorest's pattern catalogues from 1880 to web. It has some really cool garments in it, and best of all, there is a front and back view for everything. That is so helpful! I hope some of you find it to be useful.
    April 29, 2007
    Diaries, 3-hour dresses, and a bit o' personal news First of all, I want to direct your attention to a new website called . It's an amazing new resource for dress diaries, and although it hasn't gone live just yet, you can already sign up for announcements or help out with the beta testing as the creator puts the finishing touches on everything. I am so excited about this site, and I hope you take a minute go there and contribute your work so we can all enjoy a bit more dress diary madness! Next, I'd like to direct your attention to my costume gallery where I've added a quick little

    20. Faeriewings Custom Costuming [] 2k - Cached - Similar pages Lavolta Press Books on Historic costuming and Vintage ClothesLavolta Press publishes high-quality books on historic costuming and vintage clothes.

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