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         Costuming:     more books (100)
  1. The Garter: The Directory That Supports Costuming
  2. Costuming With Basics and Separates by James Crider, 1954
  3. Indirect Rule in South Africa: Tradition, Modernity, and the Costuming of Political Power (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora) by J.C. Myers, 2008-07-01
  4. A syllabus of costuming for belly dance by Yazeim Chesley, 1977
  5. Historic Costuming by Nevil Truman, 2009-09-14
  6. Costuming for Dramatics in Church and School by Verna Whinery, 1935-01-01
  7. So You Want to Work in Set Design, Costuming, or Make-up? (Careers in Film and Television) by Torene Svitil, Amy Dunkleberger, 2008-04
  8. Finishing the Figure: Doll Costuming, Embellishments, Accessories by Susanna Oroyan, 2001-02
  9. Elizabethan Costuming (For The Years 1550 - 1580) by Janet Winter, 1991-01
  10. Theatre Student: Costuming (The Theatre student series) by Berneice Prisk, 1969-06
  11. Victorian Costuming Volume I: 1840 to 1865 (Volume 1) by Janet Bigglestone, Carolyn Schultz, 1980
  12. The Way They Wore : Doll Costumes & Accessories, 1850-1925 (Doll Costuming series) by Florence Theriault, 1996-08
  13. Victorian Costuming, Volume 1: 1840 to 1865 by Janet Winter, Carolyn Savoy, 1980
  14. Costuming a Play: Inter-Theatre Arts Handbook [Hardcover] by Grimball... by Unknown, 1925

21. Renaissance Pleasure Faire - Southern California
On an average, a costume requires the following amounts of yards or inches in face or . Early American Costume (See section under Elizabethan Costume)
Admin: 626-969-4750
The Original Renaissance Faire
2008 ** April 5 - May 18 ** 2008
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
School Day is Friday April 25, 2008
(ALL Dates and details are subject to change.)
Location: Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area - Irwindale, CA
Santa Fe Dam is a unit of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, maintained and operated by the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation Select from the following links to discover the history, fabrics and techniques for making Elizabethan fashions...
  • Elizabeth Tudor, 1558-1600 Men's Fashions - Peasant Women's Fashions - Peasant
    WELCOME TO ELIZABETHAN ENGLAND! When you enter the gates of the Renaissance Faire, the world of 16th century England awaits. It is the "Golden Age," the English Renaissance, the time of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Tudor, who reigned from 1558 to 1603. To escape the heat and stench of London in the summer, the Queen would often travel to the countryside and visit various towns and the estates of her nobility. Most of her court would travel with her, many of those in her government, and others looking for favor from the Queen. Add a full complement of servants for each high-born traveler and the numbers would often swell into the hundreds. At each stop, the hosting noble or town official would be expected to welcome the Queen with much pomp and circumstance, producing elaborate presentations, plays, masques and the like, for the Queen's enjoyment. It is one of these "progresses" that brings Queen Elizabeth to the Renaissance Faire. We do not portray a particular year for the Queen's visit, but roughly the period from the 1560's until just before the Spanish Armada in 1588. We are "a chapter, not a page" out of Elizabethan history.

22. Davina Aka Dawn Devine Brown - Author - Costumer - Dancer - Historian
Author, costumier, dancer and historian. Books, links to her articles, a quarterly ezine on costuming and details of classes in Milpitas.
Photo by Barry Brown Dance With
Classes have been cancelled due to injury. Check back in summer to see if she's back on her feet and ready to raq again! Costumer's Notes
Quarterly eZine
Devoted to
Middle Eastern
belly dance costuming
Read the Latest Issue
Contact Davina Home Publications Articles Gallery ... Site Map Welcome!
This site is dedicated to the art, science and technique of designing and making costumes for Middle Eastern belly dance. My name is Dawn Devine Brown and I am the author of Embellished Bras Costuming from the Hip From Turban to Toe Riing and Bedlah, Baubles and Beads . These books contain information and directions for creating beautiful dance wear. My website is a continuation of my love of Middle Eastern dance and costuming.
Davina will be at: Westerfeld Studio 1810 Middlefield Road Palo Alto, Ca, 94301 Davina's Wearable A rt and Jewelry Designs Silicon Valley Open Studios is your chance to visit artists in their studios and shared spaces during the first three weekends in May. I will be showing pieces from my Byzantium collection of tribal inspired jewelry and wearable art with an eclectic global vibe. Visit Davina's page on their website Davina's Bellydance-O-Rama Visit my new e-bay store for great deals on my books and other costuming products. Currently, we are selling books and patterns, but through July we will be adding an assortment of other products. Check it out!

23. Zombie Costuming
Some of us can do that without a costume, but for those of you who are looking for something a bit more masquerade, here s a few zombie costume tips for the
Halloween Home

For the Gals

For the Guys

For Pets

For Babies

Other Stuff:
Tales from the Crapped:
What do you get when you buy a horror film for three dollars? A three-dollar horror film.
Local Haunts:
What to do with yourself on those cool autumn evenings. Get a few spooks and chills in before the winter chill. Halloween Safety: Sure, it's not the wisdom of the ages, but Halloween, like Trix, is for kids. Let's make sure they live to enjoy it. Halloween Books: Whether you're looking for decorating tips, scary stories, castable spells or how to scare someone, you'll find it here. Outrageous Decorations: Need a head? Fake hands? A fake tombstone for your front lawn with your mother-in-law's name on it? We got it. NEW! My Pet Zombies NEW! Medical Zombies UPDATED! Living Dead Projects The Spierig Bros Interview The Zombie Prince of Ghor How to Make a Zombie What You Should Know What You Should Do Zombie Jamboree Zombie Costuming Zombie Links Nights of the Celluloid Dead Zombies for Gore NEW!

24. Do-It-Yourself Renaissance Costuming
Contains articles explaining how to make various armor types, hats, and other apparel.
  • Leathercrafting Intro
  • Quick Hat/Helm
  • Leather Boots
  • Leather Armor ...
  • Female Warrior Leather Armor Metal:
  • Metalworking Intro
  • Chain Mail
  • Brigandine Armor
  • Quick Pouch
    Lord of the Rings:
  • Lord of the Rings Main Lord of the Rings Swords Lord of the Rings Armor Lord of the Rings Clothing
  • This Site:
  • Home
  • Link to Us
  • Contact Sponsors:
  • CB Swords. Lord of the Rings Swords, Chain mail, and more. Website Goal: To freely provide information and tutorials on making Medieval and Renaissance clothing, armor, and accessories. This website shall remain a free resource.
    This website has been created to act as a repository for tutorials on making your own period clothing for Faires, Festivals, SCA, LARP, Nero, Stage Productions, or just for the hell of it. Right now, due to my own expertise, it focuses primarily on leather armor. If you would like to contribute tutorials to this site on your specialty, be it forging, sewing, or anything else. Please do, they'll be greatly appreciated. This is a free repository so you will not be paid, however you can have a signature including a link back to your site or business on every tutorial that you submit.
    Recent Forum Posts
    Thread Title Last Poster Last Post Views Replies Eragon Swords RenEnthusiast 07:48 PM Bastard Sword Meteorain 05:30 AM Bathory family Salladhor Saan 04:04 PM Galadriel's Mirror Gown Mububban 10:25 PM colored sword CB Swords 12:59 PM Well with the new product...
  • 25. Jedi Council Forums - Costuming And Props
    Example of Glinda the Goodwitch Costume blueeyedpadme, 9, 1228pm by BurntTheMacaroni ». • Darth Vader Supreme Costume 330 331 332 333 334

    26. Madame X: Middle Eastern Dance Costuming
    Made to measure Mermaid Skirts currently available. limited time only. click Costumes and Accessories link. copyright 2005 Madame X last updated 7/31/06
    May Sale! Postage is changing yet again, I need to change my rates to be more economically feasable. While they change and I figure postage is "on sale" domestic shipping 50 cents per pattern international is $1.00
    per pattern

    last updated Contact Madame X a site by Laura
    Webrings: proceed to links to continue

    27. Costuming And Care Tips
    Addresses and other information on most/all of the vendors of costuming and fabrics mentioned below can be found on the Suppliers and Fabric pages.
    Costuming and Care Tips
    The following is summarized from a variety of posts on the Med-dance mailinglist, which are stored in the Dancer's Archive . Addresses and other information on most/all of the vendors of costuming and fabrics mentioned below can be found on the Suppliers and Fabric pages.
    • Beads and Sequins
      Beads and Sequins
      "I would try taking a scrap strand of sequins and washing them the same way you would the costume and see what happens." Z'alandra "I might even suggest attaching the strand [of sequins] to a scrap piece of the cloth your costume is made from, just to make sure the colors do not run on to one another! Who knows what might happen to a white satin with dark colored sequins." Jennifer "[Washing sequins in cold or any temperature water] MAY ruin them. You would certainly not put them in the washing machine! The reason is the dye on the plastic (that is what sequins are made from today)they used to be metal) may not be very stable. Of greater concern, frankly, is the backing fabric. If it is silk, or cotton, or rayon that was not preshrunk before the sequins were attached, you run the risk of shrinking that fabric and bringing on a real disaster. If you know how to do a burn test on the fibers, that would be one way to find out. Otherwise, try putting drops of water on an inside or unnoticeable spot. If you notice any shrinking of the backing fabric or a change in color in the sequins, stay away from it. You should be able to safely clean the outside of the sequins with a DAMP cloth." Kareema

    28. Shimmy Bliss Costuming Co. Home Page
    Arizona based company importing tribal costuming from India and Pakistan. Items for sale include Banjara belts, embroidered cholis, kuchi pieces and
    Amount in Cart: $0.00 Shimmy Bliss Costuming Co. Home Service Policies About Us Your Account ...
    Advanced Search

    Coin Belts

    Kuchi Belts

    Kuchi Pendant Belts

    Items in your cart Empty Featured Products
    Kuchi Pendant Necklace

    Beautiful necklace that makes a great sound
    Ultimate Coin Belt
    Ultimate in coin belts everything in one piece. Embroidered Fringe Hip Scarf Light weight cotton hip scarf. Welcome to Shimmy Bliss Costuming Co. Welcome to Shimmy Bliss Costuming Co. your source for tribal belly dance costumes and accessories. Shimmy Bliss offers innovative quality costumes and accessories to the belly dance community at a great value. Our speciality is American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance items. We import our items from India and Pakistan and many of our items are unique one of a kind treasures. Please visit us often since we receive shipments several times a month and we are always adding new items to our inventory. Check out our ebay store for more unique items,

    29. Kinetic Costume Guide
    Kinetic Costume Guide. Going to a Kinetic Sculpture Race? Great! Will you be wearing silly clothes? Fabulous! If you re lacking inspiration, this guide will
    @import url(""); @import url("");
    Kinetic Costume Guide
    Going to a Kinetic Sculpture Race? Great! Will you be wearing silly clothes? Fabulous! If you're lacking inspiration, this guide will help you plan your outfit. If you're not familiar with kinetic sculpture racing, you're missing out! Giant human-powered sculptures lurch across land, sea, mud, sand and the occassional ice rink! Some races are really races, some are more like parades, but all are great fun and you should go at least once! Don't forget your camera. You can find kinetic sculpture races in Northern California Maryland , and various other domestic and international locations
    How to Dress
    Wear something absurd! Onlookers wear all sorts of goofy outfits, and you should too! This is a good time to rummage through the boxes in your attic or a thrift store to find the perfect KSR outfit. Remember, though, that you need to be able to keep up with the sculptures in the race, at least for short distances. Good ideas:

    30. The Dented Helmet - Boba Fett & Jango Fett Elite Costuming Forums
    This site is dedicated to the creation of Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Zam Wesell costumes from Star Wars.
    The Dented Helmet
    The Dented Helmet
    tdh costuming forums
    brak's buddy's webpages
    friends of tdh
    reference guides
    about the dented helmet is the home of the Dented Helmet Costuming Forums, the single most comprehensive repository of Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Fett Variant and Zam Wesell costuming information on the net. The Dented Helmet is not a costuming club or a fan club, but is a tight-knit community of fans from all over the world who admire the artistry and detail found within the costumes used in Star Wars movies.

    31. Susan Reed: Historical Costuming -- It's Not Who You Are, It's What You Wear
    Curatorial work came to mind, so I looked for a graduate program in historical costume — and found one in my own back yard at the University of Maryland.
    Current Article One way to approach a culture is through its clothing. Often its concepts of what is appropriate to gender roles, race, religions, ethnicity, occupations, socio-economic status, and such are embedded in its range of acceptable clothing. By examining what people wore under what circumstances, we can start to understand underlying social and cultural structures. At the same time we can appreciate the range of personal expression with a society. Meanwhile in the SCA, I work to promote better research methods through classes and articles. The artifacts we reproduce/recreate can be an exciting starting point from which to research the lives and times of those who would have made or used those artifacts in period.
    15th-century Men's Doublets: An Overview
    Adobe Reader to view these files. This thesis contains many statistical analyses, but you will find summary information that may be interesting and useful, especially for documentation. distribution verbal and visual Review of Literature analyzing visual sources for costume research
    From Chaperones to Chaplets:
    Size of PDF Number of Pages Front Matter 8 pages 4 pages 18 pages 28 pages 62 pages 8 pages Bibliography 4 pages Combined Thesis File 132 pages Previous articles can be found on the Archive page. I would love to hear your comments on these, so please e-mail me through our

    32. Costuming And Needlework Links
    Costume Cauldron theater and Halloween costume store. NEW LINK! NEW LINK! Naergi s costuming Site - Costumes, tutorials, research and more. NEW LINK!

    Links Index
    NEW LINK! NEW LINK! Handmaiden Cross Stitch Designs from historical sources NEW LINK! Extreme Costuming NEW LINK! Plimoth Plantation - The Embroiderers' Story Follow the recreation of a 17th century embroidered jacket NEW LINK! Costume Cauldron theater and Halloween costume store NEW LINK! Designs from Mary Hickmott, including The Six Wives, etc. in cross stitch NEW LINK! Naergi's Costuming Site Costumes, tutorials, research and more NEW LINK! The Renaissance Tailor Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing NEW LINK! Footwear of the Middle Ages NEW LINK! In Prayse of the Needle Historically inspired needlework NEW LINK! Historical Needlework Resources - organized into Location, Period and Technique NEW LINK! The Fashion Museum Located in Bath, England NEW LINK! Classic Stitch Cross stitch cards. Be sure to check out their historical designs NEW LINK! Arcane Lore Design
    15th Century Dresses
    And Wear It Well Arador Armour Library ... Glittersweet Costumes by Michaela de Bruce Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Information Milieux: The Costume Site M'Lady's Wardrobe Costumes from Bess Chilver, a re-enactor at Kentwell Hall in England

    33. Aether Emporium Wiki / Clothing And Costuming
    The Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandising Sky Captain Costumes The Costumers Manifesto Resource for Victorian clothing styles. and Costuming
    Aether Emporium
    Clothing and Costuming
    Search wiki: Log in Add features ... SideBar Stuff
  • What is Steampunk What is Steampunk Fashion Home Steampunk Essentials ... Suggest a link or contribute? Interviews
  • KSW and The Steampunk Tree House A Gentlemen's Duel Dr Steel Unhallowed Metropolis ... More Interviews
  • Links Resource
  • Clothing and Costuming Kits and Models Roleplay and Gaming Cinema, TV, Music ... Steampunk How
  • †ther Emporium Steampunk Wiki Current GMT //document.getElementById('SideBar').firstChild.firstChild.innerHTML = 'STC WDC News Links'; Share this It's easy - just select the desired access level, copy this link and send it via email, instant message, etc. Link: Just a link to your wiki. Post this anywhere and people can ask you for the invite key.
    Steampunk Clothing and Accessories
    Feel free to report any broken links. Also please send in any links to items that you think should be listed. Info What is Steampunk Fashion Couture Alexander McQueen Home page. Morua Designs Clothing Store Collection National Costume and Dress Kinnair Bagpipes Kilts Kommano Kilts Kilts Slash and Burn Kilt Chemseer-Dirndl Dirndl Country Online Dirdnl Dress Dirndl Totmann Dirndl Schatzi Dirndl Dirndl Best of Stockerpoint Trachten and Lederhosen Tranchten Shop Trachten Alpen Wahnsinn Dirndl Kruger Dirndl Trachten Trachten Trachten Store Trachten Blue River Lily Chinese Clothing Bitablue Chinese clothing Japan CC Japanese Umbrelas

    34. Aradani Costumes - Home Of The Elves Of Aradan - Costumes, Prosthetic Elf, Fairy
    Aradani Studios is proud to present online our fantasy costuming and prosthetics. These are the highest quality products we could find for your costuming
    Home Prosthetics and Masks Elf Ears Horns ... Aradani Myspace Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gothic Products, and More! Aradani Studios is proud to present online our fantasy costuming and prosthetics. These are the highest quality products we could find for your costuming needs. Be ready for Halloween, LARP, SCA and Renaissance Faires! Site Index Prosthetics

    35. Rebel Legion Welcome
    The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization created by, of and for people interested in creating costumes from the Star Wars
    The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization created by, of and for people interested in creating costumes from the Star Wars mythos. Research, create, build and improve your costumes in a place where costumers with similar passions share skills, tips and ideas. Jedi, Rebel Pilots, Troopers, Princesses and even Wookiees.... we've got them all....and we're always looking for more. We are the good guys! Besides our 'Good Guy' costumes, our worldwide membership often choose to give back to their communities (through costumed volunteer activities and charity events). No one can provide the public with a greater range of Star Wars costumes, nor a more personable, interactive, face to face experience. Rebel Legion News Comlink The Rebel Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans.
    While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., Lucasfilm recognizes the Rebel Legion as a premier volunteer Rebel costuming group.
    Used under authorization.

    36. Mode Historique - Historical Costuming
    ABOUT COSTUME RESEARCH DRESS DIARIES LINKS CONTACT. ~current projects~. Fabulous French Hoods. 12/22/2007. ~. Mode Gothique Mourning Dress
    ABOUT COSTUME RESEARCH DRESS ... CONTACT ~current projects~ Fabulous French Hoods Mode Gothique Mourning Dress ~recent projects~ Katie's Blue Anglaise La framboise francaise The Chocolate Gown The Black Wool Gown ~pictures~ Pictures Of The Things I Love - Updated ~Comming Soon~ ~previous projects~ The Eleanor Benlowes Gown - Update 1/13/07 , as laid down by Kendra Van Cleve "Mode Historique " is owned by Sarah Lorraine Background Image inspired by William Morris, rendered with Photoshop CS by Sarah Lorraine Goodman. View my LiveJournal ~Earlier Entries~

    37. The Costumer's Manifesto:  Costuming & Theatre E-lists
    The Costumer s Manifesto is proudly hosted by Costume Travel eGroup (For costumers who want to trade travel tips and help)
    by Tara Maginnis, Ph.D.
    The Costumer's Manifesto is proudly hosted by
    your online source for Halloween Costumes.
    Thanks to them, and to my other wonderful sponsors: Accessories


    Costumes 4 Sale
    ... Yahoo! Groups : Fetish_Sewing (How to sew vinyl, rubber, leather, etc. Some postings Rated X) Yahoo! Groups : TheCostumersManifesto (The group for fans of this site) Yahoo! Groups : CostumeHistoryClass Costume Travel eGroup (For costumers who want to trade travel tips and help) eGroups : fetishwear (On different sorts of fetish clothing, Some postings Rated X) Yahoo! Groups : leatherwork Historic Costume Bulletin Board Yahoo! Groups : MonsterCostumeMakers Yahoo! Groups : VintageCouture ... Yahoo! Clubs dancecostumes
    The Costume Book: The Non-Professional's Guide to Professional Results The Magic Garment : Principles of Costume Design Cutting and Draping Special Occasion Clothes: Designs for Eveningwear and Partywear The Foam Book : An Easy Guide to Building Polyfoam Puppets Costume Construction Costumes and Chemistry: A Comprehensive Guide to Materials and Applications DVD: Fashion for the Theatre DVD

    38. Newport Vintage Dance Week Costuming
    Folkwear skirt pattern 209, dresses 220 and 227 and outfit 216, blouses 205, 210, or bathing costume 253 (excellent for a trip to the beach) are all
    Newport Vintage Dance Week
    by The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers
    Newport 2003
    Registration information

    Registration Form

    Sample Schedule
    Contact Us
    Costume Resource
    Compiled by
    These notes describe what we believe to be ideal dresses for balls and other period events. It is not expected that most attendees at the dance week will be able to attain that ideal or even come particularly close. These notes are provided so that those few who are particularly interested in the clothing of these periods can see what our thinking on these matters is, and so that others can have an idea, while searching their closets, of what might best approximate these styles. New attendees should know, as we hope past attendees have learned, that while excellence of dress is admired by many, this is not considered to be an important goal of the dance week and there is no particular reason why any given attendee should do more in this area than make a good attempt to fit in more or less with the theme of the day.
    Ladies' evening gowns of this era typically consist of a full gathered or pleated skirt, worn over a wired hoop (110-125” in circumference at the hem), a fitted bodice with rounded off-the-shoulder neckline and short puffed sleeves. The bodice is usually fastened at the center back by either hooks and eyes or lacing. Fabrics used were most often silks in taffeta, moire or brocades, in solids, stripes, small prints or plaids. For summer-wear, lightweight silk organza and cotton muslins were also used. Colors would be lighter for young ladies, darker for older women. Bright red should be avoided, as should black (in America) and very dark colors. The gown can be decorated with contrasting trim and black or white lace. Decorative elements (ruffles, bows, geometric designs, etc.) on the bodice and skirt usually matched, with the skirt decoration reflected on a smaller scale on the berthe (the broad band of trim below the neckline) of the bodice.

    39. Leia Costuming: Clothing A Star Wars Obsession
    Fashion in Film Period Costumes for the Screen Photographs of the exhibit I took Leia costuming Clothing a Star Wars Obsession My costuming website.

    40. Crystal's Costuming Tarot Deck
    A delightful digital Tarot made from the authors photos.
    Tarot Cards
    I am a woman of many projects. Can't help it. In 2000, I decided to make a tarot deck as birthday gifts for my friends. Well, ok, I'd wanted to do it for some time. When I was a child I tried to make a deck after reading a Princess of Flames, a fantasy novel by Ru Emerson. Two cards later, meticulously traced and colored with felt pen, I gave up. However, scanners and Photoshop make art possible for the drawing impaired. I've always loved symbolic imagery. Stories of transition, change. I'm particularly drawn to juxtaposition. People floating in clouds, a lake under a night sky reflecting a summer day. Ovid's Metamorphosis. That kind of thing. Anyway, click to see larger versions of the files and a brief explanation of my thought processes for each. And for more on my interest in legends and myths, check out the Morad Roel , a book a revised myths my friend Barbara (the page of pentacles) and I wrote in college. crystal carroll
    Major Arcana
    Pentacles ...
    Other Pages by Crystal var sc_project=583859; var sc_partition=4; var sc_security="1ac3e2e4";

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