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         Costuming:     more books (100)
  1. Doll Crafter Magazine - March 1997 - For Creators & Collectors (Straw Hat with Flat Braid Technique, Period Costuming, Revitalize Flood Damaged Dolls, Cover story - Kelsey doll, Volume 2, Issue 11) by Doll Crafter, 1997
  3. Victorian costuming by Janet Winter, 1980
  4. Polly's Guide to Fitting and Costuming an Antique Doll, for Those Who Would Like to Be Finished By Lunch! (Booklet #1) by Polly Ford, 1980
  5. The Theatre Student: Costuming (ISBN:0823901475) by Berneice and Jack A. Byers Prisk, 1970
  6. Exotic dances of Tonga: For female Polynesian dance students : choreography for Ko e hiva tau : costuming, music implements, historical overview (Dance fantasy instruction manuals) by Vicki Corona, 1989
  7. Elizabethan Costuming for the Years 1550 to 1580 by Janet; Carolyn Schultz Bigglestone, 1979
  8. WELCOME TO TURN OF THE CENTURY 1985 [ Victorian Costuming ] San Jose CA by Lady Jane Doll Costuming Club, 1985
  9. Simplified Stage Costuming
  10. Costuming by Prisk And Byers, 1970
  11. Costuming with Basics and Separates by James R. Crider, 1954-01-01
  12. Costuming for Children's Theatre by Sheila Smolensky, 1986-10
  13. The Theatre Student: Costuming (ISBN:0823901475)
  14. Costuming for Opera, Vol. 1: Who Wears What and Why by Leo Van Witsen, 1994-06-28

41. - Renaissance And Costuming Footware where you will find quality Renaissance and costuming footware at affordable prices.
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42. STAR WARS CHICK - A Star Wars And Costuming Fan Site
However, I have been digging through my closets, whittling down my collection and ran across a few old costumes and thought I would share them with you.
  • HOME MY COSTUMES EVENT PICS !!!FOR SALE!!! Slave Leia Castings! Click image below!
    November 29th, 2007
    Wow. Almost an entire year has slipped away. I have been so busy with "real" life that I haven't had much time for props. However, I have been digging through my closets, whittling down my collection and ran across a few old costumes and thought I would share them with you. The first is my Trinity costume from the Matrix ! I love this costume but never felt that I looked quite right in it. I haven't worn it in 4 years. When I tried it on again, I was pleasently suprised to see that it looks better on me now than ever! I hope to have a few more blasts from the past to show you in the coming weeks as well as a few new costumes!
    January 17th, 2007
    I have added a new page titled Just Me that contains a few non-costume photos of me. Hope you enjoy them!
    January 14th, 2007
    I have made updates to my Starship Troopers Pages and added a Fan Art page . While I am still working on my USCM costume, but I have also started another costume. Here is a teaser pic for it...

43. Medieval Clothing Pages: Articles By Cynthia Virtue
Do you want to know what constitutes a primary source for costuming ? Costumes for your pets! Here are pictures of my cats in the medieval hats I have
Medieval Clothing Pages:
Articles and essays of interest to costumers
All material is © 2000 Cynthia Virtue. See below for
Would you like to buy a T-shirt or mug with one of my medieval images on it?
Articles are in four groups: Clothing Accessories Guest Articles Miscellanea ... Why Most of them are class handouts; some are descriptions of things I've made, which may help you if you want to make similar things.
(sorted by time period)
Upbraid your friends! The basics of 3-strand and 4-strand braids.
How to wear a veil
, or a veil and circlet (or just a circlet) gracefully, with photos. (1000-1300 or so) Plus The Dreaded Muffin-Head Effect Easy Men's Hats (1200-1470s; concentrated on the later range) Yup, even the men wore something on their heads. Coifs (1200 onwards) - More specifics for men and women. 1-piece and 3-piece. A 13th Century hat for women (1200s) The "coffee filter hat" sometimes called a "toque" or "fillet." Wire circlet wrapped with colored thread recreated from the Dress Accessories book. How to be a Hoodlum - The medieval hood for men and women.

44. Is Ready To Handle Your Creative Costuming Ideas For Costum
Offering costumes for men, women and pets, including plus sizes and santa suits. Also offers beachwear and sandals.
Contact Information Site Map advanced search Cosmic Outfitters
W elcome to
After 12 yrs. in the costume business and 5yrs. online we are now totally devoted to our online sales. We hope you enjoy our product line as we strive to bring you the most "fun stuff" your imagination can handle. Above all we enjoy dressing you up and helping you have fun.
For us, it's Halloween 365 days a year!

45. Strange Land Costuming
All Strange Land costuming projects are individually commissionedthere are no completed costumes or pieces held in stock . Because of this, you get the
Customer Gallery



Personal Gallery

-Ring Game


Costuming Tips
-Boot Tutorial Ordering -How to order -FAQ About SLC -Meet Stacey -Awards -Contact Stacey Links Welcome to Strange Land Costuming! Are you:
  • A frequent time-traveller? Fond of playing in a galaxy far, far away? In need of a different wardrobe to keep up with your adventures?
If any of the above describes you, you may be interested in what Strange Land Costuming has to offer! Update 3/08
: SLC is closed to new commission orders until June 1st, 2008. No new orders will be accepted until then, while we move locations. Current orders will be honored, but no negotiations will be turned over to orders until after June 1st. Thank you! Available Services
Strange Land Costuming is a tailoring service for custom-fit costumes of all varieties. All Strange Land Costuming projects are individually commissionedthere are no completed costumes or pieces held "in stock". Because of this, you get the chance to order exactly what you're looking for, made specifically the way you want it.

46. Uzbek Dance And Culture Society: About The Dance
Author s note Contemporary costumes for Oriental Dance have almost completely lost their truly Eastern look. Although the use of fringe is quite ancient

Review: "An Introduction to Uzbek Dance"

2005 Information

Q. Dustmuhamedova

Laurel Victoria Gray

Amel Tafsout
PHOTO ARCHIVE Ensemble Munojot About the Dance: Costuming From: "Splendors of the Silk Road" by Laurel Victoria Gray COSTUMING Author's note Contemporary costumes for Oriental Dance have almost completely lost their truly "Eastern" look. Although the use of fringe is quite ancient and can be seen on depictions of Sumerian goddesses on clay tablets, the modern cabaret costume often looks more like something from Mardi Gras in Rio rather than the traditional dress of the Islamic world. A visitor to modern-day Tashkent will notice young women on the main streets during the day dressed as if they were going to an elegant evening party. It not unusual to see someone wearing a long-sleeved solid sequined dress (with modest pants underneath) while waiting on a subway platform early in the morning. Such an ostentatious display is a sign of wealth and status in Uzbekistan (once known as Turkestan) just as it was in olden times. Tashkent, after all, is located on the ancient Silk Road and the importance of elegant and expensive clothing is an established tradition. Some of the earliest examples of intricate textiles in this region come from archeological excavations of pre-Islamic frescoes at the ancient city of Afrasiab, located near present-day Samarkand. These paintings depict courtiers in colorful robes woven with medallions designs depicting stylized animals. Centuries later, in the days of Tamerlane, important guests and heads of state were presented with fabulous robes sewn from silver tissue or cloth-of -gold. Other robes were velvet and decorated with gold thread embroidery. Sometimes coats were given as rewards, especially to warriors who brought the heads of enemies to their sovereign. These robes of honor differed in quality, so that the more heads a soldier turned in, the finer the coat he would receive in return.

47. Interests
A community for posting Dress Diaries and other costuming stories. . poto_costuming Phantom of the Opera costuming Community (Updated 4 weeks ago)

48. Harry Potter Costuming
So I took my Hermione costume and changed there at the estate and 1000 pictures later I have an amazing collection. It s the next best thing to actually
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Interest Region FAQ Email IM Info Harry Potter Costuming Recent Entries Profile User: Name: Harry Potter Costuming Page Summary Draco Malfoy~ Percy Tonks and Draco HP Yarn! ... Hufflepuff help! Latest Month May 2008 Search Search: Category: FAQ Site Region Interest Username Email Gizmo/LJ Talk AIM ICQ Number Yahoo! ID MSN Jabber 13th-May-2008 05:45 pm - Draco Malfoy~ Hello, it's Mari!
It's my first post here...
Every year I do one costume project to wear it to a bookfair in March. In 2008 I decided to wear Draco's school robes.
Please look at the pictures under the cut!
13th-May-2008 12:43 am - Percy callmeinfrench So, the Harry Potter group that I'm a member of had a party in March where the theme was redheads and I decided to go as Percy. It wasn't really hard to do at all, but I like it. I also plan to do Marietta Edgecombe at some point in the future so I might decide to go crazy and do a series of characters that no one really likes. Not pictured are "Prefect" and "Big Head Boy" badges because I left them at home. : (
Pictures behind the cut
9th-May-2008 06:17 am blankoo I'm hesitating to post this because every other person had something to offer...

49. Pioneer Drama Service-Textbooks On Teaching Costuming And Making Costumes
Pioneer Drama Service catalog of costuming offers texts on making costumes and textbooks for teaching the art of costuming.
Search Our Catalog Contact Us Shopping Cart Home Teaching Aids Scenes and Monologues Short Plays Shakespeare Readers Theatre Improvisation Directing Music and Choreography Costuming Melodrama Technical Makeup Careers in Theatre Drama Ministry Broadway Submitting Plays Meet the Playwrights Contest Application Shopping Online Shipping and Invoicing Promoting Your Production Printable Order Forms
Texts and Aids - Costuming
Pioneer Drama Service offers a complete selection of texts on making costumes as well as books on teaching the art of costuming a play. Your search produced a total of 5 results. Costumes, Accessories, Props and Stage Illusions Made Easy
This text takes the concept of conversion costuming and also applies it to accessories, props and illusion costumes. You’ll love how simple creativity can allow you to create illusions. More...
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Costuming Made Easy

How to Make Theatrical Costumes from Cast-off Clothing

If your motto is never sew if you don’t have to, you’ll love this book! More...
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Costuming the Christmas and Easter Play

With ideas for other biblical dramas

It’s time to put away those bathrobe costumes and experience the uplifting magic of a well-costumed Biblical drama!

50. Tribal Costuming -
NO SPAM** Discussion on all things related to tribal costuming including makeup, tattoos, special effects, etc.. This is a focused forum so we don t have.
@import url(''); @import url(""); @import url(""); @import url(''); @import url('');
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      Tribal Costuming
      public - created 04/12/04 Preface: please keep off topic posts to the appropriate areas - listings and events, etc.. Any off topic posts will be deleted. Off topic is considered self promotion, event promotion, merchandising, and anything that is not Tribal Costuming. Discussion on all things related to tribal bellydance costuming- including makeup, tattoos, special effects, etc.. This is a focused forum so we don't have to sift through cabaret related stuff as well as general dance stuff. Come one, come all. Show us your triumphs, commiserate over problems, help out the newbies. :)

51. Polish Costuming Resource
Art and Jocelyn present the Polish Costume Resource. These pictures have been carefully selected to represent the finest of Polish, Hungarian,
Back to Art's Web Site The well padded waistline Polish Fairy Tales You have found Art and Jocelyn's online Polish costuming resource. These pictures have been carefully selected to represent the finest of Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Cossak costumes, weaponry, jewelry, etc. from the years 1400 to 1900. Art is a native-born Polish historian who has enjoyed many years of notoriety as an expert in the field of Polish living history. After years of participating in renaissance faires in and around California, Art, tired of grumbling about the lack of quality, well documented Polish costumes out there, created this online resource. It is our hopes that is will serve to assist the many good folks out there who are interested in accurately depicting and reenacting Polish Nobility.
This Costume Ring site is owned by Jocelyn Previous Next Next 10 ... List
This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

52. Costuming In The Renaissance
In the Far East the fan was extensively employed in the service of religion, but its use as a costume accessory also dates back to remote antiquity.
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Costuming in the Renaissance
Venice Carnival Masks

Offers and Links to Special Places

Recent Fan Designs
Society for Creative Anachronism ...
Contact Information

If you have Comments for us we would like to hear from you For the Month of June and July History of the Fan Excerpt from ACCESSORIES OF DRESS ACCESSORIES OF DRESS By Katherine Morris Lester and Bess Viola Oerke Chapter 33 The fan, like the sunshade, originated in tropical countries. Here it was in daily service as a protection against the su n, as a means of cooling the air, driving away bothers insects and, when necessary, fanning the fire into a flame. In the Far East the fan was extensively employed in the service of religion, but its use as a costume accessory also dates back to remote antiquity. Some authorities state that the fan was known in China three thousand years ago. The Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Hebrews, Chinese, Japanese, and the people of India used fans as far back as their records of history go. Among Eastern potentates, the fan was a badge of rank. The dignit

53. Hedgehog Handworks: Hard-to-find Needlework And Costuming Supplies For Needlewor
Hedgehog Handworks WebShop. Hardto-find needlework and costuming supplies for needleworkers, costumers, and historical re-enactors.
Search Accessories Books Costume Supplies Fibers ... Contact Us Hedgehog Handworks takes pride in offering the finest supplies for needleworkers and costumers of all interests and levels of expertise, working in any time period. We carry an extensive selection of reference materials. We specialize in locating hard-to-find items. Now celebrating our 20th year in business!
One of Our Favorite Books
The Embroideries at Hardwick Hall: A Catalogue
by Santina M. Levey
Just published July 2007! Spectacular new book cataloging the 16th Century embroidery, needlework, and wrought linen commissioned by Bess of Hardwick. Every piece was photographed especially for this book and is displayed in full color. The detail both in the photos and the text is incredible. Color photos throughout. Hardcover, 400 pp, 9 x 11.25.
Price: $129.00
Order This Book

More Embroidery History Books
Featured Item
Hedgehog Handworks Catalog - Vol. 9 Available Now Order an updated copy of our print catalog. The items listed in this web store are just a fraction of the items we offer! Includes a $5 gift certificate on your first order over $30. More Info Embroidery Techniques
18th Century Embroidery Techniques

Techniques include silk embroidery, tambour work, quilting, knotting, and Hollie Point.

54. Helens Pacific Costumers - The Best Selection And Service For All Your Costuming
Helens Pacific Costumers The best selection and service for all your costuming and custom makeup needs in the Pacific Northwest.
Fulfilling Fantasies for over 100 Years! Come in and check out our vast selection of costumes, make up and accessories - we have all of your Theatrical and Holiday needs! We also offer custom face and body makeup, and can create a costume just for you. It's more fun in costume!
motherwit web design

503.254.2067 (fax)
email us
7501 NE Glisan
Portland, OR, 97213
For a map, click here
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This information package contains general documented costuming of the 13th . Course Proceedings from Practicum A.S. 27 Medieval costuming Accessories
  • The Fine Print...
  • What is an al-musta'rib?
  • Welcome! Ahlan wa sahlan!
  • What is al-musta'rib about? ...
  • Editors note al-musta'rib Volume #1, N o This newsletter serves the those of the Arabic and Middle-Eastern persuasion in the SCA, as well as those who's interest includes Middle-Eastern Culture . At this time, this letter is to provide a forum for information related to what we mutually enjoy, and a means for communicating plans and ideas for future efforts. What it becomes is up to each of us. al-musta'rib is published on a quarterly schedule. If you wish to contribute material to this venture, I'm producing this newsletter on a Macintosh, and can accept materials generated on the same type of computer, or text and TIFF graphics from PC-type computers. If you send me other materials, I will do my best to get them into the newsletter at the earliest point.
    This is not a publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism or of any group thereof. Do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate, or it shall be done to you as well. Post no bills. Tantum agendum, parvulus tempus
  • 56. Spider Threads Costuming - Home
    Custom fit costuming and corsets, including Renaissance Fair outfits and wedding dresses. Images and sewing tips available.
    My work right now is primarily in costumes: medieval, renessiance, and LARP. I am also playing around with hats, gloves, and other accessories - because I can.
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    Home Latest Projects Written by Amy Levy I have been so busy sewing lately, that I have not taken the time to update my content. As always, full pictures of my projects can be seen over at the Gallery. However, here are a few teasers. I made this velvet doublet, essentially on speculation. However, I sold it within a couple of days, along with a request for matching pants. The colors in this velvet are spectacular, but it was not easy to work with. Because of this, I am in the market for a third sewing machine. My preference would be a Juki industrial, but I will have to see what I can find. The double laces in the front. It has an extra-long peplum that has been split in the back to enable the wearer to run, should he need to.. It also has detachable sleeves, held in place with lacing through silver buttons. The sleeves themselves lace closed, and are lined with black satin in the event the wearer wants to wear them open.

    57. Costuming Tips For The Cheap And Desperate
    costuming tips for the diehard gamer, or casual recreationist. Tips for sewers and non-sewers alike, as well as a link to an extensive costuming
    Costuming Tips For The Cheap And Desperate Introduction You've got an event coming up - probably a live-action roleplaying game, if you're here - and you need to throw together a costume. Costuming can make or break a game - as proper attire helps players get into character and can help evoke the proper mood for a game. Those mysterious cultists look a lot more threatening when they are in dark robes, rather than jeans and tee-shirts. You can create evocative costumes, even on a tight budget, and your game will benefit by it. This is my own collection of tips and suggestions, accumulated over many years of LARPing and a general love of dressing up on a small budget. This document is divided into two sections - tips for those who can sew and have access to a sewing machine and a section for those who don't. I suggest that you read the entire document, and pick and choose what suits your needs. Johanna Tips For Everyone
    • Allow yourself plenty of time to assemble your costume. I like to have at least two week's notice of an event, and I prefer at least a month. That gives me time to pick and choose what I want, and wait for fabric sales - which seem to happen every other weekend.

    58. The Padawan's Guide
    Fan Maggie draws together pictures and information on the costumes used in the prequel trilogy, with tutorials on making copies.
    Jedi Costumes

    Episode I

    Episode II

    Episode III
    Fan Photo Album

    Padme Amidala
    Episode I

    Episode II

    Episode III

    ... The Naboo Symbol Original Trilogy A New Hope Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Misc Costumes Ep. I Costumes Ep.II Costumes Ep.III Costumes Expanded Universe The Dark Side Darth Maul Palpatine Darth Vader Tusken Raiders ... Zam Wessel Resources Sewing Tips Exhibit Photos FIDM Science/Imagination Paris London ... Celebration IV Special Features Doll Costumes Convention Reports Lake Como Tour Info TPM Posters ... April Fool 2007 -Support this site!- advertisement- Welcome to Padawan's Guide, a site to help you research and create your own Star Wars costume, whether you are looking for something simple, or obssessively accurate! If you are looking for information on other movie costumes, please visit the
    Chase emailed me - he has made some Padme Lake dress casts - they look nice, and so I thought I'd post his info, as it might be useful for those of you looking to complete your costume! Cast in urethane resin, incredibly durable, easy to paint and attach ribbon or chain to. Offered as a raw pull, minimal clean up or completely finished and painted. email chasegustafson at for questions and pricing information.

    59. PEERS Costuming
    A great enhancement is to go to a GOOD costume/makeup house (Kryolan, for example) and get some facial hair a moustache, beard, or sideburns.
    Costuming from One Extreme to the Other
    by Clovis Carleton
    I've read and listened, twisted and knotted and I still don't know how to tie a cravat? Could you help me please!! I'd really like to wear a cravat that totally covers my neck but anything will do. I'd really like to cross dress at balls, especially since there's often a shortage of dancing men at balls. Since you do it so well, can you give me any advice on cross-dressing effectively? Any tips on where to get the proper dress coat (say, for Victorian), shirt, pants, shoes, etc.? Any advice on hair (mine is shoulder length) and any other pointers on how to bring off the "masculine" look? I like the idea of having a separate ballgown bodice for an afternoon dress. Is this actually a "period" thing to do? Where can I buy a gown that would be suitable for Gaskell's and PEERS Victorian balls? It doesn't have to be authentic - just "in the spirit." My sewing skills are limited and I'd really like to try to find something readymade to trim and adapt than to try to create something from scratch. I really like wearing black but every time I wear black at a re-creation event, someone starts a "bit" about me "being in mourning." When did black stop being a "mourning" color and start being a fashionable evening gown color?

    60. Victorian Costuming
    A site for learning about Victorian costume. Includes howtos, images, resources, and more.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. if(window.OAS_AD) OAS_AD('Bottom');

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