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         Costuming:     more books (100)
  1. Doll Costuming, How to Costume French &German Bisque Dolls - 1984 publication by Colln Sly, 1984
  2. Got lederhosen? Whether you need a penguin suit or a private getup, Winnipeg's costuming couple is at your service; Whether you need a penguin suit or ... An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-10-28
  3. Costuming a Play; Inter-Theatre Arts Handbook by Elizabeth Grimball, 1925
  4. Solo savvy: your guide to costuming, choreographing, and casting soloists.: An article from: Dance Magazine by Alison Feller, 2008-10-01
  5. Historic Costuming by Nevel Truman, 1940-01-01
  6. HISTORIC COSTUMING. by Nevil. Truman, 1935-01-01
  7. The How-To-Book of Interantional Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Making, Costuming, and Collectling Dolls by Loretta Holz, 1980
  8. Historic Costuming
  9. Simplified Stage Costuming by Esther L. And Stahl, LeRoy Mace, 1939-01-01
  10. Skirting the Issues (The Costuming Essentials Series) by Dawn Devine, Barry Brown, 2000
  11. Elizabethan Costuming for the Years 1550-1580 by Janet Winter, Carolyn Schultz, 1983
  12. Doll Costuming: How to Costume French & German Bisque Dolls. Revised Edition by Mildred and Colleen Seeley, 1989
  13. Costuming the Christmas and Easter Play With Ideas for Other Biblical Dramas - 3rd edition by Alic MStahli, 1988
  14. HISTORIC COSTUMING. by Nevil. Truman, 1949

61. Making Mischief Dragon*Con Masquerade Costuming Group
This coterie of costumers, this salmagundi of somethingor-others (I found my Thesaurus then lost it again) is made up of friends old and new-ish.
photos clips
biographies for Holly Brian Tricia Lisa ... contact us
Making Mischief has won five "Best In Show" awards in Dragon*Con 's Masquerade (the latter four wins in the Master category). This coterie of costumers, this salmagundi of... something-or-others (I found my Thesaurus then lost it again) is made up of friends old and new-ish. Tho we share a seriously whimsical passion for costuming, our backgrounds are diverse some of us have worked in radio, television and film, some have worked in technical, managerial and library fields. None of us is a Professional Costumer. With planning, allowing enough time to discover creative solutions, we've been able to pursue this passion on fairly low budgets. The goal is to make them well, but above all: fun. We enjoy the crowds' reactions to our hard work and encourage anyone interested in the hobby! Thank you everyone who helped make this experience unforgettable! Thank you to our tireless and thoughtful Handlers Lili, Steve, Dawn, Chris D., Stine, Donna, Tony, Stephanie, Heidi, Ferd, Judy, Brian R., Heather, Josh and Lisa D. Also Cully and Jason M. Thank you to the generous and talented Photographers Adam, Roger, Fong, Dean, Dave, Joe, Chris H., Thom, Tito, Jill, Cassandra, Marcus and Jeff. Also Jason F.

62. Daily Burlesque: Some Thoughts On Burlesque Costuming
costuming plays a unique theatrical role in burlesque. It establishes the character and tone of a piece, but even more interesting to me is that the manner
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Thursday, January 3, 2008
Some Thoughts on Burlesque Costuming
Costuming plays a unique theatrical role in burlesque. It establishes the character and tone of a piece, but even more interesting to me is that the manner of its removal can dictate the entire choreography of a number. Elements that almost instantly call burlesque to mind, such as feather boas, opera length gloves, and of course pasties, combine in a way to make burlesque costuming distinctive and irresistible to fans of glamour. If you go to Atomic Todd in Las Vegas, you can see many of the amazing costumes from burlesque's golden era, collected by Dixie Evans.
Many burlesque performers really raise the bar when it comes to costuming. Dirty Martini works closely with David Quinn Bambi the Mermaid and Bunny Love , among others, have elaborate costumes made by Garo Sparo . Although few of my costumes are very elaborate, I make most of them myselfprobably the only aspect of costuming on which I raise the bar is in making tails, but I have yet to cover one with rhinestones.
Me in my Godzilla costume, for which I made lizard-print mittens, boot toppers, corset, and pasties, not to mention an articulated six-foot tail designed to strip off.

63. Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters: Custom, Fantasy, And Historic Costuming
Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters produces fantasy and historic costuming for both men and Our costumes are great for LARPs, the SCA, Renaissance Fairs,
Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters produces fantasy and historic costuming for both men and women. Please visit our photo gallery to see some of our work, or browse through the merchandise categories to see our typical merchandise. Custom orders are also accepted. If you have a picture, we can create it for you. We accept payment by check or money order thru snail mail; we also accept online payments thru PayPal. To place an order, email . Please do not send payment without prior e-mail contact to confirm the order.

64. Costumes & Costuming -- A CJLutz Fashion WWWeb Page With Hearts SM Costuming Fas
Costumes costuming. Because, you are what you wear! TM Greater Bay Area Costumer s Guild costuming textile arts; Halloween Mart +++
A CJLutz Fashion WWWeb Page with Hearts SM
Your One-Stop Guide to Fashion on the WWWeb! SM
A Fashion Index with Hearts SM
Because, you are what you wear! TM
Mother's Day, Birthdays,

CJ's Book of the month, click to buy
Don't miss this:
Fantastic Costume Book:

65. Vincent Lapper Costuming Reel - Brightcove
Hollywood costomer Vincent Lapper showcases some of his broad body of work in this short reel.

66. GarbPlus Fashions, Designing Your Style
GarbPlus costuming Goth Fetishwear Jackets Pants Leather Apparel Vests-Women s Shirts Skirts Skirts-Leather Dresses Gowns Lingerie Purses Footwear

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67. The Costume Page
An index of costume links, for those who study and/or make costumes costumers, students, historical reenactors, science fiction fans, professionals,

Reference Museums History ... Costumes Welcome to The Costume Page, my personal library of costume and costuming-related links. I'm sharing it for the benefit of those who study and/or make costumes: costumers, students, historical re-enactors, science fiction fans, professionals, amateurs, dancers, theatrical costumers, trick-or-treaters, writers, researchers, and all those interested in fashion, textile art, and costume history. There are over 1,000 unique links listed on these pages. Some of them cover more than one area of interest. I recommend that you browse through all sections of The Costume Page if you don't immediately find what you're seeking. I've tried to cross-reference where possible, but you're likely to find some additional gems if you dig! Updates to this site are infrequent. However, neither the site nor the domain are for sale. Thank you for your support.

68. Milieux: The Costume Site
Milieux The Costume Siteweb index for costumers and those interested in costume. History, images, research, musueums, instruction, organizations, events,
The Costume Site is dedicated to the best costume resources on the web. Historic costume, costume design, sources for costumes and supplies for making costumes: fabric, garb, makeup, wigs, patterns, books, armor, chainmail, swords, special effects... you can find just about anything for your costume needs. If you would prefer, the non frames version is located at:

69. Costume - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The term costume can refer to wardrobe and dress in general, or to the distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class, or period.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Costumed performers from the 2006 Bristol Renaissance Faire Yarkand ladies' summer fashions. 1870s The term costume can refer to wardrobe and dress in general, or to the distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class, or period. Costume may also refer to the artistic arrangement of accessories in a picture statue poem , or play , appropriate to the time, place, or other circumstances represented or described, or to a particular style of clothing worn to portray the wearer as a character or type of character other than their regular persona at a social event such as a masquerade , a fancy dress party or in an artistic theatrical performance
edit National costume
National costume or regional costume expresses local (or exiled identity and emphasises a culture's unique attributes. It is often a source of national pride. Examples of such are a Scotsman in a kilt or a Japanese person in a kimono
edit Holidays and festivals
A traditional, European-style

70. Mystical Magical Halloween Costumes
Our personal costume pictures, info on how we assembled them links to lots of creative folks who can help you become whoever you most want to be for
free next day FedEx delivery on orders of $99 or more
other discounted shipping options with guaranteed Halloween delivery available
Mystical Magical Halloween Costumes
All the costumes on these pages were made for Halloween but some got to enjoy a few other special occasions as well. I love dressing up and my husband John gets a kick out if it too. I remember one of our best dates before we got married was a costume party at SUNY Farmingdale... I was a flapper and John was ALfred E Neuman from MAD magazine. What an Odd Couple!
Halloween 2005
I was sick during Hallowe'en last year (sniff! sniff!) but the year before John and I dressed up as Stevie Nicks and John Lennon
Danksin Dancewear
They're comfortable. I admire those who can dance all night in platform boots. My wimpy feet have never been able to manage it. The wig is oddly enough called "Stevie" and available online at Best Wig Outlet
John's shirt is from Land's End The IMAGINE on the back of the shirt is made up of ironed on appliques, as is the peace sign. The beads and buttons are mostly vintage sixties (we're old LOL!) The newsboy cap is from The tie dye shirt is from Old Glory ; The sunglasses are from a local flea market and the jeans are just regular old Levi's®
Halloween 2004
My costume was inspired by the Catwoman movie (which was waaaay better than most critics would lead you to believe!) As you can see this doesn't involve a tight leather catsuit though if you're looking for one for yourself you can find some links

71. Ren Faire: Costumes
Information, accessories, patterns, resource listings, retailers, and links.
Elizabethan Period Costumes
Faire Index Page
Costume Guide
Old Patterns
... Retail Clothing
lothing during the reign of Elizabeth always reflected the social status of the wearer. There would be no doubt in ones mind about picking out the nobility in any given crowd. Clothing was a direct indication of wealth, much in the manner of imported suits in the present. The cost of clothing was related to the type of fabric and (in the days before synthetic dyes) the color. Purple dye was extracted by crushing thousands of tiny sea snails; similarly, crimson dye was obtained by crushing a certain type of beetle. Processed fabrics such as velvet or corduroy were costly, as were satins and other fine weaves. Cotton, although common in this day and age, was expensive and uncommon before the rise of the cotton gin. Harvested cotton was cleaned by hand, a lengthy and laborious process. Cotton was imported from India or the Americas with an associated high cost before taxation. Cotton was an expensive fabric up til the 1800s. Flax and wool were the more common fibres. Flax (a plant called flax) is made into linen, which while expensive now, wasn't when it was homespun. Wool yarn became wool fabric of all weights, including tweed which was woven wool fabric that had been beaten on one side while wet to form a wooly, wind-proof material.

72. The Costume Gallery's Research Library
The Costume Gallery s Online Research Library for researching historic costume. Books in our library cover periods from Gothic to present day apparel.
Thank you for your patience as we work to make The Costume Gallery even better!
We apologize for the inconvenience. We are in the process of developing an online Costume Encyclopedia. We expect the completion date to be in the summer 2004. It will be a subsription service through our Reference Library.
We have removed the Historic Costume Bulletin Board because it was being spammed heavily.
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73. LOTR Costume Research Home
Lord of the Rings movie costume discussion. We are seriously studying the details of the Lord of the Rings costumes from fabrics to patterns to accessories.
More places to visit on Alley Cat Scratch Alley Cat Scratch Home Movie Costume Study King Kong Costume Costume Exhibits ... Halloween Events in LA
Search the LOTR Costume site v - Advertisement -v ^ -Advertisement - ^
Help us out!
Lord of the Rings Costume
Welcome to LOTR Costume. We hope you enjoy our research project on the Lord of the Rings costumes. When we first saw Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, we were amazed by what we saw on the screen. He and his crew have created one of the most complete screen universes of all times recreating the story of a quest to destroy The One Ring. We're here to study everything about the costumes from fabric to patterns to metalworking. We look at every thing from elvish costume to hobbit costumes. The LOTR costumes are just too fantastic not to research! Note this is a Costume Research site not a Fan web. As such we do things a bit differently. Check our FAQ if you have questions.
Click here for Costume shortcuts!!!

74. 501st Legion: Vader's Fist
News, events, picture gallery, message board, and links to costume resources. With a member database and joining information.
About the 501st Unit Listings Members Costuming ... Contact
Troy Denning Honored
by tuskentrooper on Tue May 27, 2008 4:50 pm
Author Troy Denning has been inducted into the 501st Legion as an Honorary Member in recognition of his contributions to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, most recently through the " Legacy of the Force " book Invincible . The 501st Empire City Garrison presented Troy with the traditional 501st plaque and custom laser-etched name badge on May 18 at a book signing in Huntington, New York. Listen for audio of the presentation in Episode 16 of the . Congratulations, Troy...the Legion's got your back! 501stCast Episode 15 Now Playing
by tuskentrooper on Mon May 19, 2008 1:34 pm
You can stop holding your breath, episode 15 of the official 501st podcast is finally here! Highlights of this whopper of a show include another Trooper of the Month interview, a look at the dangers of heat exhaustion in armor, and an exclusive talk with Heart of an Empire filmmaker Jay Thompson! Click here to listen, subscribe or comment now on our show notes page! Target: Motor City Comic Con
by tuskentrooper on Wed May 14, 2008 11:43 pm

75. Faire Ladies, Faire Lords Renaissance Costumes And Clothing
We carry Renaissance and Elizabethan clothing and costumes for English, European, Irish and Celtic personas. Costume yourself as a pirate or peasant,
Middle Class Renaissance Costuming
Home Shopping We carry Renaissance and Elizabethan clothing and costumes for English, European, Irish and Celtic personas. Costume yourself as a pirate or peasant, garb your lord or lady; dress up or down according to your taste. We make historical clothing for Renaissance Faire patrons, participants, SCA and the Adrian Empire, theaters and first time guests. Please check back often to see new designs and offerings. Many items are in stock, but all can be made up at the time of your order to your specifications. All designs and patterns are original, based on research and time tested for over ten years by customers at faires and festivals. There are a lot of costumers out there - so be sure to go with the best with better fabric, best construction and historical designs. The quality of these garments is the highest and has a 100% guarantee against defects in workmanship and quality of fabric. Please click the SHOPPING link above to find my secure online catalog, custom order information and information on our wedding and demonstration group, A Renaissance Faire Just for YOU.

76. Dueling Modems
Welcome to the many communities of Dueling Modems. From Arts and Crafts to Books and Film to Travel and Zymurgy, our Forums offer news, information,
Welcome to the many communities of Dueling Modems. From Arts and Crafts to Books and Film to Travel and Zymurgy, our Forums offer news, information, and conversation with creative people who share your interests. Dueling Modems' Forums offer public web sites and members-only conferencing (bulletin board) and chat areas. Come explore our worlds! CHAT SCHEDULE ABOUT THE BBS GATEWAY TO THE BBS

NEW !!!!! June 1, 2006 Dueling Modems is in the process of moving to this new board. We're still building the site and migrating existing accounts, so please bear with us for a bit. Not everything is hooked up yet, so many of the links throughout the site are either broken or point to outdated or incorrect information. We're trying to correct anything that needs patching, but there's still a lot to do.
In the meantime, the old site is still up and active. We will be closing the old message board at some point in the near future, but not until we get a replacement board here up and running.
For those of you with email accounts at, we can set up a corresponding account at If your DM address is being forwarded, we can set that up, as well.

77. H-costume Info Page
Subscribe to hcostume by filling out the following form. You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing
h-costume Historical Costume About h-costume English (USA) This list concentrates on re-creating period costume, from the Bronze
age to the mid-20th Century. Its emphasis is on accurate historical
reproduction of clothing, historical techniques for garment construction,
as well as the application of those techniques in modern clothing design.
Other topics appropriate for discussion include adapting historical
clothing for the modern figure, clothing evolution, theatrical costumes,
patterns, materials, books, and sources for supplies.
Shows, museums, galleries and publications suitable for education or
inspiration, training opportunities available through schools and
workshops, design and motivational issues, collective group projects, and
exchanges of materials are all also of interest to this list. Wig making, accessory and makeup issues, where pertinent to the overall design of the costume, are also acceptable topics. Advertisements or announcements for historical costumed events are allowed, but general discussion regarding the groups or organizations that sponsor costumed events is discouraged. Those of you in groups that

78. Harper House
Patterns and catalogs for reenactment and dollmaking. Images and links to patterns, divided by period or ethnic costume. Doll tools, books, and individual
Hello! My name is Annette, and I am the new owner of Harper House. The company has moved from Pennsylvania to Illinois, and we are still unpacking and getting organized. During this transition, we are not able to ship some items as quickly as we would like. We are in the process of building up our inventory, and more patterns are arriving every day. Please feel free to email us to find out if the items you want are in stock, especially if you are in a rush. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Welcome to Harper House Your Vintage Costuming Pattern Catalog Make sure you click your "refresh" button often on each page to see the items added and removed. Vintage sewing patterns for the costumer, the re-enactor and the hopeless romantic. Recapture the romance of eras past with our catalog of over 1,00 historically accurate sewing patterns for the entire family. Whether you long for the opulent attire of the Renaissance are or the feeling you get when donning an ethereal Edwardian tea gown, our catalog is sure to provide you with the inspiration and materials needed to create a new heirloom. Your favorite time is sure to be represented in our wonderfully illustrated catalog of vintage sewing patterns, hoopskirts, costume findings, reproduction needle art implements and more. Our comprehensive book selection contains numerous titles in the areas of costume and fashion history, textile history and needle arts, pattern drafting and design and life as it was long ago. Enjoy your trip back in time!

79. Monique Prudhomme
Costume Designer Juno. Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions, Bio, News, Awards, Agent, Fan Sites.
Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP MONIQUE... DVD VHS CD IMDb Monique Prudhomme Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes awards titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with tv schedule contact Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
Monique Prudhomme
advertisement photos board add contact details
Awards: 1 nomination more Alternate Names:
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus post-production Case 39 ...
... aka Juno (Canada: French title) The Fog
... aka Brouillard, Le (Canada: French title) Neverwas (2005) (as Monique Prud'homme) Fierce People 5ive Days to Midnight (2004) (TV)
... aka Five Days to Midnight (Australia) The Final Cut
... aka The final Cut - Dein Tod ist erst der Anfang (Germany: DVD title) The Lizzie McGuire Movie Snow Dogs
... aka Chiens des neiges (Canada: French title) The Christmas Secret (2000) (TV)
... aka Flight of the Reindeer (International: English title) (UK) First Target (2000) (TV) Best in Show Quarantine (2000) (TV) Trixie The Linda McCartney Story (2000) (TV)
... aka Histoire de Linda McCartney, L' (Canada: French title)

A deliberately deceptive outward appearance such as is commonly associated with the word costume is also accurately described by garb .
Do you think that women really dressed like this?
Or that men really dressed like this?
If you do, you either accessed this page accidentally or you are at the beginning of an education in historical clothing.
Why Re-enactors use the term Garb:
Some consider "garb" a needless synonym for the word "clothing". "Garb", however, literally describes a highly distinctive outfit and is more likely chosen over a more ordinary word because the clothes it describes are also out of the ordinary. A deliberately deceptive outward appearance such as is commonly associated with the word "costume" is also accurately described by "garb".
Costumes and Clothing Index
Introduction Ancient Classical Medieval ... Non-Western
  • Climate and Geography Clothing probably developed primarily as a protection against or adaptation to climate. In hot climates, the customary dress has been loose-fitting draped garments. In cold climates fitted and sewn multi-layered garments are more common.
  • Migration
    In the first millennium AD, invaders from northern and eastern Europe forced the Romans to withdraw from the western Mediterranean. As Roman influence lessened, their traditions were abandoned. During the Dark Ages, the Greco-Roman styles were radically influenced in the eastern Roman Empire by the more sumptuous clothing styles of the Persian Middle East. In the West, the fitted-and-sewn styles of the northern and eastern Europeans, who migrated across the remains of the Western Roman Empire, affected the styles worn there.
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