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         Herbariums:     more books (100)
  1. The Herbarium Handbook (Chinese Edition) (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  2. Herbarium Amoris: Floral Romance by Edvard Koinberg, Tore Frangsmyr, et all 2009-06-01
  3. Emily Dickinson's Herbarium: A Facsimile Edition by Emily Dickinson, 2006-09-25
  4. A Painted Herbarium: The Life and Art of Emily Hitchcock Terry (1838-1921) by Beatrice Scheer Smith, 1992-10
  5. The Definitive Journals of Lewis and Clark, Vol 12: Herbarium by Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, 2004-05-01
  6. Contributions From the United States National Herbarium by United States National Herbarium, 2010-02-06
  7. Managing the Modern Herbarium: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Sheila C. Byers, 1999-07
  8. Vascular plants of Upper Bidwell Park, Chico, California (Studies from the herbarium) by Vernon H Oswald, 1986
  9. Catalogue of the "Davenport Herbarium" of North American Ferns, North of Mexico by George Edward Davenport, 2010-07-24
  10. Studier Öfver Salices I Linnés Herbarium (Swedish Edition) by Sven Johan Enander, 2010-04-03
  12. Herbarium: Natural remedies from a medieval manuscript (Iconographia) by ADALBERTO AND PIRANI, EMMA PAZZINI, 1980
  13. Danish Fungi as Represented in the Herbarium of E. Rostrup by Jens Vilhelm August Lind, 2010-01-02
  14. Herbarium scientist, University of California, Davis: oral history transcript / 1988 by June McCaskill, Ann Lage, et all 2010-09-08

1. Category:Herbariums - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In botany, a herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens. This category seeks to group together articles about notable herbariums.
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The main article for this category is Herbarium
In botany , a herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens. This category seeks to group together articles about notable herbariums.
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2. Dr. Fungus -Links (Herbariums And Collections)
Links Links. herbariums and Collections. Botanische Staatssammlung München http//


Good Books Events Calendar The Fungi Introduction Descriptions Synonyms Image Bank Lecture Bank Video Bank Mycoses Introduction Human Veterinary Environmental Industrial Agricultural Drugs Introduction Medical Veterinary Environmental Industrial Agricultural Laboratory Introduction Susceptibility MIC Database Procedures Histopathology About Us Introduction Our Mission Editorial Board Editorial Staff Supporters Contributors Legal Stuff Kudos This page updated: Site built and designed for doctorfungus by Webillustrated You are here: Introduction Abbreviations Links CME Conference Highlights Bibliography Glossary Good Books Events Calendar Navigate this section from here: Select category Allergy and Asthma Botanical Gardens Databases and Search Vehicles Herbariums and Collections Identification Journals Libraries Lichens Medical and Health-Related Sites Miscellaneous Museums Mushroom-Specific Sites Related Sites for Kids Related Sites for Mycology Societies and Associations University Department Sites UseNet News Change Font Size: A A A Links Herbariums and Collections

3. Herbariums And Hortoriums
herbariums and hortoriums Mycology, fungi, plants, lichen. Collections that can potentially be used as reference sources for artists.
Scientific Illustration Resources: Collections
Herbariums, hortoriums: mycology, fungi, plants, lichen
Botanical Research Institute of Texas

509 Pecan Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102-4060
The Lichen Herbarium

Botanical Museum
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1172
Oslo, Norway University of Michigan Fungus Collection 3600 Varsity Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2287 University and Jepson Herbaria University of California, Berkeley 1001 Valley Life Sciences Building, # 2465 Berkeley, CA 94720-2465 University of Minnesota Lichen Herbarium St. Paul, MN 55108 University of British Columbia Herbarium Room #3529 6270 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC Canada, V6T 1Z4 Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium Department of Plant Biology Tempe, AZ 85287 Systematic Botany and Mycology Fungal Databases Agricultural Research Service RM.304, Bldg. 011A, BARC-West 10300 Baltimore Ave. Beltsville, MD 20705-2350 Colorado State University Herbarium Department of Biology Fort Collins, CO 80523-1878 New York State Museum Mycological Collections Rm 3023 Cultural Education Center Albany, New York 12230

4. Botanical, Horticultural Herbariums A B C D E
Botanical, Horticultural herbariums. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z. A A.L.Fetterman Educational Museum The American Camellia Society

5. Gardens
This is our compendium of the Arboreta, Botanical Gardens, Gardens, and herbariums resources that we have found. Enjoy navigating from here to places that
Education Publications Organizations Resources ... Allied is an information resource for the home gardener and for the professionals in the gardening, landscape, and nursery industries. Horticultural Photography - a stock photography agency specializing in horticultural subjects, flowers, plants, gardens, nature and landscapes
Arboreta, Botanical Gardens, Gardens, Herbariums
This is our compendium of the Arboreta, Botanical Gardens, Gardens, and Herbariums resources that we have found. Enjoy navigating from here to places that are interesting in themselves or which have a large list of other resources for you to explore. provides links to web sites related to the gardening, landscape, and nursery industries. These links are not endorsements of any products or services found at such sites, and no information at such site has been endorsed or approved by Contact Us to learn how to have your web site included in our resource listings.
A new botanical garden or herbarium or a change to the information listed on our web site.
Indexes Index Herbariorum Index to Botanical Authors Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers Harvard University's Gray Herbarium Index
Botanical Gardens University of Stellenbosch - South Africa
Selmar Schonland Herbarium, University of Rhodes - Grahamstown, South Africa

6. Herbariums - Education Resource - StudySphere
Education Portal, Educational Resource for language school, study abroad, education online, education, school, high school, career education,
Search over 100,000 research quality URLs
StudySphere provides fast, easy and free access to a wide variety of research-quality child-safe websites organized for education online from home, school, study abroad and home school. StudySphere’s goal is to help students, teachers, librarians, and other researchers find both highly targeted and closely related information quickly.
Home Sciences Life Sciences Plant Life /Herbariums
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research
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Connell Memorial Herbarium
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Harvard University Herbaria - Home
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Herbarium of Tel Aviv University (TELA)
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Moscow State University Botanical Server
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Biological journals Arctoa: a Journal of Bryology Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists. Biological series Journal of General Biology Komarovia Krylovia: a Siberian Botanical Journal Mycology and phytopathology Journal of Russian Phytopathological Society Novitates Systematicae Plantarum Vascularium Algological Electronic Newsletter Algologia International journal on Algae Herba: a Moscow Botanical Electronic Anthology News and views CD-ROM: Linnaean Collection of the Herbarium of Moscow State University Botanical news Book reviews Classics of science Botanical links «Internet Directory for Botany» Russian botanical links HERBA Search Digital library of plant images A fine old herbarium from MW Plant photo collection Iconotheca Botanica Images of living plants Digital Herbarium Type co

7. Herbarium Mycologicum Of The National Botanic Garden Of Belgium
Herbarium Mycologicum. The mycological herbarium of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium houses a large collection of dried specimens.

8. Human Flower Project :: Herbariums—Holistic Approach In A DNA-Age
The Human Flower Project, directed by author and sociologist Julie Ardery, is a weblog of international flower news and floral customs.
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Human Flower Project
As botanical studies increasingly focus on the micro-particles of plants, herbariums are libraries of history and diversity. The Lynchburg (VA) News and Advance rediscovers a green library of 60,000 plants , the college herbarium that two local botanists began assembling in 1927. Ruskin Freer and his successor Gwynn Ramsey collected and catalogued specimens in the beautiful and plant-rich country along the Blue Ridge Parkway. And Ramsey, now 73, believes there are 1000 more plants out there to find. Posted by on 11/22 at 12:26 PM
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9. Herbariums
herbariums in Croatia. MAKARSKA (MAKAR) Herbarium, Institut Planina I More, Malakoloski Muzej, Zrtava Fasizma 1, HR58 300 Makarska, Hrvatska.
Herbariums in Croatia
    MAKARSKA (MAKAR): Herbarium, Institut Planina I More, Malakoloski Muzej, Zrtava Fasizma 1, HR-58 300 Makarska, Hrvatska.
    Correspodent: Jure Radic (phan): Branka Cebin (crypt).
    Telephone: (385 58) 611 256.
    Status: private institution.
    Number of speciments: 2500.
    Herbarium: Dalmatia: all groups, especially marine plants and algae.
    Exchange available: Vascular plants of Dalmatia.
    Wanted: Vascular plants: Mediterranean region.
    Director: Jure Radic, 1920 (Malacology, Mediterranean flora).
    Curator: Branka Cebin, 1960 (Marine bioloogy) Staff: Marko Babic (Geography: botany), Edita Solic, 1946 (Botany: biology). Associated garden: Biokovo Alpine Garden. Periodical and serial works: Acta Biokovica. Center for Marine ROVINJ (RI): Herbarium. esearch, Rudjer Boskovic Institute. HR-52 210 Rovinj, Hrvatska. Correspodent: Nevenka Zovodnik. Telephone: (385 52) 811 544; 811 567. Location: Ulica Giordana Paliaga 5. Status: Private institution. Foundation: 1900. Herbarium: Marine flora of n. Adriatic. Important collection: A. Zaratin.

10. Wild Flowers :: Herbariums And Woodland Gardens --  Britannica Student Encyclop
wild flowers, herbariums and Woodland Gardens It is interesting to make a collection of pressed flowers, called an herbarium. Pick all the plant,
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Introduction Increasing Rarity of Wild Flowers Rules for Picking Wild Flowers Herbariums and Woodland Gardens Print this Table of Contents
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wild flowers
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Herbariums and Woodland Gardens
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It is interesting to make a collection of pressed flowers, called an herbarium. Pick all the plant, down to the basal leaves. A tin carrying box, called a vasculum, keeps the specimens fresh and uncrushed until they have been brought home. The plants may also be preserved between folds of newspapers.
wild flowers... (75 of 2773 words)
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Rules for Picking Wild Flowers Page 4 of 4
Herbariums and Woodland Gardens document.writeln(AAMB2);

11. Sammlung Des Herbariums Haussknecht
List of bryophyte type specimens. Holotype of Acantholimon albanicum FK Meyer. List of vascular plant type specimens. Loans and visits by scientists
The collections
List of bryophyte type specimens Holotype of Acantholimon albanicum F. K. Meyer List of vascular plant type specimens Loans and visits by scientists The Herbarium Haussknecht houses ca. 3 million plant specimens of all systematic groups worldwide. Main focus of the collections is Thuringia (Germany), southwestern Asia, Cuba, and southeastern Europe. In the Herbarium Haussknecht herbarium material and other conserved plant material is stored, prepared, and loaned for taxonomic, plant geographical, and historical studies, students are trained, and scientific studies are conducted (flora of Thuringia, systematics of Baccharis (Asteraceae) and Festuca (Poaceae), flora of Cuba). History of the herbarium Carl Haussknecht Joseph Bornmüller
  • Foundation of the herbarium by Carl HAUSSKNECHT, 18. October 1896, in Weimar Foundation of the trust "Herbarium Haussknecht" Conveyance of the Herbarium Haussknecht to the University of Jena Kurt Herbert WALTHER (*1910) curator of the Herbarium Haussknecht; because of his military service, herbarium administration was effected by his wife Elly WALTHER (1912-1993) Otto SCHWARZ (1900-1983) curator, later director of the Herbarium Haussknecht

12. Herbariums - Wiktionary
edit Noun. herbariums. Plural form of herbarium. Retrieved from http// . Category English plurals
Definitions from Wiktionary, a free dictionary
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edit English
edit Noun
  • Plural form of herbarium
  • Retrieved from " Category English plurals Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

    13. Herbariums - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Herbariums
    Hutchinson encyclopedia article about herbariums. herbariums. Information about herbariums in the Hutchinson encyclopedia.
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    herbarium (redirected from herbariums
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    Collection of dried, pressed plants used as an aid to identification of unknown plants and by taxonomists in the classification of plants. The plant specimens are accompanied by information, such as the date and place of collection, by whom collected, details of habitat, flower colour, and local names. Herbaria range from small collections containing plants of a limited region, to the large university and national herbaria (some at

    14. WikiAnswers - Why Use Herbariums
    Science and Technology question Why use herbariums? Please help us answer this question.
    ANSW.Init(10,""); Sign in: Username Lost password? Password Remember me Not a member? Join now! Join Now Username Password Retype password E-mail address Send me the monthly WikiAnswers newsletter. Already a member? Sign in
    Why use herbariums?
    In: Science Animal Life This Question Has Not Been Answered Yet Show us your smarts!
    Help answer this question. Answer "Why use herbariums?" Research your answer: Send this question to a friend. Watch this question and be alerted when it's answered. Discuss this question and how it should be answered. Answer other science questions. Wiki Answers Categories Science Our contributors said this page should be displayed for the questions below. ( Where do these come from If any of these are not a genuine rephrasing of the question, please help out and edit these alternates Why do you use herbariums?

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    16. Definition Of Herbariums english dictionary with multi-lingual search. Search in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and English. Pronunciation files get rid of

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    Displaying Items 1 through 1 Definitions herbariums
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    17. Curiosity And Ingenuity
    The herbariums and Illustrated Codices of Giovanni Girolamo Zannichelli (16621729) Erbari Visita la collezione. Giovanni Girolamo Zannichelli was born in
    Introduction Home The Herbariums and Illustrated Codices of Giovanni Girolamo Zannichelli (1662-1729)
    The income earned from the sale of medicines at his pharmacy provided Zannichelli with the means to dedicate himself to the study of Chemistry, a field in which he also gained fame. He wanted to find out how effective both the vegetal and mineral medicines then in use really were and thus analysed their chemical composition through experimental testing. During this testing he discovered the process by which antimonous oxide can be obtained. He was particularly respected as a chemist by two of his contemporaries, doctors at the University of Padova, Giovanni Battista Morgagni (1682-1771), who learned the basics of chemistry in the Venetian pharmacist's laboratory, and Antonio Vallisneri Senior who nominated his friend to set up and head a laboratory for a new chair in Chemistry. Zannichelli, however, died before the project was carried out.
    His innate curiosity led him to take a serious interest in paleontology as well. This discipline, along with mineralogy, interested many scholars during the Age of Enlightenment. Having achieved economic security, in 1710 he was able to set out on several exploratory trips to gather the objects which later made up his Museum of Natural History. He travelled through the mountains of Vicenza and Verona gathering numerous samples of shell, plant and fish fossils.
    Zannichelli was famous for his studies and written works not only among scholars and scientists, but the ruling classes as well. In 1702 Francesco Farnese, Duke of Parma, honoured him with a degree in Medicine, Surgery and Chemistry, valid in his States. Though much later (1725), the government of the Serenissima recognised him by nominating him Doctor-Physician, a title which allowed him to practice Medicine in all of the territories of the Republic.

    18. Herbariums - C & D Engineering Ltd
    herbariums Chests Lockers Location Email Us. herbariums. Herbarium, All Herbarium cabinets come with the following -
    Herbariums All Herbarium cabinets come with the following :-
    • Design and Installation service to your requirements. 5 year Guarantee Various standard sizes. Magnetic door seals. Choice of colours Finished in Epoxy powder coating for maximum durability.
    Double door
    8/10/12 Shelf unit as supplied to :-
    Kew Gardens
    Natural History Museum Single door
    8/10/12 Shelf unit as supplied to :-
    Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh Double door
    10 Shelf unit as supplied to :-
    University of Glasgow Double door
    46 drawer seed sample trays c/w adjustable dividers as supplied to :-
    The Royal Horticultural Society
    Monarch Works Station Road North Belvedere, Kent. DA17 6JU Tel: 020-8311 2056 Fax: 020-8310 7727

    19. Endless Books: Making Herbariums With Betsy, Tacy And Tib
    Because the herbariums he assigned them to create at year’s beginning are due the next day, and none of them has worked on them all year.
    Endless Books
    A bookworm's journal
    Sunday, February 03, 2008
    Making Herbariums With Betsy, Tacy and Tib
    Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace. Like me, Betsy read books in maple trees. How much fun it would have been if we could have shared a tree!
    I recently discovered a wonderful blog (just right for my winter-weary self) called Wildflower Morning
    Because one of the funniest scenes in all the Betsy-Tacy books comes in the seventh book, Betsy Was a Junior
    Hurrying back and forth, they scour across the grass and find
    But he felt a little guilty, perhaps because he could not identify all the specimens they had presented. At any rate, for whatever reason, he passed them.
    So there you have of my favorite literary passages about wildflowers! Posted by Beth at 10:09 PM Labels: nature reading life spring
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...
    I love these books and didn't remember this particular passage. Thanks for relating it and reminding me of days of read alouds with the kids. Great post, Barb=Harmony Art Mom February 4, 2008 9:23 AM

    20. Herbariums | Ìåäèöèíñêèé öåíòð ÊÓÍÏÅÍÄÅËÅÊ
    About Treatment Methods Drugstore Stuff herbariums Landscapes Encyclopedia herbariums. Sorry, information is not ready yet.
    Alpine Flora Taiga Flora Forest Flora Meadow Flora ... Mountain Steppe Flora
    Sorry, information is not ready yet.
    Tel.: (8-30140) 234-35

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