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  1. Walking the tightrope: Living at risk for Huntington's Disease by Randi Jones, 1996
  2. Stem Cell Symphony: A Novel by Ricki Lewis, 2008-01-03
  3. Disgust in pre-clinical Huntington's disease: A longitudinal study [An article from: Neuropsychologia] by R. Sprengelmeyer, U. Schroeder, et all
  4. A Caregiver's Handbook for Advanced-Stage Huntington's Disease by Jim Pollard, 1999
  5. Huntington disease: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 3rd ed.</i> by Liz Marshall, 2004
  6. Fetal striatal cell transplants feasible for Huntington's disease but may not be helpful.(Brief Article): An article from: Transplant News
  7. Report: Commission for the Control of Huntington's Disease and Its Consequences. Volume II: Technical Report, October, 1977
  8. Media by Topic: Media About Zhou Tong, Media About Yue Fei, List of Dwarfism Media Depictions, List of Huntington's Disease Media Depictions
  9. A home program of speech therapy in Huntington's disease.(Clinical report): An article from: Journal of Medical Speech - Language Pathology by Cheryl L. Giddens, Anton E. Coleman, et all 2010-06-01
  10. Metabolon collaborates on biomarker study for Huntington's Disease.(High Q Foundation): An article from: BIOTECH Patent News
  11. Case studies: the price of silence. (Huntington's disease and ethics; includes commentaries): An article from: The Hastings Center Report by John C. Fletcher, Dorothy Wertz, et all 1990-05-01
  12. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine: Huntington disease by Laith Farid Gulli M.D., 2002-01-01
  13. 21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Huntington's Disease - Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set) by PM Medical Health News, 2009-05-12
  14. Nutrition and Huntington's Disease, A practical guide--A multidisciplinary approach. (Book Reviews).(Book Review): An article from: Nutrition & Dietetics: ... of the Dieticians Association of Australia by Beth Rohrlach, 2002-12-01

41. Huntington’s Disease (HD)
Huntington’s disease is a rare inherited condition that causes involuntary movements, severe emotional disturbances, and a decline in mental functions.
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    Huntington’s Disease (HD)
    • Uncontrolled movements in the fingers, feet, face, or trunk, which may intensify when the person is anxious Changes in judgment and memory, such as difficulty learning new things, remembering facts, answering a question, or making a decision Mood swings Increased irritability, apathy, passivity, depression, or anger Trouble driving Changes in handwriting
    Also, as HD progresses, stumbling or lack of coordination may be noticed, and intellectual tasks become increasingly difficult.
    Diagnosing and Treating HD
    Maintaining as much physical activity as possible can help people with HD feel better physically and mentally. This content is brought by Staying Sharp, a partnership between

42. Holt Oram Syndrome
Huntingtons Disease Association Fact Sheet Index Fact Sheet One All About The Huntington s Disease Association Fact Sheet Two General Information About

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University of Virginia Health System
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    The University of Virginia Health System's Huntington's Disease program has been named a Center of Excellence for the care of patients and families affected by the disease. The designation, one of ten in the country, was given by the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA). U.Va.'s program uses a multidisciplinary approach to managing the symptoms of Huntington's Disease. In the Huntington's Disease clinic, appointments are available with a neurologist, psychiatrist, neuro-psychologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, genetic counselor and social worker. The monthly multidisciplinary clinic begins with a patient education presentation, followed by separate support group meetings for patients and family members. Huntington's disease is a rare disorder and most physicians have never cared for a patient with the disease. The clinic draws patients from hundreds of miles away. Over 100 patients have been seen since we opened in 1996, said Dr. Madaline Harrison, associate professor of neurology. Although there is no cure available yet, medications and supportive therapies can help control symptoms and maintain independence.

44. Huntington S Disease
Huntington s Disease. What is Huntington s Disease? Huntington s disease, otherwise known as HD, is the result of a genetic disorder in which the

45. Drug InfoNet - Huntingtons Disease - [huntingtoin]
Drug InfoNet is your onestop WWW site for all your healthcare informational needs. We provide both information and links to areas on the web concerning

46. Huntington’s Disease: A Disease Also Known As Huntington’s Chorea.
The word chorea is a Greek word that means dance. This refers to a characteristic of the disease which includes quick, incessant, jerky and involuntary
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Huntington’s disease
A disease also known as Huntington’s chorea.
Sylvia McGrath Apr 4, 2007
The word chorea is a Greek word that means dance. This refers to a characteristic of the disease which includes quick, incessant, jerky and involuntary movement
Signs and symptoms
  • Quick, incessant jerky and involuntary movement. Instability in both walking and moving around. Difficulty in swallowing, eating and speaking. Lack of coordination. Unable to perform daily functions. Depression.
  • Some treatments can control the signs and symptoms at present; however there is no treatment available to stop or reverse the disease.
Medications are used to control movements, violent outbursts and hallucinations. Tranquilizers are also used to control depression, other obsessive-compulsion rituals, extreme emotions and mood swings.

47. The Neurology Help Center
hearing_disorders, HIV_and_infectious_diseases, huntingtons_disease, hydrocephalus,landau_kleffner_syndrome, lennox_gesstault_syndrome,leukodystrophy,
The Neurology Help Center Home Board Members Chat Neurological Illnesses (Coming Soon) Medical Links Make a Donation! Guest Book Sponsors ... Contact Us To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to you to ask for your assistance, since I became ill with syringomyelia, spastic hemiplegia and complicated migraines, I have decided that I would like to create the following website for sufferers of neurological illnesses. Syringomyelia is a chronic disorder of the spinal cord, where cerebrospinal fluid enters the spinal cord, forming a syrinx. This syrinx often expands and elongates over time destroying the center of the spinal cord. As the nerve fibers inside the spinal cord are damaged, a wide variety of symptoms can occur depending upon the size and location of the syrinx. Spastic Hemiplegia affects one side of the body with increased tendon reflexes and spasms occurring in the affected muscles. The purpose of this website is to aid all persons suffering from any and all neurological illnesses with information and support. On this website users would be able to do the following:
  • Chat with:
    • Scheduled neurologists, nurses, psychologists and medical doctors

48. Brain Explorer - Huntington's Disease
A hereditary, adultonset, degenerative disorder of the brain. The symptoms of Huntington s disease are caused by a loss of cells in the part of the brain
Huntington's disease
back A hereditary , adult-onset, degenerative disorder of the brain. The symptoms of Huntington's disease are caused by a loss of cells in the part of the brain that controls movement. There is currently no cure for the disorder, but treatments are available to relieve some of the symptoms.

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Huntington's Disease
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Mice Research Offers Possible Approach to Stopping Huntington's Disease - 28 Jun 2004
Animal research points to possible way to treat degenerative brain disease.
Mouse Research Yields Gene Therapy Hope for Huntington's - 19 Mar 2003
Researchers turn off gene in mice that causes Huntington's in human beings.
Future promises more genetically engineered animals - 15 Jun 1998
Animal rights activists do not want researchers to use genetically engineered animals.

50. SYGNIS Pharma AG - Huntington's Disease
You are here SYGNIS Pharma AG The CNS program Indications Huntington s Disease. deutsch english. Company; The CNS program; Investor Relations
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Huntington's Disease
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51. Huntingtons Disease Topics | Huntingtons Disease News, Glossary And More - Every is a not for profit accurate Huntingtons Disease information and terminology resource, this document is about Huntingtons
Home Huntingtons Disease Terms by Name Huntingtons Disease Resources About ... Map
Huntingtons Disease Topics
Huntingtons Disease >
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May 29 (Bloomberg) Eisai Co. , the Japanese drugmaker that bought MGI Pharma Inc., will sell 120 billion yen ($1.15 billion) of debt today to finance the deal, said a Nomura Holdings Inc. banker who worked on the sale, declining to be identified before an announcement. Full Story
LOCKPORT SCHOOLS: Teacher's quick action saves student's life
There are some who think a sixth-grade teacher at Emmet Belknap Middle School might fit the definition of a hero. Full Story
Spring planting 2 weeks behind late-May average
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Merck KGaA's Erbitux May Get Edge on Avastin on Gene Mutation
Published May 28, 2008, 10:47 pm,

52. Symptoms Of Huntington’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease
Find information about the Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease.
Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease Return to Home Page Return to Symptoms Page
The symptoms of Huntington's disease include dementia and chorea. Patients can develop involuntary movements characterized by sudden jerking and grunting.
The symptoms generally develop slowly over time and can be associated with depression. The symptoms of Huntington's disease include clumsiness and forgetfulness. To view information about symptoms of Huntington’s Disease go to our Huntington’s Disease questions and answers page. To view specific information about topics related to Huntington’s Disease symptoms go to our Topics page. To view laboratory abnormalities go to our Labs page. To view the side effects of medication associated with the treatment of Huntington’s Disease go to our Pharmacology page. To s earch Flash-Med's questions and answers for your key words go to our Page. To view the and differential diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease symptoms go to our Medicine Methods page.

53. Huntingtons Disease - Neurological Disorders Information
Huntingtons Disease on Neurological Disorders Information.
Huntingtons Disease - Health Diseases and Conditions. Quick Links: Cancer Depression Anxiety Diabetes ... Neurological Disorders > Huntingtons Disease Huntingtons Disease Submit Your Site
CureHD Foundation

A charity site aiming to spread awareness, information, and news about Huntington's disease.
HDSA, Arizona Chapter

Contains general information about Huntington's disease and specific information about this chapter's fund raisers and events.
Huntington's Disease Advocacy Center

Information, questions and answers, problem-sharing, personal experiences and articles on Huntington's disease.
Huntington's Disease Association UK

Supports people affected by the disease and provides information and advice to professionals.
Huntington's Disease Society of America
Research, assistance, and education. International Huntington Association Federation of national voluntary health agencies. The Huntington's Disease Lighthouse Current information on treatments, drugs, support
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  • 54. - All Articles Tagged As: Huntingtons Disease
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    All Articles Tagged As: huntingtons disease
    'Intrabody' can mop up mutant protein in Huntington's disease model (5/27/2008)
    Scientists have created a tool for mopping up the clumps of mutant protein that drive neurodegeneration in Huntington's disease. Emory University researchers engineered a virus to make an intracellular antibody or "intrabody" against huntingtin, the protein whose mutant forms poison the brain cells of people with Huntington's. ...> Full Article
    RNA Toxicity Contributes to Neurodegenerative Disease, Scientists Say (5/25/2008)
    Expanding on prior research, biologists have determined that faulty RNA, the blueprint that creates mutated, toxic proteins, contributes to a family of neurodegenerative disorders in humans. ...> Full Article
    Researchers Develop First Transgenic Monkey with Huntington's Disease (5/22/2008)
    In the first study of its kind, researchers have developed the first transgenic nonhuman primate model of Huntington's disease (HD), one of the most devastating human neurodegenerative diseases. ...> Full Article
    Researchers uncover mechanism of action of antibiotic able to reduce neuronal cell death in brain (5/12/2008)
    Researchers have discovered how an antibiotic works to modulate the activity of a neurotransmitter that regulates brain functions, which eventually could lead to therapies to treat Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, epilepsy, stroke, dementia and malignant gliomas ...>

    55. Huntington’s Disease - Natural Health Glossary -
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    56. Anxiety Zone - Huntington's Disease
    Huntington s disease or Huntington s chorea is an inherited disorder characterized by abnormal body movements called chorea, and loss of memory.
    Anxiety Zone Forums Login Register Announcements ... Community Guidelines
    - Click on the banner above to visit the Anxiety Zone forums - Huntington's disease Huntington's disease or Huntington's chorea is an inherited disorder characterized by abnormal body movements called chorea, and loss of memory. We also have evidence that doctors as far back as the Middle Ages knew of this devastating disease. The incidence is 5 to 8 per 100,000. It takes its name from the New York physician George Huntington who first described it precisely in 1872. Short Summary by Abhinav Jain Bridgewater Raritan Regional High School Symptoms Genetics The causative gene (one of the first identified to cause an inherited disease) is located on chromosome 4. Huntington's disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion. The autosomal dominant fashion means that the a recipient of the gene only needs one allele to inherit the disease. Most genetic diseases are autosomal recessive meaning that they need two alleles to inherit the disease. The dominant nature of Huntington's disease increases the chance of the disease occurring in offspring. A parent who has the disorder has a 50% chance of passing on the gene with each child. The product of this gene is a 350 kDa cytoplasmic protein called huntingtin. The continuous aggregation of huntingtin molecules in neuronal cells gives rise to cell death, especially in the frontal lobes and the basal ganglia (mainly in the caudate nucleus) by some unknown mechanism. Huntingtin has a characteristic sequence of fewer than 40 glutamine (CAG amino acid) residues in the normal form; the mutated huntingtin causing the disease has more than 40 residues. The severity of the disease is proportional to the number of extra residues.

    57. Huntingtons Disease - Health & Wellbeing - Directory
    1. Huntingtons Disease Association South Yorkshire Branch Open New Window. The Huntington Disease Association (South Yorkshire) aims to give friendly
    Web Search Images Videos Directory The World Advanced Search Directory Huntingtons Disease Sponsored Results Huntingtons Disease Find all the health advice and information you need at NHS Choices Huntingtons ... Directory Results Listed by Popularity: Sites 1-10 of 24 Huntingtons Disease Association: South Yorkshire Branch The Huntington Disease Association (South Yorkshire) aims to give friendly informal support and, if possible, help and advice to people with Huntingtons, their families and their carers within the branch area which covers South Yorkshire, North Notts. and Lincs. Huntingdons Disease Scotland Huntington's Disease Society of America: HDSA Home Page Research, assistance, and education. Huntington's Disease Support Information First, I would like to say that this resource is not meant to replace the wonderful support that is available from all of the HDSA Chapters, HD Support Huntington's Disease Lighthouse Current information on treatments, drugs, support and patient resources.

    58. Huntingtons Disease Definition | Define Huntingtons Disease | What Is It?
    Huntingtons Disease meaning including Huntingtons Disease definition and what Huntingtons Disease actually means!
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    Huntingtons Disease
    What is it? A late but variable age onset lethal human disease of nerve degeneration. Inherited as an autosomal dominant phenotype. Shows imprinting individuals inheriting HD from their father show significantly earlier onset than those inheriting a maternal allele. Shows genetic anticipation, in that the severity increase and age of onset decreases in affected individuals of later generations in a pedigree. The HD gene, encoding a protein called huntingtin, has been cloned.
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    59. U Talk Health Huntington's Disease
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      Huntington's Disease
      C2-8 battles the brain illness, mouse study shows
      Dopamine-reducing med shows promise in mice
      Finding may spur treatments for fatal nervous system disorder
      Progressive neurological illness may stem from lipid overdelivery
      Enzyme critical to maintenance of cell health could hold key, study finds
      But researcher notes finding is preliminary
      Researchers find link between competing theories of brain damage
      Turning off gene in mice prevented damage of similar neurological disease How Nerve Cells Grow
      Researchers discover protein that could help rebuild nerves after injury, disease Cell Malfunction Clue to Disease Study looks at one way that Huntington's disease affects brain nerve cells ctxt_ad_interface = ''; ctxt_ad_width = 336; ctxt_ad_height = 280; ctxt_ad_source = 'npc_coxnews_palmbeachpost_t1_ctxt'; ctxt_ad_config = '1435184754'; ctxt_ad_id = 'health'; ctxt_ad_type = ctxt_ad_id; /* ctxt_ad_url is set in the "yahoourl.js" script */ ctxt_ad_css = ''; Place An Ad 24/7 Build a classified ad Advertise With Us : In print and online NEWS Archives back to 1987 Blogs: Sports, Business, Pets, More

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