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         Iraq History:     more books (99)
  1. A History of Iraq by Charles Tripp, 2007-09-18
  2. Understanding Iraq: The Whole Sweep of Iraqi History, from Genghis Khan's Mongols to the Ottoman Turks to the British Mandate to the American Occupation by William R. Polk, 2006-03-01
  3. Inventing Iraq: The Failure of Nation Building and a History Denied by Toby Dodge, 2005-10-30
  4. What Was Asked of Us: An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It by Trish Wood, 2007-11-02
  5. Iraq: A Political History from Independence to Occupation by Adeed Dawisha, 2009-02-17
  6. From Mesopotamia to Iraq: A Concise History by Hans J. Nissen, Peter Heine, 2009-09-30
  7. Baghdad at Sunrise: A Brigade Commander's War in Iraq (Yale Library of Military History) by Col. Peter R. Mansoor, 2009-09-29
  8. Ancient Iraq: Third Edition (Penguin History) by Georges Roux, 1993-03-01
  9. A Short History of Iraq 2nd edition (2nd Edition) by Thabit Abdullah, 2010-10-07
  10. The Secret History of the Iraq War by Yossef Bodansky, 2005-05-31
  11. A People's History of Iraq: The Iraqi Communist Party, Workers' Movements and the Left 1924-2004 by Ilario Salucci, 2005-04-01
  12. The Surge: A Military History by Kimberly Kagan, 2008-10-25
  13. The Modern History of Iraq by Phebe Marr, 2011-04-26
  14. Hammer from Above: Marine Air Combat Over Iraq by Jay Stout, 2006-12-26

1. Iraq History - WikIraqi
See picture of Rashid Ali http// Retrieved from http// . Category History
Iraq History
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2. Halifax Peace Coalition
The Halifax Peace Coalition provides a voice to Atlantic Canadians more. Do you have something to say to a government representative?
The Halifax Peace Coalition provides a voice to Atlantic Canadians... more Do you have something to say to a government representative?
We have over 100 links to organizations, sites and sources... more Many important documents are available in pdf, text and photo file formats... more Our 'archives' tells you what we've been up to since the start of HPC.
IRAQ HISTORY Operation Destroy Iraq and Steal its Oil
Canada's Complicity
from an HPC pamphlet produced for the March 20 Day of Action
Jan 16, 1991
After undermining any possibility of a negotiated settlement, the US-led "coalition of the willing" launches the first Gulf War. Operation Desert Storm was the most intensive bombing campaign in history, using conventional bombs, cluster bombs, napalm and phosphorous bombs, fuel air explosives, and depleted uranium-tipped missiles. Iraq's two major cities were heavily bombed, and civilian infrastructure was deliberately targeted, including electricity, water purification, and sewage treatment plants, a deadly form of biological warfare.

3. Real History And What The Iraq War Was Fought For
The new USapproved textbooks for Iraqi school children effectively eliminate the history of modern Iraq.
The International Campaign for Real History Posted Thursday, November 6, 2003
Index to the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech
Alphabetical index (text)
Quick navigation Mr Irving, take me to ... ... your main alphabetical index ... your current newsletter ... where you will be speaking ... news on your legal battles ... you and your family ... your career so far ... how to buy your books ... free downloads of your books ... how to help your fighting fund ... your letters to the press ... your publishing Home Page Thursday, November 6, 2003 Deleting Iraq's History by Bob Allen ACCORDING to a November 4 Christian Science Monitor article the new US-approved textbooks for Iraqi school children effectively eliminate the history of modern Iraq. According to the article the imperial edition of Iraqi history deletes "any content considered 'controversial,' including the 1991 Gulf War; the Iran-Iraq war; and all references to Israelis, Americans, or Kurds." Another subject written out the textbooks is the UN sanctions on Iraq. US officials and members of the occupation's Ministry of Education worked on the revisions in a series of meetings over the summer at UNESCO and UNICEF offices. "Entire swaths of 20th-century history have been deleted," says

4. Iraq: From Kingdom To Islamic Socialism
(http// The Regent s government made many political blunders, like supporting a British defense pack called the
Iraq: From Kingdom To Islamic Socialism King Faisal I, first sovereign ruler of Iraqi Kingdom In 1927, discovery of huge oil fields near Karkuk brought many improvements to Iraq. The Iraqis granted oil rights to the Iraqi Petroleum Company -a British dominated, multinational firm. Iraq used oil to its advantage, which led to an increase in the government's revenues, as well as helping to boost the Iraqi economy. Iraq was soon able to build roads, public buildings with oil money. Iraq was on the road to prosperity. After King Faisal I passed away in 1933, his son Crwon Prince Ghazi I was proclaimed King of Iraq. The young King Faisal II, the last Hachemite ruler of civilized Iraq
By far not the first, nor unfortunately the last of the butchers: the socialist barbarian in charge of Iraq today, Saddam Hussein.
Article by:
Cristian Subiabre, with inferences from Iraq History and Culture

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7. The Muslims Internet Directory: Iraq History
http// (Added Jan,01,01, Votes 0, Hits 20, Recommended ). History and culture form Noah to present.
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Iraq History
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Iraq History (Added: Jan,01,01, Votes: 0, Hits: 24, Recommended: ) History and culture form Noah to present. Review It Rate It Recommend It Bookmark It ... Details..

8. Iraq History - تاريخ العر&
Iraq History and Culture from the cradle of civilization and Noah to the present age and time!
SEARCH Google:
Web Site Sponsored Links Iraq Heads of State UN Documents Investment Center Search Page ... Blog Search -
Iraq History The Cradle of Civilization In ancient times the land area now known as modern Iraq was almost equivalent to Mesopotamia the land between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates (in Arabic, the Dijla and Furat, respectively), the
Mesopotamian plain was called the Fertile Crescent. This region is known as the Cradle of Civilization; was the birthplace of the varied civilizations that moved us from prehistory to history. An advanced civilization flourished in this region long before that of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, for it was here in about 4000BC that the Sumerian culture flourished The civilized life that emerged at Sumer was shaped by two conflicting factors: the unpredictability of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which at any time could unleash devastating floods that wiped out entire peoples, and the extreme richness of the river valleys, caused by centuries-old deposits of soil. Thus, while the river valleys of southern Mesopotamia attracted migrations of neighboring peoples and made possible, for the first time in history, the growing of surplus food, the volatility of the rivers necessitated a form of collective management to protect the marshy, low-lying land from flooding.

9. Moqtada Sadr On The Warpath Again? [Archive] - Armchair General And HistoryNet >
(http// The area was known for the divergent peoples that lived there, and how they had lived in peace, Zionist,

10. Anonymoses Hyperlincoln III 03/23/2003 - 03/30/2003
http// http// The Eridu Genesis The following excerpt is taken from The Harps That
@import url(""); @import url("");
Anonymoses Hyperlincoln III
Smelling the Invisible Secret
My StumbleUpon Page
Thursday, March 27, 2003
Stumble It! posted by MrWondrous @ 3/27/2003 08:25:00 PM postCount('91515223'); postCountTB('91515223');
Wednesday, March 26, 2003
When we were "doing well by doing good", we had the world as cheerleaders...since our benefit was their benefit. And we were truly concerned about both.
Bush, however, could simply take up the mantle of CLINTON. No, no! He must take the torch and run in the opposite direction.
Even the I Ching talks about this strange aspect of reality...fueled basically by "ego" or "small mind".
We just call him Chimpy.
If Clinton liked clean air and water, WE will hate it. If Clinton fought for Peace, we will fight for War.
On and on and on.
Only thing...Clinton was objectively correct. He comported with the will of Nature, and Humanity. Even Spirit.
And got a blowjob to boot!

11. UFOs // Aliens // Humans // Life // Goodness -- Aliens UFOs Videos Downloads
http// 10. Quote And that thing over there is what we call the Colossus of Oguram(sp) in Mare Crisium.
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Date Posted:
Wednesday, November 26, 03:38:17am
Author: MarkedSecrets
Subject: UFOs // Aliens // Humans // Life // Goodness
Hi everyone!
I'm glad to see this forum and thread.
I've been studying astronomy, reading all the UFO books and researching the UFO researchers for years now.
Also chatting in alien and UFO Usenet NewsGroups for 3 years
under the nickname 'Sir Horry Patter' then 'Sir Gilligan Horry'.
I love America for many reasons including giving us Usenet NewsGroups.
(we have a lot of fun chatting there, well, sometimes fun, sometimes spooky)

12. InkWell, Inc.
InkWell, Inc. Professional Writing and Editing For information about my projects and services, please see my website. This page is dedicated to my Black
InkWell, Inc.
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For information about my projects and services, please see my website
This page is dedicated to my Black Market Jihad project.
Black Market Jihad
How the Looting of Iraq is Reshaping the World

a documentary
Teresa Cutler
Email me

Iraq Archaeology Looting of Iraq Ongoing Looting General Information Teresa Cutler InkWell, Inc.
  • link link
  • A very short History of Ancient Iraq Present-day Iraq is part of ancient Mesopotamia, a word that means 'between the rivers,' what we call the Fertile Crescent, and home to the world's first known civilizations starting with the Sumerian, the Akkadian, the Babylonian and the Assyrian. The names of kings and cities, as well as myths and legends of all kinds resonate with people throughout the world, no matter their religion or heritage. Science, mathematics, law, philosophy, art... The Tower of Babel... the Garden of Eden... Alexander the Great... all of these and thousands more names from this area ring through history.

    13. Iraq Genealogy
    http// Miscellaneous Resources. 007 Web Directory Genealogy; Adoption Resources



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    TheFamilyHistoryStore Libraries, Archives Family History Library Catalog - Iraq Family History Centers LDS/Mormons Societies Newspapers Space Iraq Genealogy NEW! Start Your Family Tree For FREE! - Click Here!!! Census, Voter and Tax Records Military Records

    14. Iraq History
    Ghazi Kais Rayih alAttia. +447909662244. n. Baghdad Investment and Development in Iraq . n. Iraq History. A Brief History
    Ghazi Kais Rayih al-Attia
    "Investment and Development in Iraq"
    Iraq History
    A Brief History
    In 2340 BC, the great Akkadian military leader, Sargon, conquered Sumer and built an Akkadian empire stretching over most of the Sumerian city-states and extending as far away as Lebanon. Sargon based his empire in the city of Akkad, which became the basis of the name of his people.
    But Sargon's ambitious empire lasted for only a blink of an eye in the long time spans of Mesopotamian history. In 2125, the Sumerian city of Ur in southern Mesopotamia rose up in revolt, and the Akkadian empire fell before a renewal of Sumerian city-states. Mesopotamia is the suspected spot known as the "Garden of Eden." Ur of the Chaldees, and that's where Abraham came from, (that's just north of the traditional site of the Garden of Eden, about twenty-five miles northeast of Eridu, at present Mughair), was a great and famous Sumerian city, dating from this time. Predating the Babylonian by about 2,000 years, was Noah, who lived in Fara, 100 miles southeast of Babylon (from Bab-ili, meaning "Gate of God"). The early Assyrians, some of the earliest people there, were known to be warriors, so the first wars were fought there, and the land has been full of wars ever since. The Assyrians were in the northern part of Mesopotamia and the Babylonians more in the middle and southern part.

    15. Iraq: History
    Scholastic Inc. Customer Service; Privacy Policy. Scholastic. Teachers Parents Kids Shop. Product Information; Administrators; Librarians
    imgRoot = "/universal/images/"; People Land Economy Cities ... Government History Iraq: History
    From Grolier's The New Book of Knowledge This stone pillar originally stood in the town of Babylon. It depicts Hammurabi, the 6th king of Babylonia. (Photo Courtesy of Early History. The land now known as Iraq has been called the Cradle of Civilization. The ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians all developed great empires in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. At later times, it was ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, and the Ottoman Turks. Under the Abbasid rulers (750-1258), Baghdad became a center of learning for the entire Muslim world. But the Mongols invaded the region in 1258, leading to its decline. The Ottoman Turks, after a long struggle, won Baghdad and the Tigris and Euphrates Valley from Persia in 1638. The region remained a part of the vast Ottoman Empire until the end of World War I, in 1918. Creation of Iraq. After World War I, Great Britain was given control of the region as a mandate of the League of Nations (the forerunner of today’s United Nations, or UN). The mandate period lasted from 1920 to 1932, when Iraq became an independent constitutional monarchy under King Faisal I.

    16. Iraq_Baghdad
    Note Historical information partially provided from http//www.encyclopedia. com/html/section/iraq_history.asp. 2006. Detachment Commander Watchstanders
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    17. Iraq History | The News Is
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    Iraq History
    by plawiuk add comment Upload
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    As America reconstructs Iraq in the image of Halliburton, we should perhaps review the history of the cradle of civilization that is currently being divided into sectarian states in preparation for becoming a Market State. Iraq three years later: A glance back from the 19th century until today Laurie King-Irani, Electronic Iraq (22 March 2006) Source: !domain Go to original story
    March 23, 2006 at 10:04 am by plawiuk , 512 views, add comment in Iraq archaeology cradle of civilization Iraq history ... Market State Digg AddToAny
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    plawiuk is reporting from
    Alberta Canada Canada
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    18. - IRAQ - 88 - Male - Baghdad The Capital, IE -
    Economic development until the war. * Saddam gets to the power in Iraq. (1979) * War with Iran. ( 19801988) http//

    19. Not Found - Social Studies School Service
    Full Text Link http// UN Resolution 660 Full Text Link http//
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    20. Iraq History
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    Essays about Iraq History
    History or Iraq
    ... STATE DEPT HISTORY Once known as Mesopotamia, Iraq was the site of flourishing ancient civilizations, including the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Parthian cultures ... IRAQ
    IRAQ History has many times been tainted with the blood of war. Lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed, and families have been torn apart. ... My Familys brief history Ail lived and died in north of Iraq 100 years ago. ... This is the reason that we as great grand children dont know if we have any relative in north of Iraq. ... FranceIraq ... France has a long history with Iraq. ... Because France has a long history with Iraq, France is home to over four million Muslims who seek vengeance. Pg. ... The History of News, its Corruption, and What Should Be Done ... Journalism continued throughout history only through wordofmouth for a very long ... are reporting whether about the election or the war in Iraq is favoring ... Iraq and Kuwait ... I. Kuwait and Iraqs Geographic History 1.The significance of the location of both countries has been the basis for many disputes between the two countries. ... The Outline of Political Persuasion ... In the same paragraph, the President lists the dangerous weapons Iraq possesses, and its history of willingness to use them. He ...

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