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         Magellan Ferdinand Explorer:     more books (77)
  1. Ferdinand Magellan (Explorers) by Jon Noonan, 1993-05
  2. A world explorer: Ferdinand Magellan (World explorer books) by Lynn Groh, 1963
  3. Ferdinand Magellan (A World Explorer Book) by Lynn Groh, 1963-10-01
  4. Ferdinand Magellan: First Explorer Around the World (Explorers) by Arlene Bourgeois Molzahn, 2003-03
  5. Ferdinand Magellan (Famous Explorers) by Claude Hurwicz, 2001-07
  6. Ferdinand Magellan (Great Explorers (Milwaukee, Wis.).) by Tony Bastable, 2003-07
  7. Ferdinand Magellan: World Explorer by Linda Barr, 2004-01
  8. Ferdinand Magellan (Great Explorers) by Rachel A. Koestler-Grack, 2009-08-30
  9. The Travels of Ferdinand Magellan (Explorers and Exploration) by Joanne Mattern, 2000-07
  10. A World Explorer : Ferdinand Magellan by Illustrations by Robert Doremus Lynn Groh, 1963
  11. Portuguese Explorers: Ferdinand Magellan
  12. Ferdinand Magellan, the Explorer by Vargie Johnson, 2006-03-09
  13. Ferdinand Magellan (Explorers Set 2) by Kristin Petrie, 2007-02
  14. Ferdinand Magellan (A World Explorer) by Lynn Groh, 1963

1. 2007 November | Johnny Mestizo
magellan_ferdinand_explorer.jpg Back in March 1521 a Purtugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan under and crew were the first Europeans to arrive to the
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