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         Math Software:     more books (105)
  1. Math 1-2 Software by School Zone Publishing Company Staff, 2004-02-01
  2. Collins New Primary Maths: Software 6+
  3. Math You Can't Use: Patents, Copyright, and Software by Ben Klemens, 2005-12
  4. Math Basics (School Zone) by School Zone Interactive Staff, 2003-09-01
  5. Math Connects, Grade 5, StudentWorks Plus CD-ROM by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, 2008-07-12
  6. Software 4 (Collins New Primary Maths)
  7. software FOCUS ON MATH.(Software Review)(Evaluation): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by Sabrina Tillman, 2001-04-01
  8. Focus on math, statistics and data analysis.(10 computer programs) (Software)(Product Announcement): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by William Willis, 1998-03-01
  9. Endmark's: MindTwister Math.(Software Review)(Evaluation): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by Stefani Hite, 2000-06-01
  10. Software F (Collins New Primary Maths)
  11. TestWorks Test and Practice Software Math Grade 2 (User's Guide) (TestWorks, Grade 2 MATH)
  12. Software 2 (Collins New Primary Maths)
  13. Math, simplified.(Tools for Schools)(software for math education): An article from: Curriculum Review by Unavailable, 2009-11-01
  14. SW helps ESL students, increases self-esteem. (Turbo Math Facts software from Nordic Software boosts performance of English as Second Language students ... (Technological Horizons In Education)

1. Software - SINTEF
This page can be reached at http// Over many years, we have developed software libraries as part of research and industrial
Employee search: Freetext search: Print Sitemap Home About us ... Contact us You are here: Home Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Applied Mathematics Research Areas ... Contact us
This page can be reached at: Over many years, we have developed software libraries as part of research and industrial projects. The most important of these that are available for other developers are listed below.
Libraries and source code available online
  • SISL - "The SINTEF Spline Library" Description Source code (GPL license)
    "SISL" a comprehensive NURBS library for the modeling and interrogation of curves and surfaces. It is implemented in C and has been under continuous development over two decades. TTL - "Triangulation Template Library" Description Source code (QPL license)
    "TTL" is a library for operations related to triangulations. TTL is not dependent on a specific data structure, but can be adapted to any type of triangulation defined by the user. Delaunay triangulation, add/remove nodes and search/traversing are examples of tools. The code is implemented in C++. MBA - "Multilevel B-spline Approximation Library" - version 1.1

2. The Pile -- Some Messages From Some Public Discussions About Open Software: Math
math_software. This is part of The Pile, a partial archive of some open source mailing lists and newsgroups. Subject Re FW MATLAB clone From Orlando San
This is part of The Pile , a partial archive of some open source mailing lists and newsgroups. the rest of The Pile (a partial mailing list archive)

3. Math Software Software
Switch Manager Pro 2.31 A real timesaving add-on for Internet Explorer that speeds up browser navigation and cleans up your taskbar.
Switch Manager Pro 2.31
NeoCalendarIII 3.0.0

Freeware Shareware Demo Commercial
Example: Download Accelerator New TOP Most popular ...
Math software software Related keywords: software Software math RAD Software ... Web Development Number of references on page: Language: Any English German French Italian ... Spanish License: Any Freeware Shareware Demo Adware ... Data Only Installation: Any Install and Uninstall Install Only No Install Support Uninstall Only Operational system: Any Windows 95 ME NT XP ... Mac
Search result: programs found: AceMoney 3.8.3 ( difference between actual and budgeted values. Do your financial math in multiple currencies, painlessly - the software Software
Go to category: Business
Similar programs
Science Helper For Ms Word 2.2 ( Helper for Ms Word is a type of implemental software for making physics, chemistry, math
Go to category: Business
Similar programs
Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion CAD/GIS SDK 2.55 ( Software development kit for CAD/CAM/ GIS and graphic software developers. Converts from raster to vector and refines architect, mechanical, tech drawing, maps, math
Go to category: Development Similar programs ESBMathsLib 1.0.0

4. 535 Manually Selected Sites About Math Software
math Software. CBEL 533 math Software Science Technology sites, last updated on 2 January 2008. Pages AD Pages EH Pages IO Pages PS Pages TZ
math Software
CBEL >> 535 math Software sites, last updated on 31 March 2008
Pages A-D

Pages E-H

Pages I-O

Pages P-S
Spline Forte

Calculator Express Math Formulas

Multi-Function Calculator


Programmable Mathematics Freeware
... X-Bc - a GUI to bc Graphing Plot 3D CurvusPro 3D Grapher MathGrapher ... GetData Graph Digitizer Graphing (part 2) FooPlot Autograph Cradle Fields Create a Graph ... Analysis Maple Hypertext Maple Tutorial Maple V Application Center Multivariable Calculus with Maple Maple at MIT ... Maple Explorations for Differentia... Typesetting MathCast KFormula Editors and Typesetting Rapid-Pi ... Swift Simulators SimGrav Cosmo Lab Sodaplay Tacoma Narrows Bridge Simulation MATLAB Spatial and Geometric Analysis Toolbox Signal Processing Toolbox Factor Analysis Toolbox EpsTk ... Modal Control and LFTs MATLAB (part 2) MOSEK Optimization Toolbox MPEG for MATLAB Multiflash for MATLAB NetCDF Toolbox Home Page ... Software Techniques Inc. Graphing Gnuplot Gnuplot Central Gnuplot 3.7 Manual GnuplotFortran Gnuplotme: Gnuplot Made Easy ... Gnuplot Wiki Octave GNU Octave Wikipedia: GNU Octave Octaviz Matlab/Octave Compatibility Packages ... GNU Octave Repository Calculators Slide Rules A Slide Rule for Windows Slide.exe

5. Computers And Physics On The Web
of the resources listed here might be accessible only from local computers. The URL for this list is http//
Computers and Physics on the Web
This is a very informal compilation of Web sites with information about software for solving problems in physics. Pointers to some additional potentially relevant information are also included.
This compilation has been prepared for physics students at Tel-Aviv University and some of the resources listed here might be accessible only from local computers.
The URL for this list is

6. Math Software
Black line. Black line. http// Last revised 03/10/08. Author Dr. Patricia Deubel.
Are you confused by terms that educators use? The Lexicon of Learning might be just what you need.
Math Software
Our collection of products to help your students master mathematical concepts continues to grow. After viewing our list of titles, link to details. The product descriptions and additional comments provided are intended to serve as a guide for software selection. Correlations to national and state standards are provided where possible, as well as contact information. Email us directly with your favorite math title and publisher and a few words on why you really like the software. Evaluate and tell us about the instructional and technical features of math software you use. When you submit your form, results will automatically be emailed to CT4ME. Need More Help? See... More on Our Collection Many of the software titles included in our software index are being used in districts in Ohio and across the U.S. Our database began with a list of software products collected from a survey of 13 mid-sized urban districts in Ohio during 1999-2000.

7. Computer Systems And Network Management Center
\\serv\pub\math_software\Matlab6.1\installation_readme.rtf. and reading it. Note 1) In our computer lab s computers one can work with Matlab 6.1.
MATLAB MATLAB is an integrated technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualisation, and a high-level programming language. Whatever the objective - an algorithm, analysis, graph, report, or simulation - MATLAB gets you there. The flexible, interactive MATLAB language lets engineers and scientists express their technical ideas simply. The extensive and powerful numeric computing methods and graphics allow testing and exploring alternative ideas easily, while the integrated development environment makes it easy to produce fast, practical results. The current METU licensed version Matlab 6.1 runs on MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000, AIX and Linux platforms. You can run MATLAB on narwhal, rorqual, orca, and beluga. (the same as Maple with the command matlab) In order to use Matlab 6.1 on MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000, one can initiate the installation of Matlab 6.1 by entering the command the following command from Start/Run : and reach the details of this installation ( password, configuration, etc) by running and reading it.

8. Math Software
Silicon Graphics Origin2000usr/news/math_software Last Modified Novemeber 13, 2001. NCSA home page University of Illinois home page
Contact Us Intranet
User Information Home
Compute Resources


Math Libraries
Strategic Applications Program

NCSA's Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year:
View by Date ; View by Name
Math Software
November 13, 2001 Version 4.0 of the IMSL Fortran and C libraries have been installed on modi4. The documentation for this installation is in Before using this software, users can access the libraries easily by sourcing the following file: source /usr/apps/math/vni/imsl/CTT4.0/ctt/bin/cttsetup.csh Please read about the new libraries in the web page above. Send comments and observations to . - August 15, 2001 Information on the current status and web based documentation to the numerical software on modi4 can be found at: - August 13, 2001 NAG ASLI release 6 has been installed on modi4. Please check out the new version by typing: source /usr/apps/math/nag19/nag.init before using the software. Most older versions of the libraries have been left available to the users so check which version you are using by looking first at the nag.init file above. As usual users can see usage info at

9. Math Software
Explore topics in mathematics using online math software.
Math Software
Enter your search terms Web Submit search form Online Math Calculators and Solvers
Online Geometry Calculators and Solvers

Precalculus Tutorials

Graphing Functions
Free graph paper

Online mathematical software in the form of applets to explore and gain deep understanding of topics in mathematics including calculus, precalculus, geometry, trigonometry and statistics.

10. Ohio Distinctive Online
Kids Educational Games; Creative Arts Geography Language Learning Math, Logic Memory Science Spelling, Vocabulary Grammar Typing
Search the store:
Join the 8000 teachers and 1,000,000 parents, grandparents, children, and friends who have purchased the Ohio Distinctive brand of fun learning products. Our award-winning products are used in households and schools across America.
There are Robob's Qubetronic Quizimajig
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Our low price:
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Windows version Mac OS X version Mac OS 9 version Magnificent Marlena's Mind-Bending Magic Show
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11. Best Free Math Downloads. Divmath Kids Math Online Game. Kids Math Lesson Plans
Math software Math games and Puzzles. Math Games, Buildbug kids math online game, Math puzzles. Interactive education and more.
Search for:
Advanced Search

LATEST REVIEW Easy FlashMaker (SWF Creator) An easy way to create unsophisticated Flash movies. Business Communications Desktop Enhancements Developer Tools ...
Math software: Math games and Puzzles. Math Games, Buildbug kids math online game, Math puzzles. Interactive education and more.
Related popular searches: world saver 3d data widgets popup message converter html ...
ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 2.2.0
ESB Consultancy Released: May 13, 2008
Rating: Not rated
Statistical Analysis and Inference Software for Windows covering everything from Average, Mode and Variance through to Hypothesis Analysis, Time Series and Linear Regression. Includes Online Help, Tutorials, Graphs, Summaries, Import/Export, Customisable Interface, Calculator, Live Spell Check, Install/Uninstall and much more.
Platforms: Business Type: Shareware Cost: $79.00 US Size: 6715 K Download:

Keywords: Statistical software statistical statistics software analysis ... Math Homework Help 1.0 MyGeekyTutor Released: May 05, 2008

12. Math Software
Subject FAPG software question. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to use your PC for doing calculus problems? My college daughter is having a hard time
Friedreich's Ataxia Parents Group Subject: FAPG: software question Does anyone have a suggestion on how to use your PC for doing calculus problems?
My college daughter is having a hard time with a prof who insists they show all work and she can barely write. She is going to use a scribe but it is still going to be time consuming. Thanks, NV
I had the same problems in high school/college. I'd end up using word processor to insert my work after I got the answer. That became too difficult for the visual/ more advanced maths and sciences. So I used Mathcad in college. ( ) It worked very well for showing my work and as a good calculator too. AK (FA) (My son) has had to use his laptop since 6th grade, including all his various mathematics and statistics classes. Within Microsoft Word is a sub-program called Equation Editor. (We just bought the latest version to upgrade him and you have to load Equation Editor from the accessory pack.) This is a marvelous program that has allowed Phillip to produce detailed equations in all forms of mathematics, even trig and calculus symbols and formats are in there. You can do EVERYTHING using key-strokes if you want (as opposed to using the mouse) and when you look at P zooming through one of these equations using just keystrokes you would be very impressed. Yes, there is a
learning curve, but it is well worth it because they can do anything, and show all their work. (P would actually work through a problem within EE, because he couldn't use a pencil well enough to work it out on paper.) P has always used a Mac, but I assume the program works just as well on a PC. Your daughter will find it a lifesaver. Good Luck, VB

13. Computer In Education -- Math Software
Computers Software Educational (577); Science Math Education Java Applets (22); Science Math Software (585); Science Math Statistics Software (133
EDinformatics Home Page
Computers in Education Math Software
Computers in Education : Math Software
See also: Sites:
  • AcaStat Software - Statistical software.
  • Aces Research, Inc. - Multimedia mathematics software for consumers and educators.
  • Algebra Avenue - A tutorial program designed to provide online algebra homework help created by certified math instructors.
  • Algebra Helper - Software that helps with pre-algebra and algebra homework assignments. It provides solution steps and explanations for any problem entered by the student.
  • Algebra Homework Helper - Allows students to enter their own algebra homework problems, and then solves them step-by-step , while generating explanations.
  • Arithmetic CD - Basic K-8 arithmetic lessons with explanations, interactive practice, and challenge games.
  • Atom for Scotland - Scottish higher mathematics units interactive program for home study or classroom teaching.
  • Autograph - Dynamic software for teaching coordinate geometry and statistics.

14. Science Resource World - Mathematics Software And Computing
Science Resource World Math, Mathematics software and computing. Find software and computing resources in mathematics. Science Resource World features
Sciences Anthropology / Archaeology Astronomy / Space Biology Chemistry ... Robotics Resources Companies Organizations Publications Industries Aerospace / Space Biotechnology Energy Education Science Education Student Central
Mathematics Software and Computing
Home Mathematics Mathematics Software and Computing Math Software Online Mathematics Computing See Also: Scientific, Mathematical, and Engineering Software
Math Software
Comsol Multiphysics (Formerly Femlab)
A finite-element based program for simulating unlimited multiphysics and single-physics applications Mathematica
Full mathematical software package for professional research and students from Wolfram Research Matlab
Mathematical and computational environment for math solving and data analysis from The Mathworks OriginLab
Professional graphing and data analysis software for scientists and engineers Sigmaplot
Technical graphing and analysis tool for professional quality graphing Systat
Comprehensive statistics software tool See Also:
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Online Mathematics Computing Tool and Applets

15. Download DPlot Free - Education::Mathematics
graph_software graph_software math_software math_software math_software science_software science_software science_software engineering_software
Categories : Education Mathematics DPlot Publisher HydeSoft Computing, LLC Published Date License Shareware Price 45 USD Size 3992 KB. Graphing software for scientists, engineers, and students. It features multiple scaling types, including linear, logarithmic, and probability scales, as well as several special purpose XY graphs and contour plots of 3D data.
Download Now!
Description From Publisher
DPlot is a general purpose graphing program designed for scientists, engineers, and students. It features multiple scaling types, including linear, logarithmic, and probability scales, as well as several special purpose graphs: tripartite grids (shock spectra), grain size distribution plots, polar plots, contour plots of 3D data, and box-and-whisker plots and dot graphs of one or more 1D samples. Manipulation functions include FFT, filtering, and smoothing. Data can be input via file, copied from the clipboard, generated by an equation within DPlot, sent to DPlot from Excel via the supplied Add-In, or sent to DPlot via dynamic data exchange. Source code for example Visual Basic and C demo driver programs are included. Supported OS
Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP

16. University Of Maine At Farmington Center For Assistive Technology -- Math Softwa
University of Maine at Farmington Center for Assistive Technology Software Math.
Mathematics Software
(Note: This software is for previewing purposes only. Software cannot be signed out of the Assistive Technology Center) Return to the Center for Assistive Technology
. Farmington, Maine, 04938
Phone: (207) 778-7260 TDD: (207) 778-7000
Email contact: Dr. Loraine J. Spenciner
Last Updated 02/23/2004 09:42 AM

17. Educational Math Software
Homeschool Central is the place for homeschoolers and those interested in homeschooling to find all of the homeschool resources they need.

Preschool Area


Special Needs

Homeschool Sites
Site Safe for Children
Software - Math

18. Paul Dawkins
Software. This page is devoted to some nice software for mathematics. Typesetting software. Typesetting and formatting mathematics in documents can be
Paul Dawkins
Main Links Math Contact Me ... Software
Help with Math MathNerds Software
This page is devoted to some nice software for mathematics. Typesetting software Typesetting and formatting mathematics in documents can be painful at the best of times. Depending on what you want to do and what other software you've got on your computer. TeX/LaTeX
The ultimate typesetting software has got to be TeX/LaTex. This is a full blown typesetting software that can do just about anything that you might possibly want. Best of all it's free. The problem is that it's not really software. It's more like a programming language. So, while it may be the best out there, it's got a fairly steep learning curve. So, what is TeX/LaTeX? TeX is the main typesetting tool and LaTeX is a set of macros that have been built on top of TeX to make the experience a little easier. LaTeX doesn't offer as many formatting options, but is much easier to use. As I mentioned earlier both TeX and LaTeX are more like programming languages. There are version out there for just about any programming environment that you could want and to use it you'll need a good text editor to actually type up the document. Here are a couple of links with more information and where to get a version and a good editor for a Windows environment.

19. Free Math Software Software - Download Math Software Software - SciWriter, Math
Math Software Free Download Programs. 1) SciWriter SciWriter is an XML based WYSIWYM word processor that completely integrates writing
Math Software - Free Download Programs
Main Menu Home Top Downloads New Programs Awards ... Contact Us
Soft Categories Desktop Enhancements Games Internet Software Development ... Web Development Partners Softs Land Articles Download Programs Hotel Reservations ... Song Lyrics

20. Free Math Software Software - Download Math Software Software - Math Mechanixs,
1) Math Mechanixs Math Mechanixs is a general purpose math program with a Math Editor for solving mathematical problems and taking notes,
Math Software - Free Downloads
Main Menu Home Top Downloads New Programs Awards ... Contact Us
Soft Categories Desktop Enhancements Games Internet Software Development ... Web Development

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