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         Pakistan Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Culture and Customs of Pakistan (Culture and Customs of Asia) by Iftikhar Malik, 2005-12-30
  2. The State of Islam: Culture And Cold War Politics In Pakistan by Sadia Toor, 2011-05-24
  3. The Culture of Power and Governance in Pakistan by Ilhan Niaz, 2010-06-28
  4. Pakistan the Culture (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures) by Carolyn Black, 2002-11
  5. Culture Shock! Pakistan: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette by Zafar Ihsan, Karin Mittmann, 2000-01-01
  6. Pakistan the Land (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures) by Carolyn Black, 2002-11
  7. Pakistan (Many Cultures, One World) by Gina DeAngelis, 2003-08
  8. Pakistan's Strategic Culture and Foreign Policy Making by Ijaz Khan, 2007-12-12
  9. Pakistani Diasporas: Culture, Conflict, and Change (Oxford in Pakistan Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology)
  10. Chasing Polio in Pakistan: Why the World's Largest Public Health Initiative May Fail by Svea Closser, 2010-08-16
  11. Economy and Culture in Pakistan: Migrants and Cities in a Muslim Society by Hastings Donnan, 1991-04
  12. Bibliography-Northern Pakistan (Culture area Karakorum scientific studies)
  13. Pakistan culture
  14. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Muslin Modernization in India and Pakistan (Studies in Oriental Culture) by Hafeez Malik, 1981-01

1. We Will Rock You...
Faiza Kamal, a young student from Karachi University, rocks this month with her article on Pakistani pop music.
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We Will Rock You...
Articles in this Topic Discussions in this Topic Dec 12, 2004
Pakistan is blessed with talent and when we talk about Pakistani Music, you can never stop picking up one of the best Pakistani pop song until now. It is because of the fact that there are number of hit songs that nobody can judge. Songs, such as "Dil Dil Pakistan" , "Huwa Huwa", "Mehndi ki Raat", "Na Kaho", "Dil Haray", "Ankhain Milanay Walay", "Wakt", "Neeli Neeli Ankhain", "Jaisay Chao Jeo", "Garuj Burus", "No More", "Ankhoun ki Sagar", "Na Tu Aigi", "Addat" and many more left the audience agape. Our singers are popular all over the world. Many new talented artists in Pakistan are still working hard to bring quality Pakistani music. We can easily judge Alamgir as the pioneer of music industry whose first big hit was "DEKHA NA THA KABHI HUM NAY YEH SUMMA", and still remains his identity. Later on, his songs such as "Yeh Shaam Aur Tera Naam" and "Mein Ne Tumhare Gagar Se Kabhi Pani" continued to add magic to his composition. Alamgir, it must be said, laid the groundwork for young musicians to break into the music industry. He not only sang well, he was a performer in the true sense. There is no denying that Alamgir contributed to evolve the pop music genre in Pakistan.

2. Pakistan
Introduction. Facts for the Traveler. When to Go. Events. Money Costs. Attractions. Off the Beaten Track. Activities. History. Culture. Environment
country index
Facts for the Traveler When to Go Events ... History Culture Environment Getting Around
The pleasures of Pakistan are ancient: Buddhist monuments, Hindu temples, Islamic palaces, tombs, pleasure grounds and Anglo-Mogul mansions - some in a state of dereliction which makes their former grandeur more emphatic. Scuplture is dominated by Graeco-Buddhist friezes, and crafts by ceramics, jewellery, silk goods and engraved woodwork and metalwork. Pakistan's flotillas of mirror-buffed and chrome-sequinned vintage Bedford buses and trucks are dazzling works of art. Traditional dances are lusty and vigorous; music is either classical, folk or devotional; and the most patronised literature is a mix of the scholastic and poetic. Cricket is Pakistan's greatest sports obsession and national players are afforded hero status - unless, of course, they proselytise young and wealthy English women, then marry them. Nearly all Pakistanis are Muslim, and Islam is the state religion. Christians are the largest minority, followed by Hindus and Parsees, descendants of Persian Zoroastrians. Note that dress codes are strictly enforced: to avoid offence invest in a

3. The Whole World Company - Pakistan - Books - Culture
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4. Pakistan Culture
Pakistan has a rich cultural and traditional background going back to Indus However, over 50 years of integration, a distinctive Pakistani Culture has

5. How Can Export Furniture From Pakistan
http// The United States and Europe are the major export markets for Pakistani furniture can export furniture from pakistan

6. IPOP2 Pakistani Cooking Websites 25k -. The Curry House - links to South Asian Cuisine. Contact Pakistan - Pakistani cooking with BJ cooking websites&l=g&d=3&q2=Food&q3=Cook

7. The Legends - Vital Signs » Articles
http//; We Will Rock You by Faiza Kamal http//

8. Pakistan Culture
SiratE-Pakistan Contains information on history and culture. Also offers information about Pakistani student organizations in USA and UK. Pakistan Web
Pakistan Culture
Pakistan Culture
Culture of Pakistan
Increasing globalization has amplified the influence of "Western culture " in Pakistan Pakistan ranks 46th in the world on the Kearney/FP Globalization Culture Pakistan
Pakistan - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Guide to Pakistan and Pakistani culture , society, religion, language, etiquette, manners, customs and protocol. resources/global-etiquette/ pakistan .html
Pakistan Culture, Pakistan State Culture, Pakistani Culture
Pakistan Culture - South asian tourism society offering information on the culture of Pakistan including the diversity in pakistan culture and varied
pakistan pakistan culture .html
Pakistan Travel and culture services, Pakistan Tours Trips
Tour operator in Pakistan handling all types of tours in Pakistan culture .com/
Pakistan Culture, Environment, Getting Around Pakistan.
Find out Culture of Pakistan , Environment, Getting Around Pakistan

9. 9693700570: "Pakistan Culture" By M. H. Siddiqui -
Find the best deals on Pakistan Culture by MH Siddiqui (9693700570)
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Pakistan Culture
by M. H. Siddiqui
ISBN Publisher National Book Foundation Country Pakistan Language English Edition Hardcover
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10. - Karachi Love Mission - Pakistan Information
Culture of Pakistan. Pakistan has a rich and unique cultural heritage, and has actively preserved its established traditions throughout history.
Culture of Pakistan
Pakistan has a rich and unique cultural heritage, and has actively preserved its established traditions throughout history. Many cultural practices and monuments have been inherited from the rule of Mughal emperors. Pakistani society is largely multilingual and multicultural. Religious practices of various faiths are an integral part of everyday life in society. Education is highly regarded by members of every socio-economic stratum. The traditional family values are highly respected and considered sacred, although urban families have grown into a nuclear family system, owing to the socio-economic constraints imposed by the traditional joint family system. Past few decades have seen emergence of a middle class in cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faislabad, Sukkur, Peshawar, Gujarat, Attobabad, Multan, etc. The North-western part of Pakistan, bordering with Afghanistan, is highly conservative and dominated by regional tribal customs dating back to hundreds of years.
Pakistan has a very rich cultural and traditional background going back to Indus Valley Civilization, 2800 BC–1800 BC. The region that is now Pakistan has in the past been invaded and occupied by many different peoples, including Greeks, White Huns, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Mongols and various Eurasian groups. There are differences in culture among the different ethnic groups in matters such as dress, food, and religion, especially where pre-Islamic customs differ from Islamic practices.

11. Wedding Ceremony In Norway (Oman Pakistan Peru)- /weddingtraditions-in-pakistan-744.html
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Wedding Ceremony
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12. Basant In TutorGig Encyclopedia
http// Basant and its Celebrations; http// Kites of
Basant Encyclopedia Search: in Tutorials Encyclopedia Dictionary Entire Web Store Tutorials Encyclopedia Dictionary Web ... Email this to a friend
'Basant ', sometimes called 'Jashan-e Baharaan ' (Urdu: ' or 'Spring Festival '), is a festival celebrating the arrival of Spring . It is celebrated by people of all religious backgrounds; Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Christians. Traditionally, celebrants dress in bright yellow or green , and many people fly kites from rooftops. In the city of Lahore , the festival lasts three days. In most other cities, there is only a one-day celebration. The Basant festival heralds the end of winter and arrival of spring. It is celebrated in the entire sub-continent, and particularly in Pakistan, with flying kites - perhaps because spring generally brings a clear sky and just the right amount of wind. For its fans, kite flying is pure fun.
2005 Kite Ban
Historically, there have been people injured each year falling off rooftops and being cut by kite strings. While participating in "kite battles," some kite fliers even coat their strings with glass or shards of metal, leading to more injuries. As of 2005 , kite flying has been banned in Pakistan. Violent protests have occurred outside the Pakistani Supreme Court house, and further protests are planned. Despite the ban on kite flying one can see hundreds of kites every afternoon and evening on Lahore's sky and the number of kites is even higher on Sundays and public holidays.

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