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         Pet Birds:     more books (100)
  1. Simon & Schuster's Guide to Pet Birds by Matthew M. Vriends, 1985-01-31
  2. The Complete Guide to Raising Pet Birds for Profit: The Greatest Backyard Business Ever by James McDonald, 2003-09
  3. Let's Celebrate Pet Birds by Dr. Lafeber, 1989-11
  4. The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook by Gary A. Gallerstein, 2003-10
  5. Hand-Feeding and Raising Baby Birds: Breeding, Hand-Feeding, Care, and Management by Ph.D.Matthew M. Vriends, 1996-10-01
  6. The Practical Encyclopedia of Pet Birds for Home & Garden by Don Harper, 1987-02-24
  7. Birds for Dummies by Gina Spadafori, Dr. Brian L. Speer, 1999-09-24
  8. 101 Essential Tips: Caring for Your Pet Bird
  9. Feeding Your Pet Bird (Pet reference books) by Petra M. Burgmann, 1993-09
  10. Doves (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Gayle A. Soucek, 2006-02-01
  11. Top 10 Birds for Kids (Top Pets for Kids With American Humane) by Wendy Mead, 2008-07
  12. The Baby Bird Rescue! (Wonder Pets)
  13. Marc Morrone's Ask the Bird Keeper (Marc Morrone Pets Series) by Marc Morrone, 2009-08-25
  14. Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti (Princeton Field Guides) by Steven Latta, Christopher Rimmer, et all 2006-11-06

1. Pet_birds Photo Gallery By Catherine McCarthy At
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2. Pet Birds Quizzes And Pet Birds Trivia -- FunTrivia
Parrots are quite different from dogs and cats, and some of their behavior can be very mystifying. Here are ten things I had to adjust to as a new parrot
Fun Trivia Quizzes Games People ...
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Quizzes : Pet Birds
Fun Trivia Quizzes Animals Other Domestic Animals Pet Birds Animals Category Newest Quiz Me Chat Create Quiz ... Guidelines
Editors: crisw Quiz Search: Notify me of new quizzes here
Canaries- Feathered Minstrels

This quiz is dedicated to our canary Gushi who serves us faithfully each day with his singing. Tough 357 plays Jul 08 07 dovbear Why Does My Parrot Do That?
Parrots are quite different from dogs and cats, and some of their behavior can be very mystifying. Here are ten things I had to adjust to as a new parrot owner! Average 2160 plays Sep 30 05 pu2-ke-qi-ri Share the Fun with African Grey Parrots
This quiz is dedicated to Emma, my brother's African grey parrot. She is so delightful and amazing that I wrote this quiz to help others share the enjoyment of these wonderful pets. Tough 549 plays Jul 11 07 spiritseeker Parrots of the World
Parrots are among the most interesting animals on the planet. What do you know about them? Tough 408 plays Jan 05 08 pshelton All About Cockatiels
Cockatiels are lots of fun to watch and play with. This quiz covers a lot about them, but don't be shyif you know a little bit about cockatiels this quiz shouldn't be too difficult! Give it a go and see how much you know about these wonderful birds! Tough 1038 plays Dec 30 06 Sun Conures
These fun creatures are great household companions. Enjoy as you quiz yourself on these colorful birds and what makes them so unique.

3. Pet Birds - Zoology - Http://
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Mammals Mammals Domestacated mammals Dogs Cats Small Pets Wild Mammals Wild Dogs Wild Cats African Mammals Reptieles Wild Reptieles Alligators and Crocidiles Pet Birds NEW! Poetry and Doll Maker with Galleries! [Learn About Our Ecommerce] Graphics Gallery! Graphics Gallery and Search Animated GIFs Photos Icons Clip Art There are many pet birds that you can get. The most popular is a budgie. They can get very expencive. Sign Guestbook Domain Lookup www. com net org us info biz Get for your site with services! //rmShowAd (728,90); var defaultAd = ''; var dc_UnitID = 14; var dc_PublisherID = 14241; var dc_AdLinkColor = 'blue'; var dc_adprod='ADL'; Any Word All Words Exact Phrase This Site All Sites Visitors: Page Updated Mon Nov 22, 1999 7:16pm EST

4. Indiana State Board Of Animal Health
Interstate Shipping Requirements for Pet Birds. Because entry requirements vary widely from state to state and can change frequently

5. The Environment Directory - AnimalsPetsPet Birds
AnimalsPetsPet Birds. Australian Cockatoos I m a registered wild animal rescuer in Australia. I specialise in parrots, mainly cockatoos and galahs.
Animals Pets :Pet Birds
  • Australian Cockatoos - I'm a registered wild animal rescuer in Australia. I specialise in parrots, mainly cockatoos and galahs. This page shares rehabilitation experiences with these birds.
  • Aviary - Largest all bird web site!! Birding and pet bird info. 100's of articles, info, books, magazines, equipment, clubs, equipment
  • Beakers Parrot Society - Everything you want to know about keeping and breeding exotic parrots.
  • The Bird Net - Hobby breeder of Finches, Australian Parakeets, Cockatiels
  • Hex Aviary - Our aviary is a closed MAP Certified aviary raising well socialized vet-checked handfed vaccinated Cockatoos, Congos, Tmnehs, Amazons, Pionus, Hawkheads,caiques, mini macaws, suns, etc.
  • PetStation - Pet birds of all types discussed at PetStation's "Bird Barn".
  • So you think you want to be a Bird Breeder - A humerous look at what your getting into breeding exotic birds , and how it's not all FUN and Pleasure !
  • Web of Fantail Pigeons - Pigeon fancier promoting hobby

Also visit:
  • Business Web Directory - Romow web directory offering quality Internet resources in easy-to-browse category structure.

6. Pets Addict » Hot To Determine The Sex Of A Bird
Many people are not concerned with whether they have a male or female bird.
Hot to Determine the Sex of a Bird If you have mature birds of certain species, there is another one hundred percent accurate way to tell if your bird is male or female. Simply look at the bird. Eclectus parrots, Indian ring necks, most cockatiel mutations and red belly parrots all are dimorphic, which means that the male and the female have different coloring.
To try pelvic sexing, turn your bird onto his back and feel for the bones right above his tail in the vent area. If there is a wide gap between these bones, your bird is probably a female. If not, the bird may be a male. However, the bird may also be a female that has never laid eggs. Back
An unusual dinner guest Dog saves his humans Cat Saves Her Kittens Choosing The Most Suitable Event For You And Your Horse ... Keeping your horse healthy
Pets Addict Carlo Forghieri Login sNews

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17. African Greys/birds [Archive] - Broadband Community
Category=pet_birds%7CHome_Pages http// this looks good http// Broadband Community
General Discussions General Discussion Board PDA View Full Version : African Greys/birds Humboldt 03-14-04, 01:27 PM I know Ghosthunter has one also...anyone else? I know some were mentioned in other threads (Vinnie?) but on this 20K dial-up it takes a long time to look for individual threads.
GH, what sort of cage litter do you use? One friend of mine has had a Timneh grey for about 20 years and swears by newspaper, but the rest of us at the store that own birds use ground walnut shell. Only $13 for a 50lb bag, much neater and better looking in my opinion.
At what age did yours start mimicking? Mine was hand-fed from about 8 weeks until about 3 or 4 months of age...he's about 6 months old now and is just starting to chirp and gurgle and whistle and mumble.
Cages...what size cage does yours have? I'm a bit lucky in that I work at a pet store and get all my supplies at cost...ended up with a main cage that's 4.5 feet tall, 32" wide and 24" deep. Lots of room for Django to play when I'm off at work. Ghosthunter 03-14-04, 01:37 PM

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20. Pet Birds
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