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         Physics Advanced:     more books (100)
  1. Advanced Physics Demystified by Stan Gibilisco, 2007-06-01
  2. Advanced University Physics, Second Edition by Mircea S. Rogalski, Stuart B. Palmer, 2005-07-19
  3. Princeton Guide to Advanced Physics by Alan C. Tribble, 1996-07-08
  4. Advanced Level Physics by Michael Nelkon, Philip Parker, 1995-02-27
  5. Advanced Condensed Matter Physics by Leonard M. Sander, 2009-03-16
  6. Extreme Nonlinear Optics: An Introduction (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Martin Wegener, 2004-10-15
  7. New Understanding Physics for Advanced Level by Jim Breithaupt, 2000-01
  8. Advanced Solid State Physics by Philip Phillips, Phil Phillips, 2002-07-15
  9. Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Roberto A. Tenenbaum, 2010-11-02
  10. Solid-State Physics: An Introduction to Principles of Materials Science (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Harald Ibach, Hans Lüth, 2009-11-25
  11. Experimental Techniques In Condensed Matter Physics At Low Temperatures (Advanced Books Classics) by Robert C. Richardson, Eric N. Smith, 1998-03-31
  12. Head First Physics: A learner's companion to mechanics and practical physics (AP Physics B - Advanced Placement) by Heather Lang, 2008-09-24
  13. Basic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics (Advanced Books Classics) by Philip W. Anderson, 1997-11-28
  14. Mathematical Methods For Physics (Advanced Books Classics) by H. W. Wyld, H.w. Wyld, 1999-03-31

1. CES - Solutions For Physics
Highperformance boards and systems for data acquisition and processing in telecommunications and aerospace, available in standard and ruggedized versions.
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Since its foundation in 1981, CES has been involved with the major European programs in the field of accelerator control and data-acquisition systems for high-energy and nuclear physics.
CES' constant investment in research and development for these activities guarantees an unmatched combination of:
Trouble-free integration Most modern technology Minimum risk
Compared to other companies which only rely on physics activities, CES is involved in long-term programs not only in physics, but also in aerospace and telecom, and therefore, can guarantee a safe and professional long-term support, making the CES offer, the lowest long-term cost.
Since 1998, CES has doubled the size of its physics team, who is involved in the development of a next generation of elements, and signed strategic alliances to deliver a global solution approach.
CEA, CERN, CLRC, CNRS, DESY, ENEA, GANIL, GSI, ILL, IN2P3, INFNs, IPN, LAPP, LBL, MPI ,RAL and NSRRC and many US physics labs are amongst the users of CES physics systems.

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