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  1. Transition from School to Work: New Challenges for Youth With Severe Disabilities
  2. School To Work To Success: A Practical Guide to Finding a Rewarding Career and Enjoying Life by Dale G. Caldwell, 2008-10-27
  3. From School to Work, Student Workbook by J. J. Littrell, Annie Hunter Clasen, et all 2008-06-03
  4. Transitions from School to Work: Globalization, Individualization, and Patterns of Diversity (The Jacobs Foundation Series on Adolescence)
  5. From School to Work, Teacher's Annotated Workbook by J. J. Littrell, James H. Lorenz, et all 2008-07-02
  6. Real Learning, Real Work: School-to-Work As High School Reform (Transforming Teaching) by Adria Steinberg, 1997-11-06
  7. Learning to Work: Employer Involvement in School-To-Work Transition Programs (Brookings Dialogues on Public Policy)
  8. Great Source School to Work: Sourcebook Student Edition Grade 12 (Write Source 2000 Revision) by Patrick Sebranek, Verne Meyer, et all 1996-01
  9. Beyond High School: Transition From School to Work (Wadsworth Special Educator Series) by Frank R. Rusch, Janis Chadsey, 1997-12-15
  10. The School-to-work Revolution: How Employers And Educators Are Joining Forces To Prepare Tomorrow's Skilled Workforce by Lynn Olson, 1998-08-28
  11. The Career ToolKit for High School Students: Making the Transition from School to Work by Carol J Carter, Gary Izumo, et all 2000-08-12
  12. International Perspectives on the School-To-Work Transition (Series on Literacy)
  13. Succeeding in The World of Work, School-to-Work Handbook, Student Edition by Glencoe McGraw-Hill, 2004-11-19
  14. From School to Work: Instructor's Guide by J. J. Littrell, James H. Lorenz, et all 1996-01-01

1. The School-to-Work Outreach Project
The project was a nationwide, three year project funded by the US Department of Education to improve schoolto-work activities including students with
Outreach Project
The School-to-Work Outreach Project (STWOP) was a nationwide, three year project funded by the U.S. Department of Education to improve school-to-work activities including students with disabilities by identifying and sharing school-to-work models/practices/strategies that work, encouraging others to adopt or replicate those models. Although the STWOP completed the identification process in the Fall of 1997, we are continuting to post the profiles of exemplary models/practices/strategies, in addition to other products developed by this project. We hope that you will find this information useful as you implement school-to-work systems in your area. Table of Contents: For further information, contact:
School-to-Work Outreach Project
Attention: Teri Wallace
Institute on Community Integration (UAP)
University of Minnesota
111 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

2. Improving School-to-Work Transition For All Students
(1990), states that America may have the worst schoolto-work transition system of any advanced industrial country. (p. 4) The curriculum of the typical
Critical Issue:
Improving School-to-Work Transition for All Students
ISSUE: Too many students leave high school without the occupational and academic skills to succeed in the workplace or in postsecondary education. School-to-work transition initiatives offer a promising approach to this issue and require major school restructuring. OVERVIEW: A report by the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce, America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages! (1990), states that "America may have the worst school-to-work transition system of any advanced industrial country." (p. 4) The curriculum of the typical American high school is geared toward preparing students for four-year colleges and universities.
Lynn Peters, director of Business-Education Partnerships for the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry, discusses how high schools in Wisconsin often direct most of their efforts toward the 25 percent of kids who graduate from college.
Excerpted from NCREL's Rural Audio Journal , Vol. 2, No. 3

3. Education World® : School Issues Center : Archives : School To Work
The schoolto-work Opportunities Act of 1994 made funds available so that states could establish their own school-to-work programs.
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In A Sub’s Shoes Lessons from Schools ... Whatever It Takes School Issues Archives Assessment Class Size Community Involvement Improvement ... Urban Education More School Issues Resources Free Headlines Newsletter Visit Our Other Channels Article Archive Free LP Newsletter Holiday Lessons ... Archives School to Work SCHOOL TO WORK Schools of Education That Work! Education World takes a look at the four colleges honored by the U.S. Department of Education for their teacher preparation programs. The winners of the department's national competition offer insight into how to train good teachers. Teachers at the Bottom of the Class for Professional Pay Released last week by the American Federation of Teachers, the survey shows that although salary increases were slightly higher than the national inflation rate, the nation's teachers still earn less than many white-collar professionals do. Included: Look up the average salary for teachers in your state! Are You Ready for That Job Interview?

4. School To Work Home Page
schoolto-work News, turn to the latest issue of the school-to-work Newsletter. THIS IS A HISTORICAL WEBSITE. New! Media Clippings from around
High school students: future engineers
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5. Research Center School-to-Work
Educators nationwide are confronting this problem by introducing schoolto-work or school-to-career programs to make the transition easier.

6. Funderstanding - School To Work Transition
schoolto-work programs provide ways for students to transition successfully into the economy, either through paid employment with a business or
School to Work Transition

School-to-work programs provide ways for students to transition successfully into the economy, either through paid employment with a business or self-employment. Numerous studies reveal that, upon high school graduation, many students who aren't college-bound are neither prepared for nor connected to employment opportunities. Basic Elements
In general, building a school-to-work transition program entails the following three approaches:
  • Integrate the long-separated "tracks" of academic and vocational education. From middle school on, schools should orient youth to work, help them explore different types of jobs, provide guidance about career paths, and assist them in finding work relevant to their needs and interests. Vocational education is considered too narrow and specific, outdated by modern technology, and ineffective in building language and math skills. Academic education is criticized for being too conventional, driven predominantly by standardized tests, and ineffective at motivating most students.
  • Link schooling with the demands and realities of the workplace.
  • 7. Florida School-to-Work Information Navigator-index-fl-stwtp.html
    Florida schoolto-work Information Navigator-index-fl-stwtp.html. We have moved our site! The Florida school-to-work Information Navigator is now located at

    8. August Shows
    In the new schoolto-work philosophy that s not as important as the required .. The School to Work Job Opportunities Act of 1994 requires that STW
    School to Work:
    Prepared for the Orange County School Board Hearing Presented by Karen L. Holgate Parents National Network February 11, 1997 Who could oppose something called School-to-Work (STW)? It sounds great! It's a brilliant title - a brilliant marketing tool. The problem is not the title - the problem is the program! The question is: "What is the program?" and "Does it work?" The answer is: "Who knows." There has been no long term pilot program conducted to study whether it will accomplish its title. When you hear the enormity of its scope, you will understand that its implementation will bring disaster - not just to our children but to this country as a whole. STW calls for total restructuring and a new "governance" of unparalleled proportions and it is thundering ahead with full force. Why hasn't a long term pilot program been established to determine whether such reforms and programs are even feasible? Why haven't we learned from past mistakes? A good example of a government implemented program - because it "sounded good" is the Job Training Partnership Act. The JTPA is often cited in legislation for STW and yet, last year, the Government Accounting Office issued a report on the effects of JTPA. Called " Long-Term Earnings and Employment Outcomes ", the report says:

    9. Archived: Study Of School-To-Work Initiatives
    Outcomes of schoolto-work Reform Critical Elements of school-to-work Reform. Introduction Element One Leadership from executives of educational systems
    A r c h i v e d I n f o r m a t i o n
    Study of School-To-Work Initiatives
    Studies of Education Refrom
    October 1996
    Table of Contents
    Title Page Preface

    Executive Summary
    Case Study Summaries

    Cross Stite Analysis

    Outcomes of School-to-Work Reform

    Critical Elements of School-to-Work Reform
    Element One: Leadership from executives of educational systems
    Element Two: Leadership from program deliverers (instructors, counselors, etc.) Element Three: Professional development for teachers and other staff ... Implications for Future Research LIST OF TABLES Table A: Site Selection Criteria Table B: Cross-Cutting Elements Return to Publication page

    10. TOPIC: School-to-Work
    New Jersey Legislature Adopts Resolutions Against STW July 1999 Education Reporter Article What s Wrong with schoolto-work? - by Robert Holland Shop Donate Contact Us ... PS Report Radio: EF Live Commentary Scoreboard State Leaders ... Topics School-to-Work Look Out For Another Big Spending Boondoggle
    Phyllis Schlafly July 18, 2007 column Wyoming Supreme Court: Parents Rule!
    April 2001 Education Reporter Article Colorado School Board Rejects STW
    April 2001 Education Reporter Article STW - Sweeping Down the Plain in Oklahoma
    Jan. 2001 Education Reporter Article
    Jan. 2001 Education Reporter Article What's At Stake In Education Committee Chairmanship?
    Phyllis Schlafly Dec. 27, 2000 column. Basics In, Feds Out - What Parents Really Want from Public Schools
    Sept. 2000 Education Reporter Article Idaho Buries School-To-Work
    Feb. 2000 Education Reporter Article STW Harms Students, Businesses
    Feb. 2000 Education Reporter Article STW In Chains
    New Illinois law prohibits mandatory requirements
    September 1999 Education Reporter Article New Jersey Legislature Adopts Resolutions Against STW July 1999 Education Reporter Article Planning the American Economy The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 April 1999 Education Reporter Article Board Member Barred from STW Meeting September 1998 Education Reporter Article STW Career Academy a 'Model' for Chaos Teacher Labels School a 'Diabolical Gauntlet of Pandemonium' July 1998 Education Reporter Article Michigan Model Of School-to-Work Speech given at a conference entitled "What Goals 2000 Means to the States" on Feb. 12 on Capitol Hill.

    11. Schuylkill County Workforce Development
    The partnership has accepted a leadership role in coordinating business community support and participation in the Schuylkill schoolto-work program.
    Schuylkill County Workforce Development is financially supported by Team Pennsylvania Schuylkill Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) , and the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce Additional partners include: The Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association (MAEA) Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 , and the Pennsylvania CareerLink and Partners The partnership has accepted a leadership role in coordinating business community support and participation in the Schuylkill School-to-Work program. The efforts of the group is focused on continuing and strengthening work-based activities such as job shadowing, speakers in the classroom and work site tours, while simultaneously marketing the program to employers to increase the pool of employers willing to provide work experiences for students. Primary activities of the program include: Job Shadowing - employers help students to choose a career by allowing them to spend a day in the workplace and observe a person in that field on the job.

    12. School-to-Work
    On May 4, 1994 President Bill Clinton signed the schoolto-work Opportunities Act Of 1994. This provides seed money to States and local partnerships of
    What is School-to-Work?
    On May 4, 1994 President Bill Clinton signed the School-to-Work Opportunities Act Of 1994. This provides seed money to States and local partnerships of business, labor, government, education, and community organizations to develop school-to-work systems. While this system Varies from State to State, each provides every American student with:
    • Relevant Education, allowing students to explore different careers and see what skills are required in their working environment; Skills, obtained from structured training and work-based learning experiences, including necessary skills of a particular Career as demonstrated in a working environment; Valued Credentials, established industry-standard benchmarks and developing education and training standard which ensure that proper education is received for each career.
    School-to-Work Systems are programs that prepare students, through study and experience, for jobs and careers. Beginning in the early grade, students explore opportunities and define goals for their future. It establishes the infrastructure for a system that is based on existing models and efforts such as career academies, youth apprenticeship, Tech-Prep, vocational education and cooperative education. The School-to-Work Initiative will make the workplace an active learning environment.
    What are School-to-Work Programs?

    13. School-to-Work: The Coming Collision
    This report is a MUST READ for everyone concerned with schoolto-work. The report describes the introduction of school-to-work in our nation, and focuses on
    Texas Education Consumers Association E-mail comments to "My children are important because of what they are in God,
    not what they are in society."
    Rosanna Ward written in a paper on STW at Oral Roberts University This report is a MUST READ for everyone concerned with school-to-work. The report describes the introduction of school-to-work in our nation, and focuses on how it is impacting classrooms, both in Texas and in other states. The document is heavily foot-noted, making it easy for readers to locate the original sources. The report was prepared by the Texas Public Policy Foundation , a nonpprofit, nonpartisan research organization based in San Antonio. It was distributed February 3, 1998, at a Heritage Foundation panel discussion on school-to-work. The panelists included Lynne Cheney, Jennifer Marshall, and Chris Patterson. Several grassroots people attended this discussion, and were kind enough to send TECA a copy, which I have reprinted here. If the TPPF publishes this document on their web page, I will remove it from this site and substitute a direct link. J. Donovan, Coordinator

    14. School-to-Work Opportunities Act Of 1994
    Link to the federal schoolto-work law. A searchable file.
    School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994
    Public Law 103-239
    108 Stat 568
    May 4, 1994
    H.R. 2884
    OF THE
    Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday, the twenty-fifth day of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four
    AN ACT
    To establish a national framework for the development of School-to-Work Opportunities systems in all States , and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
    (a) Short Title.This Act may be cited as the "School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994". (b) Table of Contents.The table of contents is as follows: SECTION 1. Short title; table of contents. SECTION 2. Findings. SECTION 3. Purposes and congressional intent. SECTION 4. Definitions. SECTION 5. Federal administration. ... TITLE IISCHOOL-TO-WORK OPPORTUNITIES SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION GRANTS TO STATES Subtitle AState Development Grants SECTION 201. Purpose.

    15. School-to-Work, Transition Services
    The goal of the schoolto-work program is to assist young people in transitioning from school to work or from school to a higher educational program.
    Skip Thursday May 29, 2008 Menu About Us Blind Services Home Business Enterprises DOE Home Employers Independent Living Job Seekers Library Newsletters Parents/Caregivers School to Work Video Tours
    WWW Florida Blind Services
    School-to-Work, Transition Services
    Blind Services Home
    Blind Babies Program

    Children's Program

    Independent Living
    ... College Handbook
    The goal of the school-to-work program is to assist young people in transitioning from school to work or from school to a higher educational program.
    Students must have a visual impairment in both eyes and require vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for an employment outcome.
    Transition Services consist of a group of services provided jointly by the local school district on an Individual Education Plan and Blind Services. Types of services can consist of the following:
    • Career Exploration Compensatory Skills Training Training in Activities of Daily Living Job Shadowing Work Experiences
    Transition Services are generally provided through the Vocational Rehabilitation. However, they could be provided through the Children and Families Program. In either case, the student will have a Plan of Services. The types of services to be provided through Blind Services are normally incorporated into the student's Individual Education Plan as well.

    16. AYPF Trip Report - School-to-Work Transition And Education Reform Under The Kent
    Mentoring teams from area companies/agencies work with schools to alert students to the importance of the schoolto-work transition.
    randomImage(20); Search
    Trip Report
    School-to-Work Transition and Education Reform Under the Kentucky Education Reform Act
    Louisville, KY
    On This Page
    The purpose of the Forum's site visit to Louisville, Kentucky was to provide participants from Congressional offices, federal departments and agencies, and national organizations with a first-hand view of state, city and neighborhood initiatives to improve the education and life options of young people. [Unfortunately, due to the federal shutdown, our federal participants were unable to join us.]
    A Spirit of Collaboration
    A common question asked by the field trip participants was how dependent the success in Louisville is on the individuals involved and the fact that everyone seems to know each other. Institutionalization, to a point , is one of the local goals to help avoid losing momentum if people are lost. Dr. Stephen Daeschener, Superintendent of the Jefferson County Public Schools , said, however, that being a newcomer did not prevent him from participating in the collaboration that preceded him.
    Mayor Jerry Abramson and County Judge Executive David Armstrong
    The Honorable Jerry Abramson, Mayor of Louisville

    17. School-to-work Transition - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    schoolto-work transition is a phrase referring to on-the-job training, apprenticeships, cooperative education agreements or other programs designed to
    School-to-work transition
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search This article or section is missing citations or needs footnotes
    Using inline citations (February 2008) School-to-work transition is a phrase referring to on-the-job training apprenticeships cooperative education agreements or other programs designed to prepare students to enter the job market. This education system is primarily employed in the United States, partially as a response to work training as it is done in Europe and Asia. School to Work is a system to introduce the philosophy of school-based, work-based, and connecting activities as early as kindergarten to expose students to potential future careers. School to Work emphasizes lifelong learning School to Work is funded and sponsored at the federal level by the U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Education. At the state level in states like Arizona, the grant is administered by the Arizona Department of Commerce, School to Work Division. This grant was funded for a maximum of five years with decreasing funds years three through five; An example of county level involvement is the Cochise County School to Work Consortia. 50 plus Cochise County public and private schools, kindergarten through 4-year university level, local and community based organizations, and 150 supporting business partners are participating.

    18. Job Seekers > School-to-Work
    The goal of the schoolto-work initiative in New Hampshire is to prepare all students with the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary to make good career

    RSA 279-22-aa
    High School and Post Secondary Students New Hampshire Administrative Rules Chapter Lab 800 Payment of Wages and Requirements of Employers In the State of New Hampshire, work-based learning plays an integral role in workforce preparation. The goal of the School-to-Work initiative in New Hampshire is to prepare all students with the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary to make good career choices. Work based learning prepares our youth to become independent adults with opportunities for advanced education and career exploration, thus enhancing our economic strength. Schools and communities must work together in partnership to build a foundation of work-based learning and to provide the resources necessary to help all youth acquire the skills necessary to become independent and productive citizens. Pre-Screening form - Please complete in full and return to the New Hampshire Department of Labor. Approval Form for Non-Paid Work-Based Activities - Please complete in full and return to the NH Department of Labor. NH School-to-Work - Department of Education School-to-Work network connecting classrooms and communities.

    19. School-to-Work: Career Resources
    Information and resources for schoolto-work programs. Help students think about life beyond high school.
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  • 20. School-to-Work - UW System
    Wisconsin s schoolto-work (STW) system helps students make the connection between the classroom and the world of work. By combining rigorous school and
    Search UW System
    UW System Home Offices
    Supporting Wisconsin's School-to-Work System Wisconsin's School-to-Work (STW) system helps students make the connection between the classroom and the world of work. By combining rigorous school and work-based learning opportunities with enhanced career exploration and guidance, Wisconsin's educational system is developing students with stronger skills so they are better prepared to enroll in a university, enter a technical college or go directly into the workforce. The University of Wisconsin System enthusiastically participates in this exciting collaboration.

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