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         School Bus Safety:     more books (100)
  1. Staying Safe on the School Bus (Safety First) by Joanne Mattern, 2007-01-12
  2. My School Bus: A Book About School Bus Safety (Feldman, Heather L. My World.) by Heather L. Feldman, 2000-08
  3. Safety on the School Bus (Rosen Real Readers: Early Emergent) by Sarah Florence, 2000-09-30
  4. School Calendar With School Bus Safety Tips 2010 - 2011 by Jerry Harwood, 2010-09-06
  5. School Bus (Safety) Bill (House of Commons Bills) by Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons, 2009-05-14
  6. Improving School Bus Safety (Special Report (National Research Council (U S) Transportation Research Board))
  7. Safety on the School Bus (Safety First) by Raatma, Lucia, 1998-09-01
  8. Rudy's Rules : School Bus Safety Activities Book by Inc. Thomas Built Buses, 1999
  9. SCHOOL BUS SAFETY TIPS FOR KIDS by Jerry Harwood, 2010-10-31
  10. Rethinking school bus safety: armed with heightened awareness of security threats and safety concerns, administrators seek to make the school bus safer.(SECURITY): ... An article from: District Administration by Christopher Hann, 2007-07-01
  11. School bus safety.: An article from: Humpty Dumpty's Magazine
  12. Time to saddle up for rodeo season.(Transportation)(Safety: Regional school bus drivers compete annually in a series of events testing their skills.): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  13. Keller's School Bus Driver's Safety Handbook by J.J. Keller & Associates Inc., 2001-06
  14. Friendly, the school bus. (bus safety): An article from: Humpty Dumpty's Magazine by Irma Jean Woods, 1998-09-01

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School Bus Safety

from North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC News Audio Archive on November 20, 2007
84 views Federal officials want tougher safety standards for school buses. They want them to have higher seat backs, as well as mandatory lap and shoulder belts for smaller buses that are more prone to rollovers. Jessica Jones reports on a visit by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters to tout the new standards. also in: wunc
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2. Dangerzone drivers/traffic_safety/school_bus_safety/index.html 2k - FLASH ZONE 1 CHARACTER SELECT ZONE 2 THE BUS STOP ZONE 3 GETTING ON File Format Shockwave Flash

3. School Bus Safety - Associated Content
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School Bus Safety
By Lisa Michalek , published Mar 23, 2007 Published Content: 5 Total Views: 333 Favorited By: 2 CPs Contact Subscribe Add to Favorites Rating: 4.3 of 5
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Font Font The federal government has recently issued several reports confirming the safety of transporting school children via the means of school busses. My first gut reaction is why was the safety called into question in the first place? We do hear of several bussing accidents a year that involve school children, but we hear of many more vehicle and train accidents than busses. Perhaps it is because of the amount of children that are transported daily by strangers. While attending school, I did ride the yellow school bus and so has my oldest child. I do not envy the job of a bus driver, they must be able to drive their vehicle and at the same time monitor student behavior. This could be another reason why many parents choose to transport their children to school.

4. School Bus Safety
School Bus Safety. National Association of Pupil Transportation http//; National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation
School Bus Safety
Programs to improve safety on school busses

5. 2003.07.20 1933 BD\\safety-programs\pdf /www/docs/mdot/test07202003/safetyprograms/pdf school_bus_safety.pdf 2003.07.20 1935

6. PENNDOT Driver And Vehicle Services - School Bus Safety Week Poster Contest
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Driver and Vehicle Services Website.
Online Driver and Vehicle Services Info Centers Business Partners About this Site ... Rate this Site Search this site Edward G. Rendell, Governor Allen D. Biehler, P.E., Secretary, Department of Transportation
2008 School Bus Safety Week Poster Contest Guidelines
National School Bus Safety Week
October 20 - 24, 2008
"Avoid Harm, Obey the Stop Arm"
Who May Enter
Each public, parochial, and private school may submit posters for each division to the State Poster Contest. The divisions are: Division #1 Grades K – 2 Division #2 Grades 3 – 5 Division #3 Grades 6 – 8 Division #4 Special Education
Deadline Date
Completed poster designs must be postmarked before midnight, June 30, 2008. All entries will become the property of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), and will not be returned.
Poster Guidelines
Poster specifications and mailing procedures can be found in the School Bus Safety Week Poster Contest Guidelines
2007 Safety Poster Contest
2007 Safety Poster Contest Winners Division 1 Division 2 First Place Tyler McQueen
St. Elizabeth Elementary

7. Study Finds School Bus Injuries Exceed Previous Reports
Nov 6, 2006 Study Finds School Bus Injuries Exceed Previous Reports.

Complain about a product or service Small Claims Guide Class Actions Lemon Law FAQ ... Travel
Study Finds School Bus Injuries Exceed Previous Reports
November 6, 2006
School Bus Safety
No Seat Belt Requirement for School Buses

Study Finds School Bus Injuries Exceed Previous Reports

Aging Diesel School Buses Put Children at Risk

NHTSA Creates New School Bus Category To Discourage Van Use
15-Passenger Vans Prone to Roll Over

A new study finds that from 2001 to 2003 there were an estimated 51,100 school bus-related injuries that resulted in treatment in an U.S. emergency room. That is about 17,000 injuries annually, many more than previously estimated. The study, conducted at Columbus Children's Hospital, was the first to use a national sample to describe nonfatal school bus-related injuries to children and teenagers treated in emergency rooms across the country. It was published in the current issue of Pediatrics "The findings from this study indicate that motor vehicle crashes are the leading mechanism of nonfatal school bus-related injury for children in the U.S.," said CIRP Director Gary Smith, MD, DrPH, one of the study's authors and a faculty member of The Ohio State University College of Medicine. "In addition, this study identified several other important mechanisms of school bus-related injury. Further research is needed to determine the relative contributions of structural and operational components of the school bus, supervision, and rider behavior to the occurrence of these injuries and the effectiveness of occupant restraint systems and other strategies to prevent these types of injuries," Smith added.

8. DATTCO| School Bus Safety Department
DATTCO school bus safety department is dedicated to protecting the safety of your children. Ongoing driver training is provided and an annual proficiency
Home About Us contact/terminal Locations Employees ... News School Bus Transportation School Bus Transportation Bus Routes and Schedules School closings/Delays School Bus Charter ... Computerized Routing School Bus Safety Safety Department
Our mission is to motivate ourselves and fellow employees to behave safely at all times and to create and control the workplace and vehicle environment to provide healthy and safe conditions for all employees, passengers and visitors. As a result of this environment, we will achieve the most superior levels of customer service, safety and loyalty. Driver Training
DATTCO services students in numerous school systems by providing extensive safety courses. This training is done through emergence evacuations and safety seminars taught in school auditoriums by our safety personnel. DATTCO proudly offers Contract Training for the CDL License for companies that have a need for professional drivers but lack the facilities and personnel to complete the training. Contact Human Resources (link) for more details. Bus Charter and Rental Group Bus Tours Scheduled Services Buy a Bus ... Support

9. Jefferson County, Texas - Sheriff's Department: Law Enforcement
Some children will be starting school for the first time this Fall. Some will be riding school buses for the first time. Make sure you take time to teach
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department School Bus Safety Some children will be starting school for the first time this Fall. Some will be riding school buses for the first time. Make sure you take time to teach you child some basic school bus safety rules. It is far better he learns school bus safety from you rather than another child on the bus. By teaching your children some safety tips, you can help reduce the risk of injury to your children if they ride a bus to school. Make sure your children are at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives. Instruct them to stay out of the street and avoid horseplay. I feel no grade school aged children should be left at a school bus stop without at least one adult present. Always pick up your child on the same side of the street as the school bus loading zone. Teach your child to cross the street at least 10 feet in front of the bus. She might be able to see the driver, but the driver won't see her if she is too close to the front of the bus. Children need to remain seated at all times while on the bus. Keep hands and arms inside the bus and not hanging out of the windows. Stay out of the aisles.

10. New Page 1
School Bus Safety. Twentythree million students nationwide ride a school bus to and from school each day. Wherever you live, the familiar yellow school bus
School Zone Safety South Carolina Department
of Public Safety

School Bus Safety
Twenty-three million students nationwide ride a school bus to and from school each day. Wherever you live, the familiar yellow school bus is one of the most common motor vehicles on the road. It is also the safest. School buses manufactured after January 1, 1977 must meet more federal motor vehicle safety standards than any other type of motor vehicle. In fact, during normal school transportation hours over the past 10 years, school buses are 87 times safer than passenger cars, light trucks, and vans, according to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Getting On and Off the Bus Safely Because getting on and off the bus is the most dangerous part of the school bus ride, the loading and unloading area is called the “Danger Zone.” This area-which extends ten feet in front of the bus, ten feet on each side of the bus, and behind the bus-is where children are at greatest risk of not being seen by the bus driver. Throughout the year, especially at the start of school, children need to be taught how to get on and off the school bus safely. Parents should help their children learn and follow these common-sense practices:

11. School Bus Safety Contest
School Bus Safety. School Bus Safety Calendar Contest. National School Bus Safety Week Deadlines How to Have Your Students Participate Guidelines

School Bus Safety tracer(" > ", "home.html","tracergrey","smblack","smblack"); School Bus Safety Calendar Contest
National School Bus Safety Week
Deadlines How to Have Your Students Participate Guidelines ... Secretary of State Jesse White's Letter to Principals 2008 Information National School Bus Safety Week The Secretary of State's Office, in conjunction with the Illinois Association for Pupil Transportation , holds an annual contest to increase awareness of school bus safety issues and to publicize National School Bus Safety Week National School Bus Safety Week will be held October 19-25, 2008. The theme for 2008 is "AVOID HARM, OBEY THE STOP ARM" . The state winners' artwork will be featured in a calendar and will also be sent forward for national competition. Winners also receive a savings bond and are recognized at an awards ceremony in Springfield. Back to Top Deadlines Students interested in participating must do so through their teacher. The contest is open to all students in kindergarten through eighth grade and has four grade divisions. First, local school districts should organize a local competition and judge the entries by May 1, 2008. School districts are encouraged to give prizes to students at their own discretion. Then, winning local entries must be entered in the state competition by June 1, 2008. No more than four posters from each school district (one from each division) may be entered into the state competition. The judging for the state contest is held in June.

12. School Bus Safety
Do you know the proper way to cross in front of this bus? Please click here to find out! At Sumner County Schools Department of Pupil Transportation,

13. School Bus Safety: Injuries More Common Than Previously Thought
A new study finds that nonfatal bus injuries are double and nearly triple of past estimates. How safe are school buses?
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School Bus Safety
Injuries more common than previously thought
Barbara Pytel Nov 25, 2006
A new study finds that nonfatal bus injuries are double and nearly triple of past estimates. How safe are school buses?
23.5 million children ride a school bus to school each morning. Approximately 17,000 end up in a hospital emergency room each year from getting on, getting off or riding on a bus. A recent study by the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice with the Columbus Children's Research Institute at Columbus Children's Hospital in Ohio is calling attention to this health risk. Lead author of the study, Jennifer McGeehan, is concerned about the underreporting. Alan Mozes of the HealthDay Reporter investigates the study.
School bus injuries seem to be split evenly between boys and girls. 46% were white and 24% were black. 42% of injuries involved a car accident. 24% occured as students were boarding the school bus or getting off.

14. Kid Scoop: School Bus Safety
School Bus Safety. Bus Safety Education for Kids http//www.ncbussafety. org/NCBUSSAFETY.html Audience All ages. School Bus Safety Web has something about
Mission E-Scoop - What's E-Scoop? Vicki Whiting's Bio ... The Wild West School Bus Safety Bus Safety Education for Kids Audience: All ages Traffic Safety Guide Audience: All ages This page is a like the previous link but adds a sensible list of safety rules and a reminder that clothing and backpacks can get caught in bus rails and doors. Safety Coloring Pages Audience: Early elementary school classrooms Manitoba Association of School Trustees sponsored this common sense printable coloring page about school bus safety. These could be assembled into a school bus safety booklet or posted on classroom walls. About Kid Scoop Terms of Service Contact Us Mission Statement

15. School Bus Safety
SCHOOL BUS SAFETY LINKS. Bus Stop Safety Tips A Message from Secretary Beatty Secretary Beatty s Letter to Parents Pupil Transportation in North Carolina
Español El programa "SafeBus North Carolina" en Español KNOW THE RULES!


SAFETY LINKS Bus Stop Safety Tips
A Message from Secretary Beatty

Secretary Beatty's Letter to Parents

Pupil Transportation in North Carolina
School Bus Safety Web

Every school year, children across North Carolina get hurt and killed at their neighborhood bus stops. Spearheaded by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Crime Control and Public Safety's new "SafeBus North Carolina" program seeks to change that. That's why we've created this web site to pass along some tips on school bus stop safety. Like the "SafeBus" logo says, it will take a team effort to make that happen. Parents, educators, children, and motorists everyone has to take an active part in making sure our kids stay safe in bus loading and unloading zones. "SafeBus"

16. Dale Volker > SCHOOL BUS SAFETY
Thursday, May 29, 2008 New York State Senator Dale Volker 59th Senate District Back
31 Jan 2003 Teachers, parents, administrators and students agree that classrooms should be safe havens, free of violence and fear. But far too often, they can resemble battlegrounds, where a small number of students seek to disrupt the learning environment with chaos and violence.
In the past decade, 14,000 school teachers and staff were victimized in New York classrooms, and thousands were so badly hurt that they were forced to miss work. In addition to preparing their lesson plans, grading papers and delivering lectures, teachers shouldn''t have to worry about their own safety in the classroom.
Earlier this year, my colleagues and I in the Senate Majority announced a series of statewide public hearings to call attention to the growing problem of assaults on public school teachers. We also took steps to help restore order in the classroom by approving legislation that would make it a felony to attack a teacher or staff member on school grounds an initiative which had the support of major teachers'' unions throughout the state.
That is why I am pleased to announce that New York State will enact a comprehensive plan to promote a safer and more effective learning environment within New York''s schools.

17. KSSD: School Safety: School Bus Safety
School Safety Security Directory. Home Add a Site Modify a Site What s New What s Cool Top Rated Search
Add a Site Modify a Site What's New ... School Safety : School Bus Safety
Recommended Books: School Violence School Shootings Columbine Bullying in School ... School Bus Safety Please visit our sponsors: Surveillance Systems Test Preparation Software Learn Web Hosting Workshop Safety Last Updated: 3-Apr-2005 - 12:00:45 School Violence Prevention and Safety Resource , and
©2003 Keep Schools Safe

18. NHTSA Campain Safe & Sober Program Planner 21
Home Contents . SCHOOL BUSES AND SAFETY. Every year, school buses safely transport millions of children while travelling billions of miles.
Home Contents SCHOOL BUSES AND SAFETY Every year, school buses safely transport millions of children while travelling billions of miles. School bus transportation is one of the safest forms of transportation in the United States (see box).
  • School buses are engineered and builtexpressly to protect their young riders.
Children (ages 5-18) killed in crashes by vehicle type: Passenger cars Light Trucks and Vans Pedestrians Bicyclists Motorcyclists TOTAL Fatally injured
school bus
(of all ages) 1998 Data School buses must meet a wide range of safety standards, including standards for protecting their passengers. Large school buses (those over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight) have built-in safety protection for their young riders. Seats are designed and padded to create a protective envelope to protect school-age kids. These strong, closely-spaced seats and flexible, energy-absorbing seat backs protect passengers without requiring the passengers to do anything but sit in the seats. Small school buses (those under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight) are equipped with lap belts, since their sizes and weights are closer to those of passenger cars and trucks.

19. Genesee County Health Department - Better Life Through Better Health
AZ Health Topics. Adolescent Health; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs; Cancer; Child and Infant Health; Communicable Disease; Dental Health
A-Z Health Topics
Genesee County Health Department
Better Life Through Better Health
School Bus Safety The yellow school bus is a familiar sight transporting children to and from school each day. But children may be injured or killed when safety rules are not followed. Children and motorists should practice safety tips and obey driving laws. Parents and children should know the school district’s bus behavior policy. Most recommend that children should:
  • Wait at the bus stop, standing well back from the curb. Sit quietly in their seat and speak quietly to other children. Listen to and obey the bus driver. Look to the rear of the bus first before stepping off the bottom step to avoid being struck by a passing car. Take five giant steps straight out of the bus door and out of the danger zone. Have eye contact with the bus driver. Wait for the driver to signal it is safe to cross in front of the bus. Never go back for anything left on the bus or bend down near or under the bus.

20. Buslines Group
School Free Travel School Bus Safety School Term Passes School Timetables Student Travel Planner Free School Travel
SEARCH THE WEBSITE: Home Bus Charter Contact Us Fares ... Free School Travel
School Bus Safety Most parents are concerned about the safety of their children travelling to and from school. Because of this, many parents elect to drive their children or have them driven by another adult. They believe their children are safest in a private car. The fact is Buses offer the safest form of road travel to school. Recent research carried out by the University of Sydney indicates that buses offer the safest mode of road transport to and from school. The findings show that buses are:
  • Safer than using the family car
  • Over 4 times safer than walking to school
  • 55 times safer than cycling to school
Care for Children We are very aware of the need to care for children travelling on our buses. When children get onto the wrong school bus, the driver will contact the depot or arrange to transfer the child to the correct bus. Children will never be left stranded.
Quality Our aim is to provide a high quality of service. We achieve this in a number of ways.
  • Drivers - Our drivers are fully licensed, authorised and specially selected and trained to provide the highest level of service and safety.

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