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         School Violence Prevention:     more books (112)
  1. School Violence and Primary Prevention
  2. Peace Train: A School-Wide Violence Prevention Program by Joe Wittmer, 1999-07
  3. Learning How to Stay Safe at School (The Violence Prevention Library) by Susan Kent, 2001-07
  4. At Zero Tolerance: Punishment, Prevention, and School Violence by Ronnie Casella, 2001-06-01
  5. Challenge for the third century, education in a safe environment: Final report on the nature and prevention of school violence and vandalism : report of ... to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency by Birch Bayh, 1977-01-01
  6. Prevention of School Violence through Civic Education Curricula:Year One of a National Demonstration Program (Policy Research Project Report No. 136) by Kenneth W. Tolo, 2000-09-21
  7. Days of Respect: Organizing a School-Wide Violence Prevention Program by Ralph J. Cantor, Allan Creighton, et all 2002-05-10
  8. Bullying and school violence.(PREVENTION IN ACTION): An article from: Clinical Psychiatry News by Diana Mahoney, 2007-06-01
  9. Wide scope, questionable quality: Three reports from the study on school violence and prevention : executive summary by Unknown, 2002-01-01
  10. School violence prevention planning by L. Dean Webb, 2000
  11. A primer on school violence prevention.: An article from: Journal of School Health by Jeffrey H. Coben, Harold B. Weiss, et all 1994-10-01
  12. Workplace and School violence prevention.(Threat Assessment Teams)(Brief article): An article from: The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin by Steve Albrecht, 2010-02-01
  13. Orgullo o vergüenza.(prevención de violencia escolar; Tejas)(TT: Pride or shame.)(TA: school violence prevention; Texas)(Columna): An article from: Semana
  14. Wide Scope, Questionable Quality Three Reports From the Study on School Violence and Prevention Executive Summary DOC #2002-21

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2. School Violence Prevention - PolicyOptionsWiki
Virginia National Association of Secondary School Principals. Retrieved from http//

3. School Violence Prevention
Klamath County District Attorney s Office. Edwin I. Caleb, District Attorney. School Violence and Character Education
Klamath County District Attorney's Office Edwin I. Caleb, District Attorney School Violence and Character Education The Klamath County District Attorney’s office has made the prevention of school violence and substance abuse one of its highest priority missions. It has cultivated and maintains a close partnership with law enforcement and the school districts in an effort to keep our schools safe. To that end, these officials gather for quarterly School Violence Prevention Meetings Additionally, each Deputy District Attorney is assigned to a local school to provide support and information for that site regarding juvenile justice issues. See District Attorney School Assignments In order to further expand this focus on helping to keep our children safe, the DA’s office called for help from the community. Soon thereafter, the Citizens For Safe Schools committee was born. These parents, educators, and others have studied the issues of school violence and reducing anti-social behavior in young people. They agree that the most proactive method for reducing violence and substance abuse is to build kids from the inside out: empower them to be respectful and responsible. Thus, the group decided to focused on promoting character education in our schools and community. Under the District Attorney’s leadership, the citizen group has launched two major community-wide initiatives: the annual

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Upto-date explanation of the current discipline problems and dangers for teachers and other personnel in our public schools. Reference to a plan to d

5. School Violence Prevention
All articles related to School Violence Prevention written by Suite101 experts enter curious.
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Articles related to "School Violence Prevention"
Conflict Resolution for Students
A review of two sites related to conflict resolution for students.
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6. Digg - School Violence Prevention!
Upto-date explanation of the current discipline problems and dangers for teachers and other personnel in our public schools.
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School Violence Prevention!
Up-to-date explanation of the current discipline problems and dangers for teachers and other personnel in our public schools. Reference to a plan to decrease and prevent violence in public school. "The Kingsland Plan" and "Set Our Teachers FREE! A Plan to Save Public Education", are written by Don Kingsland, teacher with 50+ years experience. Share Bury Favorite? tuxedoxpress 126 days ago
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  • Grassapelli, on 01/24/2008 Sure, you can always find a problem in the school system. But, here's a solution. on 01/25/2008 Hi School violence is getting worse every year it needs to be stopped on 01/25/2008 im glad i left years ago abledragon

7. BloggingZoom School Violence Prevention!
We have all seen the stories in the news about school violence. Did you know that teachers and other school personnel are exposed to the same threats as
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School Violence Prevention!
By tuxedoxpress 120 days ago from We have all seen the stories in the news about school violence. Did you know that teachers and other school personnel are exposed to the same threats as students, and the problem is escalating. Teachers, bus drivers and even cafeteria personnel are working amid threats of violence on a daily basis. From rape threats to weapons smuggled into schools, the violence is increasing, even with armed police on site. Interestingly, it appears that it is the same instigators who are causing the most problems.What can be done? Are there solutions to the increasing violence in our schools? Yes, there is. There is a simple plan that can change the face of education in the USA. Read about The Kingsland Plan Get your copy of "Set Our Teachers FREE! A Plan to Save Public Education" by Don Kingsland TODAY! Learn how you can be a part of the movement to Straighten-Out Our Public Schools NOW!

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