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         Scientology:     more books (109)
  1. Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley, 2010
  2. Scientology - Abuse At the Top by Amy Scobee, 2010-05-09
  3. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (English) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01
  4. What Is Scientology? by L. Ron Hubbard, 1993-10-01
  5. Scientology: A New Slant on Life (English) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01
  6. Blown for Good Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley, 2009-11-05
  7. Scientology 0-8: The Book of Basics by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  8. The Scientology Handbook by Church of Scientology, 1994-12
  9. Scientology 8-80: The Discovery and Increase of Life Energy in the Genus Homo Sapiens by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  10. Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology, And Suicide by Jerry Staton, 2009-02-03

1. Scientology Video Channel: Church Of Scientology Official Site
scientology Official Site Full description of the scientology religion, including 82 videos providing an overview of the basics beliefs and practices of
Scientology is a religion in its highest meaning, as it helps bring man to total freedom and truth.
The essential tenets of Scientology are: You are an immortal spiritual being. Your capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.
Furthermore, man is basically good. He is seeking to survive. And his survival depends upon himself and his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.
The Scientology Video Channel requires Adobe Flash Player. Our International Scientology Sites: Dansk Deutsch English Italiano ...
Church of Scientology
International. For Trademark Information Privacy Policy var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var so = new SWFObject("/video/preso/loader.swf", "presoSwf", "990", "579", "8", "#000000"); so.addVariable("categoryXml", "/video/preso/ui_config/Categories3.xml"); so.addVariable("swf", "/video/preso/videoplayer10.swf"); so.addVariable("b", "/video/preso/"); so.addVariable("pl", "/video/preso/playlist/ScnMenuPlaylistRefactored.xml"); so.addVariable("autoStart", "true"); so.addVariable("startUpVideo", "intro_scroll"); so.addVariable("bufferPercent", "3"); so.addVariable("bannerPath", "/video/preso/top.swf"); so.addVariable("player", "GlassyBlueVideoPlayer"); so.addVariable("locale", "en") so.addVariable("fullLocale", "en_US") so.addVariable("startupDelay", "2"); so.addParam("allowFullScreen", "true"); so.write("altContent");

2. Scientology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The scientology Symbol is composed of the letter S that stands for scientology and the ARC and KRC triangles, two important concepts in scientology
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search This article or section has multiple issues. Please help improve the article or discuss these issues on the talk page The Scientology Symbol is composed of the letter S that stands for Scientology and the ARC and KRC triangles, two important concepts in Scientology Scientology is a body of beliefs and related practices initially created by American speculative fiction author L. Ron Hubbard . The major organization promoting Scientology is the Church of Scientology , a hierarchical organization founded by Hubbard, while independent groups using Hubbard's materials are collectively referred to as the Free Zone . Hubbard developed Scientology teachings in 1952 as a successor to his earlier self-help system

3. Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
The Church of scientology is a cult that destroys people, so it needs to be exposed. To back up this strong claim I need to collect some of their secret
- in respect and honour to all victims, and those who dare to stand up for them -
INTRODUCTION Message Board Latest OC News How To Support Moved Items ... WHAT IS GOING ON NOW?
  • The Marc Headley Interview NEW!
    Marc Headley is a 15-year veteran of the CoS where he worked closely with leader David Miscavige and actor Tom Cruise. In this radio interview he reveals some of his amazing stories.
  • The Jason Beghe Interview NEW!
    He is the first celebrity to leave Scientology and publicly discuss his involvement and then disillusionment with the group. He made it to OT V on Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom" and discovered the best way to get free was to get up and walk out the door.
  • Global pickets against CoS UPDATED!

4. Beliefnet Presents A Comprehensive Look In To Scientology: Beliefs And Practices
Background and history, What Scientologists Believe and message boards for discussion by believers, critics, and the curious. Primarily focused on CoS.
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    What Scientologists Believe Central tenets of this faith, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.
    More on Scientology
  • Beliefnet's Scientology Section
    From Science Fiction to Religion

    Discuss: Is Tom Cruise a Good Scientologist?

    Why Draws Celebrities to Scientology?
    Complete Scientology Discussions

  • See What Others Believe Atheism and Agnosticism Baha'i Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Christianity (choose from below) Hinduism Islam Jainism Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, Reform Neo-Paganism New Age New Thought Scientology Secular Humanism Sikhism Taoism Unitarian Universalism
    Belief in Deity
    Scientology considers the belief in a God or gods as something personal and therefore offers no specific dogma. The nature of the Supreme Being is revealed personally through each individual as s/he becomes more conscious and spiritually aware. There exists a life energy or force (Theta) beyond and within all.

5. YTMND - The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology
image scientology. sound The Rise of Satan kingj4life3 (NG Audio Portal). keywords scientology hubbard serious business Church of scientology
var user_id = false; var vote_auth_hash = '';
author: smoothmedia site profile vote: starbar.add(474451, 4.6345970433953, false, ['wsc', 'fav']); image: Scientology sound: The Rise of Satan - kingj4life3 (NG Audio Portal) keywords: Scientology hubbard serious business Church of Scientology ... Click here to go back to
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6. Scientology Effective Solutions
Informational brochure series about the scientology religion and its activities to improve society and overcome its most serious problems, one person at a
Other Scientology Topics L. Ron Hubbard Contact Us Resources Is it possible to solve today's problems? Introduction: Is it possible to solve today's problems? What is Scientology? The scope of the Scientology religion A description of the Scientology religion ... What do Scientologists say about Scientology
Scientology effective solutions
Information about the Scientology religion and its activities The aims of Scientology are: "A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights." The application of Scientology technology , developed by L. Ron Hubbard , can resolve the major social issues we face in the 21 st Century, including

7. The Church Of Scientology (R)
of scientology, its history, its founder, controversy about the Church, religious recognition in various countries.......
About this site About us Our beliefs Your first visit? Contact us ... Vital notes World religions BUDDHISM CHRISTIANITY Who is a Christian? Shared beliefs ... Comparing religions About all religions Important topics Basic information Handle change Doubt/security ... More info. Spiritual/ethics Spirituality Morality/ethics Absolute truth Peace/conflict Attaining peace Religious tolerance Religious hatred Religious conflict ... Religious violence "Hot" topics Very hot topics Ten commandm'ts Abortion Assisted suicide ... Other topics Laws and news Religious laws Religious news
World religions
The Church of Scientology
A religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard
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The Scientology religion is an expanding new religion, founded by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The word Scientology means the “ study of knowledge or truth ” and addresses the rehabilitation and salvation of the human spirit.
According to a Scientology website: "Today its more than 6,000 churches, missions, related organizations, groups and activities span the globe and minister the religion to more than eight million people in 159 countries in over 66 languages." Additionally, Churches of Scientology support more than a thousand social betterment groups, which utilize L. Ron Hubbard's methods in the fields of education, drug and criminal rehabilitation, and moral rejuvenation.

8. Scientology
Critical Information About scientology, Critical Information About L. Ron Hubbard, Critical Information About Dianetics, Critical Information About
This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has
gathered about Scientology.
Visit Scientology's Official Web Site
Visit the Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) founded by Scientology

Visit Narconon (associated with Scientology)

(Above links are outside the Rick A. Ross Institute web site) Visitor Comments
Criminal Involvement

History and Background

Hubbard, L. Ron
Volunteer Ministers

Scientology and:
Australia Belgium Britain ... Spain
The History and Background of Scientology
The Story of Xenu: Scientology's Religious Mythology
Scientology Reacts to the Voice Reaction to Scientology book positive or neutral ... The Guru Scene
David Miscavige
Scientology Leader Gave ABC News First-Ever Interview DavidMiscavige Speaks . The man behind Scientology A Conversation with David Miscavige
Scientology and Florida
Clearwater council right to leave Scientology protests alone Scientology foe's notes shed light on suicide Pet lovers and Scientology critics converge on Clearwater About 200 Protest Scientology ... Chamber of Commerce denounces cult
Scientology and India
Tom Cruise's faith discovers an Indian audience Scientologists spread their roots in Capital
Scientology and Africa
Church of Scientology buys castle in Johannesburg Namibia: Scientologists Offer Disaster Management Training SA Church of Scientology gets tax exemption
Scientology Litigation
Church was Sun-burned Couple loses challenge on blood test law Scientology critic leaves country before deportation Ex-Marin man ordered to pay $500,000

9. Scientology, What Is It? - A Reference From The Church Of Scientology
scientology, a comprehensive reference on the religion and how it helps people live a better life. Find out for yourself and get your questions answered on
SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTERS Need help? We are ready to help you resolve problems in all areas. You can count on a Scientology Volunteer Minister to help you do something about it. Want to learn to help others? Call us at 1-800 HELP 4-YU.
SCIENTOLOGY HELPING STUDENTS TO STUDY The Technology of Study , by L. Ron Hubbard.
FREEING SOCIETY FROM DRUGS Scientology churches and their members are committed to handling the drug problem. The technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard to handle the life ruining effects of drugs is used in churches of Scientology and many secular programs around the world.
What is Scientology?
Presented by
The Church of Scientology International
Based on the works of
L. Ron Hubbard
That public interest in Scientology is mounting rapidly is undeniable. This volume was first compiled in 1992 to fill the demand for a concise reference on Scientology. In the seven years since then, the explosive growth of Scientology churches, missions and groups around the world has necessitated the publication of this updated and expanded edition.
While continued expansion will inevitably change the numbers once again, much will remain constant, including, of course, the technology of Scientology and its effect upon all it touches. To provide an understanding of this phenomenon, contained herein is a complete description of Scientology: its religious philosophy, its practices, its organization, its activities and its growing influence on society.

10. Scientology Handbook: How Can Scientology Help Me...
Practical scientology information to help with such things as drugs, relationships, children, career, study and education, self esteem, depression, anxiety,
Scientology Handbook
Home Related Sites Bookstore Personality Test ... More Information The Scientology religion contains workable answers to the problems people face in their lives. The subject matter of Scientology is all life. It contains practical means through which predictable improvement can be obtained in any area to which it is applied. Scientology recognizes that man is not just so many vials of chemicals fortuitously combined into a remarkable stimulus-response machine. Scientology views man as a spiritual being with native capabilities which can be improved far beyond what is generally believed possible. In fact, it has been demonstrated that man deteriorates to the degree that he denies his spiritual nature and ceases to live with moral values, such as trust, honesty, integrity and other sometimes intangible characteristics. The Scientology Handbook in Use
April 9 - Scientology Volunteer Ministers African Goodwill Tour April 2 - Grassroots Help from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the Philippines March 11 - Volunteer Ministers Courses, Workshops and Seminars Available in Guam

11. Scientology | The Church Of Scientology Is Not A Religion But An Evil Dangerous
What is scientology, Stop scientology site contains anti scientology information about Tom Cruise promoting this evil cult. The Church of scientology is not
Home A Cult of Greed and Power L. Ron Hubbard and OT fun Scientology Front Groups ... Message Board
What is Scientology?
Scientology is an evil and dangerous cult that tries to present itself to people as a normal, everyday religion.
The belief system of Scientology and their 'religion' is based around a "Space Opera" that happened millions of years ago. During this time an evil galactic overlord named Xenu collected all the billions of people from 76 planets and brought them to earth. Xenu then stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with H bombs. He then implanted their souls with false memories. According to Scientologists, there are a few thousand clusters of these confused souls now in all of our bodies. The Church of Scientology has cleverly figured out a way to get rid of these alien cooties. You can pay them a lot of money.
The problem with Xenu and Scientology is that you do not learn about this until the level . Up until then the 'Church' tells you that you are just auditing to clear bad past life experiences and such things. After OT3 when Scientologists realize the truth of why they are actually auditing, to get rid of 2,000 alien souls that are infesting their body, it is only natural for them to get extrememly angry. It doesn't matter though because by this time Scientology has already gotten all their money and

12. Scientology: The Thriving Cult Of Greed And Power
This famous article critical of scientology has been the target of an organized bookburning campaign by Scientologists as detailed in the Scarff deposition
Back to: Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power. This famous article critical of Scientology has been the target of an organized book-burning campaign by Scientologists as detailed in the Scarff deposition. The piece was awarded the Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business and financial journalism, the Worth Bingham Prize and the Conscience in Media Awards from the American Society of Journalists and Authors. By republishing it into the digital domain of the Usenet we hope to confer a kind of immortality on it that Scientology never does on either the perpetrators or victims of its crimes. Even as the cult of Scientology tries to destroy the truth, the truth shall be loosed over the planet forever. Time Magazine May 6, 1991 page 50.
Special Report (cover story)
The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power
Ruined lives. Lost fortunes. Federal crimes. Scientology poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam and aiming for the mainstream
by Richard Behar
By all appearances, Noah Lottick of Kingston, Pa., had been a normal, happy 24-year-old who was looking for his place in the sun. On the day last June when his parents drove to New York City to obtain his body, they were nearly catatonic with grief.

13. Church Of Scientology: The Bonafides Of The Scientology Religion
A description of the scientology religion the theology and practice, scientology members and their community activities, a history of religion and papers

Organizations of the Scientology Religion : The Advanced Organization and Saint Hill Europe. The Church of Scientology was established in 1954. Today its more than 6,000 churches, missions, related organizations, groups and activities span the globe and minister the religion to more than eight million people in 159 countries in over 66 languages. Scientology belief? This volume provides answers to these and other such questions about the Scientology religion and its members. In it, leading scholars provide diverse and insightful perspectives into Scientology, resulting in a unique and comprehensive overview of the religion. The goal of the Scientology religion is to achieve complete certainty of one's spiritual existence, one's relationship to the Supreme Being, and his role in eternity. In this regard, countless authorities have affirmed that Scientology sits squarely within the tradition of the world's major religions. Table of Contents: The Creed of the Church of Scientology
Chapter 5 ...

Organizations of the Scientology Religion
Related: In the Wake of Katrina, a Scientology Mission in Gulf Coast, MS

14. Inside Scientology : Rolling Stone
The faded little downtown area of Clearwater, Florida, has a beauty salon, a pizza parlor and one or
Advertisement Rolling Stone ALL Artist Album Song Try 4 Frees Issues!
Inside Scientology
Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion
JANET REITMAN Posted Feb 23, 2006 1:16 PM rs_articleKey="RS_9363363"; rs_articleType="story"; document.domain=""; var serverUrl = ""; var commentsObject=""; var ratingsObject=""; var pluckSwitch = "on"; //images var rated=''; var star_lit=""; var star_unlit=""; var unrated=""; var average=""; Rate / Comment Print Share
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Previous Next Page of 8 This regimented mass represents the "Sea Organization," the most dedicated and elite members of the Church of Scientology. For the past thirty years, Scientology has made the city of Clearwater its worldwide spiritual headquarters its Mecca, or its Temple Square. There are 8,300 or so Scientologists living and working in Clearwater more than in any other city in the world outside of Los Angeles. Scientologists own more than 200 businesses in Clearwater. Members of the church run schools and private tutoring programs, day-care centers and a drug-rehab clinic. They sit on the boards of the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce and the Boy Scouts.

15. Scientology Lies | Scientology Lies
scientology lies, and scientology breaks the law, every day. Check out scientology s lies, scientology s long criminal history, scientology s policies,
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Scientology Lies
FAQ Scientology's Crimes Scientology's Lies ... The Scientology-Lies Database This site was compiled by Kristi Wachter . I welcome feedback , especially information contradicting anything I've stated here. Feel free to contact me at
Scientology Lies
Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious...It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit" , ruling in the High Court of London I think Scientology is breaking the law and hurting people , and I want them to stop.
Questions? See the FAQ
Curious about Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Scientology celebrities , or space aliens ? Want to know what Scientologists believe why Scientologists hate psychiatry , or whether Scientology is dangerous ? Wondering whether Scientologists believe in Jesus and read the Bible who started Scientology their attitude on drugs , or just what Scientology is ? There are answers to recently-asked questions in the FAQ
Urgent Action Needed - Keith Henson Faces Extradition
Keith Henson , improperly convicted of "interfering with a religion" after exercising his right of free speech, is facing extradition to California, where he has received death threats.

16. Scientology (CESNUR)
Documents and updates on the Church of scientology from CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions)
Documents and Updates from CESNUR
Testi e documenti a cura del CESNUR
Buy this book J. Gordon Melton, The Church of Scientology (Signature Books)
La Chiesa di Scientology (Elledici)
A book in the CESNUR series
From the review by Derek H. Davis in "Journal of Church and State" (Vol. 42 n. 4, Autumn 2000): "Gordon Melton needs no introduction. (...) Few scholars understand Scientology better than Melton, and his expertise is evident in this crisp, cogent study of one of the world's fastest growing religions. (...) Scientology emerged in the early 1950s as a movement that found its inspiration in the voluminous writings of L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). (...) As Melton describes it, "Scientology has overcome one controversy after another, each of which inhibited growth in one country or the other for a brief period, [but] the overall trend has been one of continuous expansion." (...) Few books pack as much information into so little space. Anyone seeking a brief, insightful, objective, and scholarly summary of Scientology will find this book a valuable resource.
See excerpt of the book

The Spanish Case about the Church Of Scientology: A Comment
Full text (in Spanish) of the decision of October 11, 2007 granting Scientology the right to be registered as a religious entity in Spain

17. Canale Dei Video Di Scientology::Home Page Della Chiesa Di Scientology::Italia
Translate this page Canale dei Video di scientology scientology è una religione nel suo significato più elevato, poiché aiuta a portare l uomo alla Libertà Totale e alla
Scientology ¨ una religione nel suo significato pi¹ elevato, poich© aiuta a portare l'uomo alla Libert  Totale e alla verit .
I princ¬pi essenziali di Scientology sono: sei un essere spirituale immortale. Le tue capacit  non hanno limiti anche se attualmente non sono realizzate.
Inoltre, l'uomo ¨ fondamentalmente buono. Sta cercando di sopravvivere. E la sua sopravvivenza dipende da lui stesso e dai suoi simili e dal raggiungimento della fratellanza con l'universo.
The Scientology Video Channel requires Adobe Flash Player. Internationale Scientology Websites: Dansk Deutsch English Italiano ...
Church of Scientology
International. For Trademark Information Privacy Policy var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var so = new SWFObject("/video/preso/loader.swf", "presoSwf", "990", "579", "8", "#000000"); so.addVariable("categoryXml", "/video/preso/ui_config/Categories3.xml"); so.addVariable("swf", "/video/preso/videoplayer10.swf"); so.addVariable("b", "/video/preso/"); so.addVariable("pl", "/video/preso/playlist/ScnMenuPlaylistRefactored.xml"); so.addVariable("autoStart", "true"); so.addVariable("startUpVideo", "intro_scroll"); so.addVariable("bufferPercent", "3"); so.addVariable("bannerPath", "/video/preso/top.swf"); so.addVariable("player", "GlassyBlueVideoPlayer"); so.addVariable("locale", "it") so.addVariable("fullLocale", "it_IT") so.addVariable("startupDelay", "2"); so.addParam("allowFullScreen", "true"); so.write("altContent");

18. Scientology + Dianetics
Claims to be the world s largest online archive of the dirty secrets of scientology. At FACTNet.
Scientology and Dianetics
Information and Resources
You have reached the largest online archive in the world of the dirty secrets of Scientology Dianetics and L Ron Hubbard, (about 50 megabytes). Before you believe ANY claim made by Scientology, Dianetics (aka Scientologie, Cienciologia, Dianetique, Dianetik, Dianetica) or L Ron Hubbard carefully review these materials and link resources. Scientology has tried everything to block your access to them. They even tried to shut us down with a raid. These materials have saved the lives, careers or resources of tens of thousands of individuals and/or their families and friends. If you need personal assistance from FACTNet click here for more information. Click here to watch the South Park TV episode on Scientology that with humor tells you the factual basics of what Scientology is and does and what kind of people lead it!
Table of Contents

19. Scientology Media Information - Church Of Scientology International
scientology news, press releases and media resources. Human rights and social reform programs, antidrug and scientology volunteer minister activities.
Scientology Press Office
Home News About Scientology ... Contact Home E-mail This Page to a Friend Send Us Your Story News International ... more Newsletter Subscribe and stay up-to-date on Scientology News around the world. First Name: Email: About Scientology A Description What Scientologists Say Organizations Around the World ... News Flash 5 Apr 2008 - South Africa
Great Brak River is the latest town in South African to form up its own chapter of Youth for Human Rights International. more Scientology News - International
Free Online Courses are Changing Lives

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Program Helps Tackle Problems Scientology News
Drug-Free Marshals 1st Up at Spring Training Baseball Game

The Drug-Free Marshals participated in the opening ceremonies of a recent spring training game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies. Churches of Scientology - Around the World
New Headquarters for Regional South African Scientology Church

South African Scientologists announce major property purchase in Port Elizabeth. In the five decades since the founding of the first Church of Scientology in 1954, Scientology has become the fastest-growing religion in the world.

20. Scientology Associated Deaths
Raises the question why so many Scientologists have died and the curious circumstances some of these sad deaths surround. Ie the death of Lisa McPherson
Why are they dead, Scientology?
Lisa McPherson Deaths in Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel Flag is the abbreviation of Flag Land Base, Scientology's presence in Clearwater. The first building they bought was the 272-room Fort Harrison hotel. Lisa McPherson (36)
Room 174?
On December 5, 1995, Lisa McPherson died. Scientology had held her against her will for 17 days. During that time, she tried to leave, became violent, and refused to eat. At the time of her death, she had bruises and abrasions on her body, and she had lost over 30 pounds in just 17 days.
Heribert Pfaff (31)
Room 758
According to the records, Heribert P. died august 28, 1988, during the night from a heavy epileptic attack. He hit his head on the night table. The scientology doctor reports that he prescribed vitamins for his patient -dispite regular attacks- in stead of treating him with proper medication. Such medication was indeed not detected in his blood during the post-mortem examination.
Josephus Havenith (45)
Room 771
An autopsy report lists his death as "probable drowning" but notes that his head was not under water. He died in February 1980 at the Scientology Fort Harrison Hotel in a bathtub filled with water so hot it had burned his skin off. Unknown
1989, dead in the basement, next to the heating boilers. Carbon-monoxide poisoning

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